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Summary of Chapter Garud Bodh (Kabir Sagar) (Way of Living)

In Kabir Sagar, 11th Chapter is Garud Bodh

Supreme God Kabir Ji told Dharmdas ji that – I gave initiation to Vishnu Ji’s conveyance, the king of birds, Garud ji. I narrated the creation of nature to him. Garud Dev was amazed to listen to the story of Amarlok and the magnificence of Satyapurush. He did not believe his ears. He was thinking inside that – What am I hearing this today? I might be seeing a dream. Have I gone to some other place? The place and the God that I have heard about are moving before my eyes like a movie. When Garud dev was lost in these thoughts, I said, “O King of birds! Do you consider my statements to be false? You have become quiet. Ask questions; if you have any doubt then get it dispelled. If you have been hurt by my statements, then forgive me.” On listening to these words of mine, Khagesh’s (king of birds) eyes filled with tears, and he said, “O god! Who are you? What is your motive? You have told such a bitter truth that it is difficult to digest it. If what you have said, that there is an Immortal God in the Amarlok, is true then we have been kept in the dark. If this is false, then you deserve criticism; you are an offender. If it true, then Garud is your special servant.” Supreme God Kabir Ji told Dharmdas that – I said, “O Garud Dev! It is natural to have the doubt that you have had, but you have practiced self-restraint. This is your greatness. But the information about the Immortal God and the Satyalok that I am giving you is absolutely true. My name is Kabir. I am the resident of that same Amar Lok (Eternal Place). Kaal Brahm has misled you. Even Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv ji do not have this knowledge. Please think, Garud ji! A living being is born. He starts living happily. His family expands. In the maintainence of the family, while practising the worldly traditions, he becomes old. The family, on seeing which he used to consider himself to be blessed, abandoning the same family, he has to helplessly depart from the world. He himself is crying and counting his last breaths. The family is also distressed. What custom is this? Is this right?” Garud Dev said, “O Kabir Dev! This is the rule of the world. If someone has taken birth, then he/she will die too.” Supreme God said, “Does anybody want to die? Does anybody like old age?” Garud Dev replied, “No.” Supreme God Kabir Ji said, “If there is no old age and no death, then what it would feel like?” Garud Dev ji said, “What is there to say? If this happens, it would be blissful, but this is like a dream.” O Dharmdas! I said – “What do you think of Vedas and Purans? Are they true or false?” Garud Dev ji said, “Absolutely true.”

            In Devi Puran’s Third Skand, Vishnu ji himself said, “O Mother! You are a pure form. This entire world is arising from you alone. I, Brahma and Shankar are existing by your grace. We take birth (aavirbhaav) and die (tirobhaav).

            On hearing such cogent evidence from the lotus-mouth of Supreme God Kabir Ji, Garud Dev fell at his feet. He appreciated his good fortune and said, “A god who knows about the creation of nature, and the origin of Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh, Goddess Durga and Niranjan, he alone is the Creator Supreme God. Till date no one has given this knowledge. If any person had known about it, even if he was a sage or a great sage, then he would have definitely told this story. I have listened to sermons of eminent Mandleshwars. Nobody has this knowledge. They do not even have knowledge about the Vedas and the GIta. You are hiding yourself. I have recognised you. Please take me in your refuge, Supreme God!

            Supreme God Kabir Ji said to Garud, “You may first take permission from your master, Shri Vishnu ji, by saying to him that – I want to get my welfare done. I have met a great saint. I have listened to his knowledge. If you allow me, then I will get my welfare done. I am your servant; you are my master. We have to stay together all the time. If I will take initiation in secret, you will feel sad.” Garud did the same. He told everything to Vishnu ji. Shri Vishnu ji said, “I will not forbid you. You are free. You did the right thing by telling me the truth. I have no problems.”

            O Dharmdas! I gave the first initiation-mantra of five naams (mantras of sadhna of every god for opening the lotus-chakras) to Garud. Garud Dev said, “O Gurudev! These mantras are of these gods only! This is not the mantra of the Immortal God.” Supreme God Kabir Ji said, “These mantras are not for their worship. These are the key to escape from the trap of these gods by turning them into one’s favour. These are mantras to mesmerise them. Like to attract a bull, if he is called bull-bull, then he does not even look at the person calling him. When his mesmerising name is called, ‘hurr-hurr’, then he immediately becomes active. He comes running towards the person calling him. The person who calls him makes him copulate with his buffalo to make her pregnant. Likewise, if you will keep reciting some other mantra of Shri Vishnu ji, he does not heed. When you will recite this mantra, god Vishnu will immediately become impressed and help the worshipper. These gods are the chief gods of the three loks/worlds (Earth, Heaven and Netherworld). They can only give whatever is written in one’s destiny. By the recitation of this mantra, an enormous wealth of our good deeds and bhakti is accumulated. In its return, these gods help the worshipper. In this way, the difference between their sadhna and worship should be understood. Like if we have to eat mango, then first of all we will do some work or job; on earning some money, we will get to eat the mango. The job is not worship. At that time, our venerable object is mango. The effort made for the attainment of the venerable object is the job. Similarly, Supreme God Kabir Ji and the Amar Lok are venerable to us. For that, we do job of, religious practice of Shri Brahma, Shri Vishnu, Shri Shiv, Shri Ganesh and Shri Durga Ji, but we worship the Supreme God.” Garud ji became very pleased and met Shri Brahma ji to discuss about this nectar-knowledge. He told him that – You (Brahma), Vishnu and Shiv are mortal. You are not the Complete Creator God. You can only give what is written in one’s destiny. You cannot increase one’s age. You cannot increase or decrease anyone’s deeds. Complete God is someone else. He lives in Amar Lok (Eternal Place). He destroys one’s sins. He averts death. He increases one’s age. The evidence is also given in the Vedas. It is stated in Rigved Mandal 10 Sukt 161 Mantra 2 that if a sick person’s illness has worsened and he has died, then also I will bring that devotee back from the god of death. I will grant him a new life. I will grant him his full age to live.

            It has been stated in Rigved Mandal 10 Sukt 161 Mantra 5 that – O reborn living being!  Continue to do my bhakti. Even if you will lose your eyesight, I will make your eyes healthy. I will meet you too, that is, you will attain me as well.

            Brahma ji knows the Ved mantras by heart. He immediately understood, but based on the folklore in the world, Brahma ji was considering himself to be the Prajapita, that is, the creator of all. It is a different thing to learn the Vedas by heart. Understanding the Ved mantras requires special knowledge. Out of pride, Brahma ji said that except me nobody has the knowledge of the Vedas in the world. These mantras have been misinterpreted. Supreme God Kabir Ji has said about such people that: -

Kabir, jaan boojh saachi tajae, karae jhooth se neh |
Taaki sangat he Prabhu, swapan mein bhi na dey ||

            On hearing Garud’s statements, Brahma ji became furious and said, “You have an intellect of a bird. Whatever someone says to you, you believe that person.  Do you not have a mind of your own?” At that very moment, Brahma ji called Vishnu, Mahesh, Indra and all the gods and sages. An assembly was held. Brahma ji told them the reason behind calling them that – “Garud is saying a new thing today that Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh are mortal. The Complete God is someone else. He lives in Amar Lok (Eternal Place). You are not the creator.” On hearing this, Shri Vishnu ji and Shri Shiv ji became infuriated and started taunting Garud like Brahma. Then all of them conjointly decided that – ‘Let us find out the truth from the Mother (Durga).’ All of them went to the Mother. They asked the same question that – ‘Is there any Complete God other than us (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv)? Are we mortal?’ Mother gave a befitting reply that – ‘Since when did you develop this misconception that you are immortal and the creator of the world. If that is the case, then you are my creator (father) too; whereas, you have taken birth from my womb. In reality, Supreme God is someone else. He alone is immortal. He is the Creator of all.’ On hearing this, the meeting was dissolved; everyone went away. But Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh were finding it hard to swallow this truth. They called Garud. Garud came and bowed before them. On getting an order, he sat down. The three gods said, “O King of birds! How will you believe that we are the creator of the world? You can take whatever test you want.” Garud stood up, flew from there and came to me (to Kabir Ji) and described the entire account. Then I said, “There is a twelve years old boy of a Brahmin in Bang country (currently Bangladesh). His life is about to end. He is only going to last a few days. To take that boy into my refuge, I told him the state of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv that I told you, Garud. That boy argued a lot and did not accept my knowledge. Then I said to the boy that – ‘Only three days of your life are left. If your Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are All-Capable, then ask them to save you.’ On saying this, I disappeared. The boy is anxious. Take that boy to the gods. They will not be able to do anything. Then you may talk to me through meditation. I will tell you, what has to be done next.” Garud ji took that boy to Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv. Garud advised the boy that - Tell these gods that – “I am your devotee. My great grandfather, grandfather, father and I have always worshipped you. Only two days of my life are left. I am already very young. Please increase my age.” The boy made the same request. The three gods tried but all in vain. Then they thought that – ‘Let us go to Dharmraj (Justice). He has everyone’s account. We will ask him to increase his life.’ On thinking this, all of them went to Dharmraj. The three gods said to him, “First, tell us for how long this Brahmin boy is going to live?” Dharmraj looked into the register and said, “He will die tomorrow.” The three gods said, “Increase the age of this boy.” Dharmraj said, “This is impossible.” The three gods said, “We do not come to you very often. It is a question of our pride today. Now that we have come, at least keep our dignity.” Dharmraj said, “His age cannot be increased or decreased even by a second. If you give your age to him, then I can increase it.” On hearing this, the three gods turned pale. At that time they said, “Only the Almight God can do this.” They immediately departed from there, and said to Garud, “If there is some other Almighty God, then show us by getting his age incremented.” Garud contacted Kabir Ji through meditation (via telephone). Supreme God Kabir Ji told him through meditation that – ‘Bring water from Mansarover for him. You will meet a devotee named Shravan there. I have explained everything to him. You may bring the nectar.’ Garud ji obeyed the order. He brought the nectar and fed it to the boy. I went to that boy. Garud had explained him everything that – ‘The nectar is just an excuse. This is God himself. He had given the water by blessing it with a mantra. Boy, take initiation from him. This nectar will only keep you alive for ten days.’ The boy took initiation from me. When the boy did not die for 15 days, Garud told this to the three gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv that, that boy is alive. He has taken initiation from my Guru ji. My Guru ji has blessed him to live upto his full age. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh again went to Dharmraj. Garud also accompanied them. The three gods asked Dharmraj, “How is that boy still alive? He should have died.” When Dharmraj looked at his account, his age had been increased. Dharmraj said, “This is done from somewhere above. This happens very rarely. Who can understand the divine act of that Supreme God? The three gods were astonished, but due to their pride and superiority, they did not accept the truth even after seeing with their own eyes. They did not give up their ego. Garud developed firm faith.

Kabir, raaj tajna sahaj hai, sahaj triya ka neh |
Maan badaayi irshya, durlabh tajna yeh ||

            At the end of this Garud Bodh, an incorrect account of Vasuki Naag Girl has been written. In this, Garud has been portrayed in a Guru’s role. This is not the case. Everything was done by Supreme God Kabir Ji.

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FAQs about "Summary of Chapter Garud Bodh | Kabir Sagar"

Q.1 Who is Garud Ji, and whom does he worship?

Garud Ji is the Vishnu Ji’s conveyance and the king of birds. Almighty God Kabir Ji had met him and explained true spiritual knowledge. After that, Garud Ji took initiation from Almighty God Kabir Ji and worshipped Him.

Q.2 What challenge did Garud Ji pose before Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiv (Shiva) Ji to prove their divine powers?

Garud Ji challenged them to save the life of a dying Brahmin boy who had rejected the knowledge of Almighty God Kabir Ji and had faith in Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiv Ji claiming they were all capable.

Q. 3 Did Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiv Ji attempt to save the boy's life, and what was the outcome?

Yes, they tried but failed to extend the boy's life. They ultimately turned to Dharmraj for a solution. Dharmraj explained that only the Almighty God had the power to do so and couldn't change the boy's fate.

Q.4 What did Supreme God Kabir Ji instruct Garud Ji to do to save the boy's life?

Garud Ji contacted God Kabir Ji through meditation, and Supreme God Kabir Ji provided a solution. God Kabir Ji instructed Garud Ji to bring nectar from Mansarover, and there he would meet a devotee named Shravan, who would give him the nectar. The nectar was not just an excuse; it was blessed by Supreme God Kabir Ji and could keep the boy alive for ten days.

Q.5 How did the boy's life get extended?

The boy took initiation from Supreme God Kabir Ji after seeing the miracle and knowing the power of Almighty God Kabir Ji which extended his life beyond the ten days.

Q.6 How can one understand the divine acts of the Supreme God Kabir Ji, as mentioned in the story?

The story emphasizes that the divine acts of the Supreme God Kabir Ji are beyond human comprehension, and it takes deep faith and humility to accept and understand them.


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Aman Gupta

I have heard that Garud Ji is a devotee of Vishnu Ji and he worships Vishnu Ji. But after reading these articles, I got confused about some points, like how there is a twist in the story about God Kabir meeting him and giving true spiritual knowledge, which Vishnu Ji was not aware of?

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your engagement with our article. You may have heard from folklore that Garud Ji is a devotee of Vishnu Ji. Let me tell you about the reality of this world and some hidden secrets of spirituality that were previously unknown to us. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has clarified everything by providing facts and authentic proof from our Holy Scriptures. Worshiping Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva is considered worthless in this world of Kaal, where we are entangled in his web. Kaal doesn't want us to discover information about our real God, which is why he misleads us in various ways. To know more in detail about this, you can watch the Spiritual Discourses of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj on Sadhana TV daily from 7:30 to 8:30 PM and explore the book "Jine Ki Raah".

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I don't believe that the three deities are mortal. They can increase lifespan, they are supreme, and they are the controllers of this Universe. How can you say that they are mortal and they have no correct information about true Spiritual Knowledge? For your kind information, let me inform you that the Hindu Religious is the oldest among all religions, and the traditions followed in this Religion are totally authentic and correct. Our ancestors also used to worship these three Dev (Tri-dev).

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! First of all, we respect your thoughts, but as you know, half knowledge is a dangerous thing. We acknowledge that Hindu Religion is the oldest among all religions, but until now, we have been worshiping the Tri-dev as superior Gods. Our Hindu Religion pundits and Religious Gurus have sometimes misled us as they lacked knowledge about God and the way of True Worship. The fact is, our ancestors were often illiterate, and they didn't have knowledge of the Puranas and Vedas. That's why they engaged in arbitrary worship. However, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has clarified everything from our own religious holy Scriptures, revealing the existence of another Supreme God above these three Devas. We hope you understand this perspective. For more information, you can watch the Spiritual Discourses of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj on the Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj YouTube Channel and read the book "Jine Ki Raah".