Muslim Devotees of Almighty Allah Kabir (Allahu Akbar)

Muslim Devotees of Almighty Allah Kabir (Allahu Akbar)

Muslims devotees religiously follow the preachings mentioned in their Holy scripture ie. the Quran Sharif as narrated by their religious gurus (Kaazi and Mullah) for ages. Muslims believe that the knowledge giver of the Quran Sharif is ‘Great God’ (Allahu Akbar) who is formless. On the other hand, the evidence from the Quran Sharif proves that the knowledge giver of the Quran provides knowledge of his level and in the end, leaves the option to ask the information about Allahu Akbar from a ‘Bakhabar/ Illamwala ie. a Tatvadarshi (enlightened) saint’ who is the representative of Allahu Akbar and that Great God is the creator of the whole universe. He created the universe in six days and sat on the throne on the seventh day. 

Almighty Kabir is Allahu Akbar. He descends in this deceased world in every age and meets virtuous souls and makes Himself aware to them. He imparts true spiritual knowledge, provides salvation mantras chanting which souls attain salvation and get free from the bondage of Shaitan Brahm-Kaal, the speaker of the pious Quran Sharif, Holy Bible, pious Vedas and Shrimad Bhagawad Gita. Allahu Akbar met various Muslim devotees at different duration while he stayed on the earth playing divine spectacle. This write-up will highlight the true account of some Muslim devotees who took refuge of Allahu Akbar (great God Kabir) and by granting true salvation mantras Allah made them eligible for the attainment of salvation.

  • Almighty Kabir met the founder of the Muslim religion Prophet / Hazrat Muhammad around 1400 years ago. He was the pious soul. Allah Kabir showed him the eternal world “Satlok”. 
  • Allahu Akbar met Tamerlane the founder of the Mughal dynasty and blessed him who became a conqueror from a poor Shepherd. By granting true salvation mantras, Allah Kabir made Tamerlane eligible to attain salvation.
  • 600 years ago one Muslim devotee, Sikander Lodhi, the Sultan of Delhi became the disciple of Allah Kabir. He suffered the illness of skin burn. Allah Kabir cured Sikander Lodhi’s illness which made him believe that Kabir Ji is the Great God and is only worthy to be worshipped. Leaving the traditional Muslim religious practices he took refuge of Almighty Kabir and became worthy to attain salvation. Allahu Akbar also met Sheikhtaki, the religious guru of Sikander Lodhi. 
  • A great devout Sheikh Farid had longingness to have a vision of Allahu Akbar. He adopted a forced way of worship to attain Allah and remained hungry for months. Merciful Almighty Kabir took Sheikh Farid in refuge when he was about to die due to hunger. He gave him true spiritual knowledge and salvation mantras and told him Who is Allah? Where does he reside? And How can Allah be attained?
  • Allah Kabir took Sultan Ibrahim Ibn Adham (King of Balkh) in His refuge and provided him emancipation after a few births as Samman and Nausher Khan until the soul finally understood the real purpose of human life.
  • A great Muslim devotee Mansoor Ali identified Allahu Akbar Kabir and abandoning the religious practices followed in the Muslim religion took refuge of great God. In spite of the strong opposition from the followers of his Muslim community, he remained firm in the path of worship until death and attained salvation. 
  • Rabia Basri was a pious soul, a great Muslim devout for whom Allahu Akbar Kabir even brought Mecca at the place where she was sitting near a well while she was on the way to pilgrimage to Mecca and liberated her in her later birth of Kamali. 
  • 600 years ago Allahu Akbar blessed Neeru-Neema His foster parents by taking them in His refuge and liberated both.
  • Similarly, Muslim devotees like Bijli Kahn Pathan (the ruler of Kaashi), Sultan Wajeed, Butcher Sadna, etc. identified Allahu Akbar and abandoned prevailing Muslim religion’s practices, did true worship and became eligible for the attainment of salvation.
  • Almighty Kabir restored the life of dead Kamali, a great devotee whom God took in refuge in all four ages and finally made her the permanent resident of immortal abode Satlok. The true account proves salvation of creature is possible only by the grace of Satguru.
  • Molānā Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī the great Persian mystic poet was a virtuous soul whose welfare happened after coming in the shelter of Allah Kabir in the form of Shams-i Tebrizi. The article provides the true account of their meeting.
  • King Wajid had power of devotion earned in previous human births due to which Allah Kabir performed a miracle with his steadfast devotee, took him in His shelter, provided initiation and made him eligible for the attainment of salvation. This article narrates the true account of the blessing of Allah showered on his steadfast devotee Wajid.

Followers of Muslim religion and everyone should read the true salvation story of various such Muslim devotees who identified Allahu Akbar and achieved the prime motive of human life ie. emancipation.

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FAQs about "Muslim Devotees of Almighty Allah Kabir (Allahu Akbar)

Q.1 Who is Allahu Akbar?

Allahu Akbar is identified as Almighty Kabir Saheb Ji, the immortal God, who descends to this world in various ages to meet virtuous souls, impart true spiritual knowledge, and provide salvation mantras.

Q.2 What role does Allahu Akbar play in the lives of Muslim devotees?

Allahu Akbar interacts with Muslim devotees, granting them true salvation mantras, curing illnesses, providing spiritual guidance, and leading them on the path to salvation.

Q.3 Is there any Muslim devotees who encountered Allahu Akbar?

Yes, examples include Prophet Muhammad, Tamerlane, Sikander Lodhi, Sheikh Farid, Sultan Ibrahim Ibn Adham, Mansoor Ali, Rabia Basri, Bijli Kahn Pathan, Sultan Wajeed, Butcher Sadna, Mohd Rumi, Kamali and others.

Q.4 What happened when Allahu Akbar met Prophet Muhammad?

Allahu Akbar showed Prophet Muhammad the eternal world "Satlok," providing him with divine knowledge.

Q.5 How did Allahu Akbar assist Tamerlane, the founder of the Mughal dynasty?

Allahu Akbar blessed Tamerlane, transforming him from a poor shepherd into a conqueror, and granted him true salvation mantras for attaining salvation.

Q.6 What led Sikander Lodhi, the Sultan of Delhi, to take refuge in Almighty Kabir?

Sikander Lodhi suffered from a skin burn illness, which was cured by Allahu Akbar, leading him to believe in Kabir Saheb Ji as the Almighty God. He then abandoned traditional Muslim practices and taken initiation.

Q.7 How did Sheikh Farid encounter Allahu Akbar?

Sheikh Farid, longing for a vision of Allah, was taken into refuge by Allahu Akbar when he was near death due to hunger. Allahu Akbar provided him with true spiritual knowledge, salvation mantras, and revealed the nature of Allah.

Q.8 What did Allahu Akbar do for Sultan Ibrahim Ibn Adham?

Allahu Akbar took Sultan Ibrahim Ibn Adham into His refuge and provided emancipation after multiple births, guiding the soul to understand the true purpose of human life.

Q.9 What opposition did Mansoor Ali face when he identified Allahu Akbar?

Mansoor Ali faced strong opposition from his Muslim community when he abandoned traditional practices to worship Allahu Akbar. Despite this, he remained steadfast in his worship until attaining salvation.

Q.10 How did Allahu Akbar bless Rabia Basri during her pilgrimage to Mecca?

Allahu Akbar brought Mecca to Rabia Basri's location, liberating her from the cycle of birth and death in her later birth of Kamali.

Q.11 What miraculous event occurred with Neeru-Neema, the foster parents of Allahu Akbar?

Allahu Akbar blessed Neeru-Neema by taking them into His refuge and ultimately liberating both of them.

Q.12 How did Allahu Akbar assist King Wajid on his path to salvation?

Allahu Akbar performed miracles with King Wajid, showered blessings on his steadfast devotion, initiated him, and made him eligible for attaining salvation.

Q.13 Who was Mawlānā Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī ?

Mawlānā Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī was a great Persian mystic poet known for his virtuous soul. His welfare occurred after seeking shelter in Allah Kabir in the form of Shams-i Tebrizi.

Q.14 How was welfare of Kamali done by Allah Kabir?

Allah Kabir took the soul of Kamali in refuge in Satyuga when she was the wife of a Brahman named Vidhyadhar. She was Deepika. The same soul was Surya in Tretayuga. In Kalyug she was rabiya, then Bansuri. In between she was in other life forms as well. Finally, she was liberated as Kamali in first phase of Kalyug by Allahu Akbar.


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Azhar Ali

I appreciate Kabir Saheb for addressing hypocrisy in Hinduism. However, considering Kabir Saheb Ji as Allah is challenging for me to comprehend.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, thank you for sharing your thoughts on our article. We acknowledge that accepting Kabir Saheb as Allah may pose initial challenges, but it is supported by the Holy scriptures of various religions that identify Almighty God as Kabir. We encourage you to explore genuine spiritual knowledge by listening to the spiritual discourses of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and reading the book Gyan Ganga.

Fiza Khan

I've come across stories mentioned in your article, and I marvel at the dedication to Allah expressed by the individuals discussed.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your engagement with our article. The unwavering dedication to Allah showcased by these devotees is rooted in the true spiritual knowledge provided by Almighty God Kabir Ji which motivated them for the unwavering devotion of Allah. To gain deeper insights into this knowledge, we recommend reading the book Gyan Ganga and listening to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.