Divine Spectacles of God Kabir [2D Animation]

Divine Spectacles of God Kabir [2D Animation]


The Quest for Truth: How Dharmdas Met God Kabir and Attained Satyalok?

This 2D animation video narrates the story of Dharmdas, a devout Hindu who belonged to the Vaishnav sect and Baniya Caste. He used to worship Ram, Krishna, Vishnu and Shankar, and follow the guidance of his guru, Roopdas. One day, he travelled to Mathura for a pilgrimage, where he met Kabir Sahib ji in the form of Jinda Mahatma. The Jinda challenged Dharmdas’s beliefs and offered him a new way of devotion based on the Hindu scriptures. Dharmdas initially resisted and argued with the Jinda, but gradually became curious and interested in His knowledge. He took Naam Diksha from Jinda and learn more about the true nature of God. The Jinda Mahatma then took Dharmdas to Satyalok, the eternal abode of God, where Dharmdas witnessed the glory and majesty of the Supreme God. He found that the Jinda was none other than God Kabir himself, who had come to earth to enlighten him. He felt blessed and grateful for His divine grace and mercy. Dharamdas Ji requested Kabir Ji to guide his son, Narayan Das also. However, Kabir Ji revealed that Narayan Das served Kaal God's interests, causing Dharamdas Ji distress about his lineage. Kabir Ji then blessed Dharamdas Ji with 42 generations but advised him to give the true mantra to his younger son, Churamani Ji, ensuring righteousness in his lineage. God Kabir also informed When 5505 years of Kaliyuga will pass, then I will send My part-incarnation. And, destroying all the ongoing Sects, I will start the 13th Yatharth Kabir Panth (Actual Kabir Panth).” The story ends with Dharmdas returning to earth with a renewed faith and devotion.


How God Kabir Averted the Situation of War and Left from Maghar to ‘ Satlok ‘ in the Whole Body

This animated video depicts how priests misled the religious people that if a person dies in Maghar place he/she will go to hell or if they die in Kashi city they will go to Heaven. To remove this myth Kabir Saheb came to Maghar from Kashi to prove that a true worshipper may die anywhere he will attain God. Then the Muslim ruler Bijli Khan Pathan, Hindu King Vir Singh Baghel, and all the religious disciples gathered to perform the last rites. But Lord Kabir ji strictly told them not to fight for his body, but rather live peacefully. Then a sheet was laid on the ground on which Kabir Sahib laid and covered himself with another sheet. After some time, Kabir God made a celestial announcement and said that “he is going to ‘Satlok’ from where he has come in his whole body”. Kabir Ji’s dead body was not found under the sheet, instead only fragrant flowers were found. Kabir Sahib ordered Hindus and Muslims not to fight and live in harmony.

Mystery Behind Adopting Shri Ramanand Ji as Guru of Lord Kabir Sahib Ji.

This animated video depicts that Almighty Kabir is never born from a mother’s womb. 600 years ago when Kabir ji descended, Neeru and Neema, the childless couple brought Lord Kabir from Lehartara Pond to their home and served him in child form. When Kabir ji turned five in his divine act body, at that time to maintain the custom of acquiring a Guru, he did a divine act with Shri Ramanand ji and later on Kabir saheb ji gave the true spiritual knowledge, gave the initiation and showed him the eternal place i.e, Satlok to Shri Ramanand ji.

Unveiling the Story of Sant Garib Das Ji Maharaj

DESCRIPTION - This animated video depicts that Sant Garib das ji Maharaj was born in the family of Dhankar Jats in the year 1717 A.D in Village Chhudani, District Jhajjar, Haryana. His father was Shri Balram ji and his mother was Smt. Rani. He lived with his parents in their maternal house.

When Garibdas ji attained the age of 10 years he met Kabir Sahib ji in the form of Jinda Mahatma. Then Kabir Sahib ji told Garib Das ji about Satlok and gave him true spiritual knowledge. On this Garibdas ji requested God Kabir to show him his Satlok. God Kabir ji gave initiation to Garibdas Ji and took his soul out of the body and showed him Satlok.

The Real Mystery Revealed Behind Organising the Grand Feast in Kashi

This animated video depicts the role of Kesho Banjara in organising the Grand Feast on behalf of Kabir Saheb (playing the role of weaver) for 18 Lakh people. It shows how Sheikhtaki (a Muslim religious leader) distributed a false invitation to everyone in which it was mentioned that 3 days of free community meals, one Blanket and one Gold coin would be offered to everyone after each meal to mislead the people. So that Kabir Saheb could be forced to leave the Kashi place. But on the contrary, the Feast was organised successfully by Lord Kabir, where he delivered true spiritual knowledge to everyone present there while having a conversation with Kesho Banjara.

Futile Attempt to Kill Kabir Ji by Bloody Elephant.

This animated video shows that Kabir Saheb Ji descended in Kashi with the purpose of acquainting the soul with true spiritual knowledge and giving them complete salvation. During this time Kabir Sahib did many miracles and gave many benefits to the people, so they became disciples of Kabir ji.  And other Brahmins, Mullahs and Qazis out of jealousy started opposing God Kabir. Then they planned and tried 52 atrocities on God Kabir Ji to kill him and one of them was an attempt to get God Kabir Ji killed by a bloody elephant. But on the contrary, the attempt of Sheikh Taki (a Muslim religious leader) failed and Sikandar Lodhi (king of Delhi) apologised for the mistake.