9. What is a Love Affair Like | Way of Living

About Love Affair (Way of Living)

Answer: - Characterless boys and girls while walking do strange acting. Those shameless people keep glancing here and there. Sometimes they give an artificial smile, repeatedly turn around and look in front and behind. Those sinful souls like to walk with a mincing gait. It all ends up into a love marriage. Later on, they find out that both of them had other lovers too. Then their state is like God Shiv and Parvati. They neither belong to the house nor the pier. The aim of marriage has been mentioned above. Deviating from this, whatever steps youths take, it makes the journey of life a hell. Even if someone develops a love affair, one should definitely keep this in mind that the code of conduct of the society (e.g., caste, village and marriage region) should not be violated, so that the honour of the family and the parents is not offended. Even if this happens by mistake and one later finds out about it, then the boy or the girl should break that love relationship. In the present time, there is no harm in doing an inter-caste marriage, but one should certainly keep the aforesaid code of conduct in mind. God Shiv had also renounced Goddess Parvati for this reason itself. Read the story in the next topic.