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Approximately two hundred seventy-five years ago, there was a Jaat named Jeeta Ram in village Khekhra, district Baghpat (Uttar Pradesh). He owned nine hundred bigha land. He was the village head. He was the wealthiest person and an arbitrator. He used to take side of the truth, and did not give importance to falsehood. In that village (Khekhra), a Saint Gheesa Das ji used to deliver satsang at that time. He belonged to the Chamar caste. At that time, untouchability was at its peak. Supreme God Kabir had met Saint Gheesa Das in a jungle when he was seven-eight years old. After imparting the true knowledge and initiation to him, God Kabir had disappeared. On growing up, Saint Shri Gheesa Das ji started delievering satsang. People of the nearby places on listening to his sermons and taking initiation started becoming free from crises. People used to work in the day to earn their livelihood and listen to the satsang at night. Gheesa Das ji used to deliver satsang on two days in a month. Men and women both used to go to the satsang at night. People in the village started talking that it is not appropriate for the women to go to satsang at night. Any unpleasant incident can occur. Therefore, the satsang should be stopped. A village assembly was held in village Khekhra. A decision was made in the village assembly to stop the satsang, and the head of the village assembly, Chaudhary Jeeta Ram ji, was asked to himself deliver this message. Chaudhary Jeeta Ram went to Saint Gheesaram ji’s house. That day, a satsang was going on. The decision of the Village Assembly had become known to everyone in the village. When Chaudhary Jeeta Ram reached there, the audience of the satsang felt that Chaudhary Sahib has a Jaat mind. He will quarrel with the saint. Jeeta Ram had carried a stick with him from home. He kept it along a tree on the way, and then moved forward. He thought that devotees do not fight. It does not befit an arbitrator to take a stick in a good assembly. The Satsang was going on. Chaudhary Sahib thought that – ‘Let me listen to what he says, then I will speak with him later.’ The same knowledge was delivered in the satsang that you have read in the account of Harlal ji. Chaudhary Sahib became emotional. Tears started flowing from his eyes. He got up and put his head at the feet of Saint Gheesa ji, and said, “O Gurudev! Whether you punish or forgive the criminal me, I have committed a grave mistake. I, an insignificant being, have brought the message of stopping the satsang. Forgive me, Lord. You may do as much Satsang as you want; nobody will stop you.” Saint Gheesa ji said, “Chaudhary Sahib! Do what you had come to do.” Jeeta Jaat again started crying and said, “Forgive me, Forgive me; Give me initiation.” Chaudhary Jeeta Ram Jaat became a devotee. He himself also started listening to the satsang at night. In every home of village Khekhra, people started criticising Chaudhary Jeeta Ram Jaat’s going into the refuge of Saint Gheesaram ji. People started saying, “Saint Gheesaram is a sorcerer; he knows incantations. By casting a magic spell on the Village’s Chaudhary, he has brought him under his control. He knows the art of hypnosis.” The family members of Chaudhary Jeeta Ram, his sons, brothers and uncles, all turned against Jeeta Ram Jaat and Saint Gheesaram. The villagers started saying to Chaudhary Jeeta Ram, “Chaudhary Sahib! You have also become decadent in old age.” Spiritual (ghaam) heat had struck Chaudhary Jeeta Ram, that is, he had been strongly influenced by the knowledge. He used to say, “O Villagers! My fortune has turned favourable that I became a devotee, and decadent in your eyes. May all of you become decadents like me! Without decadence, purpose will not be served.” A few days later, a village assembly was held, and Saint Gheesa Das ji and Devotee Jeeta Ram were decreed to quit the village. Both the guru and the disciple immediately quit that village and went to a far off village. They started doing satsang there and explaining knowledge to the people. Many people became their followers. After the departure of the saints, untimely deaths started occurring in village Khekhra. Wrath of God commenced in the houses of the members of the Village Council. Someone’s fodder started catching fire; someone’s animals started dying. Someone’s family got possessed with ghosts; someone’s daughter became widow; someone suffered from stroke. A disease spread among the animals of the village. Some people of the village went to an exorcist to find out the reason behind the upheaval in the village. The exorcist told them that – “A pair of a saint and a devotee used to live in your village. They have left the village. The village will only flourish if they will come back, otherwise, it will get ruined. Those people came back to the village and holding a village meeting told it to everyone. The distinguished people of the village went to the other village to bring the saint and the devotee back. Devotee Jeeta Das said to Guru ji Gheesa Das ji, “Gurudev! It seems that the villagers have come to expel us from here too. Look, they are coming.” Saint Gheesa Das ji said, “Put the bedsheet on your shoulder. We will depart from here.” Just then the village headmen came nearer and kept their respective turbans at the feet of Saint Gheesa and Devotee Jeeta ji. Everyone said, “Maharaj ji! Forgive us. Since your departure, the village has been getting ruined. Please save it if you can. Otherwise we will also live with you here.” The people of that village also gathered there. They came to know about the entire incident. The people of the current village said, “Headmen! If you will settle, we will get ruined. Since these two godly men have come, no one in the village has even had a squabble. It has rained twice. See, the crops are thriving.” When the people of Khekhra village made special request, both the greatmen agreed to return and said to the people of the current village, “We will keep visiting from time to time. On every full moon day you may come to Khekhra. God Kabir will keep everything well.” As soon as the two saints returned, the entire Khekhra village became absolutely peaceful. The livestock became healthy. The next day it rained heavily. The villagers were elated. People of the 36 communities were happy. All the upheaval ended. Till today fares on the name of Saint Gheesa Das ji and devotee Jeeta Das ji are held in that village. Saint Garibdas ji has stated: -

Garib, jis mandal sadhu nahin, nadi nahin gunjaar |
Taj hansa vah desra, jam ki moti maar ||

            Therefore, O Readers! Whenever at whatever age, you find a Satguru, start doing bhakti. Saint Garibdas ji has said: -

Garib, chali gayi so jaan de, le rehti koon raakh |
Utri laav chadaayiyo, karo apoothi chaak ||

Meaning: - Leaving worry of the life that has passed, save whatever is remaining, that is, devote your remaining life to bhakti, charity and service. Like, in olden days, a leather bucket was used for drawing water from the well to irrigate the fields. In that leather bucket, two-three quintal water used to get filled. It was pulled with a thick rope on a wooden wheel. If the rope slipped off the wheel, it used to become difficult to pull it. It was somehow put back on the wooden wheel, by which it used to become easy to pull the leather bucket out. That was the actual method of benefitting from it. Therefore, O Human Being! If you have not taken the refuge of a Guru, then your rope has slipped off. Every task of life has become difficult. Put that rope of life back on the wheel, and then pull it, it will become easy, that is, make your way of living easy by taking refuge of Guru ji. 

FAQs about "Chaudhary Jeeta Jaat Became Enlightened"

Q.1 Who was Chaudhary Jeeta Jaat, and how did he become enlightened?

Chaudhary Jeeta Jaat was a wealthy and influential individual in village Khekra, Uttar Pradesh. He became enlightened through the teachings of Saint Gheesa Das Ji, who imparted true spiritual knowledge and initiation to him.

Q.2 What led to a village assembly deciding to stop the satsang?

At the time when Chaudhary Jeeta Jaat became enlightened, untouchability was prevalent, and there was a lot of skepticism about spiritual teachings, especially among women attending satsangs at night. Concerns about women's safety at night and skepticism about Saint Gheesa Das Ji's teachings led to a village assembly deciding to stop the satsang.

Q. 3 What happened to Chaudhary Jeeta Jaat during the satsang that changed his perspective?

Chaudhary Jeeta Jaat initially approached the satsang with a skeptical mindset, carrying a stick with him, but he decided to listen first before taking any action. During the satsang, Chaudhary Jeeta Jaat became emotional and moved by the teachings. He eventually put his head at the feet of Saint Gheesa Das Ji and asked for forgiveness, expressing a desire for initiation since he recognised that Sant Gheesa Das is no ordinary person but the supreme power.

Q.4 What happened after a village assembly decreed that Saint Gheesa Das ji and Devotee Jeeta Ram should leave the village?

The villagers criticized Chaudhary Jeeta Ram Jaat for becoming a devotee, accusing Saint Gheesa Das of using sorcery or hypnosis to control him. Annoyed by this, saints left the village and began doing satsang and spreading knowledge in another village, where they gained many followers.

Q.5 What happened when the villagers of Khekra decided to bring the saints back?

After the saints left, the village experienced misfortunes and disasters, which led the villagers to believe that their departure was causing these troubles. The villagers went to the other village to bring the saints back, and they apologized, expressing their belief that the village was suffering without them. The saints agreed to return.

Q.6 How did the return of the saints affect village Khekra?

With the return of the saints, peace was restored in Khekra village, and the villagers witnessed improved conditions, including healthy livestock and rainfall. Fares on the name of Saint Gheesa Das Ji and devotee Jeeta Das Ji continue to be held in the village to this day.

Q.7 What message does Saint Garibdas Ji convey in the provided text?

Saint Garibdas Ji emphasizes the importance of seeking a Satguru (true spiritual teacher) and engaging in devotion, charity, and service to make one's life meaningful. He used the analogy of a leather bucket with a rope to illustrate that finding a Satguru is like putting the rope of life back on the wheel, making life easier.

Q.8 What advice does Saint Garibdas Ji offer to readers regarding their remaining life?

Saint Garibdas Ji advises readers to focus on devotion, charity, and service in their remaining life and to seek a Satguru to guide them on the right path.


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Srikant Kumar

I find this story about the value of a true saint fascinating. However, in today's world, it's disheartening that so-called Gurus, under the guise of spirituality, are deceiving people, taking their money, and leading them astray. People often receive no real benefits from such Gurus. How can we distinguish a true Guru from a fake and genuinely benefit from their spiritual guidance?

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your engagement with our article. It is indeed unfortunate that many false Gurus exist, causing people to lose faith. However, it's essential to remember that not all Gurus are the same. Some genuinely work for the betterment of society without selfish motives. True spiritual saints are worthy of respect, and following their guidance can lead to a successful life. Presently, Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is considered a complete Guru, offering guidance aligned with the Holy scriptures. Many devotees have experienced positive changes in their lives after following his teachings. We recommend gaining knowledge about recognizing a genuine Guru by listening to Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj's discourses and reading the book "Jeene Ki Rah."

Sumit Maurya

I believe that there are no true Gurus at this time. Recently, in my village, a self-proclaimed saint claiming to represent God was exposed for deceiving people and extorting money from them. The villagers handed him over to the police after beating him, and thankfully, there was no harm caused to our village as mentioned in the article.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your engagement with our article and value your opinion. In today's world, with a multitude of Gurus, it can indeed be challenging to identify the true ones. However, our scriptures provide guidance for discerning genuine Gurus. One crucial characteristic of a true Guru is delivering knowledge in alignment with the scriptures and not seeking alms. There are many other characteristics to consider as well. Regarding the incident in your village, it's unfortunate that someone was taking advantage of people's faith. Punishing wrongdoers like this individual is just, and it will not harm spiritually. However, it's important to note that such actions do not apply to genuine saints. When true saints are present, and the glory of God is celebrated through satsangs, peace prevails in that place. We recommend recognizing a true Saint by reading the book "Jeene Ki Rah" and listening to Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj's spiritual discourses.