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Ignorant People Dance in Marriage (Way of Living)

One day, I read in a newspaper that a boy from Rohtak was going to Bhiwani in a car to get married. With him in that car were the husbands of his two sisters. On the first day, all the family members (sisters, mother-father, cousins, brother-in-laws, paternal uncles) were dancing to the music played by the D.J. They were in a state of frenzy. The car in which the groom was sitting collided with a big trailer near Kalanaur. All the passengers of the car died. The bridegroom died and both the sisters became widow. The parents had only one son. Everything got destroyed. Now dance to the music played by the D.J. Such crises are averted by doing the bhakti of God. Therefore, it is a strict order to my (Rampal Das’s) followers that – “Be fearful of God and then act. Perform marriage in a simple way. There is no guarantee in this evil world. Who knows when a crisis may befall?”  


FAQs about "Ignorant People Dance in Marriage"

Q.1 Why dancing at weddings is a social evil?

Dancing at weddings has historically been associated with certain marginalized groups, like prostitutes, who don't have any social image and it was embarrassing for a decent society. That's why dancing on any occasion is considered a social evil which is not for a decent society.

Q.2 Is refraining from dancing at weddings a potential safeguard against future marital issues?

Not simply refraining from dancing at weddings, but seeking guidance from an authorized Saint and earnestly following their teachings can potentially lead to a prosperous marriage and shield against unforeseen difficulties.

Q. 3 What benefits come with conducting a modest wedding ceremony?

Choosing a simple wedding ceremony is advantageous for both families involved, as it alleviates excessive expenses and the weight of intricate traditions. Furthermore, it aligns with the commendable practice of simplicity in marriage, inviting God's blessings for a prosperous married life.


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Dhanushree Desai

I've read many articles published by your page, and I found it interesting that you are working to eradicate social evils. However, I disagree with the notion that we shouldn't dance at weddings. Weddings are moments of joy and celebration, and, therefore, everyone should be allowed to dance.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your engagement with our content. While weddings are indeed occasions of happiness and enjoyment, our perspective is rooted in the teachings of our scriptures. In the Devi Puran, it's mentioned that Goddess Durga conducted her sons' marriage in a simple manner. Following these scriptural practices on auspicious occasions like marriage can lead to a blessed and harmonious married life. For more insights on marriage rituals and how they can contribute to a fulfilling life, we recommend listening to the discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and reading the enlightening book 'Jeene Ki Raah'.

Kalpana Singh

I've been reading your articles for quite some time now, and I've found that they align well with our Holy scriptures. However, I didn't find this article interesting. I've had many dreams for my marriage, and my father has saved up a lot of money for a grand celebration. I'm excited about having everyone dance and enjoy at my wedding.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we're glad to hear that you've been engaging with our content and finding resonance with our scriptural references. While dreams of grand celebrations are natural, we encourage individuals to consider the wisdom shared by saints and scriptures. Marriage is undoubtedly a sacred moment, and by adhering to scriptural teachings, one can invite divine blessings into their life. Instead of solely focusing on lavish expenditures for the wedding, considering charitable acts and aiding the less fortunate can bring immense benefits. In a world where someone passes away nearly every minute, it's a reminder that life is unpredictable. To find happiness and tranquility, it's wise that adhering to the spiritual teachings of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and leading a life of compassion and obedience to God can pave the way for a peaceful and content existence.