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Meera Bai Got Refuge of Satguru (Way of Living)

There was a small garden on the way to the temple of Shri Krishna to which Meera Bai used to go to worship. There were also some trees in it that provided dense shade. Supreme God Kabir Ji and Sant Ravidas ji were delivering Satsang there. It was around 10 o’clock in the morning. Meera saw that a discussion and tale of God is going on here. Let me listen to it for some time and then move on.

Supreme God Kabir narrated the brief knowledge of Creation of Nature. He said that – “There is another Almighty God above Shri Krishna ji, that is, Shri Vishnu ji. If one’s birth and death do not end, then whether one did bhakti or not, it is one and the same thing. Even the birth and death of Shri Krishna (Shri Vishnu) did not end. How will it end of his devotees? Like, the Hindu saints say that Shri Krishna i.e. Shri Vishnu imparted the knowledge of Gita to Arjun. The Giver of the knowledge of Gita is clarifying in Gita Chapter 2 Verse 12, Chapter 4 Verse 5, and Chapter 10 Verse 2 that – “O Arjun! You and I have had several births. You do not know; I know. It is self-evident from this that the birth and death of Shri Krishna has not ended. He is not immortal. Therefore, in Gita Chapter 18 Verse 62, the Speaker of Gita has said that – O Bharat! You may go in the refuge of that Supreme God in every respect. Only by the grace of that Supreme God, you will attain Eternal Supreme Abode and supreme peace.”

            On hearing these words from Supreme God Kabir’s lotus-mouth, that soul, who was wandering for God, found a new light. After the sermon, Meera Bai questioned, “O Mahatma ji! If you give me permission, I would like to get my doubts resolved.” Kabir Ji said, “Ask question, sister.”

            Question: - “O Mahatma Ji! To date I have never heard from anyone that there is some God above Shri Krishna ji. I am in two minds today on hearing this from you. I believe that saints do not tell a lie.” Supreme God Kabir said, “It is the fault of your ignorant religious gurus who themselves do not know what knowledge their Holy Books give. In Devi Puran, Third Skand, Shri Vishnu himself confesses that I (Vishnu), Brahma and Shankar are mortal. We take (Aavirbhaav) birth and (Tirobhaav) die. (Excerpt ends)”

            Meera Bai said, “O Maharaj ji! God Shri Krishna grants me his audience. I talk to him.” Kabir Ji said, “O Meera Bai! Do one thing. Ask Shri Krishna ji only whether he has any Master above him. He is a god; he will not tell a lie.” Meera Bai felt that she will go mad if there is some God above Shri Krishna ji too. At night, Meera invoked Shri Krishna ji. The lord of the three worlds (Triloki Naath) appeared. Meera requested to resolve her doubt that – “O Lord! Is there is any God above you as well? A saint has told in the satsang.” Shri Krishna said, “Meera! There is a God, but he does not appear before anyone. We have tried to have a sight of him by doing a lot of meditation and religious practices.” Meera Bai had also heard this in the satsang from God Kabir that – “I will clearly show that God to you. By making you follow true way of worship, I will send you to Him in Satlok.” Meera Bai again questioned Shri Krishna ji, “Can you end the birth and death of a living being?” Shri Krishna ji said, “It is not possible.” Kabir Ji had said, “I have such mantras of bhakti by which birth and death end forever. One goes to that supreme abode about which it is mentioned in Gita Chapter 15 Verse 4 that after getting the Tatvgyan and Tatvdarshi Saint, one should search for that supreme abode of God, having gone where, worshippers never return to the world. Only worship that one God.” Meera Bai said, “O God Shri Krishna! The Saint was saying that he ends birth and death. What shall I do now? I want to attain complete salvation.” Shri Krishna said, “Meera! You may take refuge of that saint and get your welfare done. Whatever knowledge I had, I have told you.” Meera did not go to the temple the next day. She went directly to the saint along with her maids, and expressed her desire to take initiation, and she also shared the conversation she had with Shri Krishna ji with Saint Kabir Ji. At that time untouchability was at its peak. Thakurs used to consider themselves as the best. A person immersed in honour and pride never attains God. To test Meera Bai, Kabir ji said to Saint Ravidas ji, “You may give first mantra to Meera Rathore. This is my order to you.” Saint Ravidas ji obeyed the order. Saint God Kabir said to Meera, “Sister! The saint is sitting there. Go and take initiation from him.” Sister Meera instantly went to Ravidas ji and said, “Saint ji! Give me initiation and bless me.” Saint Ravidas ji said, “Sister! I am from Chamar caste. You are a daughter of Thakurs. The people of your caste will rebuke you. They will ostracize you. Please ponder about it.” Meera Bai was a deserving soul. She was always ready to sacrifice herself for God. She said, “Saint ji! You are my father; I am your daughter. Give me initiation. I do not care about the society. Tomorrow if I become a dog, what will this Thakur society do to save me? The elder Guru ji (Kabir Ji) has stated in the satsang that: -

Kabir, kul karni ke kaarne, hansa gaya bigoy |
Tab kul kya kar lega, jab chaar paaon ka hoy ||

            Saint Ravidas ji went to Saint Kabir ji and told him everything. God said, “Do not delay it. Initiate this soul.” At that moment, Saint Ravidas ji gave first mantra of five naams to sister Meera. He told Meera Bai that this is not their worship. It is their religious practice. The wealth of bhakti that one needs to stay in their loks (worlds), and to eat and drink, is acquired by these mantras only. One is able to pay the debt of this place. Then one becomes eligible for salvation. God Kabir Ji and Saint Ravidas ji stayed there for a month. Earlier, Meera Bai used to go out of the house in the daytime. Then she also started going at night because the satsang was held less during the day and more at night. Somebody used to spare time during the day and someone at night. Meera’s younger brother-in-law Rana became very angry on seeing Meera going out of the house at night, but stopping Meera was like stopping a storm. Therefore, Rana sent for Meera’s mother, and asked her to advise Meera. He said to her, “She has destroyed our honour.” A daughter accepts her mother’s advice. Meera’s mother advised her. Meera immediately gave its answer: -


Satsang mein jana ae Meera chhod de, aay mhaari log kaaren takraar |
Satsang mein jana mera na chhute ri, chaahe jalkae maro sansar ||tek||

Thaare satsang ke raahe maen ae, aahe vahan pae rehte hain kaaley naag,
Koy-koy naag tanae das levae, jab Guru mhaare mehar karae ri,
Aari vae to sarp gandeve ban jaavaein ||1||

Thaare satsang ke raahe mein ae, aahe vahan pae rehte hai babri sher,
Koye-koye sher tanae kha levae | jab guruaan ki mehar firae ri,
Aari va to sheraan ke geedar ban jaavaen ||2||

Thaare satsang ke beech mein ae, aahe vahan pae rehte hain saadhu sant,
Koye-koye sant tanae le ramae ae, tere hi man maen mata paap hae ri,
Saint mere maa baap hain ri, aa ri ye to kar denge beda paar ||3||

Vo to jaat chamaar hai ae, ismaen mhaari haar hai ae,
Tere ri lekhae mata chamaar hai ri, mera Sirjanhaar hai ri |
Aari vae to Meera ke Guru Ravidas ||4||

            On hearing this story, Rampyari’s (Ramo) eyes opened up. She went to the satsang with Kasturi the next day, and after listening to one satsang, she took initiation. Then she asked for the service of one day’s food. All the families said, “Sister! We cannot leave our service. When Guru ji will come next time, we will give you a turn as well.” Devotee Ramo was not prepared to even wait for a moment. She pulled a long face. At that very moment, Kasturi said, “Sister! When my turn will come next, I will feed the saints in the morning, you may feed them at night.” Ramo felt elated. She was every excited. When her turn came, she prepared the dinner. She made Kheer, halwa, vegetable dish, and soft chapattis. But due to Guruji’s divine act, she developed high fever. Her body was burning like ember. She did not have strength to even take a single step. At that very moment, Ramo’s son arrived. Sister Ramo said, “Son! Do one work for me today. I will remember your favour all my life. Son, I have acquired a Guru. I have taken the turn of feeding the saints tonight from your aunt Kasturi. Son! See, I have developed high fever. My body is burning like fire. I don’t have the strength to walk.” Her son said, “I don’t have time. I will not go to give food in the ashram. Mother, you should not go to that ashram. I have to hear so many things about you.” On hearing this, devotee Ramo started crying bitterly. Her son felt pity on her. But in an irritable mood, he said, “Where is food? I will deliver it.” Sister Ramo instantly stood up and gave him all the food. Keeping the food in a metal vessel, he took it to the ashram. Ramo used to repeatedly request to Guru ji that – “Guru ji, my son consumes intoxicants. He has ruined the house. He does not listen to me. Take him also in your refuge, Maharaj!” On seeing the boy in the ashram the next day, other male and female devotees started saying, “Guru ji has listened to the prayers of distressed Ramo. Her son has himself come bringing the food with him.” When Guru ji came to know about it, he felt pleased that daughter Ramo will become prosperous now. God has listened to her prayers. The boy said, “Maharaj ji! My mother is suffering from fever. She has sent me. Have food.” The saint sat down to have food, and thought, “This boy has come for the first time. Let me impart some knowledge to him.” The saint started saying, “Son! One should serve one’s parents. One should obey their orders. One should acquire a Guru and do true bhakti to attain salvation. Intoxication has ruined many families.” The boy was already filled with anger. He was feeling the delay by every second because on that night he had to go with his fellow thieves to commit a theft in the King’s palace. They had to gather at midnight in a temple outside the city and depart for the theft from there. They had thought that the queens’ necklaces are very expensive. They will steal them and become extremely rich. Therefore, the boy said to the saint, “Baba ji! Eat food quickly. I do not need any edification.” The saint did not like it. He thought, “Ramo is actually very distressed from this devil.” As soon as the saint finished the food, the boy collected all the utensils and without washing them, set forth towards the city. After he had covered more than half the distance, he got pricked in his foot by a thick thorn. He felt excruciating pain in the sole of his foot. It was even difficult for him to walk. Somehow he reached home. Throwing the utensils in the courtyard, he started reproaching his mother – “Today I had an audience with your guru ji, and today itself I have been struck with misfortune. I have been pricked by a thorn. I cannot even walk. From today onwards, I will not even sleep facing your ashram.” Ramo’s fever had subsided by then. She quickly got up and washed the foot with the thorn prick. She tied the sludge of oil with a cloth on it and decided to get the thorn removed in the morning. The boy quarrelled a lot with his mother. He even said absurd things because son Karmpal was feeling that he had incurred a big loss because of not participating in the theft. Somehow, next morning came. The boy’s thorn was removed. His mother (Ramo) got busy in household chores. After some time, they heard the sound of a band. The residents of the city knew that such an instrument was played in that city when someone was sentenced to death. Therefore, everybody used to stand outside their house to find out why and who is getting crucified. The King’s soldiers were making those four convicts tell their crime. They were saying, “We had gone to commit a theft in the King’s palace. We have committed a heinous crime. Today we will be crucified in the evening. If anybody’s listening, then never commit such a crime.” It did not take Karmpal long to recognise his fellow thieves, and he understood the entire matter. Ramo said, “Whatever is being done to them is right. Commit theft now. You deserve this very punishment. Could you not work to earn a living?” Ramo went inside her house. Karmpal kept standing at the door in a very fearful state. Then he went inside the house and started crying bitterly. Ramo saw that why is Karmpal crying? She asked him, “Son, why are you crying? Even the thorn has been removed now. Is it still hurting?” Karmpal got up and hugged her mother. He said, “Mother! Thanks to your Guru ji who changed the punishment of crucification of your son to a thorn prick. Mother! Today your son had to be crucified. Mother, how would you have stayed alive?” Ramo said, “Is my son a thief? Why would he be crucified? Thieves get punishment.” Karmpal said, “Yes, mother! Your son was a thief. I swear by you, Mother; from today onwards I will never consume intoxicants. I wil go with you to Satsang. I will help you in the household chores. I will never cause any grief to my mother in my life.” Ramo said, “Useless person, you had even started stealing!” The boy said, “Yes, Mother! I had become an experienced thief. Blessed is your Satguru; blessed is my mother who acquired the refuge of such a greatman. Mother, let us go today itself. Get me initiated.” Ramo immediately took her son to devotee Kasturi and narrated the entire incident. Kasturi also left all her work and went with them to the ashram, and thanked Guru ji. They narrated the entire incident and got the boy initiated. Karmpal got married to a girl of a Satsangi family of another village. The entire family started coming to the satsang, and by offering service started leading a prosperous life.


            Ramo became so much engrossed in satsang that whenever Satguru used to come along with his group and stay in the ashram, she used to go in the morning and come back late in the evening. She used to serve there, clean utensils, wash Guru ji’s clothes. She did not even used to leave a single word of satsang unheard. Once, it was winters. The satsang commenced at 10 o’clock in the morning. Guruji said to Ramo, “Daughter! Go and wash clothes on the river. It remains sunny only for a short period of time. If you will go after the satsang, the clothes will not dry. Sister Ramo set off putting the clothes in a bucket. The river was at a short distance. Soaking the clothes in water in the bucket, she put some soda in it. She thought that let me go and listen to the satsang until the clothes are soaking in the soda. Keeping her ear close to the wall outside the ashram, she started listening to the satsang. When on completion of the satsang, she heard the sound of “Sat Sahib”, then she thought of the clothes. She ran towards the river and was scared that – "Today I have committed a mistake. I have violated the order of the Guruji. I will get a scolding. If Guruji will become angry, all my service will be in vain. O God! What has happened?” She reached the river with these thoughts. She saw that the bucket was empty, and the clothes after washing were being dried on the bushes, and they had become dry. Ramo said to those sisters who were already washing their clothes in the river that - “O Sisters! Have you washed these clothes and dried?” All the other women started looking at Ramo. One of them said, “Sister! Have you gone mad or are you kidding? You were yourself impatiently washing the clothes. We were also getting the splashes. We had even objected you to wash clothes slowly. You had yourself dried them on the bushes. Have you consumed cannabis now?” Ramo started crying, and picking all the clothes, put them in the bucket and went towards the ashram. In the ashram an attendant had seen Ramo sitting outside the ashram and listening to the satsang for a long time. The attendant told Guru ji that – “Today your clothes will remain wet because Ramo was listening to the satsang until its completion sticking her ear to the wall outside. Just now she has gone to wash the clothes.” Just then, Ramo entered the ashram, and keeping the clothes next to Guru ji, she started crying badly. When the saint touched the clothes, they were completely dry. When he asked the reason of crying, Ramo said, “Guru ji! You caused grief to yourself and washed all the clothes. I have committed a mistake. I had thought that I will listen to the satsang for some time and then wash the clothes. But I forgot.” Guru ji said, “God Kabir becoming Ramo washed all the clothes.

Jyon bachchha gau ki nazar mein, yu Saain kun sant |
Bhakton ke peechhe firey, bhakt vachchhal bhagwant ||

            To remove Abrahim Sultan Adham from hell, God had acquired the form of a maid servant and had borne whips on her body. Daughter, do not worry. Your motive was not wrong. God is hungry of true devotion and longing.” Ramo calmed down. Ramo became prosperous from satsang. She also got salvation.

Kabir, Satguru sharan mein aane se, aayi talae balaa |
Jae bhagya mein sooli likhi ho, kaante mein tal jaay ||

FAQs about "Meera Bai Got Refuge of Satguru"

Q.1 What is the story of Meera Bai?

Mirabai was a devout follower of Lord Krishna since her childhood. After her husband's untimely demise, she remained unmarried, considering Krishna to be her eternal husband. Despite familial opposition, Mirabai continued to attend satsangs and temples, unwavering in her devotion to God. Later, she received initiation from Sant Ravidas Ji, a devotee of Kabir Sahib Ji. Subsequently, Mirabai shifted her devotion from Krishna to the worship of the Almighty, Kabir, upon gaining profound spiritual knowledge.

Q.2 Who was the Guru of Mirabai?

Mirabai initially received initiation from Sant Ravidas Ji, and later, she received the true mantra of salvation from Kabir Sahib Ji.

Q. 3 Did Krishna meet Meera Bai?

Yes, Krishna would manifest himself before Mirabai whenever she fervently called upon him. Mirabai also inquired about the existence of a Supreme God beyond Krishna, and Krishna affirmed the presence of such a Supreme Power. It was after this revelation that Mirabai sought refuge in Kabir Sahib Ji.

Q.4 Which God did Mirabai worship?

Initially, Mirabai worshipped Lord Krishna, but after gaining true spiritual insights through the satsangs of Kabir Sahib Ji and Ravidas Ji, she abandoned the worship of Krishna and devoted herself to the Almighty God, Kabir Ji.

Q.5 How did Ramo find inspiration in Mirabai?

Ramo was inspired by Mirabai's unwavering dedication to God, despite being a princess and facing criticism from her family and society. Observing Mirabai's perseverance and the eventual appreciation she received, Ramo decided to attend satsangs regardless of public opinion.

Q.6 How did God Kabir assist his devotees?

God Kabir Ji always aided his beloved devotees by resolving their problems, alleviating their stress and anxieties, and bringing peace to their lives. Similarly, God Kabir Ji helped Ramo by transforming her son into a virtuous individual, freeing him from the grip of addiction and negative influences.


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Devkinandan Joshi

I've understood that, up until now, Mirabai was a devotee of Lord Krishna, and her poetry also reflects that. The connection between her and Lord Krishna is well-known. So, how can you claim that she took shelter with Kabir Sahib Ji instead?

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we value your engagement with our content. Initially, Mirabai's devotion was directed towards Shri Krishna Ji. However, later in her journey, she received initiation from Ravidas Ji, who was a disciple of Lord Kabir Ji during that period. Consequently, Mirabai shifted her allegiance to God Kabir Ji upon recognizing the existence of a supreme divine beyond Lord Krishna Ji. We encourage you to explore the book "Jeene Ki Rah" and listen to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj to gain accurate insights into Mirabai's path and the appropriate method of worship.

Rashmi Deshwal

In the past, people used to attend spiritual gatherings ("satsang"), but in today's modern times, such practices might not hold the same importance. It's probably a good idea to be cautious about attending satsangs held by Gurus who have deceived their followers and used their influence for personal gain.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we're pleased that our articles are reaching a wide audience and sparking engagement. It's unfortunate that due to the presence of fraudulent gurus, people have become skeptical about authentic spiritual guides. However, the sanctity of a Guru is emphasized in holy scriptures, yet this importance often goes unnoticed nowadays, leading to a dearth of spiritual knowledge. Regardless of whether someone follows a traditional or modern path, the importance of spiritual knowledge remains crucial for personal growth. Amid various questionable gurus, Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj stands out as an enlightened Guru who imparts scripture-based wisdom and contributes to societal welfare. Spiritual knowledge serves as a guiding light, helping individuals distinguish between right and wrong, leading to a more fulfilling life and protection from harm. A genuine satsang connects individuals with the divine and bestows blessings, both in the spiritual and material realms. We recommend exploring the book "Jeene Ki Rah" and listening to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj for insightful guidance