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Reason of Sufferings in Life By Not Doing True Bhakti

It is stated in Sukshm Ved: -

Yeh sansar samjhda naahin, kehnda sham dupahare noo |
Garibdas yeh vakt jaat hai, rovoge is pehre noo ||

In the absence of spiritual knowledge, because of being unfamiliar with the law of God, this living being is suffering extreme misery in this world of sorrows, and is considering this itself to be the place of happiness.

Like, a person is lying in a drunken state in the scorching heat of the month of June at 12pm or 1 pm in Haryana State. He is sweating profusely. His body is covered with sand. Someone said to him, “O Brother! Get up. Let me make you sit under a tree, you are getting sunburnt here.” The drunkard said, “I am completely fine. I am enjoying myself. I have no problems.”

Someone went to a court for some reason. He met his relative there. They asked each other’s wellbeing. Both of them said, “All is well. We are enjoying ourselves.”
One person’s only child was very unwell. He had admitted him to P.G.I. There was a very little hope of survival of the child. The condition of the parents in such a state is easily understandable. Their relatives came to meet them and asked, “How is the child?” The father said, “There is no hope of survival.” Then they asked, “How is everything else?” The father said, “Everything else is fine.”

Please think: - That person was bearing the heat of scorching sun in the intoxicated state. Nonetheless, he was saying that he is enjoying himself.

Both of the relatives who met in court were saying that everything is fine. Just think that a person who is stuck in the mill of court cannot be happy even in dreams. Nevertheless, both of them were saying that they are enjoying themselves, that is, they are happy.

A person who’s only child is on death bed, how can he be fine? Therefore, it is stated in Sukshm Ved that this living being is considering the immense misery in this world of sorrows to be happiness.

Yeh sansar samjhda naahin, kehnda sham dupahare noo |
Garibdas yeh vakt jaat hai, rovoge is pehre noo ||

Sant Garibdas has said that a person who on acquiring a human life does not do bhakti bears hardships in the lives of a dog, donkey etc. At night a dog cries looking at the sky. Therefore, Garibdas ji has explained that if you do not do bhakti and this time of human life gets out of your hands, then you will cry thinking about this time. 

FAQs about "One Will Suffer Extreme Misery Due to Not Doing Bhakti"

Q.1 What is Bhakti?

Bhakti is the act of devotion to God, involving initiation from a Guru, the chanting of a given mantra with love, and the adherence to prescribed rules and regulations.

Q.2 Why is practicing bhakti important?

Practicing bhakti is crucial as it enables a profound connection with God, inviting divine blessings, inner peace, and eventual salvation. It aids in humbling the ego and nurturing empathy. Bhakti cultivates a transformative love for God, fostering qualities of serenity, affection, and empathy, ultimately leading to spiritual liberation.

Q. 3 What advantages arise from practicing bhakti?

The practice of Bhakti offers manifold advantages, such as eternal joy, mental tranquility, contentment, compassion for others, liberation from ego, and protection from harm. Ultimately, it facilitates the attainment of salvation.

Q.4 What are the repercussions of neglecting Bhakti?

Choosing not to engage in bhakti can result in suffering across subsequent lifetimes in various forms. Those who disregard this devotion undergo cyclic rebirth and even experience distress in hell.

Q.5 How can one initiate their practice of Bhakti?

One can initiate their Bhakti practice by receiving initiation from a genuine Guru. Subsequently, they should earnestly follow the Guru's guidance, adhere diligently to prescribed disciplines, and sustain this devotion throughout their life. By doing so, individuals can reap both worldly benefits and spiritual protection, ultimately progressing toward salvation.


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Anjan Basu

Why is devotion so important in human life?

Satlok Ashram

True Devotion of God Kabir Sahib is only important in human life because He is the provider of salvation. The only aim of human life is attainment of Salvation. The devotion done of any Demi God is useless.

Swati Tripathi

Do animals remain in animal life form always and human beings always remain in the life form of humans?

Satlok Ashram

No, every soul has to suffer in 84 lacs life species according to the law of God. Today who has obtained human birth will go in next life form after death like he/she will become a dog, swine, ghost, pitra. He/she may also become a deity and go to heaven then to suffer in hell. This vicious cycle goes on. Souls in animal form will go to the next species and so on.

Priyank Singh

We worship Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Goddesses Durga and other gods. What is the meaning of true worship? Is their worship not true? What is the difference?

Satlok Ashram

True worship means scriptures based worship which is proven in holy Vedas, pious Gita which is according to the law of God. Because with true worship of God Kabir one can attain salvation. The worship of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva is arbitrary not certified in holy scriptures since they are not the provider of salvation. This is the difference between true worship and arbitrary practice.