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Whether intoxication is of alcohol, hemp, opium, heroine etc, it will become a cause of your total destruction. First of all, intoxication makes one a devil. Then it destroys the body. There are four important organs of the body: - 1. Lungs, 2. Liver, 3. Kidneys, and 4. Heart. Alcohol first of all destroys these four organs. Hemp completely destroys the brain. More than alcohol, heroine makes one’s body hollower. Opium weakens one’s body. It stops functioning. It functions only when charged with opium. The blood gets polluted. Therefore, these intoxicants should not even be kept in the village or city, let alone at home. One should not even think of consuming them.

A person used to work at Palam Airport in Delhi. This dates back to year 1997. At that time, his monthly wage was twelve thousand rupees. This Das (Rampal Das) went to deliver Satsang in a village in Delhi. There an old woman along with her three granddaughters came to the house where satsang was being held. She was a paternal aunt of those who were holding the satsang. She used to live in a house on a plot on the outskirts of the village. That man who used to work at Delhi Airport was her son. He used to drink a lot of alcohol. He had ruined his home. He used to beat his wife and children because every day he would come home drunk, and his wife used to object him; a Mahabharat used to take place every day. His wife leaving the children behind, went to her mother’s house. The grandmother took care of the children, and then she herself went and counselling her daughter-in-law brought her back. On that night, the old woman had come with her granddaughters and daughter-in-law because the Satsang was at her own elder brother-in-law’s house. Therefore, she had to come. In Satsang (spiritual discourse), lecture is given on every aspect. First, the benefit of doing bhakti of God and the harm of not doing it is told, which is explained in detail. That day, the drunkard first went to his house. When he did not find anyone at home, he sat there for a while. Then a neighbour told him that – “Your mother has gone to your elder paternal uncle’s house with the entire family. A Satsang is going on there. They will all have food there itself.” It was God’s wish; he also went to the satsang, and sat at the rearmost end because he was drunk.

            Satsang statements: - It was told in the Satsang that after attaining a human life, a person who does not perform auspicious deeds, his future becomes a hell. He who intoxicates, his present and future both are hell. Intoxication is not for human beings. It turns a human being into a devil. Those people, who had performed virtuous deeds in their previous lives, have a good job or a good business in their current lives as a result of those virtuous deeds. If in the present life, they will not perform auspicious deeds, bhakti, charity and meritorious deeds, they will suffer in future births by becoming a donkey, dog, pig, or ox, and will eat rubbish.

            Like, in a human (man/woman) life, based on the previous auspicious deeds, one has got good food. One has obtained a good human body. Whenever one wishes, one can eat. If one feels thirsty, one can drink water. If one wishes, one can drink milk or tea. One can eat fruit or dry fruit (cashew nuts-almonds). If after acquiring a Complete Guru, you do not do bhakti with a pure heart, did not serve in a Satsang, did not perform charity or meritorious deeds, then you will suffer misery in the next lives of donkey, ox, or dog. Neither will you get food on time, nor water, nor will you have any means to protect yourself from heat, cold or insects and flies. In human life, you protect yourself with mosquito net and ‘Allout’ mosquito repellent. You have found ways of protecting yourself from heat, but what will you get when you will become an animal? Sant Garibdas ji has described the knowledge gained from Supreme God Kabir ji in this way: -

Garib, nar seti tu pashuva keejae, gadha bael banaayi |
Chhappan bhog kahan man borey, kuradi charne jaai ||

            Meaning: - After leaving the human body, a person who is devoid of bhakti and auspicious deeds attains the life of a donkey, ox etc. Then one will not get the food that one gets in human life. Becoming a donkey, one will eat rubbish from the heap of garbage. If one becomes an ox, a nose-rope will be threaded into the nose. One will be tied with a rope. Neither will one be able to drink water on feeling thirsty, nor will one be able to eat food on feeling hungry. One will have a tail to protect oneself from flies and insects. Consider it to be a cooler, fan or mosquito net. Those living beings, who have accumulated excessive sins, in the animal life even their tail gets severed. Only a stump of one to one and a half feet is left. One keeps rotating it.

            An ox got pricked in the centre of the hoof of his hindfoot with a 1.5 inch long nail. It got pushed further in on walking. The ox started limping. The ploughman thought that the ox might have had a cramp and it will get better with walking. Many times this happens that if an ox gets a cramp, it eases if the ox continues to walk. But this time, it did not happen. The ox walked in the plough the whole day. When he came back home, he was putting his foot on the ground with great difficulty. He was only able to walk slowly. As soon as he reached home, he sat down. He did not even eat fodder. Tears were falling from his eyes because the pain was excruciating. In the morning, the ox did not get up; he lay down. There was a lot of swelling on the foot. A veterinary doctor was called from the village. Such was the treatment in the olden days. On examining him, the doctor said that he has sprained his knee.  Crushing old jaggery, soften it and tie bandage of it on his knee. It will be cured. The nail was in the hoof, and the treatment was being given on the knee. This went on for approximately a month. One day a member of the family noticed that pus is oozing out from the hoof of the hindfoot. When he cleared it, he found the nail. He took the nail out with some instrument. Then the ox recovered within a week. He ate fodder and drank water to his full capacity.

            Please ponder: - When this living being was in human life, he had not even thought in his dreams that – “One day I will also become an ox.” Now he could not even speak and tell where he had the pain. Kabir Ji has stated that: -

Kabir, jivha to vohe bhali, jo ratae Harinaam |
Na to kaat ke faenk diyo, mukh mein bhalo na chaam ||

            Meaning: - A tongue is a very important part of the body. If it is not used for the praise of God and recitation of naam (mantra), then it is useless because a person incurs sin by uttering bad words to someone with this tongue. A powerful person says something wrong to a weak person due to which his soul cries and gives curse. He cannot utter it because he knows he might get beaten up. This is a sin. Then by criticising someone, by giving false testimony against someone, by cheating someone in business by telling a lie; a person commits numerous sins with one’s tongue. Supreme God Kabir has told that if a person does not make good use of his/her tongue, that is, if one is not speaking auspicious words, does not have soothing speech, does not praise God i.e. does not hold discussion of God, does not read religious Holy Books and does not recite the name of God with his tongue, then one should severe it and throw it away. He/she is only accumulating sins.

(Consumption of Intoxication Makes Life Hell)

            (To ask to severe the tongue is merely a phrase to alert someone. Do not cut the tongue and throw it away. Start doing auspicious deeds and speaking auspicious words. If one is not reciting the name of God and not praising God, then it is not good to keep this flesh of tongue in this holy mouth.)

Currently (since 1970), a human being has access to special facilities. As a result of which, day by day he is moving away from God. The miseries are approaching him at the same speed. There is an improvement in the financial situation, but mental peace has finished. Intoxication is its real cause. A father has gone to his work. Children have a hope that father will come and bring some necessary items with him. When the father comes, small children run and cling to their father and receive love. It is natural for those children, whose father consumes intoxicants, to have unrest in their home. The children remain fearful. Both their mental and physical development is impaired. That house becomes hell. Today, those who are carefree after drinking alcohol are not even respected in the society.

            In the next life, that person becomes a dog and eats faeces. He will drink water from the sewer. Then on becoming other animals and birds he will bear one after another hardship. Therefore, quitting all the intoxicants and vices, live the life of a human being. Let the civilised society also live in peace. One alcoholic hurts the souls of many people: of his wife, parents of his wife, his brothers and sisters, his parents, his children etc. Consumption of intoxicants for just an hour destroys one’s wealth, one’s honour and the peace of the entire family at home. Can that person be happy in future? Never. He will lead a hellish life. Therefore, one should reflect and immediately quit the vices.

            Question: - Who has seen what happens in the next birth?

            Answer: - For example, once a blind man was going towards a jungle. A gentleman was standing ahead. He said, “O blind man! Do not go here. This way leads to a fierce jungle. Deadly lions, cheetahs etc live there. Go back.” If the blind man is not intoxicated, he will instantly retreat. If he is intoxicated, then he will say, “Who has seen that deadly animals like lions, cheetahs, snakes etc live in the jungle?” And saying this, he will proceed on his path.

            Please think: - The blind man cannot see, and he does not believe a sighted person, then how does one advise him? If he does not listen, then he will meet the same fate that the sighted person was talking about. Lions will kill him.

            Likewise, saints are sighted (eyes of knowledge) people. They have told us what has been mentioned above. We are (blind) devoid of the eyes of knowledge. If we will not change our path by believing the teachings of the saints, the same will happen to us as has been mentioned above.

Nar se fir peechhe tu pashuva keejae, gadha bael banayi |
Chhapan bhog kahan man baure, kuradi charne jaayi ||

Some people even say that – “We will see whatever will happen.” It is a request to them that – “What will you see after becoming a donkey? Then the porter will see.” These kinds of teachings are always given in satsang (spiritual discourses).

            That drunkard also came to the satsang and sat down as there was no one at home and the house was locked. After some time, he became sober and had to listen to the entire satsang. That day onwards, that man never drank alcohol and did not consume any other intoxicant. He himself took initiation and made his entire family take initiation. In the morning, when we (author along with some devotees who had come to the satsang) went outside the village for a stroll, on the way was that man’s (who worked at the airport) house. His mother was standing in the street. She said, “Maharaj Ji! Please have tea and then go.” A devotee of that village told, “Please do go to their house. This family has been ruined. A house gets purified by the arrival of holy men.” We all went to their house. We were in all five people. The cot was laid in the courtyard. It was the month of May. There was shade of a tree. His mother said to her daughter-in-law, “Daughter! Make tea.” That daughter lit the stove and started making tea by putting water in the kettle. After half an hour, we said, “Bring the tea quickly. We have to go for a stroll. Then we have to go to another village to deliver satsang.” Still that daughter was lighting the stove under the kettle. When we said again, she started crying. When a devotee of that village went to her, he found out that neither was there sugar, nor tea leaves, nor milk at home. The mother of that man also started crying. She said, “We are ruined, Maharaj! Please save us if you can.” After taking initiation, that man had early morning gone to his work. After a few days, we were delivering satsang in Delhi itself in Village Punjab Khor. That man brought his mother, his wife and three daughters to the satsang there in a car. Earlier he had a dilapidated bike. That day, all the children were wearing beautiful clothes. They were saying, “Papa never quarrels with mummy now. He gives his entire salary to grandmother. We have started living in heaven.” The grandmother said, “We received such a sight of you that day that we have prospered.” I said, “Mother! Your son was not bad. He had never listened to these good thoughts. Had he listened to these good thoughts earlier, he would have never commited any wrongdoing. This is all by the grace of Supreme God Kabir that he came to the satsang that day and the dirt on his soul got cleaned. Your family has come out of a hell and is now residing in heaven. Abide by the code of conduct laid by God. You will never face any crisis. Keep doing bhakti. Several generations of yours will be salvaged.” In this way, Satsang leads to reform of human beings which increases peace and mutual love in the world. You must listen to the teachings of Satsang. Please read “Code of Conduct of Bhakti” amongst further topics.   


FAQs about "Intoxication Causes Destruction"

Q.1 How does intoxication impact the body?

Intoxicants can harm various organs such as the liver, lungs, heart, and brain, while also weakening the immune system, making it harder to combat infections.

Q.2 Is there a way to recover from intoxication?

Certainly, there's a method for recovering from intoxication. While many individuals seek help from addiction treatment centers, the success rate is relatively low. However, following the authentic path of worship provided by an authorized complete saint can lead to complete recovery from intoxication.

Q. 3 What are some common misconceptions about intoxication?

One prevalent misconception is that intoxication is a harmless means of relaxation, but it can actually result in serious health issues and other adverse consequences. Another false belief is that individuals who are intoxicated are always joyful and carefree, whereas intoxication can also lead to feelings of sadness, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, the misconception that one can worship God and attain salvation through intoxication is debunked, but the consumption of intoxicants hampers the path to salvation.

Q.4 What is the primary purpose of human life?

The primary objective of human life is to achieve salvation through initiation from a complete saint, thereby freeing the soul from the cycle of birth and death and reaching the eternal abode of peace and happiness, as mentioned in Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta Ji, Chapter 18, Verse 62.

Q.5 Is it obligatory to worship God?

Yes, it is imperative to worship Almighty God by establishing a connection with His authorized Saint. Failing to do so can result in significant suffering in various life forms, including the 84 lakh body forms and even in hell.

Q.6 What happens to those who do not worship God?

Individuals who do not worship God, or who worship contrary to the scriptures, endure considerable suffering in their current life and in future incarnations across the 84 lakh body forms. Their lives do not yield any benefits, and they waste their existence on frivolous activities and pursuits.


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Sumit Agrawal

This article was sent to me by one of my friends because I enjoy consuming intoxicants like beer, which is very common at parties. Besides this, I'm not involved in any kind of worship or belief in any god. I believe that in the next life, whatever happens, is not worth worrying about. My request to you is to avoid misleading people by using fear. I believe that we only get one human life, so we should fully enjoy it instead of being burdened by worries.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we acknowledge your interaction with our article. Our content is rooted in the holy scriptures of all religions, universally accepted, and even science cannot deny the truths within them. The information we provide is intended as guidance for society. Denying these teachings could lead to negative consequences, evident in the present time where many, despite materialistic wealth, lack true happiness and peace. Addressing intoxication is incompatible with a decent society, detrimental to health, and obstructive on a spiritual path. Prohibitions and adverse effects are outlined in the Garud Puran. As per the holy scriptures, the primary objective of human life is to break free from the cycle of birth and death that has ensnared us for countless years. Since life is uncertain, we advocate making the most of it while ensuring future safety through the worship of the Almighty God. We recommend reading the book "Jeene Ki Raah" and listening to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj for proper guidance.

Shalini Sharma

My parents have told me that if someone doesn't do good deeds, they will suffer in 84 lakh different forms in their next life. No one till now guided to take initiation from a Guru and worship.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we are pleased that our article has had a thought-provoking impact on society. The concept of being reborn into 84 lakh life forms due to improper conduct is indeed mentioned in the holy scriptures. Our ancestors lacked a true Guru, leading them astray from the spiritual path. Today, Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj guides humanity, illuminating the true meaning of human life and the path to salvation through proper worship. We encourage you and your family to read the book "Jeene Ki Raah" and engage with Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj's spiritual discourses to attain success in this precious human life.