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Be Cautious Childless Couples (Way of Living)

Those pious souls who do not have children, due to lack of spiritual knowledge, they have an intense desire to have children. They make every possible effort for that. Still if they do not get anyone (offspring) who has any transactions with them, then they bear the grief of not having a child throughout their life. Especially, a woman has an intense desire to have a child. She does not like herself to be called barren. Even if after examination a doctor declares that – “You do not have any signs of infertility. It is a will of God.” But a woman devoid of Tatvgyan dies with this desire only. Because of not doing bhakti, her next birth is of a dog. Then the messengers of Yam (death) say to her that – “Sister! Now reproduce offspring and make up for all the loss. In one conception, you will reproduce eight offspring. Then your next birth will be that of a pig. In one go, you will reproduce twelve offspring, and will conceive seven-eight times. Fully satiate your hunger of having offspring.

O pious souls, brothers and sisters! Understand spiritual knowledge. Make your human life successful. Tidy up (make it free from obstacles) your way of living, that is, by taking initiation from a Complete Guru, do bhakti and get your welfare done.

FAQs about "Childless Couples! Beware"

Q.1 What challenges do childless couples face?

Childless couples often encounter societal pressures, being viewed as unfortunate due to their inability to have children. They might even experience social exclusion, with some considering their sight in the morning as inauspicious. These are some of the issues that childless couples have to deal with.

Q.2 What factors contribute to the condition of childlessness?

The primary factor behind childlessness is believed to be the absence of karmic debts from past lives that would necessitate the birth of a child. According to the law of God, couples without children are considered spiritually pure, with a clear path toward their spiritual journey.

Q. 3 Are there advantages to not having children?

From a spiritual standpoint, individuals without children are considered fortunate and spiritually advanced. Their potential path to salvation is thought to be more direct if they seek guidance from an enlightened Guru, commit to a life of devotion, and remain dedicated to their spiritual pursuits until the end of their lives. This level of commitment can lead to complete salvation in their current lifetime.

Q.4 What steps can childless couples take to address their challenges?

Childless couples can take proactive measures to overcome their challenges. Seeking out a spiritually enlightened Saint and comprehending their teachings can offer them solace through knowledge. Initiating a connection with such a Saint and leading a purposeful life, centered around devotion and spiritual growth, can guide them towards a fulfilling life and salvation.


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Anamika Sharma

After seeing the doctor, I found out that I can never become a mother. My family and neighbors treat me badly because I can't have children. I've gone to many holy places and prayed to many Gods, but I haven't received any help. I feel really upset.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we want to share that not having children can be seen as a blessing from a spiritual perspective. However, if you still desire to have children, take shelter in Almighty God Kabir who can give more than one's destiny. There's a book named "Jine Ki Raah" that will provide insights, and you can also listen to the teachings of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj which will certainly solve your problems.

Manoj Shukla

The article seems helpful, but my wife is very worried about not being able to have children. She's following everyone's advice, but even after being married for 10 years, we haven't been able to have a child.

Satlok Ashram

Dear Manoj, we understand your concern. It might be a good idea for both of you to read the book "Jine Ki Raah" and listen to the spiritual discourses by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. These will offer you the right guidance. Not having any children is seen as a blessing in the spiritual perspective. Still, there are various couples who were childless for many years but eventually had children by taking the shelter of Almighty God Kabir and sincerely following the rules.