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Chapter “Bir Singh Bodh” on Page 123:

King Bir Singh had a young queen Sundardeyi. She had also taken initiation from Supreme God Kabir Ji. She had heard many satsangs, but had less faith. She did not use to recite naam (mantra), that is, she did not use to perform sadhna (religious practice). When the queen was in the final moments of her life, the messengers of Yam entered the Palace. Then the messengers of Yam entered into the queen’s body and started waiting for the last breath. At that time, Queen Sundardeyi started feeling uneasiness in her body. The messengers of Yam started being visible. The king asked the queen, “What is the matter?” The queen said, “I am not finding anything interesting - the kingdom, the palace, the ornaments, nothing.” The queen said, “Invite sadhus and devotees to hold a discussion about God.” Sadhus and devotees came and started discussing about God and doing bhakti. It was of no benefit. The suffering in the queen’s body increased further. She became short of breath. She started having laboured breathing. The soul abandoning the Hridya Lotus fearfully ran towards Trikuti. The messengers of Yam surrounded her from all sides. All the four messengers of Yam surrounding the soul said that - “Come with us. Hari (God) has called you.” Then the soul of the queen recalled the words of Satsang. She said to the messengers of Yam, “O Rapscallions! Wicked People! How did you come here? Our Satguru is our Master. You cannot take me. My Satguru Dhani (Master) has given me naam (mantra). I will go when my Guruji will come.” On hearing this, the messengers of Yam said, “If you have any master, then call him; otherwise come with us to the court of God.” The soul said: -

Dharni (earth) aakash se nagar niyara | tahaan nivaajae Dhani hamara ||
Agam shabd jab bhaakhae naau | tab yam jeev ke nikat nahin aaun ||

            Meaning: - Initially, the queen did not believe that the knowledge that Satguru ji was imparting in the Satsang was true. She used to think that this is only a story because all the servants and maids used to come running on her orders. She used to eat whatever she wished, and wore beautiful clothes and ornaments. She had thought that she will continue to enjoy like this. This was the battery charged from previous life. Although she got the charger (mantra) in the present life, she did not switch it on, that is, she did not do sadhna. When the the battery gets discharged, all the facilities stop. Then neither the fan functions nor the bulb glows.  One can keep switching on the buttons, but there is no action. Similarly, when the wealth of bhakti (charge) of the previous life of a soul finishes, all the facilities are taken away. The soul is put in hell. Then it realises. By then it is too late. There is nothing left other than remorse and crying. Queen Sundardeyi had listened to the satsang. She had taken initiation from a Complete Satguru. She had not earned the wealth of (recited) naam (mantra). She had not become Gurudrohi. She did not use to criticise the Guru. The queen remembered Satguru that – O Satguru! O my Master! The messengers of Yam have surrounded me. Please release this servant of yours. I have taken your initiation. Today I have realised that no one is of any help in this time of adversity, neither husband, nor wife, nor son-daughter, nor brother-sister, nor king, nor the public.” The soul of the queen remembered Satguru from her heart. Immediately, Satguru Kabir Ji appeared there. The queen ran and fell at the feet of Satgurudev ji. At that very moment, the messengers of Yam ran away and went to Hari, that is, Dharmraj, and told him that when her Satguru came, the whole place got illuminated.

The soul had recited Sat Sukrit mantra. That is all she remembered. Due to this reason, she was released from the messengers of Yam and her life was increased. Then the queen did bhakti with full dedication. Then Satguru Kabir Ji again imparted Satnaam and Saarnaam to her. She earned the wealth of recitation of mantra. The world started appearing vain to her. The kingdom, wealth and family seemed alien to her. The time of death seemed to be near. Due to this, the queen did bhakti by surrendering her body-mind-wealth in the feet of Satguru, and went to Satyalok. There, Supreme God (Satya Purush) in front of the soul of the queen asked His own other image of Satguru that – “O Kadihaar! (Saviour) How did the messengers of Yam stop my soul?” Kabir Ji in Satguru form said, “O Supreme God! She did not do bhakti after taking initiation. That is why the messengers of Yam had surrounded her. I released her.” Supreme God Kabir Ji asked the soul, “Why did you not do Bhakti? How did you come to Satyalok?”

Holding her head down, the soul said, “Earlier, I did not have faith. Then on seeing the torture of the messengers of Yam, I remembered You. Your knowledge seemed to be true. I invoked You. You saved me. Then I was again given life. I did your bhakti with full dedication then. After taking complete initiation, by Your grace alone, with the cooperation of Guru Ji, I have been able to reach here in your feet.” After going to Satyalok, a devotee is sent to the other devotees. One gets a beautiful, immortal body. One gets a huge residential palace. An aircraft is parked in the courtyard. Supernatural powers await orders. They instantly become active like electricity, just as on switching the button on, a machine that runs by electricity immediately starts functioning. Similarly, there is button (switch) of “word” there. Whatever you want, say it. That object or substance would appear before you. Like as soon as the desire to have food will arise, activities will start happening in your kichen. Plates and glasses will be served. After a short while, if one feels like having food, then one will be raised by supernatural power and kept in the kitchen. If a minute later, one wishes something else, then also all the arrangements will be made immediately. If one wishes to roam around, one will perceive an activity in the aircraft. As soon as one will go near the aircraft, its door will open. The aircraft will start. Whichever island one would wish to go to, the aircraft will fly towards it on thinking about it. As soon as you will wish for fruits, fresh fruits will be plucked from the trees and kept before you. This Kaal Lok is a copy of Satyalok. In the same way, there are families of males and females in Satyalok. In Satyalok, offsprings are produced in two ways – by word and through intercourse. It depends on the Hans. The area where offsprings are produced by word is all around the throne of Satpurush. The area where families are formed by males and females is beyond that. Those who produce offsprings only by word only produce males. There is no old age in Satyalok. In the region of males and females, both girls and boys are produced. They marry each other only by word. The children that are produced are the souls who have gone after being liberated from Kaal’s Lok. Then they never die, neither do they grow old. Those who go to Satyalok after being liberated are first of all made to have an audience with Satyapurush. At that time, they have the same appearance as they have on earth; if an old person goes from below, then there in front of Satpurush, he/she goes in the same state and appearance. His/her brightness becomes equivalent to the combined light of sixteen suns. Thereafter, one is sent to that place which is completely separate. After going there, his/her appearance remains the same, but the brightness of his/her body becomes equivalent to the light of sixteen suns. If a person has gone in old age from below, then he/she becomes young. If someone is young, then he/she remains young, and if someone is a child, then he/she remains a child. There, some are given the body of male or female by the word of Satpurush. Some are converted into a seed form, who then take birth once in someone’s family in Satyalok and acquire a family. In that place, those Hans, who have gone after being liberated from Kaal Lok and Akshar Lok, will take birth once. They are kept in a secluded place. They take birth in both the places (in the place where offsprings are produced by word and where they take birth from male-female). The percentage of those produced from male-female is more. The ratio is 10:90. 10% are produced by word and 90% are produced by the tradition of marriage.

In Satyalok, the brightness of the body of males and females is equivalent to the light of sixteen suns. Mini Satlok and Mansarover come prior to Satlok. There, the brightness of the body of both males and females is equal to the light of four suns. Then one goes ahead. When one reaches the Eighth Lotus formed in the Lok of ParBrahm, the brightness of the Hans and Hansni, that is, male and female becomes equivalent to the light of twelve suns. Then the brightness of everyone’s body becomes equivalent to the light of sixteen suns in the Bhanwar Cave built in Satyalok.

Evidence – Kabir Sagar Chapter “Mohammad Bodh” Page 20, 21 and 22 in ‘Dash Muqami Rekhta’: -

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FAQs about "It is Mandatory to Recite (Naam) Mantra After Initiation"

Q.1 Who was Queen Sundardeyi, and what was her spiritual journey in this story?

Queen Sundardeyi was a queen who took initiation from Supreme God Kabir Ji but initially lacked faith in spiritual practices. She did not recite the Naam (mantra) and avoided sadhana (religious practice) due to her luxurious life as a queen.

Q.2 Why did Queen Sundardeyi's condition worsen as she approached her death?

As Queen Sundardeyi approached her death, the messengers of Yam (deity of death) entered her body, and she began to feel uneasiness and suffering. Her lack of spiritual practice and devotion left her vulnerable to these forces.

Q. 3 How did Queen Sundardeyi seek help when the messengers of Yam approached her?

When surrounded by the messengers of Yam, Queen Sundardeyi remembered her Satguru, Kabir Ji, and invoked Him for help. She pleaded for His assistance. Queen Sundardeyi had recited the Sat Sukrit mantra, which played a crucial role in her rescue from the messengers of Yam. This mantra held the key to her release.

Q.4 Why did Queen Sundardeyi's life get extended?

Queen Sundardeyi's life was extended because she had recited the Sat Sukrit mantra and Almighty God Kabir Ji saved her in the form of Satguru. After this, the Queen practiced devotion with full dedication after her near-death experience. She earned the wealth of reciting the mantra and achieved salvation.

Q.5 What special abilities and experiences do devotees have in Satyalok?

In Satyalok, devotees have a beautiful, immortal body, a large residential palace, an aircraft at their disposal, and supernatural powers. They can manifest their desires through the power of their words.

Q.6 How are offspring produced in Satyalok?

Offsprings are produced in Satyalok in two ways: by word and through intercourse. The area near the throne of Satpurush produces offspring by word, while male-female couples in Satyalok produce children through traditional marriage.


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I've been reciting the Gayatri Mantra every morning and before bed since my childhood. I've heard that the Gayatri Mantra is incredibly powerful and can bring happiness and salvation.

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Dear reader, we appreciate your engagement with our article. The Gayatri Mantra is derived from Yajurveda Chapter 36, Mantra 3, and it's important to note that "Om" is not a part of the original mantra. Altering or adding words to a holy scripture is not considered right, as no one can possess more knowledge than God. According to the Gita Ji, any spiritual practice that deviates from the scriptures is considered futile. In Gita Ji, Chapter 17, Verse 23, three mantras of salvation are mentioned in a coded form, which can only be revealed by a complete Guru. To attain complete salvation, it is mandatory to receive initiation from a complete Guru first. To gain deeper insights into salvation, we recommend reading the entire book "Jeene Ki Rah" and listening to spiritual discourses by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.

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Is it necessary to have a Guru to chant any mantra? God has provided us with knowledge and scriptures, just as Gurus have, so why should we seek initiation from them? Can't we worship God by chanting mantras on our own

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