Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj - Message to Everyone

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj - Message to Everyone


Since time immemorial, man is involved in the search of supreme peace, happiness and immortality. He has been trying according to his capability, but this desire of his is not being fulfilled. This is so because he does not have complete knowledge about the path which will fulfil his desire. All living beings want that there should be no need to work, they should get delicious food to eat, should get beautiful clothes to wear, there should be magnificent palaces to live in, beautiful parks to roam in, melodious music for entertainment, should dance-sing, play-jump, should enjoy without any restraint, and should never fall ill, should never grow old, and should never die etc-etc, but the world in which we are living, here neither is this visible anywhere, nor is possible. Because this world/lok is destructible and every thing of this lok is perishable and the king of this lok is Brahm-Kaal who eats one lakh immaterial (subtle/sukshm) bodies of human beings which are inside the material bodies of the human beings. He has captured all the living beings in the cage of the three loks by entangling them in the net of karm-bharm and sins-virtues. God Kabir says

कबीर, तीन लोक पिंजरा भया, पाप पुण्य दो जाल।
सभी जीव भोजन भये, एक खाने वाला काल।।
गरीब, एक पापी एक पुन्यी आया, एक है सूम दलेल रे।
बिना भजन कोई काम नहीं आवै, सब है जम की जेल रे।।

Kabir, teen lok pinjra bhya paap punya do jaal
Sabhi jeev bhojan bhaye ek khaane waala Kaal
Garib, ek paapi ek punyi aaya ek hai soom dalel re
Bina bhajan koi kaam nahin aavae sab hai jam ki jail re

Kaal does not want any living being to escape from this cage-like imprisonment. He also does not want a soul to know about its own home Satlok. Therefore he has misled every living being by his Trigunmayi Maya (Maya of the three gunas). Here we all have to die, all are distressed and disturbed. The state which we want to attain here, we used to live in such a state in our real home Satlok. We came here and got trapped in Kaal Brahm’s lok and forgot the way to our real home. Kabir Sahib says

इच्छा रूपी खेलन आया, तातैं सुख सागर नहीं पाया।

Ichchha roopi khelan aaya, taataen sukh sagar nahin paaya

There is not even a trace of peace and comfort in this Kaal Brahm’s lok. The vices of lust, anger, greed, affection, arrogance, love-hatred, joy-sorrow, profit-loss, pride-honour, born from Trigunmayi Maya, are troubling every living being. Here one living being kills and eats another living being, exploits, deprives one of honour, robs wealth and snatches away peace. Here there is fire blazing everywhere. Even if you want to live in peace, others will not let you live. Even when you do not want, a thief commits a theft, a robber commits robbery, an accident takes place, the crop of a farmer gets destroyed, the business of a business man collapses, the kingdom of a king is taken away, a healthy body gets affected by a disease; in other words, there is nothing safe here. The kingdoms of the kings, the honour of the respected, the wealth of the wealthy, the strength of the powerful, and even our bodies are suddenly snatched away. Young sons and daughters die in front of the parents, parents die leaving their breast-feeding children crying and sobbing, young sisters become widows and we are compelled to bear the mountains of sorrows. Just think that is this place worthy of living in? But we are helplessly living here because we do not see any way to get out of this cage of Kaal, and we have become used to causing grief to others and of suffering grief. Because we have forgotten our real home. That supreme peace and happiness, instead of being here, is present in our real home Satlok, where there is no birth, no death, no old age, no sorrows, no unrest, no disease, no give and take of money, do not have to pay any electricity bill, nor have to buy any means of entertainment. There everything is provided free of cost by God and is indestructible. There is evidence in the speech of Bandichhor Garibdas Ji Maharaj that —

बिन ही मुख सारंग राग सुन, बिन ही तंती तार। बिना सुर अलगोजे बजैं, नगर नांच घुमार।।
घण्टा बाजै ताल नग, मंजीरे डफ झांझ। मूरली मधूर सुहावनी, निसबासर और सांझ।।
बीन बिहंगम बाजहिं, तरक तम्बूरे तीर। राग खण्ड नहीं होत है, बंध्या रहत समीर।।
तरक नहीं तोरा नहीं, नांही कशीस कबाब। अम त प्याले मध पीवैं, ज्यों भाटी चवैं शराब।।
मतवाले मस्तानपुर, गली-2 गुलजार। संख शराबी फिरत हैं, चलो तास बजार।।
संख-संख पत्नी नाचैं, गावैं शब्द सुभान। चंद्र बदन सूरजमुखी, नांही मान गुमान।।
संख हिंडोले नूर नग, झूलैं संत हजूर। तख्त धनी के पास कर, ऐसा मुलक जहूर।।
नदी नाव नाले बगैं, छूटैं फुहारे सुन्न। भरे होद सरवर सदा, नहीं पाप नहीं पुण्य।।
ना कोई भिक्षुक दान दे, ना कोई हार व्यवहार। ना कोई जन्मे मरे, ऐसा देश हमार।।
जहां संखों लहर मेहर की उपजैं, कहर जहां नहीं कोई।
दासगरीब अचल अविनाशी, सुख का सागर सोई।।

Bin hi mukh saarang raag sun, bin hi tanti taar 
bina sur algoje bajaen, nagar naanch ghumaar 
Ghanta baajae taal nag, manjeere daf jhaanjh 
murli suhavni, nisbaasar aur saanjh 
Been bihangam baajahin, tarak tamboore teer 
raag khand nahin hot hai, bandhya rahat sameer 
Tarak nahin tora nahin, naahin kaashees kabaab 
amrit pyaale madh peevaen, jyon bhaati chavaen sharaab 
Matwaale mastanpur, gali-gali gulzaar 
sankh sharaabi firat hain, chalo taas bazaar 
Sankh-sankh patni naachaen, gaavaen shabd subhaan 
chandr badan surajmukhi, naahi maan gumaan 
Sankh hindole noor nag, jhoolaen sant hazoor 
takht dhani ke paas kar, aisa mulak jahoor 
Nadi naav naale bagaen, chootaen fuhaare sunn 
bhare hod sarvar sada, nahin paap nahin punya 
Na koi bhikshuk daan de, na koi haar vyavahaar 
na koi janme mare, aisa desh humaar 
Jahaan sankhon lahar mehar ki upjaen, kahar jahaan nahin koi 
DasGarib achal avinashi, sukh ka sagar soi 

In Satlok, there is constant supreme peace and happiness. Until we go to Satlok, we cannot attain supreme peace, happiness and immortality. It is only possible to go to Satlok if we take updesh (initiation/spiritual instruction) from a Purna Saint (Complete Saint) and keep doing bhakti of Purna Parmatma (Supreme God) throughout our life. The message which we want to convey through this book Gyan Ganga, in that, without slandering any god-goddess and religion, we have tried to tell the true path of bhakti by enlightening the profound hidden secret in all the holy religious texts, which the contemporary prominent saints, Mahants and Aacharya gurus could not understand. Kabir Sahib says in His speech that —

वेद कतेब झूठे ना भाई, झूठे हैं सो समझे नांही।

Ved kateb jhoothe na bhaai, jhoothe hain so samjhe naahin

As a result of which the Bhakt community is suffering an infinite loss. Everyone does sadhna opposite to scriptures based on one’s own inference and as directed by the gurus. As a result of which neither do they get mental peace, nor physical comforts, nor get any profit at home or in business. Neither do they meet and see God, nor attain liberation/salvation, and to know that how can one achieve all these comforts and that who am I, from where have I come, why do I take birth, why do I die and why do I suffer?, after all, who is getting all this done and who is the Supreme God (Parmeshwar), how does He look like, where is He, and how will He be attained, and who is the mother and father of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv, and how can we become free from Kaal Brahm’s jail and go back to our real home (Satlok). All this has been presented by means of a book Gyan Ganga so that by reading it the welfare of a common devout soul can become possible. This book is a collection of the discourses of Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj which is based on facts. We are fully confident that a reader who will read this with interest and in an unbiased manner and will follow it, his welfare is possible.

"आत्म प्राण उद्धार हीं, ऐसा धर्म नहीं और। कोटि अध्वमेघ यज्ञ, सकल समाना भौर।।"

Aatm praan uddhaar hi, aisa dharm nahin aur 
Koti ashvmegh yagya, sakal samaana bhaur 
Jeev uddhaar param punya, aisa karm nahin aur 
Marusthal ke mrig jyon, sab mar gaye daur-daur 

Meaning: -  If the self-welfare of one soul is brought about by engaging him on the path of true bhakti, then one gets the fruit of crore Ashwamegh yagyas and there is no meritorious act (Dharm) equivalent to that. No task is superior to a task i.e. a service done for the salvation of a soul. Even birds and animals wander the whole day to fill their tummies. Similar is a person who does not perform any benevolent deeds. A benevolent deed - most superior service - a deed done for the welfare of living beings. By not doing benevolent tasks, all human beings die after running around like a deer in a desert, that only sees water at a distance, and on running and reaching there only finds land. Then, at a distance sees land as water. In the end that deer dies of thirst. Similarly, human beings in this Kaal lok, where we are living, desire of happiness like that deer. For example, a childless person thinks I will become happy on having a child. If you ask a person with a child, then you will get to hear a lot of their problems. A poor man thinks that if I get money, then I will become happy. If you will ask about the wellbeing of rich people, then you will get to hear loads of problems. Someone believes attainment of kingdom to be happiness. This is his biggest misconception. A king (minister, chief minister, prime minister, president) does not even have happiness in his dreams. For example, how worried the head of a family of four-five members is for the maintenance of his family. A king is the Head of a region. In its maintenance, one does not even get happiness in the dreams. Kings try to forget some of their sorrows by consuming alcohol. They accumulate wealth from the public. Then in next births, those kings, who do not do true bhakti, going in the births of animals return the revenue collected from every person by becoming their animals. Those people who being whimsical and taking initiation from fake gurus do bhakti and meritorious deed, they think that they will attain happiness in future, but on the contrary they only attain sorrow. Kabir Sahib says that this knowledge of mine is such that if one is a knowledgeable person, then on hearing this, he will absorb this in his heart, and if someone is foolish, then it is out of his understanding.

“कबीर, ज्ञानी हो तो हृदय लगाई, मूर्ख हो तो गम ना पाई“

Kabir, gyaani ho to hriday lagaai, murkh ho to gam na paai


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Kaveri Yadav

Till now, I've only heard of heaven, and I understand that our virtuous acts will be rewarded in heaven, but I didn't know that there is an immortal place where I can achieve immortality. I also desire to get rid of the cycle of birth and death. How can I have faith, which way of worship can grant me salvation?

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your engagement with our article. Indeed, until now, we have mostly heard about heaven, and the concept of an immortal place like Satlok, where the cycle of birth and death comes to an end, is relatively lesser known. In Satlok, there is only happiness and peace going where a person becomes immortal. To attain salvation, the first step is to take initiation from a complete Guru whose characteristics are described in holy scriptures. Only such a Guru can provide you with the correct Mantra for salvation. We recommend you to learn more about the right Guru by listening to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and reading the book "Gyan Ganga."

Ramveer Singh

It seems like every Guru claims that their form of worship can grant salvation, and they all emphasize that this world is temporary and we should invest our time in worshipping God. I've also read about an immortal place in the Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta, but no Guru has given a clear explanation about it. How can I be sure about which path of worship I should follow?

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we respect your perspective. It's true that many Gurus advocate the worship of God and the pursuit of virtuous deeds. The Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta also hints at the existence of an immortal place. However, there has been confusion, with many people mistakenly considering heaven as the only immortal place, despite its impermanence. Satlok is the true immortal realm, where one achieves immortality, complete peace, and salvation. To attain salvation, it is crucial to follow the correct path of worship as instructed by a complete Guru. We recommend that you seek out a complete Guru by listening to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and reading the book "Gyan Ganga."