13. Ignorant People Dance in Marriage | Way of Living

Ignorant People Dance in Marriage (Way of Living)

One day, I read in a newspaper that a boy from Rohtak was going to Bhiwani in a car to get married. With him in that car were the husbands of his two sisters. On the first day, all the family members (sisters, mother-father, cousins, brother-in-laws, paternal uncles) were dancing to the music played by the D.J. They were in a state of frenzy. The car in which the groom was sitting collided with a big trailer near Kalanaur. All the passengers of the car died. The bridegroom died and both the sisters became widow. The parents had only one son. Everything got destroyed. Now dance to the music played by the D.J. Such crises are averted by doing the bhakti of God. Therefore, it is a strict order to my (Rampal Das’s) followers that – “Be fearful of God and then act. Perform marriage in a simple way. There is no guarantee in this evil world. Who knows when a crisis may befall?”