52. A Soul of Kaal Does Not Accept Satguru’s Knowledge | Way of Living

A Soul of Kaal Does Not Accept Satguru’s Knowledge (Way of Living)

Summary of Anurag Sagar Page 160: 

            On this page, there is some mention of the glory of a Guru and the Chanakya strategy of a cuckoo.

A Soul of Kaal Does Not Accept Satguru’s Knowledge

Example of “Cuckoo and Crow”: - A cuckoo never lays her eggs by building its distinct nest. The reason is that the crow eats the eggs of a cuckoo. Therefore, a cuckoo recalled such a strategy by which its eggs are not harmed. When a cuckoo has to lay eggs, it keeps a track of where a female crow has laid eggs in her nest. When the female crow goes far away in search of food, the cuckoo lays its eggs in the female crow’s nest in her absence, and herself sits on a far away tree or stays nearby. When the female crow returns to her nest, she sees four eggs instead of two. She is unable to recognise which eggs are hers and which are someone else’s. Therefore, she incubates all the four eggs and hatches them. The cuckoo also stays nearby. Now the cuckoo also does not recognise her offsprings because all the baby birds have the same complexion (black). When the baby birds are able to fly, the cuckoo sitting on a nearby tree produces the sound of “kuhu-kuhu”. The sound of cuckoo attracts the offsprings of the cuckoo, whereas the offsprings of the crow remain carefree. On hearing the sound of the cuckoo, the offsprings of cuckoo start flying towards the cuckoo. The cuckoo while doing ‘kuhu-kuhu’ flies far away. Along with her, the offsprings of cuckoo attracted by the sound following her go far away. The female crow ponders that – ‘Let them go. Let me take care of the ones in the nest, otherwise some bird might harm them.’ On thinking this, the female crow returns. In this way, the offsprings of the cuckoo join their family.

            Supreme God Kabir Ji explained to Dharmdas that – O Dharmdas! Your son Narayan Das is an offspring of crow i.e. Kaal. He had no effect of my sermons on him. You are a part of Dayal (Karunamay Satpurush). Every speech of mine had an effect on you and you were drawn towards me. It had no effect on Narayan Das who is a part of Kaal. This story occurs in every family. The Ankuri Hans, that is, those who had done bhakti of Satguru Kabir Ji in some previous birth and had taken initiation in the True Kabir Panth, but could not get liberated; they have taken birth in some family. As soon as they hear Kabir Ji’s speech from a Satguru, they become restless. On getting attracted, they take initiation, become disciple and get their welfare done. There are also such individuals in the same family who do not agree at all. They even oppose and ridicule the other members who are initiated. They are parts of Kaal. They also, just like Narayan Das, only practice way of worship propagated by the messengers of Kaal.

            Summary of Anurag Sagar Page no. 161.

            Supreme God Kabir said – O Dharmdas! Just as children of a warrior or a cuckoo after moving off do not look behind; likewise, if someone comes running in my refuge by overcoming all obstacles and relinquishing the attachment towards the family, then I will liberate his/her hundred and one generations.

Kabir, bhakt beej hoye jo hansa | taarun taas ke ekottar bansha ||
Kabir, koyal sut jaise shoora hoyi | yahi vidhi dhaay milae mohe koyi ||
Nij ghar ki surati karae jo hansa | taaron taas ke ekotar bansha ||