Adhyatmik Gyan Charcha | Spiritual Debate

Adhyatmik Gyan Charcha | Spiritual Debate

Living within a world where people are busy running behind name and fame, obtaining a complete Guru hasn't got much attention in spite of being the most important aspect of life. And in that process, Spiritual Debates presented by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj makes it clear how important it is to find the right Spiritual Teacher in life.

By compiling these spiritual debates with many renowned saints from renowned sects, Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj has successfully derooted their false method of worship so as to bring the truth out in front of innocent devotees. 

Starting with other Kabir Panthi saints including Prakash Muni Saheb, Madhu Paramhansh Ji,  Parkhi Abhilash Das Kabir panthi and others who have failed to identify the identity of Kabir Saheb as Supreme God, who still consider Him as Satguru. Adding to their lies are the wrong interpretation and meaning of Satnaam, Sarnaam and path of attaining salvation. And Sant Rampal Ji has successfully exposed these flaws in their separate debates.

Further, He(Sant Rampal Ji) has also successfully unfolded and exposed the oldest sect of Radha Soami (and its branches like Jai Gurudev Sect from Mathura) by revealing the misleading spiritual knowledge out of their published books. With their founder Shri Shiv Dayal Ji having acquired no Guru before starting his spiritual journey has violated the basics of spirituality. How can their path of worship be considered authentic if their base of Guru lineage is already absent?

Along with it He(Sant Rampal Ji) has also exposed the foul points in the books and spiritual knowledge shared by Arya Samaji Chief Dayanand Saraswati. Renowned as the knower of holy Vedas, Dayanand hasn't shown any sign about knowledge of Holy Vedas in his books like Satyarth Prakash. It has also been found that he was addicted to intoxication. Now it is on us to be wise, how can a person who himself is addicted to intoxication can be called as a social reformer?

And if we look at the Shankaracharyas and Gita manishi Shri Swami Gyananad Ji who are considered as the most spiritually knowledgeable, they are also exposed by Him(Sant Rampal Ji). As they failed to identify the identity of God as in form and still call themselves spiritually knowledgeable. While the latter, Swami Gyananad Ji possesses no knowledge of Holy Gita ji as he is unaware about the real mantras of salvation mentioned in it. 

Therefore, as these saints are befooling us for their own pride and income, let us explore these compiled spiritual debates to get an idea on how we are being misled in the name of God.