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Characteristics of a Hans (Anurag Sagar) (Way of Living)

If a person gives up the evil disposition like that of a crow, then he/she becomes a hans i.e. a devotee. A crow for the fulfilment of its selfish interests causes harm to others. If an animal develops a wound on its body, the crow eats its flesh by pinching it out from its wound. The poor animal keeps shedding tears. A crow’s speech is also unpleasant. A hans (devotee) should give up his/her crow-like nature. One should not cause any harm to others for one’s selfish interests. One should speak politely like a cuckoo. These are the characteristics of a devotee.

Characteristics of a Knowledgeable Person, that is, a Satsangi

After obtaining the knowledge and initiation from a Satguru, if a disciple behaves in a worldly manner, then he/she is a fool. He/she remains devoid of the benefit of bhakti. They are not able to progress in bhakti. They do not become worthy of receiving Saar Shabd. If a blind man steps on faeces or dung, nobody ridicules him. Nobody laughs at him. If a person who can see, that is, a devotee goes to a wrong place (going to a prostitute, committing a theft, violation of rules, using a forbidden object or following forbidden way of worship is said to be going to a wrong place), then he becomes a recipient of criticism.

FAQs about "Characteristics of a Hans (Devotee)"

Q.1 What does it mean when the article mentions that a person should give up the evil disposition like that of a crow?

Giving up the evil disposition of a crow means renouncing selfish interests and refraining from causing harm to others for personal gain. It signifies adopting a selfless and non-harming approach. The crow is used as an example because of its behavior, which is associated with selfishness, causing harm, and unpleasant speech. It contrasts with the qualities expected of a devotee.

Q.2 What actions or behaviors are considered as going to a wrong place in the context of the article.

Going to a wrong place in the article's context refers to engaging in activities or behaviors that are contrary to spiritual or moral principles. This can include actions like visiting a prostitute, committing theft, violating rules, using forbidden objects, or practicing forbidden forms of worship.

Q. 3 What are the characteristics of a devotee, as described in the article?

A devotee is expected to give up crow-like behavior, not harm others for selfish interests, and speak politely, akin to a cuckoo. These are the qualities associated with a devotee.

Q.4 What does the article say about a person who has received knowledge and initiation from a Satguru but behaves in a worldly manner?

If a person, after receiving knowledge and initiation from a Satguru, continues to behave in a worldly and unspiritual manner, they are considered a fool. They will not benefit from bhakti (spiritual devotion) and won't make progress in their spiritual journey.

Q.5 What is the core message of this article regarding spiritual behavior and the path of devotion?

The core message is to encourage devotees to adopt virtuous and selfless behavior, while avoiding actions or behaviors that lead them away from the path of spirituality. It emphasizes the importance of aligning one's actions with spiritual principles.


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Jaspreet Kaur

In this article, it mentions that only those with certain characteristics can achieve salvation. But, when you look at these characteristics, it seems quite challenging to fit into such a society. I have a strong desire to attain moksha, and I consider myself a very pure soul, not involved in any kind of bad habits. Therefore, I believe I can attain salvation.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your engagement with our article. For salvation, it's mentioned in all the scriptures that we should first take initiation from a complete Guru who can provide the correct guidance on the path to salvation. Everything mentioned in the article is derived from the words of Almighty God and his beloved souls whom he has met. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj provides the right guidance about God and salvation. You can gain further insights into these questions by reading the book "Jeene Ki Rah" and listening to the spiritual discourse courses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Isha Dhiman

I'm extremely curious to learn more about spirituality, salvation, and Satlok. My father is a very religious person, and he has brought home many books written by various religious gurus. However, we never seem to find satisfaction with anyone's knowledge about moksha.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we are delighted that people like you are showing interest in clearing their doubts about spirituality, God, and salvation. Our goal is to create awareness about God and spirituality while providing the right guidance. It can be confusing with so many gurus in the world having millions of followers, but the confusion can be resolved by referring to our Holy scriptures, which outline the characteristics of a true Guru. To learn more about God, spirituality, and salvation, we recommend reading the book "Jine Ki Raah" and listening to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.