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What Will Happen By Doing Bhakti Now (Way of Living)

What Will Happen By Doing Bhakti Now? Only a Little Bit of Life is Remaining.

In district Jind, Village ‘Manorpur’, a three-day satsang and ‘Paath’ were going on in devotee Ramkumar’s house. Men in the village consider Satsang to be a hypocrisy because in the olden days elderly women used to organise Satsang. They used to hold satsang at night, and in the daytime curse their daughter-in-laws with the abuses of brothers and nephews. Some even used to steal cow dung cakes from other’s cow dung mounds. When caught, they used to earn disrepute. Because of such incidents only, people had developed allergy to the name of Satsang. The entire family of devotee Ramkumar had taken initiation. They knew that this Satsang is different. When Ramkumar’s father came to know that his elder son is holding a Satsang in their house, he considered it to be a big insult and thought that – “What will the village say?” Therefore, that old man did not come to his elder son’s house for three days. He stayed in the attic room of his younger son’s house. During the day, he used to go to the fields and at night used to smoke hukka in the attic room and grieve that what sort of days he is seeing.

            At night, this Das (author) delivered a Satsang. Loud speaker was on. Ramkumar’s son knew that grandfather is in the attic room above. He directed one of the speakers towards the the grandfather’s room. It became a compulsion for the old man to listen to the Satsang. After listening to the satsang for two days, on the third day, the old man came to Ramkumar’s house at the time of ‘Bhog of Paath’ (completion of Paath). Ramkumar’s wife told that she had thought that – “The old man has come to cause a trouble. He will say something wrong to Maharaj Ji.” After the completion of the Paath, Ramkumar’s father sat down in front of me, and said, “Maharaj Ji! I was very annoyed with this satsang, but I listened to your sermon for two days; it shook me from inside. I have completely ruined my human life. I bought extra eight acre land; brought both the sons up, and toiled in the fields day and night. I have to know from your sermon that I have destroyed my life. Now I am 75 years old. What will bhakti do now?” On saying this, the old man started weeping. He developed hiccups. Consoling him, I said, “Have faith. Still nothing has been lost.” This Das (Rampal Das) had heard an example from Guru ji. I told him, “For instance, if a bucket has been accidently released into a well and its rope (a rope which is tied to the bucket and by which water is drawn from the well with the bucket. In olden days, wells used to be 100-150 feet deep) is also following it, if one runs and even manages to grab the terminal part of the rope, then nothing is lost. One will be able to get the bucket out and draw water as well. If one thinks that the bucket has gone, let it go; then it is foolishness. Similarly, the terminal part of your age-like rope is left. Take initiation now, quit all the intoxicants, and do bhakti while abiding by all the rules; you will attain salvation.” At that very moment, that devout soul took initiation and did bhakti with full dedication. He died at the age of 85 years of age, and made his life successful. He used to smoke hukka. He quit hukka the same day, and did not even touch it for the rest of his life. The family of Ramkumar’s younger brother also took initiation. The elderly devotee used to himself bring them to Satsang. He used to ask them to do bhakti. The people of Village Manorpur were astonished that how such a chronic Hukka smoker quit Hukka. He does not even sit near people who smoke hukka.

Ekae chot sidhariya jin Milan da chaah |

There is a saying in Haryanvi that: -

Ghaam ka aur gyaan ka chamka-sa laagya karae |

            A glare of the sun and one or two points of knowledge serve the purpose. The meaning is that in the month from mid August to mid September, the intensity of the heat of the sun (Ghaam) is high. Those who work in the fields suffer from sunstroke (‘Ghaam Maarna’ – a problem caused in the body due to heat, as a result of which one suffers from fever.) That person used to say to the doctor that – “I did not even realise that I have suffered from sunstroke (Ghaam Maar Gaya).” The doctor used to say that a glare of the sun is enough to cause it, that is, it affects suddently. Similarly, those who have to be influenced by the knowledge, they gain knowledge with one or two points only, and start doing bhakti. 

FAQs about "What Will Happen By Doing Bhakti Now"

Q.1 What is the significance of the satsang and 'Paath' event mentioned in the article?

The satsang and 'Paath' event in the article were organized in a village called Manorpur in district Jind, where devotee Ramkumar's family hosted a three-day spiritual gathering. This event aimed to promote spiritual awakening and devotion.

Q.2 Why did some people in the village consider satsang to be hypocritical in the past?

In the past, some villagers viewed satsang as hypocritical because elderly women would organize satsangs but engage in undesirable behavior during the day, such as quarreling with their daughters-in-law or even stealing cow dung cakes. These actions created a negative perception of satsang in the village.

Q. 3 How did the satsang in Ramkumar's house differ from the traditional satsangs in the village?

The satsang in Ramkumar's house was different from traditional ones because it aimed to promote genuine spirituality and devotion. It was not tainted by the negative behavior associated with the older satsangs. The family of Ramkumar had taken initiation, signifying their commitment to a more sincere form of satsang.

Q.4 What changed the perspective of Ramkumar's father regarding the satsang in their house?

Initially, Ramkumar's father was very annoyed by the satsang being held in their house. However, after listening to the spiritual sermon for two days, he experienced a profound inner transformation. He realized that he had wasted his life and felt remorse for his past actions.

Q.5 How old was Ramkumar's father when he decided to take up bhakti (devotion)?

Ramkumar's father was 75 years old when he decided to embrace bhakti and take initiation.

Q.6 What advice did the spiritual guru offer to Ramkumar's father when he expressed concern about his age and past actions?

The spiritual Guru advised Ramkumar's father to have faith and take initiation. He compared the situation to a bucket accidentally falling into a well but explained that as long as a part of the rope is left, there is an opportunity for redemption. He encouraged Ramkumar's father to quit all intoxicants, follow the rules of bhakti, and assured him that salvation was still attainable.

Q.7 What was the outcome of Ramkumar's father's dedication to bhakti?

Ramkumar's father, who was once a chronic hukka smoker, quit smoking and lived a life dedicated to bhakti. He continued his spiritual journey until he passed away at the age of 85, making his life successful in spiritual terms.

Q.8 What is the significance of the Haryanvi saying mentioned in the article?

The Haryanvi saying, "Ghaam ka aur gyaan ka chamka-sa laagya karae," suggests that just as a sudden glare of the sun can cause sunstroke, a person can be influenced and transformed by knowledge with just one or two key insights. This saying highlights the profound impact of knowledge and spirituality on an individual's life.


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Lata Tiwari

My grandfather has been attending the discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj for the past six months, and he's deeply inspired by the knowledge. He expressed his desire to us that he wants to take initiation from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. However, due to his old age and difficulty in walking, he requires assistance to move around. Given his physical limitations, we denied him to take initiation.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we truly appreciate your engagement with our article. The journey of bhakti (devotion) doesn't adhere to a fixed timeline. It's advised that as soon as one comprehends spiritual knowledge, one should seek initiation from a true guru to lead a spiritually prosperous life. Human existence is fleeting, and it's crucial to seize the opportunity while we can. It's heartening to know that your grandfather has grasped this knowledge and is enthusiastic about initiation. We encourage you to locate the nearest initiation center and facilitate his process of initiation. With divine grace, he will be able to engage in bhakti to the best of his ability, and the divine assistance will always be there. We suggest that you help him delve deeper into this wisdom by reading the book "Jeene Ki Rah" and continue to listen to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Simran Joshi

I, too, possess a deep dedication to God, and I've been contemplating the idea that spiritual enlightenment can lead to transcending mortality. After listening to the discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, the desire to connect with God has grown within me. Yet, being in the prime of my youth, I have aspirations to enjoy worldly life. Hence, I've decided to defer my initiation until old age.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we truly appreciate your engagement with our article and your interest in gaining spiritual knowledge. Life's uncertainty reminds us of its fleeting nature, prompting us to secure our lives by establishing a connection with Almighty God Kabir through His authorized saint, currently Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. While it's commendable that you've grasped this understanding and are open to embracing spirituality, it's important not to defer this decision to a later age. None of us can predict when our time will come, and hence, establishing a connection with God is crucial. This connection acts as a guiding light, assisting us in all aspects of life and alleviating the burdens of our past karma, consequently reducing suffering. We kindly recommend that you thoroughly understand the spiritual teachings of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. Consider reading the book "Jeene Ki Raah," which elaborates on the value of human life and offers insights into the path to a successful and fulfilling life.