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Way of Living by Spiritual Leader Rampal Ji

The Book “Jeene Ki Raah (Way of Living)” is worthy of being kept in every home. By reading and following it, you will remain happy, both in this world and the other. You will be saved from sins. The unrest in the house will end. Sons and daughter-in- laws will serve their parents extraordinarily. God will reside in the home. Souls like ghosts-spirits, manes (pitra)-bhairav-betaal will not even come near that family. Demi-gods will protect that devotee family. A devotee, who on reading this book will take initiation and worship according to the rules, will not have an untimely death.

Ruined families will become prosperous after reading this book. A family that will have this book will read it. As a result of which, they will become de-addicted because there are such pieces of evidence in this book that touch one’s soul. One will have so much aversion to alcohol, tobacco and other intoxicating substances that even on mentioning their names, one’s soul will tremble. The entire family will lead a happy life. The journey of life will pass easily because the path of life will become clear.

In this book, you will find all the information about – who is Complete God? What is His name? What is His way of worship? The human life will become successful. There will be no vice in the family. God’s grace will always shower on it. By getting the supreme way of living, one’s journey will become easy. One who will not keep this book at home, he/she because of not getting the supreme way of living, will be lost in the jungle of the world and will destroy his/her precious life. After going to God’s abode, one will have nothing but remorse. At that time, you will realise that because of not finding the supreme way of living, you wasted your life. Then you will appeal to God that – ‘O God! Please give me one more human life. I will do true bhakti with a true heart. I will go to satsang to find out the true way of living. I will do bhakti for the whole of my life. I will get my welfare done.’ The film of your previous lives will be played in the court (office) of that God, in which whenever you obtained a human life, each time you said the same thing that – ‘Give me one more human life; I will never commit any evil deed. I will do bhakti for the whole of my life. I will also do my work to earn my livelihood. On taking initiation from a Complete Satguru, I will get myself salvaged. I will never repeat the mistake that I have committed in this human life.’

Then God says that – ‘You made a fool of yourself and destroying your life, have come here with a truckload of sins. Now you also want to befool me. Go to hell. Then revolve in the bodies of eighty-four lakh types of living beings. Whenever you get a human life (man/woman), carefully listen to the satsang (sermons) of saints and get yourself salvaged.’

It is a request to the readers that hundred and one generations of yours will remain happy, both in this world and the other, by reading this sacred book. Considering it to be the order of God, the entire family should read it. One may read and others may listen, or everyone may get their own copy and read it daily. Consider each and every topic written in this to be true. Do not take it lightly. It has not been made up by a jester. It has been written by the slave of Supreme God, Rampal Das, from my heart with the aim of the welfare of the mankind. Take full advantage of it.

FAQs about "Way of Living - Introduction | Spiritual Leader Rampal Ji"

Q.1 What are the benefits of following the book "Way of Living"?

The benefits of following the book Way of Living are many. It can help us to achieve happiness, peace of mind, and spiritual enlightenment. It can also help us to overcome our problems and lead a more fulfilling life. Some of the specific benefits of following the Way of Living include:

  • Increased self-awareness and self-understanding
  • Improved relationships with others
  • Finding meaning and direction in life

Q.2 What is the importance of Bhakti?

Bhakti is about being devoted to God. Those who practice bhakti (worship) aren't believed to undergo the cycle of 84 lakh different body forms and the associated sufferings in life. Additionally, if someone engages in this worship after receiving guidance from a complete spiritual Saint, they can attain ultimate salvation. This means being free from the repetitive cycle of being born and dying, and instead, they reach a place of eternal peace and happiness.

Q. 3 What is the Purpose of Life?

The purpose of life is to attain spiritual understanding and salvation. This is possible by practicing true bhakti. When we understand things spiritually, we realize our true nature and the reasons behind suffering, mortality, and what happens after death. By following the correct path of devotion, we can break free from the cycle of birth and death, finding eternal peace and happiness.

Q.4 What happens after Death?

After death, God evaluates our actions or karma. Good karma leads to a higher rebirth, while bad karma leads to a lower one. However, if we've achieved spiritual enlightenment and a true way of worship, we won't be reborn. We'll achieve lasting peace and happiness.

Q.5 How can one overcome problems?

One can overcome problems by following the book "Way of Living". It can help to develop inner strength and resilience. The book guides us on right and wrong choices. It also teaches that we can tackle our issues by having faith in God and practicing bhakti.


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Pratima Yadav

My family is going on with very tough times, everyday quarrels, ghost problems, diseases and what not. I am leading a hell like life. Is there a solution to my problem?

Satlok Ashram

There is a marvelous book written by the great enlightened Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj which is popularly known as 'Jeene ki Raah' (Way of Living) who is being read by millions across the globe. This book has changed the lives of people. A lot of problems that seem impossible to be resolved are solved after reading this book. The unrest in your house will end. You should also read. You may download it from our website or you can send an SMS and give your contact details. The book will reach you free of cost in maximum a month's time.

Nahid Khan

I have recently had divorce with my wife but I am guilty and want to lead a peaceful and happy life again with her. But this seems to be impossible. What do I do?

Satlok Ashram

Nothing is impossible for God. You must read the amazing book 'Jeene ki Rah' . This book is worthy to be kept in every house. Trust God, your problem will be solved. Ruined families become prosperous after reading this book. You can send your contact details. We ensure to provide you with this book free of cost very soon.

Pankaj Singh

Is there any name of God? We all greet Him as Allah/ Parvardigaar/Rab/Khuda/Bhagwan.

Satlok Ashram

Kabir is God. All holy scriptures provide evidence. He is in human form and resides in the eternal world Satlok.