50. How Mind Makes One Do Good Deeds And Sins? | Way of Living

Man (mind) itself is the fearsome Kaal. It makes the soul dance to his tune. On seeing a beautiful woman, it arises desire to have sex with her. On having sex with a woman, the man (Kaal Niranjan) had the pleasure, but he puts the sin on the soul’s head.

            {At present, the government has made stringent laws. If a man rapes a woman, he gets punishment of ten years of imprisonment. If someone rapes a minor, then he gets punishment of life imprisonment. The pleasure is only of two minutes by the stimulus of Kaal and the grief is equivalent to a mountain. Therefore, it is beneficial to restrain one’s mind in advance with the reins of knowledge.}

            Summary of Anurag Sagar Page 154: -

            On seeing someone else’s wealth, the Man (mind) instigates to appropriate it. On committing a theft, a soul gets the punishment. To slander someone and approrpriate someone’s wealth is a sin. In this way, Kaal keeps a soul trapped in the bondage of actions. Kaal himself in the form of man makes one oppose a saint and rebel against a Guru; which is a heinous sin.

Character of Niranjan = Trap of Kaal

            Supreme God Kabir Ji has stated that – Dharmdas! I will explain to you the trap of Dharm (Dharmrai = Kaal). Kaal Niranjan by entering into Shri Krishna’s body delivered the knowledge of Gita. By telling Arjun that Karmyog is the best, he made him fight. He misled Arjun through Yog of Knowledge. Arjun was already speaking noble language, which was knowledge. He was saying that instead of fighting a battle and killing nephews, brothers, brother-in-laws, father-in-laws, and paternal uncles of our own clan, it is better that we sustain ourselves by begging. I do not need such a kingdom which is obtained through sin. By frightening and threatening him, Kaal made him fight the battle, and made him go to hell. Making the excuse of Yog of Knowledge, by emphasising on Karm Yog, Kaal made Arjun commit a heinous sin.