There are 33 crore deities according to Hinduism and the irony is no Hindu knows names of those thirty-three crore deities. People blindly follow religious rituals not knowing who is the worshipable God? Hindus acknowledge that God is one; yet they worship Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh/Shiva, Durga, Ram, Krishan, Hanuman, Ganesha, and a lot many. Holy Books provide evidence that the triple God- Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva are in the cycle of birth and death also their parents ie. Brahm-Kaal (Sadashiv) and Goddess Durga (Maya/Ashtangi). Their worship cannot grant salvation to seekers rather lands them to suffer in 84 lakhs life species of various animals, reptiles, birds, snakes, ghosts, Pitra, etc. Their worship at the most helps the soul attain heaven but the truth also is; that they have to bear the pain in hell as well. Their birth and death is an unending process until the soul comes into the refuge of Tatvadarshi sant and does true worship. This proves the worship of Hindu deities is useless since it is arbitrary.

Almighty Kabir descended 600 years ago in Kashi-Varanasi and has told

Gun teeno ki bhakti mein bhool pado saansar
Kahey Kabir nij naam bina kaise utreyn paar 

गुण तीनों की भक्ति में भूल पढ़ो संसार, कहे कबीर निज नाम बिना कैसे उतरे पार

Teen dev ki jo kartey bhakti unki kadey na hovey mukti

तीन देव की जो करते भक्ति उनकी कदे ना होवे मुक्ति 

Based on the evidence from the holy scriptures certain myths have been brought into notice regarding Hindu gods and goddesses which are a must to be explained to the devotee society. The same is highlighted through subsequent articles. 

Goddess Durga is created by the eternal God Param Akshar Purush ‘KavirDev’ who is the creator of the universe and resides in the ultimate abode ‘Satlok’. Durga Ji is married to the Villain Brahm-Kaal. She is the mother of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and mother-in-law of Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Laxmi, and Goddess Parvati. Goddess Durga directs to abandon her worship since she is not the provider of salvation.

Brahma Ji equipped with Rajogun is the creator in 21 universes of his father Brahm-Kaal and not the creator of the universe. Devotees till now have been in utter confusion; believing Brahma to be the supreme power and the creator. Vishnu Ji is the sustainer and Shiv Ji is the destroyer. Shankar / Shiv Ji’s father is also called God SadaShiv (Jyoti Niranjan). Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva are brothers.

Similarly, Ganesha is not ‘Vighnaharta’ (remover of obstacles) and Hanuman is not ‘Sankatmochan’ (destroyer of evils).

All deities are mortal and cannot grant salvation. Similar above facts and even more have been mentioned in the subsequent articles about prime Hindu deities. Let us dive into them and know through these write-ups:-

  • Who are Hindu gods and goddesses?
  • Why should arbitrary worship be abandoned? 
  • What is the correct way of worship to gain benefits from Hindu deities?
  • What are the real mantras of Hindu deities?
  • Where is the evidence of true mantras of Hindu deities?
  • Is salvation possible by the worship of Hindu deities?
  • Who is worshipable God?

Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj has untangled spiritual facts from holy scriptures and has eased the path of worship. 

Nau man sooth ulajhiya,  yeh Rishi rahey jhak maar 
Satguru aisa suljha de, uljhey naa dooji baar

नॉ मन सूत उलझीया यह ऋषि रहे झकमार, सतगुरु ऐसा सुलझा दे उलझे ना दूजी बार

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