53. Characteristics of a Hans (Devotee) | Anurag Sagar | Way of Living

Characteristics of a Hans (Anurag Sagar) (Way of Living)

If a person gives up the evil disposition like that of a crow, then he/she becomes a hans i.e. a devotee. A crow for the fulfilment of its selfish interests causes harm to others. If an animal develops a wound on its body, the crow eats its flesh by pinching it out from its wound. The poor animal keeps shedding tears. A crow’s speech is also unpleasant. A hans (devotee) should give up his/her crow-like nature. One should not cause any harm to others for one’s selfish interests. One should speak politely like a cuckoo. These are the characteristics of a devotee.

Characteristics of a Knowledgeable Person, that is, a Satsangi

After obtaining the knowledge and initiation from a Satguru, if a disciple behaves in a worldly manner, then he/she is a fool. He/she remains devoid of the benefit of bhakti. They are not able to progress in bhakti. They do not become worthy of receiving Saar Shabd. If a blind man steps on faeces or dung, nobody ridicules him. Nobody laughs at him. If a person who can see, that is, a devotee goes to a wrong place (going to a prostitute, committing a theft, violation of rules, using a forbidden object or following forbidden way of worship is said to be going to a wrong place), then he becomes a recipient of criticism.