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Harm Caused by Not Doing True Worship

Yeh dam tootae pinda phootae, ho lekha dargaah maanhi |
Us dargaah mein maar padegi, jam pakdenge baahin ||
Nar-Narayan dehi paay kar, fer chaurasi jaahin |
Us din ki mohe darni laage, lajja rah ke naahin ||
Ja Satguru ki main balihaari, jo jaaman maran mitaahin |
Kul parivaar tera kutumb kabeela, maslit ek thahraahin |
Baandh pinjari aagae dhar liya, marghat koon le jaahin ||
Agni lagaa diya jab lamba, foonk diya us thaahin |
Puran utha fir pandit aaye, peechhe Garud padaahin ||

 Meaning: - The day when these (dam) breaths will finish, on that very day one will leave this body-like Pind. Then there will an account of virtues and sins in the court of God. Messengers of Yam will take those who do not do bhakti or who do bhakti contrary to scriptures by holding their arm. He will be beaten even if he is a king of some country. Supreme God Kabir had met Sant Garibdas. He had taken his soul above. After showing all the Brahmands (Universes) and imparting the entire spiritual knowledge to Sant Garibdas, Supreme God Kabir left him back in his body. Sant Garibdas ji is narrating the eye-witnessed account that: - O human being! You have got a man’s body, which is similar to the form of Narayan, that is, God’s body; it is His image. Other living beings have not got this beautiful body. After acquiring this, one should do God’s bhakti throughout one’s life. After acquiring such a body similar to that of God, because of not doing true bhakti, you are again going into the cycle of 84 lakh births. Shame on your human life! I am worried about that day; I am frightened that if my bhakti would be less, I may not be able to preserve my honour in God’s court. I am frightened even while I am doing bhakti that it might not be sufficient. You do not even do bhakti. If you are doing, it is against the scriptures. You will suffer badly. I would advise that choose such a Satguru who will eliminate the chronic disease of birth and death. What happens after death to those who do not do true bhakti? The people of the family living nearby get together, and then all of them take a unanimous decision – ‘Carry him’. (They carry him to the cremation ground and burn the pyre. They break the chest of the dead by hitting with a stick or a rake, and burn the entire body. They take out whatever is in his pocket. Then those who make others perform religious practices opposite to the scriptures, and those who do it, recite the Guru Garud Puran for the wellbeing of that living being who has died.)

It is mentioned in Tatvgyan (Sukshm Ved) that the living being died after completing his human life. His account will be checked in God’s court. According to his deeds, he would be standing in a queue somewhere to become a donkey or a dog. What use will that recitation of Garud Puran be to him after his death? It is a useless ritual against the scriptures. While he was alive, he should have been made familiar with the law of God, so that he would have become aware of good and bad deeds and made his human life successful.

Pret shila par jaay viraaje, fir pitron pind bharaahin |
Bahur shraadh khaan koon aaya, kaag bhaye kali maahin ||

 The meaning is that the rituals that are against the scriptures that are performed after one’s death for the welfare, that is, salvation of a living being are futile. For example, recitation of Garun Puran was organised for the salvation of the deceased. Then the bones of the deceased were immersed in Ganga for his salvation. Then a ‘Hawan’ was performed and a ‘Bhandara’ (communal meal) was served on the (Terahvin) thirteenth or the (Satrahvin) seventeenth day after his death for his salvation. Initially, a ritual was performed every month for a year for the salvation of the deceased. Then in the sixth month, they used to do “Chhmahi” ritual for the salvation of the deceased. Then, they performed a ritual every year for his salvation. Then they offered ‘Pind-Daan’ for his salvation. They performed ‘Shraadh’ for his salvation. On the day of ‘Shraadh’, the priest himself prepares the food and says that put some food on the roof of the house. Your father might have become a crow. When a crow eats the food, they say that – “Your mother or father, who has died and for whom we are performing this entire ritual and this Shraadh has been performed, has become a crow and now his/her Shraadh has become successful.” It has become clear from the above-mentioned description that, that person, for whom the aforesaid ritual was performed, has become a crow.

The priests who carry out Shraadh say that by performing Shraadh, that soul gets satiated for a year. Then Shraadh has to be performed again after a year.

Please ponder: - A person who is alive consumes food three times a day. Now how can he/she be satiated by having food once in a year? If food is kept daily on the roof, then that crow will have food daily.

The second thing is – All the rites performed after death were done with the objective of salvation of the deceased. In the end, those unknowledgeable gurus led him/her to become a crow! He/she is suffering in the life of a ghost on Pret Shila. Here, the priest and the crow are enjoying the food in their absence. The benefit of offering Pind has been described that one gets rid of the life of a ghost. Let us believe that one gets rid of the life of a ghost, but then he/she becomes a donkey or an ox, then what salvation have they attained?

Nar se fir pashuva keejae, gadha, bael, banaai |
Chhappan bhog kahan man baure, kahin kurdi charne jaai ||

We eat delicious food, that is, 56 types of food in human life. Because of not doing bhakti or by performing religious practices against the scriptures, one will become a donkey. Then where will he find these 56 types of foods? He would go to a place where household waste is kept and eat grass to fill his tummy. In a similar way, he will bear hardships one after another in the lives of other animals like ox etc.

Jae Satguru ki sangat kartey, sakal karm kati jaayin |
Amar puri par aasan hotey, jahan dhoop na chhaayin ||

Sant Garibdas has further said in the Sukshm Ved obtained from Supreme God Kabir that if you had taken initiation by going in the refuge of Satguru (Tatvdarshi Saint), then the hardships of all the aforesaid deeds would have been removed, that is, you would neither become a ghost, nor a donkey, nor an ox. You would have resided in Amar Lok (Eternal Place), that is, you would have gone to the Eternal Supreme Abode mentioned in Gita Chapter 18 Verse 62 and Chapter 15 Verse 4 and attained supreme peace. You would have never returned to this world, that is, the grievous cycle of birth and death would have ended forever. There is no sunlight or shade in that Eternal Place (Amar Lok / Satyalok), that is, when sunlight became miserable, a need for shade arose. There is only happiness in that Satyalok; there is no misery.

Surat nirat man pavan payana, shabdae shabd samaayi |
Garib Das galtaan mahal mein, miley Kabir gosaayin ||

            Sant Garibdas has said that Supreme God Kabir has met me. He told me the method of remembering naam (mantra) by concentrating on surat-nirat, mind and breath. The sadhna by which concentrating on the sound of Shabd in Satlok, I went to Satlok. Due to which, I blissfully live in my palace in Satyalok (Eternal Place). Supreme God Kabir had told the true way of worship to Sant Garib Das and Sant Garib Das had gone with Supreme God and seen that place (Satyalok). That is why, he is saying with conviction that the scripture-based religious practice that I am following was given by God. I will definitely attain complete salvation by the (jaap) recitation of that Shabd/Naam (Mantra). There is no doubt about it. As a result of which, I (Garib Das) will go to my palace (big house) built in Satyalok. Due to which, I am relieved and (galtaan) engrossed in the joy of attaining the palace because Complete Guru God Kabir has Himself come from his place and met me.

Garib, ajab nagar mein le gaye, hamko Satguru aan |
Jhilke bimb agaadh gati, sootey chaadar taan ||

Meaning – Garibdas ji has told that Satguru, that is, Supreme God Kabir Himself came from His personal place Satyalok and met me, and took me to the remarkable city, that is, the city in Satyalok. On seeing that place with my own eyes, I am walking on the path of bhakti told by God. I am doing sadhna of Satyanaam and Saarnaam. Therefore, I (sootey chaadar taan) am tension free, that is, there is no doubt in my salvation.

Chaadar taan kar sona = to be tension free. A person who has no work left to do and is sleeping covering himself with a bed sheet, then people of the village say that you are sleeping with a bed sheet over you; do you not have any work to do? In the same way, Garibdas ji has said that building huge palaces seems to be futile now. Now I will go to that Satyalok. Huge palaces are already built there. We committed a mistake and leaving them, came to this Kaal’s mortal world. Now we have an opportunity. We have got the true (bhakti) way of worship and Tatvgyan (true spiritual knowledge).

Gentlemen! That true way of worship is currently available with me (Rampal Das). By which, crossing this world of sorrows, one attains supreme peace and eternal place (Eternal Supreme Abode). About which, it is mentioned in Gita Chapter 18 Verse 62 and Gita Chapter 15 Verse 4 that after gaining the Tatvgyan from a Tatvdarshi Saint and destroying the ignorance with that Tatvgyan, one should search for that supreme state of Supreme God, having gone where, a worshipper never returns to the world.

FAQs about "Other description of harm caused by not doing Worship | Way of Living"

Q.1 Why does the soul suffer after death?

The human body is bestowed upon us to facilitate the pursuit of salvation and the worship of the complete God, achieved through initiation under the guidance of an authentic Guru. Failing this, the soul undergoes suffering after death, spanning from hell to subsequent rebirth across 84 lakh different forms.

Q.2 Can initiation from any guru save the soul from suffering in the next birth?

Indeed, receiving initiation from a complete Guru can save the soul from the cycle of suffering. A genuine Guru leads individuals on the path toward salvation, safeguarding them from negative karmic actions. By adhering to the teachings of a complete Guru and worshiping the complete God, a person can escape the cycle of suffering and attain salvation.

Q. 3 What causes us to die and undergo suffering in different body forms?

Mortality is an inherent aspect of the world we inhabit. Mortality extends to both living beings and the world itself, as noted in Geeta chapter 4 verse 5. The concept of reincarnation arises from the influence of past karma, where the soul transitions through different bodies based on its previous actions, leading to a cycle of birth, death, and rebirth until ultimate salvation is achieved.

Q.4 Can performing shraddha provide liberation to the soul?

Engaging in shraddha rituals, as per the sacred texts, doesn't contribute to soul liberation. The prescribed method for achieving liberation follows a different path.

Q.5 How can one identify a true Guru?

Identifying a genuine Guru involves recognizing certain traits described in Holy Geeta chapter 15 verses 1-3. A complete Guru comprehends the intricacies of the upside-down hanging world-like tree and can elucidate its complexities. Moreover, a true Guru possesses extensive knowledge of sacred scriptures and imparts guidance rooted solely in these teachings. Receiving initiation from such a Guru yields both temporal and eternal benefits.

Q.6 What advantages come from receiving initiation from a complete Guru?

Initiation from a complete Guru offers devotees worldly advantages and safeguards them from unfavorable karma. The Guru's teachings steer individuals through life's journey, shielding them from sinful deeds. This holistic approach leads to a fulfilled life dedicated to worshiping the Almighty, culminating in the ultimate goal of salvation.


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Mayank Gupta

Recently my grandfather died and we got a path done of Garun Purana in which I came to know what life-form the departed soul attains after death due to mistakes they did in human life like drinking, smoking, eating meat etc. My grandfather used to do all this. So hasn't he been liberated? I hope he should be in heaven now.

Satlok Ashram

Devotees who do true worship of Almighty KavirDev by taking initiation from an enlightened Saint attains salvation by God's grace rest all arbitrary practitioners remain in 84 lacs life forms. This is the law of God. Recitation of Garud Purana after death is useless. One should know while in human birth what sins incurred leads to attainment of which life form and avoid doing any wrong deed. You must listen to spiritual sermons of great enlightened Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and understand what is the purpose of human life? How to attain salvation? What is the right way of worship? What happens after death?

Kajal Upadhyaya

We do Shraddh of our near and dear ones who have died. For how long should shraddhs be carried out? How can we be sure our deceased ancestors have attained salvation?

Satlok Ashram

Shraddh ritual is a useless practice. It has been strictly prohibited in Pious Gita Ji. No soul attains salvation by doing Shraddh. Salvation is only attained by doing true devotion of Almighty KavirDev. For that one needs to take refuge of enlightened Saint. Today Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the Satguru who is providing scriptures-based true devotion and granting true salvation mantras.

Lalit Varshney

I have a happy close-nit family. But what will happen to me after I die?

Satlok Ashram

Take refuge of enlightened Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. Do true worship of Almighty KavirDev so that you attain salvation. Else after death you will go in 84 lacs life form and you might become a dog, swine, ghost, pitra etc and will have to suffer in hell. Wake up its high time.