Aim of Doing True Worship, its Benefits & its By Product

What should be the motive behind doing True Worship? With what aim should one take naam and do True Worship? What is the main benefit of doing True Worship and what are the by products of doing it?

Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj gives a very good clarification of the above questions in the 3 videos given below. Watch these in entirety to understand the full concept of doing true worship and gaining its benefits.

In short, Worship should be done with the aim of attaining salvation (Liberation / Moksh). Worldly benefits, prosperity and good health are by-products of true worship. However one needs to have firm faith in true worship of God Kabir given by Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj. They need to abide by the rules of Bhakti and keep patience and then one definitely reaps the benefits of Naam.

Prosperity & Good Health - By-product of True Bhakti

Prosperity & Good Health

How to Benefit From True Bhakti - Aim for Salvation, Have full Faith in God Kabir & Follow Rules

Aim for Salvation, Have full Faith in God Kabir

To Reap Benefits of True Bhakti- Have Faith, Patience & Follow Rules

To Reap Benefits of True Bhakti