7. Journey on the Path of Bhakti | Way of Living

Journey on the True Path of Sat Bhakti (Way of Living)

Until one becomes aware of spiritual knowledge, one had forgotten his/her goal in the stupor of (Maya) wealth. Like, it has been mentioned above that a drunken person was lying in the afternoon in the scorching heat of June, sweating and covered in sand, and still he was saying that he is enjoying himself. But on becoming sober, he realises that he is lying in a jungle and his home is far away.

Kabir Ji has stated that: -

Kabir, yeh maya atpati, sab ghat aan adi |
Kis-kis ko samjhaayun, ya kuyae bhang padi ||

By consuming the medicine of spiritual knowledge, a living being overcomes his/her intoxication. Then one walks on the path of bhakti because one has to reach God who is one’s Father, and that Satlok is one’s own home.

A person who sets forth on a journey cannot take all the objects. One only takes the necessary objects for the journey. Similarly, in the journey of bhakti, we will have to travel with bare minimum. Only then we will be able to reach our destination. To tread on the path of bhakti, it is mandatory for one to have mental peace. The causes of mental tensions are our customs, intoxication, pride and honour, ostentation. These are futile burdens e.g. big bungalows, expensive car, to do make-up, wear expensive jewellery (gold jewellery), collection of wealth, to give or take dowry in marriage, to play band or DJ, the entire family shamelessly dancing at the time of the bridegroom mounting a horse, to feed people after a family member’s death, to celebrate on the birth of a child, to burst crackers at the time of some celebration, to do extravagance etc. Because of being obstacles in the path of bhakti, one will have to relinquish these.