35. One Would Have to do Bhakti in Worldly Turmoils Only | Way of Living

One Would Have To Do Bhakti in Worldly Turmoils Only (Way of Living)

One Would Have to do Bhakti in Worldly ‘Cheen-Chu’ (Turmoils) Only

A constable mounted on a mare was going for some work in his region. It was the month of June and the heat of one o’clock in the day; Haryana state. A farmer was irrigating his field via a Persian water wheel. The Persian water wheel was driven by oxen just like an oil mill. A chain of buckets used to run over a pulley by which water was drawn from the well and thrown in a drain going to the field. The Persian water wheel was making a loud noise of ‘Cheen-Chu’. The constable and his mare were both very thirsty. The constable moved towards the Persian water wheel to quench his thirst and to make his mare drink water. Because of the loud noise of ‘Cheen-Chu’ from the Persian water wheel, the mare fearfully ran away. The constable said to the farmer, “Stop this ‘Cheen-Chu’.” The farmer stopped the oxen. The Persian water wheel stopped working. Water stopped coming out of the well. The water that had earlier come out was absorbed by the ground. When the constable brought the mare near, he saw that there was no water in the drain. The constable said, “O farmer! Draw water.” The farmer made the oxen move again. The water started flowing and the ‘Cheen-Chu’ noise from the Persian water wheel also started coming. The mare again ran away, and stopped at a distance of an acre (200 feet). The constable was mounted on it. The constable again said, “Farmer! Stop the noise.” The farmer stopped the oxen. As soon as the water went from the drain to the ground, it got absorbed. The constable brought the mare nearer and on not finding the water, again ordered the farmer to draw water. As soon as the Persian water wheel started moving, the mare ran away. The farmer said, “Constable! You will have to drink water in the ‘Cheen-Chu’ of this Persian water wheel; otherwise, you will both die.” The constable dismounted from the mare; grabbing the reins, he slowly brought the mare nearer. They both drank water while the Persian water wheel was moving and saved their lives. Therefore, one will have to do bhakti, charity, meritorious deeds, and recitation of mantra while performing wordly tasks. Certainly do it.