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Once, the King of Delhi said that – ‘If Kabir Ji writes on paper loaded in thirteen (13) carts in two and a half days i.e. 60 hours, then I will consider him to be God.’ Supreme God Kabir Ji swirled his stick over the papers kept in those thirteen carts. Instantly, he wrote the sacred speech of entire spiritual knowledge on all the papers. The King became confident, but under the pressure of the people (Muslims) of his religion, he got all those holy texts buried in the ground in Delhi. In Kabir Sagar, Chapter Kabir Charitra Bodh Granth, on Page 1834-1835, it is incorrectly written that when the time of Muktamani Sahab will come and his flag will be hoisted in Delhi city, then all those books will be taken out of the earth. Muktamani incarnation will be the thirteenth generation of the lineage of Dharmdas.

            Interpretation: - The evidence of adulteration in the excerpt written above is this, that currently the native seat of the lineage of Dharmdas ji is in Damakhera, District Raigarh, State Chhattisgarh. On that seat, the 14th (fourteenth) generation Guru Shri Prakashmuni Naam Sahib is seated. The thirteenth generation guru was Shri Udit Naam Sahib who had passed away in 1998 i.e. 15 years prior to the current year 2013. If this had been written about the thirteeth generation guru of the native seat, then he would have taken all the texts out of the ground and would have hoisted a flag in Delhi. This did not happen, so that Thirteenth Panth is not from the lineage of Dharmdas ji.

            Then in “Kabir Charitra Bodh” on Page 1870 in Kabir Sagar, the names of the 12 (twelve) panths have been written, the fake panths that Kaal (Jyoti Niranjan) had mentioned that he will start by the name of Kabir ji. Among them, first of all “Narayan Das” is written. Garib Das is written as the twelfth panth. In reality, the first is ‘Churamani ji’. This has been deliberately edited.

            They must remember that Supreme God Kabir Ji had not made Narayan Das ji his disciple. Narayan Das was a worshipper of Shri Krishna ji. He had extremely opposed his younger brother Churamani ji. Due to which, Shri Churamani ji had gone to Kudurmal. Later, the Bandhavgarh city had become destroyed. In “Kabir Charitra Bodh” on Page 1870, the names of the founders of the Twelve Panths have been written. The first name written among them is incorrect. The rest are correct. It is written that: -

1. Narayan Das ji’s Panth 2. Yagau Das (Jagu Das) Panth 3. Surat Gopal Panth 4. Mool Niranjan Panth 5. Taksaari Panth 6. Bhagwan Das Panth 7. Satnami Panth 8. Kamaaliye (Kamaal’s) Panth 9. Ram Kabir Panth 10. Prem Dhaam (Param Dhaam) Ki Vaani Panth 11. Jeeva Das Panth 12. Garibdas Panth.

Then in Kabir Sagar, Chapter “Kabir Baani” on Page 134, it is written that: -

“Types of Vansh”

Patham Vansh Uttam (This has been mentioned about Churamani ji.)

Doosre Vansh Ahankaari (This is of Yagau i.e. Jagu Das ji.)

Teesre Vansh Prachand (This is of Surat Gopal ji.)

Chauthe Vansh Beerhe (This is Mool Niranjan Panth.)

Paanchvein Vansh Nindra (This is Taksaari Panth.)

Chhate Vansh Udaas (This is Panth of Bhagwan Das ji.)

Saatvein Vansh Gyaan Chaturaayi (This is Satnaami Panth.)

Aathvein Vansh Dwaadash Panth Virodh (This is Kamaaliye Panth of Kamaal ji.)

Nauvein Vansh Panth Pooja (This is Ram Kabir Panth.)

Dasvein Vansh Prakaash (This is Param Dhaam Ki Vaani Panth.)

Gyaarahvein Vansh Prakat Pasaara (This is Jeeva Panth.)

Baarahvein Vansh Pragat Hoye Ujiyaara (This is Panth of Sant Garibdas ji of Village-Chhudani, District-Jhajjar, State-Haryana, who after meeting Supreme God Kabir Ji, spoke about His magnificence and true knowledge by which there was some illumination of the glory of Supreme God Kabir Ji.) 

Terahvein Vansh Mitey Sakal Andhiyaara {This is Yatharth (True) Kabir Panth, which began in 1994, which is operated by me, Das (Rampal Das).}

The descendents of Dharmdas ji of Damakhera’s native seat have tried to hide the real mystery, but they could not eliminate the truth.   

            In Kabir Sagar, Chapter “Kabir Baani”, on Page 136:

Dwadash Panth Chalo So Bhed

Dwaadash panth Kaal furmaana | bhuley jeev na jaay thikaana ||
Taatein aagam kah hum raakha | vansh hamaara Churamani shaakha ||
Pratham jag mein Jaagu bhrmaavae | bina bhed vah granth churaave ||
Doosar Surati Gopal hoi | akshar jo jog drdaave soi ||

(Interpretation: - Here, Jaagu Das has been mentioned as the first one, whereas the speech is clarifying that the first vansh is Churamani. The second is Jaagu Das. This same evidence is in “Kabir Charitra Bodh” Page 1870. The second is Jaagu Das.    `Even in Chapter “Swasamved Bodh” Page 155 (1499), Jaagu is written as the second. Here it has been written as the first. Here, it would be correct to write Churamani as the first.)

Teesra Mool Niranjan baani | lok ved ki nirnay thaani ||

(This should have been written as the Fourth.)

Chauthe panth Taksaar (Taksari) bhed lau aavae | neer pavan ko sandhi bataavae ||

(This should have been written as the Fifth.)

Paanchvaan panth beej ko lekha | lok pralok kahae hum mein dekha ||

(This is Panth of Bhagwan Das that should have been written as the Sixth.)

Chhataa panth Satyanaami prakaasha | ghat ke maahin maarg nivaasa ||

(This should have been written as the Seventh.)

Saatvaan Jeev panth le bolae baani | bhayo prateet marm nahin jaani ||

(This Eighth Panth is of Kamaal ji.)

Aathvaan Ram Kabir kahaavae | Satguru bhram lae jeev drdaavae ||

(Actually, this is the Nineth Panth.)

Naumein gyaan ki kalaa dikhaavae | bhayi prateet jeev sukh paavae ||

(In reality, this is the Eleventh Jeeva Panth. It is incorrectly written as Nineth here.)

Dasvein bhed Param Dhaam ki baani | saakh hamaari nirnay thaani ||

            (This is correct, but the eleventh has not been written. If we consider Churamani to be the first one, then a correct series is formed. In reality, the first is Churamani ji. After this commences the description of the Twelfth Panth, the Panth of Garibdas ji. This is indicative. Sant Garibdas ji was born in Vikrami Samvat 1774 (seventeen hundred seventy-four). Here, seventeen hundred seventy-five has been written by mistake. This is a misprint.)

Samvat satrah sau pachahtar (1775) hoyi | taa din prem prakatein jag soyi ||
Aagya rahae brahm bodh laavae | koli chamaar sabke ghar khaavae ||
Saakhi hamaari le jeev samjhaavae | asankhya janm thaur nahin paavae ||
Baarhvein (baarvae) panth pragat hovae baani | shabd hamaare ki nirnay thaani ||
Asthir ghar ka marm nahin paavae | ye baara (baarah) panth Hami (Kabir Ji) ko dhyaavaen ||
Baarahein panth Hamhi (Kabir ji alone) chali aavaen | sab panth mita ek hi panth chalaavaen ||
Pratham charan Kaljug niryaana (nirvana) | tab Maghar maando maidaana ||

Meaning: - Here the Twelfth Panth of Sant Garibdas ji is clear because Supreme God Kabir Ji had met Sant Garibdas ji, and He had opened his Gyan Yog. Then Sant Garibdas ji uttered the speech of the magnificence of Supreme God Kabir Ji that has been currently printed in the form of a Holy Book. We have to ponder. Upto the Panth of Sant Garibdas ji, Twelve (12) Panths have already propagated. This is also written that – ‘Although Sant Garibdas ji has written the verses-hymns-quatrains of my glory, the followers of the Twelfth Panth will interpret the speech according to their intellect, but because of not understanding it properly the followers of the Panths upto the Panth of Sant Garibdas ji, that is, those of the Twelve Panths will not be able to understand my speech properly. Due to which, they will not be able to attain the Eternal Abode of Satlok for infinite births. These people of the Twelve Panths will propagate their Panths by the name of Kabir Ji, and they will gain fame on my name, but the followers of all these Twelve Panths will not be able to attain the permanent home (Satyalok).’ Then it is stated that – ‘Further in the Twelfth Panth (in the Panth of Sant Garibdas ji) I, that is, Kabir Ji Himself, will come, and eliminating all the Panths, I will start one Panth. It will be the first phase of Kalyug when in Samvat 1575 (year 1518) I (Kabir Ji) will attain salvation from Maghar city (Uttar Pradesh), that is, by performing a divine act, I will go to Satlok.

            Supreme God Kabir Ji has divided Kalyug into three phases. The first phase is in which Supreme God has already gone after performing a diving act. The middle generation is when five thousand five hundred five years of Kalyug would have passed. In the last phase, everybody will become ungrateful and nobody will do Bhakti.

            I (Rampal Das) have emerged from the Twelfth Panth of Sant Garibdas ji. That Thirteenth Panth is now going on. Supreme God Kabir Ji has got it started. There is blessing of Guru Maharaj Swami Ramdevanand ji. It will become successful and the entire world will do bhakti of Supreme God Kabir Ji.

            Supreme God Kabir Ji had met Sant Garibdas ji in Satguru form. Kabir is indeed God. He Himself appears on Earth and the other Loks (worlds) to impart His knowledge. Sant Garibdas ji has stated in “Asur Nikandan Ramaeni” that “Satguru dilli mandal aayesi | Sooti dharti soom jagaaysi | Dilli Ke takht chhatr fer bhi firaay si | Chaunsath yogni mangal gaaysi |” Sant Garibdas ji’s Satguru was “Supreme God Kabir Bandi Chhor”.   

            Supreme God Kabir Ji has stated in Kabir Sagar, Chapter “Kabir Baani” on Page 136 and 137 that the Twelfth (12th) Panth will be run by Sant Garibdas ji.

Samvat satrah sau pachahtar (1775) hoyi | jaa din prem prakatae jag soyi ||
Saakhi Hamaari le jeev samjhaavae | asankhyon janm thaur nahin paavae ||
Baarhvein panth pragat ho baani | shabd hamaare ki nirnay thaani ||
Asthir ghar ka marm nahin paavaen | ye baara (baarah) panth Hami ko dhyaavaen ||
Baarahvein panth Ham hi chali aavaen | sab panth mita ek hi panth chalaavaen ||

Meaning: - Supreme God Kabir Ji has clarified that the followers of the panths upto the (12th) Twelfth Panth, by not properly understanding the profound mysteries of the verses of my magnificence that I have myself (Supreme God Kabir Ji) uttered that are written in Holy Books like Kabir Sagar, Kabir Sakhi, Kabir Bijak, Kabir Shabdavali etc and the speech uttered by Garibdas ji by my grace, by drawing wrong conclusions, will explain them to their followers, but because of not being familiar with the truth, they will not be able to go to the permanent home, that is, the Eternal Supreme Abode (Satyalok) for infinite births. Then I (Supreme God Kabir Ji) will come in that panth of Garibdas and on completion of five thousand five hundred five years of Kalyug, the Yatharth Kabir Panth will be started. At that time, there will be discussion on Tatvgyan (true spiritual knowledge) in every home. On understanding the Tatvgyan, all the human beings of the world will do my bhakti. Acquiring a good conduct, everybody will live peacefully. This proves that the Thirteenth Panth that is the Yatharth Kabir Panth is being run by me, Das (Rampal Das). Grace is of Supreme God Kabir Ji. When Supreme God Kabir Ji in the communal meal organised by the Brahmins in place ‘Totadri’ could make a bull utter Ved-mantras, then He could himself utter them too. The capability of the All-Capable is in this only that He can make anyone give introduction of His magnificence. Perhaps that is why Supreme God Kabir Ji by His grace has got this Thirteenth (13th) Panth propagated by me, Das (Rampal Das). 


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Abhishek Patel

It's quite incredible to imagine someone writing on such an enormous amount of paper. Such things usually only occur in fairy tales, and I've never heard of such feats happening in reality.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your engagement with our article. The concept of the impossible doesn't exist in the realm of Almighty God Kabir Ji. He is capable of performing extraordinary feats. Writing on papers loaded in 13 carts is a mere triviality for Him; He can inscribe upon a paper encompassing the entire world in a fraction of a second. Whether you believe it or not, God does exist, and His powers surpass human imagination. We would recommend you explore the powers and miracles of Almighty God Kabir Ji by listening to spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and reading the book "Jeene Ki Rah."

Vashudev Dutta:

I've heard numerous accounts of miracles attributed to Kabir Ji, and I've often wondered whether he was a saint or a poet. Everything about him remains shrouded in mystery, and no definitive knowledge seems to be available.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we value your opinions regarding our article. Kabir Saheb Ji was not a mere saint or poet; He was Almighty God Himself who manifested on Earth to perform divine acts, as mentioned in the holy Vedas. Obtaining accurate knowledge about Him has indeed been challenging. Only those who are blessed with the grace of Almighty God Kabir Ji can truly comprehend Him. We recommend that you seek authentic knowledge about Almighty God Kabir Ji by listening to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and reading the book "Jeene Ki Rah."