We know that Kabir Sahib stayed with us, playing the role of a weaver in the Bhakti era 600 years ago.  But who was He? Is Kabir Sahib a Sufi saint or what? Is Kabir a God?  In this article, we will try to answer some questions like who is Kabir? Is He a poet or some supreme, divine? When did Kabir Sahib descend on earth? Did he leave in his whole body? What was that mystery which has been scripted but remained unknown to the devotees? What is the meaning of Kabir? Where did Kabir Saheb live? And what did Lord Kabir preach about God? Let us begin. 

Kabir Sahib came in the Bhakti era i.e. in the medieval period of our history. His unique and valuable Kabir Vani/poetry are an invaluable treasure to the literary world.  Also, many secrets are hidden in those poems/ Kabir Vani also famous as Kabir Amrit Vani, what did Lord Kabir try to teach through his poems. We have been listening to Kabir Ji’s poems since our childhood days. One may wonder, then Who is Kabir?  The poet/ the saint whom the whole world calls a weaver is actually God who came in human form and gave spiritual knowledge to his beloved souls. This has been proved in all the holy scriptures ie. pious Quran Sharif, pious Vedas, holy Bible, pious Guru Granth Sahib that Kabir is God.

Kabir is Almighty God Proof in All Holy Books

Let us provide you evidence from holy scriptures that Kabir is God

God Kabir Proof in pious Vedas

  • Rigved, Mandal 9, Sukt 96, Mantra 17, 18, 19, 20 
  • Rigved, Mandal 10, Sukt 90, Mantra 3,4,5,15,16
  • Yajurved Adhyay 19, Mantra 26, 30
  • Yajurved Adhyay 29, Mantra 25
  • Samved Sankhya number 359, Adhyay 4 Khand 25, Shlok 8
  • Samved Sankhya number 1400, Adhyay 12, Khand 3, Shlok 8
  • Atharvaveda Kand number 4, Anuvaak number 1, Mantra 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

Durga Puran

It is clearly depicted in Vedas that Kavirdev (lord Kabir) comes in every Yuga, he doesn't take birth from a mother's womb and his childhood upbringing is done by maiden cows. He attains the position of a poet for teaching Tatvagyan in the form of poems/ Kabir Vani to his beloved souls. 

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Holy Scriptures Also The Witness of The God Kabir

God Kabir Proof in pious Quran Sharif

Holy Quran Sharif, Surat Furkani 25, Verse 52 to 59. In verse 25:52 it is said that ‘do not agree with infidels because they do not consider Kabir is the supreme god. Believe in the Quran and remain rigid for Allah, praise Allah Kabir’. Also, in verse 25:59 the knowledge giver of Quran Sharif says that Kabir is the Allah who created the whole universe in six days, whatever is between the sky and the earth and sat on the throne on the seventh day, at his eternal place ‘Satlok’. Ask about his worship from some Baakhabar/ Tatvadarshi saint. There is also a proof in the Holy Fazal-E-Amal, i.e., Fazail-E-Zikr, Ayat 1 that Kabir is Allah

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Almighty Immortal God (Allah Kabir) In Quran Sharif (Islam)

God is Kabir Proof in Holy Bible

The Holy Bible also says that Kabir God is in form, and he is not formless.

Holy Bible Genesis, 6th day of creation 1:26, 1:27. In the Bible itself  chapter 3 3:8, 3:9, 3:10 proves that God is in form. In Bible Genesis, 18:1 Lord appeared to Abraham which proves that God is in form.

Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB), Iyov 36:5

See, EI is Kabir, and despiseth not any; He is Kabir in ko'ach lev (strength of understanding).

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God Kabir Proof in pious Guru Granth Sahib

In Guru Granth Sahib there is proof that Kabir is the only God who nurtures the whole universe. He is in the form and playing the role of a weaver in Kashi, U.P. 

Evidence is also in GGS page 24, Raag Siri, Mehla 1, Shabad no. 29; GGS page 721,  Mehla 1. And in few portions of GGS, Raag Asavari, Mehla 1

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The Incarnation of Lord Kabir in Kaliyuga

As described in the Vedas, lord Kabir comes with different names in every yuga/ era such as he appeared by the name Sat Sukrat in Satyug, as sage Munindra in Treta Yuga, as Karunamayi in Dwaparyug and in Kaliyuga he came with his original name Kabir. It is mentioned in Rigveda, Sukt 96, Mantra 17 that the Supreme god grows up playing divine spectacle and describes Tatvagyan (true spiritual knowledge) in the form of poems and verses and attains the position of a poet.

God Kabir Comes in All Four Yugas - Evidence in Vedas

Incarnation - Let us find out when and where did Almighty Kabir descend?

In Kaliyuga, Kabir Sahib had descended on the Lahartara pond in Kashi which is having water of the Ganges river. In the year 1398 ( Vikram Samvat 1455) or full moon day (Poornima) of the first month. When He came, at that time, sage Ashtanand Ji, a disciple of Swami Ramanand Ji, was meditating there and his eyes were dazzled by the bright light which dissolved in a lotus flower. 

The Biography Of Lord Kabir

Who is the father and mother of Kabir Sahib?

As stated in Vedas, Almighty Kabir is never born from a mother’s womb. He is self-proclaimed. He meets a childless couple who serve him by raising him in child-form.

Similarly, 600 years ago when Kabir Ji descended, Neeru and Neema, the childless couple who were weavers, brought Lord Kabir from Lehartala pond to their home and served him in child form. Kabir Sahib had chosen Neeru and Neema as their parents. This was a divine spectacle of Almighty Kabir Ji.

Nurturing - Everyone in Kashi was amazed to see the beautiful face of Kabir Sahib.  No one had seen such an attractive child. Till approx 21 days, Kabir Sahib didn't eat anything, which made Neeru and Neema worried. Then they prayed to Lord Shiva to help them as they were devotees of Shiva. Shiva acquiring the form of a sage appeared. God Kabir Ji communicated with Lord Shiva and told him to ask Neeru to bring the maiden cow. Then as told by Lord Kabir, Shiva Ji patted on the cow and the cow started giving milk. That milk was consumed by Kabir Sahib. The testimony of this divine play is in the Vedas (Rigved Mandal 9 Sukt 1 Mantra 9).    

Neeru and Neema who were the father and mother of Kabir Sahib in Kaliyuga were Brahmins, who were forcibly converted into Muslim religion as a result of the conspiracy of wicked and jealous Brahmins at that time. When Kazi came to know that a child had come to Neeru and Neema they came to their home to perform the ritual of ‘Sunnah’. Then Kabir Parmeshwar showed them many penises, and they fearfully returned. The account of this divine spectacle performed by lord Kabir Ji has been mentioned in pious Kabir Sagar. 

Lord Kabir’s Death - A Mystery

Often it is asked when and how did Kabir Ji die? Actually Kabir Sahib did not die. As written in Vedas Supreme God never takes birth or dies. As pre-decided, when the time arrived for God to leave to his divine abode, Kabir Sahib came to Maghar from Kashi to remove the myth that a true worshipper may die anywhere he will attain God. The place does not matter rather the dedication in God is of almost importance to attain salvation. 

All their disciples had gathered who were from both Hindu and Muslim religions. The Muslim ruler Bijli Khan Pathan and Hindu King Vir Singh Baghel were also amongst them, who were all set for the war to receive the body of lord Kabir. They wanted to perform the last rites of their Gurudev according to their religious way. Lord Kabir Ji strictly told them not to fight for his body, rather live peacefully. Then a sheet was laid on the ground on which Kabir Sahib laid and covered himself with another sheet. After some time, Kabir God made an Akashvani and said that he is going to ‘Satlok’ from where he has come in his whole body. Kabir Ji’s dead body was not found under the sheet, instead only fragrant flowers were found. Kabir Sahib ordered Hindus and Muslims not to fight and live in harmony. Both Hindus and Muslims distributed flowers among themselves and made a monument which is still presnt in Maghar and devotees worship. This is how God Kabir averted the situation of war and left from Maghar to ‘Satlok’ in the whole body. 

Who was the Guru of Lord Kabir?

The importance of Guru is significant in the path of salvation, which Kabir Sahib has told in his preachings. Therefore, Lord Kabir Ji acquired swami Ramanand Ji as his religious guru. At the time, when Ramanand Ji was not accepting Kabir Sahib as a god, then Kabir Sahib told him about the thought of his mind while he was worshipping his favored deity Lord Vishnu Ji,  while he was meditating. Kabir Saheb explained the true spiritual knowledge to him. Then Kabir Sahib took him to his real place, the eternal world ‘Satlok’. He made him familiar with the situation of three gods Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Heaven and other regions as well. At the age of only five years, Kabir Sahib accepted swami Ramanand Ji as his spiritual Guru (this spectacle was for the people of the world). In reality, Kabir Sahib was the guru of Ramanand Ji.

God Kabir Appearance to Great Men

Almighty God Kabir appeared to many great souls and explained to them the creation of the universe, imparted the true spiritual knowledge and also took them to his place Satlok. 

To Whom did Almighty Kabir appear?

  • Respected Dharamdas Ji
  • Respected Garibdas Ji Maharaj
  • Respected Guru Nanak Dev Ji
  • Respected Sant Dadu Das Ji
  • Respected Gheesadas Saheb Ji
  • Respected Sant Maluk Das Ji
  • Respected Swami Ramanand Ji

Kabir Sahib and Dharam Das Ji

Dharamdas Ji Maharaj was from Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh. Dharamdas Ji used to do arbitrary worship which was against holy scriptures. Kabir God met him and told him facts about the holy scriptures, about who is supreme god? and what is true spiritual knowledge?. Listening to the words of Almighty Kabir, Dharamdas Ji was shocked to know the real spiritual knowledge. Lord Kabir took him to the immortal world ‘Sachkhand-Satlok’ where lord Kabir resides. After coming back Dharamdas Ji scripted everything as witnessed. He wrote various speeches of Almighty Kabir in Kabir Sagar, Kabir Beejak, Kabir Saakhi as eye-witnesses. Kabir Sagar states the conversation between Dharamdas Ji and Almighty Kabir. Lord Kabir is the supreme god who comes on the earth and in his nectar speech he tells about the real spiritual knowledge to his beloved souls. 

Evidence in the words of Dharamdas Ji-

Aaj mohe darshan diyo ji kabir
Satlok se chalkar aaye, kaatan jam ki janjeer ||1||
Thaare darshan se mhare paap katat hain, nirmal hove ji sharir ||2||
Amrit bhojan mhare satguru jeemaen, shabd doodh ki kheer ||3||
Hinduo ke tum dev kahaye, Musalmaan ke peer ||4||
Dono deen ka jhagada chhid gaya, toh na paaya sharir ||5||
Dharamdas ki arj gosaain, beda lagayio parle teer ||6||

Kabir Sahib and Garibdas Ji Maharaj

Garibdas Ji Maharaj from village Chhudani, district Jhajjar, Haryana is the saint of Twelfth Panth of Kabir Panth. Lord Kabir Ji met him in 1727 A.D. when Garibdas Ji was only 10 years old and went in the field for cattle grazing. Lord Kabir Ji met Garibdas Ji as Zinda Mahatma took him to ‘Satlok’ and explained real philosophy, then brought him back. Lord Kabir Ji gave name initiation to Garibdas Ji Maharaj. Then with grace of lord Kabir Ji, Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj wrote a Sat Granth where he glorifies the divine knowledge he got from Kabir Sahib. 

Garibdas Ji Maharaj glorifies in his nectar speech about Satlok and Param Akshar Brahm ie. Almighty Kabir

1) Ham sultaani Nanak taare, dadu ko  Updesh diya |
Jati julaha bhed na paaya, kaashi maahi Kabir hua ||

2) Gaibi khyaal bisaal satguru, achal digambar theer hain |
Bhakti hetu kaya dhar aaye avigat sat kabir hain |
Nanak dadu, agam agaadhu , teri jahaj khevat sahi |
Sukh saagar ke hans aaye, bhakti hirambar ur dhari |

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Kabir Sahib and Guru Nanak Ji

Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born in Lahore in 1469 in village Talwandi, district Lahore, now in West Pakistan. Lord Kabir Ji met Guru Nanak Ji at river Bei when he had gone for a bath as per his daily routine.  One day when he dove for a bath and he did not come out, people assumed he had drowned.  But actually, lord Kabir met him and took his dearest soul to ‘Satlok’. Almighty Kabir introduced his dearest soul Guru Nanak Ji with the state of the whole universe. He imparted him the great spiritual knowledge and brought him back to Earth after telling him that He ie. Kabir Sahib had taken incarnation in Kashi as Tatvadarshi sant and is playing divine spectacle in the form of a weaver. 

Guru Nanak Ji glorifies Kabir Sahib in his sacred speech

Fahi surat Maluki wes, uh thagwada thagi des |
Khara siyana bahuta bhaar, Dhanak roop raha kartaar||

- Gurugranth Sahib, Raag Siri, Mahla 1

Hakka kabir kareem tu , be-aib parvardigar |
Nanak bugoyad janu tura, tere chaakran paakhaak||

 -Gurugranth Sahib, Amrit wani, Mahlab 1

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Kabir Sahib and Sant Dadu Ji

Respected Dadu Sahib witnessed Kabir Sahib. Kabir Sahib took him to Satlok and introduced him to his real philosophy. Till three days Dadu Sahib remained in an unconscious state on the earth. When lord Kabir Ji sent his soul back to earth then Dadu Ji who got familiar with true spiritual knowledge glorified Satpurush Kabir in his poems.

Jin moku nij naam diya, soi satguru hamar |
Dadu dusra koi nahi kabir sirjanhaar ||

Dadu naam kabir ki jo koi leve oat |
Tako kabahu lage nahi kaal vajra ki choot ||

Kehari naam kabir hai visham kaal gajraj |
Dadu bhajan prataap se bhage sunat aawaj ||

Ab ho teri sab mite janm maran ki peer |
Shawas uswas sumar le dadu naam kabir ||

Kabir Sahib and Sant Maluk Das Ji

Respected Maluk Das Ji is also a witness to Param Akshar Bramh- Kabir Sahib.  He also had the privilege of visiting ‘Satlok’.  He remained unconscious on earth for two days. When Maluk Das Ji’s soul came back after seeing ‘Sachkhand’ he glorifies Kabir Sahib through the following words -

Japo re man Sahib naam kabir 

Ek samay guru murli bajayi, kalindi ke teer |
Sur nar munijan thakat bhaye the, ruk gaya jamna neer || japo re man....

Kashi taj guru magahar aaye, dono deen ke peer|
Koi gaade koi agni jalave, dhoondh na paya sharir || japo re man.....

Char daag se satguru nyara , ajaro amar shareer |
Das Maluk salook kahat hai, khojo khasam kabir || japo re man....

Miracles of Almighty God Kabir Sahib

Lord Kabir himself comes and spreads his real spiritual knowledge that is Tatvagyan. Lord Kabir through poems, verses, couplets teaches his spiritual knowledge but ignorant souls do not understand. He performed miracles in front of thousands of people that are well described in Kabir Sagar. 

Durga Puran

Lord Kabir cured illness of the Muslim ruler Sikander Lodhi. His religious guru Sheikh Taqi was jealous of lord Kabir since the ruler glorifies him because of his powers and knowledge. Many times Sheikh Taqi tried to embarrass Kabir Ji in many ways but all in vain.  Kabir God has twice raised the dead who were named 'Kamal and Kamali'. Everyone except Sheikh Taqi identified that Kabir Ji is no ordinary man. He is powerful but arrogant Sheikh Taqi’s wickedness continued. 

Once Sheikh Taqi out of jealousy hoisted a rumor that Kabir Sahib is going to organize a grand feast (Bhandara). Then Kabir God, who was playing the role of a poor weaver, hosted Bhandara for 18 lakh people and donated Mohar of 10 grams of gold to each and a blanket (dohar). God Kabir Ji did this Bhandara in Kashi. This is scripted as proof in history and is an example of Kabir Sahib's divine spectacle.

Lord Kabir Present Even Today!

Kabir Sahib remains present as a metaphysical saint. Today, he has come in the personification of Jagatguru Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. This is the advice to all that Identify God.  

Identification of Complete Metaphysical Saint

How to identify whether one is a complete Tatvadarshi saint?.

Signs of a complete saint are explained in our holy books, i.e. in holy Srimad Bhagavad Gita, pious Vedas, pious Quran Sharif, holy Bible, pious Guru Granth Sahib.

Geeta Chapter 15 Shloka 1 and 4 tells, 'one who will explain the upside-down hanging world-like tree along with all its divisions according to Vedas is the enlightened saint. In Geeta chapter 17 Shloka 23 it is said ‘the Tatvadarshi sant will complete the name initiation process in three times’ ‘OM-Tat-Sat’ (indicative) mantras

In Yajurved  Adhyay 19, Mantra 25, 26 says that a Tatvadarshi sant will explain the deciphering of Shastras/ Religious books.

In Kabir Sagar, Bodh Sagar, chapter Jiv Dharm Bodh the signs of a complete saint are given. 

Samved number 822, Adhyay 3, Khand 5, Shlok 8 qualities of a Tatvadarshi saint are described.

In Guru Granth Sahib the evidence is given.

"Je tu padhya pandit bin dui akhar dui navaan, pranvat nanak ek langhave je kar sach samavaan"

In Quran Sharif, Surah Furkan 25:59, Knowledge giver asks to seek Bakhabar who will introduce worship to attain Allah. 

Visit the link below to study in brief about the identification of a complete true saint

All shreds of evidence about the identification of a complete saint indicate Jagatguru Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the same enlightened saint. He is a complete and ideal spiritual saint with rational spiritual theory. Take refuge and make your life a success.