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Summary of Chapter Hanuman Bodh (Kabir Sagar) (Way of Living)

Who was the Guru of Shri Hanuman ji? Please read summary of “Kabir Sagar”, Chapter “Hanuman Bodh”

In Kabir Sagar, on page 113 there is twelfth Chapter “Hanuman Bodh”.

            In this chapter of Kabir Sagar, there is an account of taking Hanuman ji, the son of Wind-God, into refuge. Dharmdas ji asked a question that – ‘O Supreme God Kabir Bandi Chhod Ji! Have you also met the virtuous soul Hanuman ji who is Wind-God’s son?

            Answer (of Supreme God Kabir Ji): – Yes.

            Question (of Dharmdas ji): - O Prabhu! Did he also accept your knowledge? Like me, he used to have firm faith in Shri Ram alias Vishnu ji. Taking him into your refuge is like making the sun rise from west.

            Answer (of Supreme God Kabir Ji): - Supreme God Kabir Ji narrated the account of taking Wind-God’s son Hanuman ji into his refuge to Dharmdas. Please read a brief description of how Supreme God Kabir Ji took Hanuman ji in his refuge and Ramayan done by the translator (Rampal Das): -

            There is an episode in Holy Book Ramayan that there was a king named Bali. His brother was Sugreev. Due to some reason, Bali expelled his brother Sugreev from his kingdom, and kept Sugreev’s wife in his captivity as wife. Disappointed, Sugreev was roaming in a far off country. He saw Hanuman ji chanting Ram-Ram sitting on a mountain. Both of them became friends. Sugreev shared his grief with Hanuman ji. Hanuman ji promised to help refugee Sugreev. Sugreev told Hanuman ji that Bali has such a supernatural power that if someone fights with him, then half of the power of that person in the front enters into Bali. On knowing this, Hanuman ji also kept quiet. He abandoned the idea of a fight with Bali. At that time, King Dashrath’s son Ramchandra was in exile. His wife Sita and brother Laxman had also accompanied him to the forest. Shri Lanka’s King Ravan’s sister Swarupanakha saw Laxman and proposed him to marry her. Laxman said that he was already married. (Laxman’s wife’s name was Urmila.) When Shurpanakha repeatedly requested him to marry her, Laxman, the incarnation of Sheshnag, got angry and severed her nose. Shurpanakha narrated the tale of her woe to her brother Ravan and told the full address. To take the revenge, Ravan conspired to abduct Ram’s wife Sita. Disguising as a sage, with the cooperation of his materal uncle Marich, Ravan abducted Sita.

            In the search of Sita, Shri Ram and Laxman were wandering in the forests. At that time, they met Shri Hanuman and Shri Sugreev. They introduced themselves to each other. Sugreev told his grief to Shri Ram. Shri Ram Chandra kept a condition that – ‘If I get your kingdom back to you, then you will have to help me in the search and return of Sita.’ The deal was finalised. Shri Ramchandra ji killed Bali from behind a tree and coronated Sugreev. Sugreev kept his promise. Trackers were sent in all the four directions in the search of Sita ji. A bird Jatayu told Shri Ram, “King of Lanka, Ravan, has abducted Mother Sita. When I tried to rescue mother from him, he severed my wings.” Shri Ram made Hanuman his messenger to persuade Ravan to return Sita. To make Sita believe Shri Hanuman, Shri Ram gave him his ring on which ‘Shri Ram’ was written. Sita could trust Hanuman with that ring that this person who has come to meet me has been sent by Shri Ram. Hanuman took Shri Ram’s ring and went to Shri Lanka by flying in the sky. Ravan had a Nau Lakha garden. Demon Ravan had held Sita captive in it. Hanuman ji made mother Sita believe him by giving her the ring. Sita ji expressed all the atrocities that demon Ravan was inflicting on her to Hanuman ji. Sita ji took off her bracelet (wedding bracelet) from her hand and gave it to Hanuman ji. She said, “Brother! If you will show this bracelet to Shri Ram, then he will believe you that you have been successful in searching Sita.” Sita declined to go with Hanuman by saying that – ‘I will not go with you.’ Hanuman expressed a desire to eat fruit. Sita said, “Brother! If some fruit has fallen to the ground, then you can eat it. But even I do not have the permission to eat fruit by plucking it from the tree.” Agitated by this, Hanuman ji first of all broke the tree. Then he ate ripened fruit. Then he threw that tree in the ocean. In this way, Hanuman ji ruined the Nau Lakha garden of Ravan and threw the trees in the ocean. King of Lanka, Ravan, tying clothes and cotton on Hanuman’s tail had set it on fire. Hanuman set Ravan’s Lanka ablaze with the flame on his tail.

            Thereafter, flying in the sky, Hanuman crossed the ocean and descended on a hill. It was morning. The reservoir of water on the hill was filled with pure water. There was a garden nearby with fructiferous trees. Hanuman ji was hungry. He thought of having a bath. He kept the bracelet on a rock. While having the bath, Shri Hanuman’s one eye was fixed on the bracelet. A Langoor monkey came and picking up the bracelet went away. Hanuman ji got worried that the monkey might throw the bracelet into the ocean. All my hard work will be in vain. Now even the path to go to Lanka is closed. In a weird restlessness, Hanuman ji followed the monkey. In front of his eyes, the monkey put the bracelet in a pot kept outside the hut of a sage, and ran forward. Hanuman ji took a sigh of relief. As he peeped into the pot to take the bracelet out, he saw that there were several identical bracelets in the pot. Hanuman ji again got into a trouble. He took the bracelets out and checked; he found no dissimilarity. Which bracelet is ours? I might take a wrong bracelet, and Shri Ram would say that this is not Sita’s bracelet. My effort will be futile. A sage was smiling ahead on seeing Hanuman ji’s distress. He was sitting outside the hut. The sage said, “Come son of Wind-God! What distress are you in?” Hanuman ji said, “Sage! King of Lanka, Ravan, has abducted Shri Ramchandra ji’s wife Sita. I have found out about her whereabouts.” The sage said, “Which number Ramchandra are you talking about?” Hanuman ji was astonished that – ‘Is this sage in his senses or under the effect of cannabis?’ Hanuman ji asked, “O Sage! Are there many Rams?” The sage said, “Yes, there have been many Rams, and in future also they will keep taking birth and dying.” Hanuman ji did not like the sage’s behaviour, but he also did not feel appropriate to argue with the sage.” The sage asked, “Have fruit. I will prepare food. Have food. You are tired; have rest.” Hanuman ji said, “Sage! I have lost all my peace. Mother Sita had given me a bracelet. Without that bracelet, Shri Ramchandra will not believe that Sita has been found. Keeping that bracelet on the rock, I was taking a bath. A monkey has put it in the pot. I cannot recognise which one is the actual bracelet. All the bracelets seem to be identical to me.” Supreme God Kabir Ji in the sage form said, “O darling of Wind-God! You may pick up any one bracelet; there is no difference.” And he said that – ‘Whatever number of bracelets are there in this pot, that many times exile to son of Dashrath, Shri Ram, abduction of Sita and her search by Hanuman have taken place.’ Hanuman ji said, “Sage! I accept what you say, but tell me this. I ask you that every time Sita is abducted, Hanuman finds her whereabouts and brings a bracelet, and a monkey puts the bracelet in the pot, the bracelet is left in the pot, then what does Hanuman take with him? Sage Muninder ji said, “I have blessed this pot that whatever object goes in it becomes cloned.” On saying this, the sage put a clay bowl into the pot; another identical clay bowl was formed. Sage Muninder said, “O Hanuman! Take one bracelet. You will not have any problem.” Hanuman ji did not have any option left. Taking one bracelet out of the pot, he flew away.

            Hanuman ji gave the souvenir bracelet of Sita ji to Shri Ramchandra ji, and told everything that Mother Sita had said. Shri Ramchandra ji became emotional on seeing the bracelet. He embraced Hanuman ji. Ramchandra ji said, “O Saint! How will I pay your favour back? You have performed a very difficult task of mine by putting your life in danger. This bracelet belongs to Sita alone. Now I will call a meeting. Let us plan further program.” It was decided to build a bridge on the ocean. Nal-Neel had a power in their hands by the blessing of Sage Muninder that if they put any object with their hands in the water, then it did not use to drown. Whatever objects e.g. stones, bronze utensils etc they used to put used to float on water. At that time, out of pride and with the desire of their praise, Nal-Neel did not take the name of their Guru Sage Muninder. Due to which, that power of theirs finished. Ramchandra ji and all the warriors present there along with Hanuman became very miserable. Shri Ram continuously stood for three days in knee-deep water and requested the ocean to give way, but the ocean did not budge. Then Shri Ram said to Laxman, “Take out my Agni arrow. A person who can only understand the language of beatings cannot be counselled by words.” Immediately, the ocean acquiring the form of a Brahmin stood in front of Shri Ram with folded hands and said, “Lord! A whole world is settled insside me. Please do not incur sin. Do something so that your work also gets done and no harm is caused to anyone.”

            There are two soldiers named Nal and Neel in your army. They have a blessing from their Guru ji. Even stones can float on me with their hands. Nal and Neel were asked to show their skill by putting a stone in the ocean. Nal and Neel thought of getting themselves glorified and did not remember their Guru. As a result of which, Sage Muninder ji withdrew their power, and the stones drowned. The ocean told them their fault. Then Nal and Neel remembered their Guru ji. Shri Ramchandra ji also felt that when the Guru can give power to his disciples, then he can also do my work. Shri Ramchandra ji was an incarnation of Vishnu ji. Shri Vishnu is son of Kaal Niranjan. When Supreme God Kabir Ji had come to Kaal’s Lok (world) for the first time, Jyoti Niranjan had firstly quarrelled with Supreme God; when he could not do anything, he fell at His feet and asked for forgiveness and had some blessings too. One of them was that when my part Vishnu will take birth in Tretayug by the name Ramchandra in King Dashrath’s house; he will be sent to exile. His wife Sita will be with him. A demon will abduct her and take her to Lanka City. Then Ramchandra would want to build a bridge on the ocean, but he will not be able to build it. You may please build that bridge. The second blessing he had sought was that Vishnu only will take birth in Krishna form in Dwapar Yug. After his death, he will get a temple built on the shore of an ocean in Jagannath City. The ocean will not let it get built. You may please protect that temple from the ocean. Supreme God Kabir Ji had said that – ‘I will do it.’ To fulfil that very promise, Supreme God Kabir Ji in the form of Sage Muninder appeared on Setuband, and on his way marked a line with his stick all around the mountain. Nal and Neel recognised their Guru ji from a distance and said, “Our Guru ji has come.” Shri Ramchandra ji told his problem to Sage Muninder ji and politely asked for a blessing for the accomplishment of his task. Supreme God said, “Nal and Neel have committed a mistake. Due to which, their power has finished. I have marked a line all around the mountain ahead. I have made the stones inside that line lighter than wood. They will not drown.” Hanuman ji was a devotee of Ram. He wrote ‘Ram-Ram’ on those stones, and picked them up. When he put them on water, they did not drown. Nal and Neel were architects i.e., adept master masons. Because of which, Nal and Neel carved the stones and fitted them into each other. Earlier, Shri Ram could not make the stones float, and even Nal and Neel had become unsuccessful. Even Hanuman was standing there chanting Ram-Ram. He also wanted that the stones should float, but everything was in vain. Sage Muninder ji (Kabir Ji) had made the stones lighter. Due to which, the stones did not drown in the ocean. Hanuman ji to do his daily chanting of Ram-Ram was writing ‘Ram-Ram’ on the stones with devotion. Wherever he used to sit, he used to write ‘Ram-Ram’ there itself on the plants and trees. Hanuman ji did not even know the son of Dashrath, Shri Ramchandra ji. Even before meeting him, he used to chant ‘Ram-Ram’. We have heard in the folklore (baseless stories) that Nal and Neel had made the stones float, and then the bridge was built. Someone used to say that the stones floated because Hanuman had written ‘Ram-Ram’ on the stones. We also used to hear that Shri Ram made the stones float. The reason is that the discussion that took place about making the stones float, and the statement of Sage Muninder that he had made the stones of the mountain light, had happened only in front of 20-30 people. The rest of the crores of people that had come for the battle started bringing the stones as soon as they got the order. They saw that Hanuman ji is writing Ram-Ram. Others were picking those stones up and bringing them over. Further Nal and Neel were building the bridge with the stones. Shri Ramchandra ji was praising Nal and Neel. Other people who were present there told each other that Hanuman ji has written ‘Ram-Ram’ on the stones; as a result of which, the stones are floating. Some felt that there is a supernatural power in Nal and Neel’s hands, due to which the stones are floating. In this way, this misconception i.e. rumour spread. After building the bridge, everybody got busy in the battle. Majority of them died. Those who were left behind went to their homes. They disseminated this wrong information in their respective villages and cities that is going on indisputably till date. The veracity is that this Das (Rampal Das) has mentioned. The battle took place. A weapon named ‘Naag-Faans’ was released on Shri Ram’s army. As a result of which, the entire army along with Shri Ram, Hanuman, Jamvant, Sugreev, and Angad were tied by serpents. The serpents wrapped around them and even tied their hands with the body. They became inactive just as sugarcanes are tied by a farmer. Then Garud was called. Garud severed all the serpents. The entire army and Shri Ram became free from bondage. Laxman had become unconscious (had gone into coma) on being hit by an arrow. Then Hanuman ji brought a doctor from Lanka. The doctor told that there is a Sanjeevni herb on Dronagiri Mountain. Its identity is that it glows like a fire fly at night. If that herb is brought before sunrise, Laxman can become conscious. If it is delayed, then his death is certain. Shri Ram ji entrusted this task to Hanuman ji that – ‘Bajrang Bali! Nobody can perform this task except you.’ As soon as Hanuman ji got the order, he flew in the sky. The demons by their supernatural power filled brightness in all other fake herbs as well on Dronagiri. The doctor had told that those herbs are very few in number. They cannot be identified in the daytime because similar looking herbs grow around it. It did not take Hanuman long to understand this. He picked up the Dronagiri Mountain itself and flew in the sky. Shri Ram and Laxman had told Hanuman about the power of their brother Bharat which was bothering Hanuman ji. They used to say that – ‘Had Bharat been here today, he would have alone sent Ravan and his one lakh sons and his one and a quarter lakh grandchildren to Yamlok (the place of god of Death).’ It occurred to Hanuman ji that – ‘Let me take a test of Bharat on the way.’ Bharat knew that a battle between Ravan and Ram is going on. On seeing Hanuman ji along with a mountain going through the sky, he thought that some demon is going. He can cause a lot of damage. Bharat shot an arrow. Hanuman ji pretending that the arrow has hit him, chanting ‘Hey Ram-Hey Ram’ fell to the ground. He also kept the mountain on the ground. On hearing the word ‘Ram’, Bharat realised that this person belongs to our side. He went near Hanuman ji and asked, “Who are you? Where are you going? Why are you carrying the mountain? My name is Bharat. I am brother of Shri Ram and Laxman.” Hanuman ji told him that – ‘My name is Hanuman. A battle is going on between Ram and Ravan. Your brother Laxman has become unconscious on being hit by an arrow. The doctor has told a herb on the Dronagiri Mountain for his treatment. I could not identify it; therefore, I am taking the mountain itself. I have to reach there before sunrise; otherwise, Laxman will die. You shot an arrow without any consideration. How will I reach there on time now? After sunrise, Laxman will not remain alive in the world.’ Bharat told him the reason behind his shooting the arrow, and said, “O Son of Anjani! Do not worry. You carry Dronagiri and sit on the front part of the arrow. Stand with your one foot forward and the other one behind. I will make you reach Lanka along with the mountain via the arrow even before you could have reached.” Hanuman ji was very proud of his power. Putting his both feet properly on the arrow kept on the ground, Hanuman ji stood on it and carried the mountain on his hand. Bharat picked up the arrow off the ground along with Hanuman and the mountain, and putting it on the string of the bow brought it next to his chest to release it. Hanuman ji was amazed and thought – ‘He has picked up my and Dronagiri’s weight as if he has only lifted the arrow.’ Hanuman ji said, “O Son of Dashrath! I was just testing you. I am healthy. I will myself fly and reach there before time. Both of your brothers used to praise you. Had Bharat been here, he would have alone been sufficient for Ravan and Ravan’s army. I did not believe their statements. Today, I am seeing with my own eyes. In reality, you are a warrior and mighty. You have even crushed my arrogance.” On saying this, Hanuman ji jumped off that arrow and flew away. At that time, the arrow did not budge at all.

            It is a point to consider. If someone lifts a weight, then either lifts with one hand or both hands. But if one tries to lift the same weight with a stick, then one can never lift it. One can only lift something light with a stick. Bharat lifted highly powerful Hanuman ji and Dronagiri 50 feet off the ground. In Tretayug, human beings used to be 70 or 80 feet tall. This is not an ordinary thing. If someone tries to pick a person up with a stick, how would one feel?  

            The doctor cured Laxman by feeding him the Sanjeevni medicine. The battle happened and Ravan got killed. Ravan had worshipped God Shiv. He had offered his heads to Shiv ji by beheading himself ten times. Ten times Shiv ji had returned his heads and blessed him that – ‘You will only die after you are beheaded ten times. Ravan was beheaded ten times. Then after being shot with an arrow in his navel and on the destruction of the nectar in his navel, he was assassinated. Ten times he was beheaded, ten times his heads reattached to his body. Then on Vibhishan’s revelation that there is nectar in Ravan’s navel, Ramchandra had fully tried to shoot an arrow in Ravan’s navel, but even Ravan was trying hard that the arrow should not hit his navel. Ramchandra ji invoked Supreme God – “Please kill this demon and help me. O Mahadev! O God of all gods! O Greatest God! Help me. You daughter (Sita) is in great misery. Your children, thirty-three crore gods, have also been put into jail by this very demon.” At that very moment, Supreme God Kabir Ji in a secret form kept his hands over Ramchandra’s hands and shot the arrow into Ravan’s navel. Then Ravan died.

            {After attaining Supreme God Kabir Ji, Sant Garibdas ji (of Village-Chhudani, District-Jhajjar, State-Haryana) has described the magnificence of Supreme God Kabir Ji. Kabir Ji has stated that: -

Kabir keh mere hans ko, duHkh na deeje koye |
Sant duHkhaay main dukhi, mera aapa bhi duHkhi hoye ||
Pahunchunga chhan ek main, jan apne ke het |
Tetis koti ki bandh chhutayi, Ravan mara khet ||
Jo mere sant ko duHkhi karae, vaka khoun vansh |
Hirnakush udar vidaariya, main hi mara Kans ||
Ram-Krishna Kabir ke shahzaade, bhakti het bhaye pyaade ||

            The kingdom of Lanka was given to Ravan’s younger brother Vibhishan. Shri Ram took Agni Pariksha (fire test) of Sita. If Ravan has mated with Sita, then Sita will get burnt in the fire and die. If Sita is pure and chaste, then she will not get burnt. Sita ji did not get burnt in the fire. Lakhs of people present there hailed Mother Sita. Sita acquired the status of a Sati (chaste woman). Ravan was assassinated on the tenth day of Shukal Paksh (bright lunar fortnight) in Asoj (Sep-Oct as per Hindu calendar) month.

            Twenty days after the assassination of Ravan, after completing the exile of 14 years, Shri Ram, Laxman and Sita sitting in Pushpac aircraft reached Ayodhya City. It was Karik Month’s Amavasya (No moon day of Oct-Nov month as per Hindu Calender). On that dark Amavasya night, by lighting lamps of cow’s ghee inside and on roofs of their houses, the people of Ayodhya celebrated the arrival of Shri Ram, Sita and Laxman. Bharat returned the kingdom to his brother Shri Ramchandra. One day, Sita said to Shri Ramchandra, “I want to give some prize to the warriors who fought in the battle.” Sita ji took off a necklace of pure pearls from her neck and gave it to Hanuman as a prize. She said to him, “O Hanuman! I am giving this precious gift to you. Keep it very safe.” Hanuman ji broke a pearl of that necklace and then crushed it. Then another one; soon he crushed all the pearls and dropped them on the floor. Sita ji did not like this behaviour of Hanuman. Being furious, she said, “O Fool! What have you done? You have destroyed such a precious necklace. You have behaved like a monkey only. Go away from my eyes.” At that time, Shri Ramchandra ji was also sitting on the throne with Sita ji. Even he did not consider this behaviour of Hanuman to be right and remained silent. Hanuman ji said, “Mother! An object that does not have name of Ram inscribed in it is of no use to me. I have looked by breaking the pearls; there is no name of Ram inscribed in them. Therefore, it is of no use to me.” Sita ji said, “Is the name of Ram written in your body? Then why are you keeping this body with you. Tear it apart and throw it away.” At that very moment, Hanuman ji slit his chest and showed. There was ‘Ram-Ram’ written inside it. Instantly, Hanuman ji abandoned Ayodhya and went somewhere far away from there.

            Shri Ramchandra ji used to disguise at night and secretively roam around in his Ayodhya City to find out about the sorrows and sufferings of his people. A few years later, when King Ramchandra ji was roaming around at night on the streets of Ayodhya, loud noises were coming from a house. King Ramchandra went near and overheard the conversation. A washerman’s wife had left home after an altercation. She stayed at her sister’s place for two-three days, and then she returned. The washerman was beating her. He was saying that – ‘Get out from my house. You have stayed two nights outside home. I will not keep you at home. You are tarnished.’ She was saying – ‘I swear by God. I swear by King Ram. I am pure and chaste. When you beat me up, in anger I went to my sister’s house. I am innocent.’ The washerman said, “I am not son of Dashrath, Ram, who has brought his tarnished wife home, who had lived with Ravan for years. All the men and women of Ayodhya city are talking about this. What life does such a man have whose wife has been corrupted?” When King Ram heard these words from the washerman’s mouth, it felt like he had hot oil put in his ears.

            The next day, Ramchandra ji called an assembly and told about the discussion going on in the city, and said, “This discussion will only stop when I will expel Sita from the palace.” Immediately, Sita ji was summoned to the assembly and ordered to get out of the palace.  She was also told the reason. Sita even pleaded, “O Lord! You had also taken my fire test. I also say from my soul that Ravan has not mated with me. The reason was that he had a curse from a sage that if you will rape another woman, you will instantly die. If you will copulate with the consent of the other woman, then this will not happen. As a result of which, Ravan could not even touch me for mating. O Lord! I am pregnant. Where will I go in such a state? There is no scarcity of men like Ravan.” After giving the order, Ramchandra ji left the assembly. As he went, he said, “I do not want to be a subject of criticism. My lineage will be tarnished.” Sita ji felt as if the earth was slipping from under her feet. She saw darkness in the sky. She felt as if she has only a few days left in the world.  

            Sita abandoned Ayodhya and set off. She kept looking back trying to see her Ram and his palaces, and going far away in a jungle, on getting tired, fainted and fell to the ground near the hut of Sage Valmiki. Sage Valmiki came out of the ashram to take bath. On seeing a pregnant woman unconscious ahead, he went near her. He brought a medicine from his ashram and put it in Sita ji’s mouth. It was summertime. He sprinkled some cold water on her face. Immediately, Sita gained consciousness and sat up. When the sage asked her name and village, she said, “The earth below and the sky above”, and refused to tell anything else. Sages are kind. He said, “Daughter, this world is selfish. Thank God that you came to my ashram. Daughter, consider me to be your father and stay with me.” Sita ji started living in Sage Valmiki’s ashram. The sage also did not take things forward.

            Supreme God Kabir Ji had come in Tretayug in the form of Sage Muninder ji to perform divine acts. He met Hanuman ji and greeted him by saying ‘Sat Sahib’. Hanuman ji said “Ram-Ram” and stood up to greet the sage. He himself sat down on one stone and requested the sage to sit on another stone. They both took a seat. Hanuman ji tried to recognise the sage. The Sage said, “What are you thinking, Hanuman? I am that same sage. The moneky had put Sita ji’s bracelet into a pot in my ashram. There were other identical bracelets in it. O Hanuman! How was that bracelet?” It did not take Hanuman long to recognise the sage and he again saluted him, and said, “O Sage! What brought you here?” Supreme God Kabir Ji (in the form of Sage Muninder) said, “O Son of Wind-God! I have come to impart the knowledge of bhakti to you. You are worshipping the son of Dashrath, Ramchandra, considering him to be the Complete God. You are in dark. He who takes birth and dies cannot be the Complete God. The Complete God is immortal.” Hanuman ji said, “O Sage! I get hurt by your words. My feelings get hurt. Please discuss some other topic.” Supreme God Kabir Ji said, “A person is going on a wrong path; he is treading on that path considering it to be right and that path leads to the camp of dacoits. If a gentleman tells him that there is a danger to your life and belongings on the path you are treading. There is a camp of dacoits ahead. They first kill a person and then loot him. If that person says, “You are hurting my feelings”, then how much true is it?” Hanuman ji kept silent, but smiled as if he was saying – ‘You are speaking the truth.’ On seeing calmness on Hanuman ji’s face, Supreme God Kabir Ji told him that Shri Ramchandra ji is an incarnation of Shri Vishnu ji. The father of Shri Vishnu ji, Shri Brahma ji and Shri Shiv ji is Kaal Brahm. He is also called Jyoti Niranjan. Due to his blunder, Kaal has got this curse that he will daily eat one lakh human beings, and will produce a lakh and a quarter every day. Due to which, he has made his three sons masters of one department each. Shri Brahma ji is Rajgun under whose influence all the living beings get inspired to reproduce offsprings. As a result of which, under a misconception, Brahma is believed to be the creator. The Creator is actually the Complete God.

            Kaal has given his second son, Vishnu, the department of maintenance according to the deeds. Vishnu is Satgun. Kaal has given his third son, Tamogun Shiv, the department of killing these one lakh human beings and sending them to him. Kaal himself remains hidden (unmanifested). You are seeing that there is no one immortal here. Even the gods die. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv also take birth and die. All those who live their full age have old age. There is one Lok (place) where there is no old age and death. There is no Ravan there who abducts someone else’s wife. In front of your eyes, so many people and other living beings got killed in the battle between Ram and Ravan in Lanka to rescue one Sita. You put your life in danger for Shri Ramchandra and set Lanka ablaze. Ravan’s brother Ahiravan, who was the king of Patal (Nether world), abducted Ram and Laxman. He was about to sacrifice them. You went there and brought them both back alive. You tell me; are they gods? When during the attack with the ‘Naag-Fans’ weapon, the serpents had tied Shri Ram, you, the entire army and even Laxman, and all the serpents were wrapped around you; you were all helpless. In a few moments, Ravan’s army would have easily slashed you all. At that time, Garud was invoked. He severed the serpents. Ramchandra and you became free from bondage. If God is so helpless that he could not liberate himself from bondage, then what will happen to the worshippers? Please think.

Kaalte bandhan vipat mein, kathin kiyo sangraam |
Chinho re nar praaniyo, Garud bado ke Ram ||

            Hanuman ji said, “Sage! Is building a bridge on the ocean a task of a common man? It could not have been built without God.”

Samandar paati Lanka gayo, Sita ko bhartaar |
Agast rishi saaton peeye, inmein kaun Kartaar ||

            If you consider Shri Ramchandra to be God because of building a bridge on the ocean, then Sage Agast had drunk all the seven oceans. Who is God out of these two?

            Sage Muninder ji said, “Have you forgotten? A sage had come. He had marked a line around a mountain with his stick and made the stones of the mountain light. Then those stones had floated and the bridge was built. Ramchandra had been asking for a path for three days from the ocean. The ocean had told him about Nal and Neel.” Hanuman ji said, “He was Vishwakarma ji, who had come in a different guise when he was called by Shri Ramchandra ji.” Supreme God Kabir Ji said, “Vishwakarma ji can build a bridge, but he cannot make stones float over water. Nal and Neel had power in their hands. An object put in water by their hands used to float on water, but that day they had become arrogant. Their power had ended. That blessing had also been given by me alone.” Hanuman ji said, “Are you Sage Muninder ji?” Supreme God in the form of Muninder ji said, “Yes.” Muninder ji said, “There is nothing that you did not do for Ram ji by risking your own life. When Sita said abusive words to you and asked you to leave their palace, at that time Shri Ram was sitting there itself. He did not even utter a word that – ‘Sita, do not do this.’ The son of Wind-God was agreeing from inside, but from outside was saying, “Sage! We should not criticise anyone.” Muninder ji said, “To speak the truth is not criticism. If Shri Ramchandra and Sita even had qualities of a good human being in them, they would have been grateful to you throughout their lives and kept you in their feet. You do not even consider it right to live without them. And listen! Sita and Ramchandra have even received the result of the way they behaved with you. After a few years, Shri Ram expelled Sita from his house. At that time, she was pregnant.” On hearing this, tears came out of Hanuman ji’s eyes and he fell at Sage’s feet. He did not say anything. The people of Ayodhya celebrated Dipawali and Dussehra for two years. After that they stopped it thinking that the goddess for whom Ravan was killed, today she must be again bearing the atrocities of god knows how many Ravans. A row of lamps is a sign of celebration. When the king and the queen got separated, neither the king liked Dipawali, nor the people. Therefore, the festival of Dipawali had been stopped from that time itself. Based on the two years that it was celebrated for, innocent people are still celebrating this festival.

            Similarly, the custom of Dussehra and Ravan Dahan (burning the effigy of Ravan) has been going on. If a young person dies in anyone’s house, then that family and their relatives do not celebrate any festival.

            Hanuman ji said, “Lord! Discuss about the Supreme God.” Supreme God Kabir Ji narrated the “Creation of Nature”. On hearing the true story, Hanuman ji was delighted. He requested to see Satyalok. Supreme God flew in the sky. Hanuman ji was watching him. Supreme God disappeared for some time. Hanuman ji became worried that – ‘How will I find this sage now?’ Just then a special light became visible in the sky. By giving divine vision to Hanuman ji, Supreme God showed Satlok to him. Sage Muninder ji became visible sitting on a throne. The radiance of his body was immense. He had a crown on his head and a parasol like kings. After showing that scene for some time, his divine vision was finished. Muninder ji came down. Hanuman ji became confident that this is Supreme God. Satyalok is a place of happiness. He took initiation from Supreme God Kabir Ji and made his life blessed. He became worthy of getting salvation. In this way, Supreme God Kabir ji took pious soul, benevolent Hanuman ji in His refuge. Although this world and these lords of Kaal do not give the fruit of benevolence to an altruist soul, Supreme God certainly takes such souls in His refuge, because only such souls by becoming supreme devotees perform bhakti and attain salvation. The worldly people who deceive altruist souls suffer throughtout their lives.

            Shri Ramchandra ji in his final moments had to face defeat at the hands of his own sons Luv and Kush. Sita ji did not even consider appropriate to see him. She entered into the earth before everyone’s eyes. With this remorse, Shri Ramchandra ji plunged into River Saryu flowing near Ayodhya and ended his life by taking a Jal Samadhi (drowning in water). The altruist Hanuman ji received the reward of selflessly helping the needy. God Himself came; told him the path to salvation, and did his welfare. Hanuman ji will again obtain a human life. Then Supreme God Kabir Ji after taking him in his refuge will provide him salvation. The seed of true bhakti has been sown in that soul.

FAQs about "Summary of Chapter Hanuman Bodh | Kabir Sagar "

Q.1 Who was the Guru of Shri Hanuman ji according to the Kabir Sagar's "Hanuman Bodh" chapter?

According to the Kabir Sagar's "Hanuman Bodh" chapter, Shri Hanuman ji accepted Supreme God Kabir Ji as his Guru.

Q.2 How was the bridge to Lanka built?

The bridge to Lanka was built with the help of stones made lighter by Sage Muninder who was God Kabir Ji Himself, along with the assistance of Nal and Neel, who were skilled masons. By the blessings of Supreme God Kabir Ji the stones become very lighter and started sinking when placed in the sea . In this way, bridge to Lanka was built.

Q. 3 What role did Supreme God Kabir Ji play in Ravan's death?

Supreme God Kabir Ji, in a secret form, guided Shri Ramchandra to shoot the arrow that ultimately killed Ravan by placing His hands over Shri Ram's hands.

Q.4 How did Sita prove her chastity to Shri Ram in the story?

Sita proved her chastity to Shri Ram by undergoing the Agni Pariksha (fire test). She did not get burnt in the fire, demonstrating her purity and fidelity.

Q.5 Who is the sage mentioned in the story who imparts knowledge to Hanuman, and what is the key message he conveys to Hanuman?

The sage mentioned in the story is Sage Muninder ji, who is actually Supreme God Kabir Ji in disguise. He imparts the knowledge of true bhakti to Hanuman. The key message he conveys is that Shri Ramchandra and other deities are not the Supreme God; the Complete God is immortal and beyond the cycle of birth and death. He reveals the true nature of the divine and urges Hanuman to seek the path of true devotion to attain salvation.

Q.6 Why did Shri Ramchandra expel Sita from the palace, and what was Sita's response?

Shri Ramchandra expelled Sita from the palace because of the doubts and criticisms of the people of Ayodhya about Sita's chastity during her captivity by Ravan. Sita was accused of being impure due to her time away from home. In response, Sita pleaded her innocence and stated that she had not been violated by Ravan, and she was even pregnant. However, Shri Ramchandra felt compelled to maintain his reputation and lineage, leading to Sita's expulsion.

Q.7 What is the origin of the tradition of celebrating Dipawali (Diwali) and Dussehra?

The story explains that the tradition of celebrating Dipawali and Dussehra originated from the events in Shri Ramchandra's life. People celebrated Dipawali for two years when Shri Ram and Sita were reunited, but they stopped celebrating it when they separated again. Similarly, the tradition of Dussehra, including the burning of Ravan's effigy started.

Q.8 What is the significance of Hanuman's initiation by Supreme God Kabir Ji and the revelation of Satyalok?

Hanuman's initiation by Supreme God Kabir Ji signifies the importance of seeking true spiritual knowledge and taking refuge in the Supreme God for salvation. The revelation of Satyalok, where Supreme God sits on His throne, is the ultimate goal of attaining a place of eternal happiness and liberation from the cycle of birth and death.


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Smriti Upadhyaya

In the article, it is suggested that Hanuman Ji received teachings from Kabir Sahab Ji. This statement might be hard to believe because Kabir Sahab Ji gained popularity due to his poetry over 600 years ago, while Hanuman Ji existed during the Treta Yuga.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your perspective on our article. It's indeed true that Kabir Sahab Ji appeared 600 years ago, but it is mentioned in the Holy Vedas that Almighty God assumes different roles on Earth, including imparting spiritual knowledge through parables, which is why he is also renowned as a poet. Moreover, Almighty God Kabir Ji appeared in all Yugas to impart his spiritual wisdom to devout souls. We kindly request that before forming a judgment, you explore the complete understanding of Almighty God Kabir Sahib Ji by listening to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and reading the book "Jeene Ki Rah."

Bhawani Prasad

Whenever I hear stories from the Ramayan, I often wonder why, if Lord Ram is so powerful, Garud Ji had to help him during the "Naag-Fans", and why he needed assistance from Nal and Neel to build the bridge to Sri Lanka.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your engagement with our article. Shri Ram Ji (akka Lord Vishnu) is the God of only the three realms (Lokas) of this world, and his powers are limited. That's why he couldn't free himself from the "naag-fans" and sought the assistance of Garud Ji, who was a devoted follower of Almighty God Kabir Sahab Ji. Additionally, Nal and Neel were under the shelter of Almighty God Kabir Sahib Ji, who appeared at that time as sage Muninder Ji. Through the blessings of Kabir Sahib Ji, Nal and Neel possessed the ability to prevent objects from sinking in water. However, due to their own mistakes, they lost this power, and Muninder Ji came to aid Shri Ram Ji in building the bridge over the ocean. We understand that this explanation may be unfamiliar, so we recommend gaining a comprehensive understanding of this topic by listening to the scripture-based teachings of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and reading the book "Jeene Ki Rah."

Parul Sharma

It's disheartening to hear that Lord Ram left Sita Ji when she was pregnant based on the words of a mere washerman. Even though Lord Ram subjected Mata Sita Ji to a fire test, I find it perplexing that, as God, he engaged in such actions. If an individual were to do such things today, they would likely face legal proceedings. However, it's inappropriate to question the actions of God.

Satlok Ashram

Dear Parul, we appreciate your opinion and your engagement with our article. It's true that if such actions were taken by an individual today, they would indeed face legal consequences and court proceedings. However, since this was the action of Shri Ram Ji, his devotees do not question it. It's important to understand that Shri Ram Ji was not the complete God and had limited powers. He also faced challenges in fulfilling his role as a husband. We recommend that you gain a deeper understanding of the powers of Shri Ram Ji and Almighty God by listening to the true spiritual knowledge imparted by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and reading the book "Jeene Ki Rah."