Biography of Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj with Salvation Story

Biography & Story of Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj

Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj

This article provides a detailed description of Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj related to his life and teachings which have been unknown to date, to the devotee society. Sant Garibdas Ji was fed with the true spiritual knowledge by the grace of God Kabir who was his guru and had shared his experience in the Sat Granth created by him almost 250 years ago. This relates to the facts provided in all holy scriptures that the sole aim of human birth is to do true worship and attain God. A study on Sant Garibdas Ji reveals the fact that he had strongly opposed the arbitrary practices prevalent amongst the society and had also taught that social evils like untouchability, casteism, communalism, etc should be abandoned. These hidden facts have been unfolded by the great Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Let us analyze the biography and teachings of the great Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj.

Who was Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj?

Respected Garibdas Ji Maharaj was the founder of the Garibdasi sect (panth). He was a spiritual reformer. He was an Acharya ie. a spiritual leader who used to teach the Sants. Garibdas Ji has taught a different way to reach the ultimate goal of the human soul as has been discussed in Vedas, which is to attain God.

When was Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj Born?

Respected Garibdas Ji Maharaj was born in the family of Dhankar Jats in the early morning on a full moon day of the later part of Vaisakh in the year 1717 A.D (Vikrami Samvat 1774) in village Chhudani, District Jhajjar, Haryana. His father was Shri Balram Ji and his mother was Smt. Rani.

Sant Garib Das Ji's Meeting with Kabir Sahib

When respected Garibdas Ji has attained the age of 10 years; one day he along with his other fellow milkmen was tending his grazing cattle in his Nalaa field nearby approximately 1.5 km which is sticking to the boundary of Village Kablana. It has been mentioned in pious Vedas that God Kabir according to divine law comes and meets His virtuous souls. Similarly, God departed from Satlok (Sachkhand, Eternal Place) and appeared in the Nalaa field and as an embodied Jinda form ie. in the form of a Jinda Mahatma (a type of Sant) God Kabir Ji met the child Garibdas Ji. The fellow milkmen requested God Kabir who had appeared in the form of a Jinda Mahatma to have food. God Kabir declined the offer. On that, the milkmen said that if you are not going to have food, then have milk because God Kabir had said that I have come after having food from my ‘Satlok’ village. At that moment, God Kabir Sahib Ji said that I drink the milk of an unmarried cow only. The fellow milkmen were surprised to hear; how can a maiden cow give milk? God Kabir Ji asked them to bring a clean utensil in which milk can be kept. Then child Garibdas Ji brought an empty pot and an unmarried cow to God Kabir Ji and said, ‘Babaji, how can this unmarried cow give milk?’. KavirDev (Kabir God) patted on the back of that unmarried calf and automatically milk started flowing from the udders of the unmarried calf and stopped when the pot became full. God Kabir Ji drank that milk and offered the remaining milk to milkmen but they got suspicious and did not drink saying this milk is of ‘Jantar-Mantar we will not drink’. The virtuous soul; the child Garibdas Ji drank some as prasad (blessed drink). This was all the spectacle of God Kabir.

Respected Sant Garibdas Ji’s Visit to Satlok

God Kabir then told Garibdas Ji about Satlok. On this Garibdas Ji requested God Kabir to show him His Satlok. God Kabir Ji gave initiation (mantra) to Garibdas Ji and took Garibdas Ji's soul out of his body and took him to Satlok. On the way, God Kabir also showed Garibdas Ji the other loks of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Indralok, Heaven. On reaching Satlok, child Garibdas Ji saw God Kabir sitting on the throne. Then God Kabir in Jinda Mahatma form who was accompanying Garibdas Ji started moving a wisk around the head of God Kabir sitting on the throne. Then God Kabir in Jinda Mahatma form sat on the throne and God Kabir already sitting on the throne stood up and started moving the wisk around the head of God Kabir in Jinda Mahatma form. Moments later both the forms merged into each other and only God Kabir in Jinda Mahatma form remained sitting on the throne and the wisk continued to move automatically.

After showing His two forms in Satlok and then sitting on the throne in Jinda form as the Master of all, God Kabir said that I, myself have lived in Kashi (Varanasi / Banaras) for 120 years as a weaver (Dhaanak). I had also met the Prophet Muhammad earlier. In Quran Sharif, the words Kabira, Kabiran, Khabira, Khabiran, Allahu Akbar, etc. point towards me only. I only met Shri Nanak Ji in the form of a Jinda Mahatma on the bank of river Bein {Jinda Mahatmas are in Muslims, who wears a black knee-length cloak (like an overcoat) and wear a conical hat on head}, and I only had met Shri Sultan Ibrahim Bin Adham Ji and Shri Dadu Ji and in all the four Vedas, the names Kavir Agni, KavirDev (KaviranghariH), etc are indicating towards me alone.

कबीर वेद हमारा भेद है, मैं मिलूँ वेदों से नाहीं । 
जौन वेद से मैं मिलूँ, वो वेद जानते नाहीं ॥

‘Kabir ved humaara bhed hai, main milu bedon se naahin
jaun ved se main miloon, vo ved jaante naahin’

God Kabir said that I only was sitting in Satlok much before the Vedas.

Later God Kabir released the soul of Garibdas Ji after showing Satlok.

Who was the Guru of Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj?

Satpurush Kabir was the Guru of Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj who embedded complete spiritual knowledge within him after his visit to ‘Satlok’. Thereafter, Garibdas Ji sung the eye-witnesssed glory of God and also created a Sat Granth (a collection of all the speeches uttered by Garib Das Ji). 

सतगुरु पुरुष कबीर है, यह चारों युग परवान |
यह झूठे गुरुवा मर गए, हो गए भूत मसान || 

Satguru Pursuh Kabir hai, yeh charon yug parwan | 
Yeh jhuttey guruan mar gaye, ho gaye bhoot masan ||

Creation of Sat Granth by Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj

(In Village Chhudani, District Jhajjar, Haryana, even today a memorial is present in that jungle where Sant Garibdas Ji had seen and met Purna Parmatma-Kabir Dev in a human body.) After the departure of the soul of Respected Garibdas Ji with God Kabir Bandichhor, the villagers considering him dead placed him on a pyre and started preparing to cremate him. At that very moment, God Kabir entered (introduced) the soul of Respected Garibdas Ji in his body. Ten years old boy Garibdas became alive. Thereafter, he created a book named ‘Satgranth’ of his sacred speech on the eye-witnessed account of that Purna Parmatma (Complete God Kabir Sahib).

DaduPanthi Mahatma Gopal Das was visiting village Chuddani and met with Garib Das Ji Maharaj. On hearing the sacred speech from Garib Das Ji's mouth, Gopal Das Ji urged Garib Das Ji to dictate the whole speech so that he could write it. After three days of repeated requests by Gopal Das Ji, Garib Das Ji Maharaj agreed and the whole Sat Granth was then written which took six months to complete.

The Sat Granth Sahib has almost 24000 words and some 7000 verses with words from various languages like Gujrati, Arabic, etc., spoken at that time in different regions up to Afghanistan and across the Himalayan valleys. This scripture is called ‘Garibdasi Granth’ which contains the knowledge of Bhakti and Sadhna still followed by many Kabir Panthies and Garibdas Panthies. 

Nevertheless, the followers in both sects (Kabir Panthies and Garibdas Panthies) are advised that mere recitation of this Sat Grant in the absence of Satguru will provide them no spiritual benefit hence, all readers are advised to take refuge of great Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj who has untangled hidden spiritual facts from holy scriptures and is providing true worship. 

Let us study a few speeches from Sat Granth as narrated by respected Sant Garibdas Ji.

Evidence of God Kabir in Sacred Speech by Garibdas Ji from Sat Granth Sahib

अजब नगर में ले गया, हमकूं सतगुरु आन। झिलके बिम्ब अगाध गति, सूते चादर तान।।

Ajab nagar mein le gaya, humkoon Satguru aan 
Jhilke bimb agaadh gati, soote chaadar taan

अनन्त कोटि ब्रह्मण्ड का एक रति नहीं भार। सतगुरु पुरुष कबीर हैं कुल के स जन हार।।

Anant koti brahmand ka, ek rati nahin bhaar 
Satguru Purush Kabir hain, kul ke srjan haar

गैबी ख्याल विशाल सतगुरु, अचल दिगम्बर थीर है। भक्ति हेत काया धर आये, अविगत सत् कबीर हैं।।

Gaibi khyaal vishaal Satguru, achal digambar theer hai 
Bhakti het kaaya dhar aaye, avigat Sat Kabir hain

हरदम खोज हनोज हाजर, त्रिवैणी के तीर हैं। दास गरीब तबीब सतगुरु, बन्दी छोड़ कबीर हैं।।

Hardam khoj hanoj haajar, trivaini ke teer hain 
Das Garib tabeeb Satguru, bandichhod Kabir hain

हम सुल्तानी नानक तारे, दादू कूं उपदेश दिया। जात जुलाहा भेद नहीं पाया, काशी माहे कबीर हुआ।।

Hum Sultani Nanak tare, Dadu koon updesh diya 
Jaat julaaha bhed nahin paaya, kaashi maahe Kabir hua

सब पदवी के मूल हैं, सकल सिद्धि हैं तीर। दास गरीब सतपुरुष भजो, अविगत कला कबीर।।

Sab padvi ke mool hain, sakal siddhi hain teer 
Garib SatPurush bhajo, avigat kalaa Kabir

जिंदा जोगी जगत् गुरु, मालिक मुरशद पीर। दहूँ दीन झगड़ा मंड्या, पाया नहीं शरीर।।

Jinda jogi Jagat Guru, maalik murshad peer 
Dahoon deen jhagda mandya, paaya nahin shareer

गरीब जिस कूं कहते कबीर जुलाहा। सब गति पूर्ण अगम अगाहा।।

Garib, jis koon kahte Kabir julaaha 
Sab gati purna agam agaaha

In the aforesaid speech, Respected Garibdas Ji Maharaj has made it clear that the weaver (Dhaanak) of Kaashi city also gave me naam and conveyed me across (liberated me). This weaver (Dhaanak) of Kaashi himself is (SatPurush) Purna Brahm (Supreme God).

Parmeshwar Kabir only came in Jinda form from Satlok and took me to the Ajab Nagar (Strange/remarkable city Satlok). Where there is only happiness, there are no worries; there is no grief of the sufferings in the bodies of other living beings. That is the ultimate peaceful world.

This very SatPurush, who had come in Kashi city as a weaver, by appearing at different-different times had conveyed across Respected Shri Ibrahim Sultan Adham Ji and Respected Dadu Ji and also Respected Nanak Ji by giving them Satnaam. That same KavirDev (God Kabir) whose one hair follicle has brightness similar to that of crores of suns and is visible as a man, by putting another body of faded masses of lights over His actual bright body meets us in this mortal world because the naked eyes can not bear the light of the actual form of that God.

अनंत लोक ताना तनया, गूढ़ी गांठी तू बीनि | गरीबदास केशव कहे ||
Anant Lok tana tanya, gunthi ganthi tu beeni, Garibdas Keshav kahe ||

Aforesaid speech is a conversation between Almighty Kabir and Keshav. In this speech Sant Garibdas Ji glorifies Almighty Kabir saying that ‘he only is the creator of the entire universe’.

Respected Garibdas Ji has said in his sacred speech

सर्व कला सतगुरु साहिब की, हरि आय हरियाणा नू ll
‘Sarv kalaa Satguru Saheb ki, Hari aaye Hariyaane nu’

The meaning is that the area where Supreme God Kabir Hari (KavirDev) came, its name is ‘Haryana’ i.e. ‘a holy place where Parmatma (God) came’. Because of which started calling the nearby regions as ‘Hari-aana’ (Haryana). In 1966 A.D. in the division of the Punjab state, this region got the name ‘Hari-aana’ (Haryana). The speech spoken around 236 years ago proved right in 1966 that when the time will arrive, this region will become popular as the Haryana state, which is clearly evident today.

After the compilation of pious Kabir Sagar 600 years ago by God Kabir through his dear devotee Dharamdas Ji; God knew that over the period the agents of Kaal will distort some speech from holy scripture Kabir Sagar. Therefore, for its fulfillment, God Kabir provided Garibdas Ji the true spiritual knowledge to spread his own knowledge. Garibdas Ji has spoken numerous banis after he met Almighty Kabir Saheb which are compiled into a Granth Sahib. The gist of banis uttered by Garibdas Ji is the knowledge given by Supreme God Kabir Saheb. 

Let us read a few banis (speech) and understand the knowledge Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj has given through these speeches.

  • Respected Garibdas Ji’s sacred speech on immortal God Kabir.
  • Evidence of nature’s creation in respected Garibdas Ji’s sacred speech.
  • Sant Garibdas Ji glorifies Satguru.
  • Sant Garibdas Ji’s speech on Prophet Mohammad.
  • Sant Garibdas Ji’s speech on Kafir.
  • Sant Garibdas Ji’s speech on Ibrahim Adham Sultan. 
  • Sant Garibdas Ji speech on pious Muslim devotee – Rabia Basri.
  • Sant Garibdas Ji’s speech- greediness in the path of worship is a sin.
  • Sant Garibdas Ji’s sacred speech in ‘Parakh Ka Ang’.
  • Sant Garibdas Ji’s sacred speech in ‘Achala Ka Ang’-(97-113). 
  • Sant Garibdas Ji’s speech on Good and Bad Women.

Respected Garibdas Ji’s Sacred Speech on Immortal God Kabir

गरीब, महिमा अबिगत नाम की, जानत बिरले संत आठ पहर धुनि ध्यान है, मुनि जन अनंत।77||
गरीब, चन्द सूर पानी पवन, धरनी धौल अकास पांच तत्त हाजरि खड़े, खिजमतिदार खवास।।78।।
गरीब, काल करम करै बदंगी, महाकाल अरदास । मन माया अरु धरमराय, सब सिर नाम उपास।I79 ।।
गरीब, काल डर करतार सै, मन माया का नास। चंदन अंग पलटे सबै, एक खाली रह गया बांस I80 ।।
गरीब, सजन सलौना राम है, अबिगत अन्यत न जाइ। बाहिर भीतर एक है, सब घट रह्या समाइ। i8I ।।
गरीब, सजन सलौना राम है, अंचल अभंग एका आदि अंत जाके नहीं, ज्यू का त्यूही देख। 182||
गरीब, सजन सलौना राम है, अचल अभंग ऐंन । महिमा कही न जात है, बोले मधुरै बैन। 83 ||
गरीब, सजन सलौना राम है, अचल अभंगी आदि। सतगुरु मरहम तासका, साखि भरत सब साध |I84 ।।
गरीब, सजन सलौना राम है, अचल अभंगी पीर चरण कमल हंसा रहे, हम हैं दामनगीर | 185||
गरीब, सजन सलौना राम है, अचल अभंगी आप। हद बेहद सें अगम है, जपो अजपा जाप ।।86 ।।
गरीब, ऐसा भगली जोगिया, जानत है सब खेल। बीन बजावें मोहिनी, जुग जंत्र सब मेल ।।87 |।

Meaning: Sant Garibdas Ji in an aforesaid speech glorifies the eternal God Kabir who is remembered by all deities, Dharamrai even by Brahm-Kaal and Maya. Everyone fears the supreme god and worships him day and night. God’s glory is transcendent.

Evidence of Nature’s Creation in Respected Garibdas Ji’s Sacred Speech

Ref: Aadi Ramaini- Sat Granth, page no. 690 - 692

Eyewitness respected Garibdas Ji has mentioned in detail in ‘Sat Granth’ 

  • How was the universe created by Satpurush Kabir?
  • How was Jyoti Niranjan Brahm-Kaal and Durga created?
  • How did 21 universes of Brahm-Kaal come into existence and why were Brahm-Kaal and Durga expelled from Satlok?
  • Why was Brahm-Kaal cursed by Satpurush? and what was the curse?
  • How can souls be liberated from Kaal’s trap?

Ref: Speech of Garibdas Ji Maharaj-Excerpt from Sat Granth Sahib, Page no. 690

The set-up of Brahm-Kaal’s region is well explained by Garibdas Ji Maharaj.

  • How do three gods-Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva misguide living beings to wander in heaven and hell in this ocean of the world (souls suffer in 84 lakhs life species)?
  • What is the role of devil Brahm-Kaal and Maya/Goddess Durga in 21 universes?.
  • How innocent souls remain trapped in 21 universes of Jyoti Niranjan?
  • Twenty-one universes of Brahm-Kaal are mortal.
  • Why is arbitrary worship useless?.
  • What is true worship?
  • How does true worship of Satpurush help souls get liberated from Kaal’s trap?

For details, please read - Creation of Nature In Sant Garibdas Ji’s Speech

Ref: Speech of Garibdas Ji Maharaj –Bhakti Bodh-Ath Brahm Vedi, page 34 and Pg 451 in Kabir Sagar

God is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent. God Kabir himself comes in this perishable world and glorifies himself therefore, He is called ‘Brahm Gyani’. Puran Parmatma is the well-wisher of all creatures and forgives even grave sins of his devotees. Sant Garibdas Ji has glorified God Kabir in Sat Granth in ‘Brahm Vedi’ in detail. He has explained the channels, ‘Lotus-chakras’ which are present within the body of each human being that extends along the length of the vertebral column and lies anterior to it. 

Sant Garibdas Ji has explained what are the mantras to activate Kamal Chakras? There are seven ‘Chakras’ in the human body and each is governed by a particular deity. Their worship is done for the clearance of account so that they may grant way while the soul leaves the body and heads towards Trikuti, subsequently for ‘Satlok’ via the region of ParBrahm-Akshar Purush. In this way, the soul attains complete salvation.

  1. In Mool chakra resides Lord Ganesha. This lotus has four petals.
  2. In Swad chakra resides Lord Brahma and Goddess Saraswati. This lotus has six petals. 
  3. In Nabhi chakra resides Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi. This lotus has eight petals.
  4. In Hriday chakra resides Lord Shankar and Goddess Parvati. This lotus has twelve petals. 
  5. In Kanth chakra resides Goddess Durga. This lotus has sixteen petals.
  6. In Sangam Chakra resides Goddess Saraswati (another form of Durga) along with 72 crore other beautiful females. This lotus has three petals. In one petal Goddess Saraswati along with 72 crore other females have set up the trap to attract devotee men. In the second petal, Brahm-Kaal resides along with crore males to attract female devotees to stuck them in the mortal universe of Brahm. In the third petal, Almighty KabirDev resides to alert and save his devotees from the trap of Brahm-Kaal and Durga.   
  7. At Trikuti-Satguru resides along with Brahm-Kaal. This lotus has two petals. In black petal, Brahm-Kaal resides and in the white resides Supreme God.
  8. Asht Chakra - This lotus has one-thousand petals. 
  9. Ninth Chakra is in mini Satlok, it is present in the subtle body. 

For details please refer to body chakras / lotuses

Sant Garibdas Ji has mentioned in ‘Brahm Vedi’ the secret two-word most powerful mantra of ParBrahm called ‘Satnam’. This is called ‘Ajappa Jaap’ and is done with the breath. The method to chant other mantras is also well explained by Sant Garibdas Ji which mantras are to be chanted till the last breath by every devotee. The complete description of the path to ‘Satlok’ is well described in Sat Granth as to how would the soul attain salvation?. This is recited by every devotee daily in the morning prayer called ‘Nityaniyam’, afternoon prayer called ‘Ramaeni’ and evening prayer called ‘Sandhya Arti’. 

Glorifying the two-word powerful mantra Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj says

सतनाम पालडे रंग होरी हो, चौदाह लोक चढ़ावे राम रंग होरी हो l
तीन लोक पासंग धरे रंग होरी हो, तो ना तुले तुलाया राम रंग होरी हो ll

Satnam padle rang hori ho, chaudah lok chadhave ram rang hori ho
Teen lok pasang dhare rang hori ho, toh na tuley tulaya ram rang hori ho

Sant Garibdas Ji Glorifies Satguru

Guru holds an important role in the path of devotion. Almighty Kabir Ji met Garibdas Ji when he was a ten-year-old boy. God took him to the eternal world ‘Satlok’ and made him familiar with all regions of the universe. Eye-witness Sant Garibdas Ji glorifies Satpurush in Satguru form. This account has been mentioned in Sat Granth’s holy book. 

सतगुरु के लक्षण कहूं, मधूरे बैन विनोद। 
चार वेद षट शास्त्रा, कहै अठारा बोध

“Satguru ke lakshan kahoon, madhure baen vinod | 
Chaar ved shat shastr, kahae athaara bodh ”

Satguru Garibdas Ji Maharaj tells the identity of a Complete Sant that the knower of all the four Vedas, six Shastras, eighteen Purans, etc is a Satguru. 

  • Satpurush Kabir descends from the upper region ‘Satlok’ for the welfare of creatures.
  • Without Satguru the path of bhakti remains unknown to the devotees.
  • Satguru is in human form and He only provides true spiritual knowledge.
  • Satguru is the savior. He is the liberator.
  • Satguru plays the divine spectacle of an enlightened Sant and imparts true spiritual knowledge and calls himself the servant of God (Das).
  • Only Satguru is the well-wisher of all creatures.
  • Satguru has a highly effulgent body. The brightness of his one hair follicle is more than a million suns and moons put together.
  • God is enthroned like an emperor in ‘Satlok’.
  • Nothing is impossible for Satguru. He is omnipotent.
  • Satguru forgives the sins of his true devotee and can change his/her destiny and provides a new life free from all sins.
  • Satguru can increase the life span of his devotee. Even ‘Yamdoots’ get scared of Satguru.
  • Satguru is merciful. He provides salvation mantra and saves trapped souls from the web of Brahm-Kaal.

Sant Garibdas Ji’s Sacred Speech on Prophet Mohammad

Ref: Speech in Sat Granth chapter Mohammad Bodh’ on page 576-577 and Mohammad Rameni’ on page 707

Eyewitness Garibdas Ji has mentioned the so far unknown account about Prophet Mohammad and the Islam religion in the chapter ‘Mohammad Bodh’ and ‘Mohammad Rameni’ in Sat Granth.

Hazrat Mohammad was born 600 years later in the ‘Yahudi’ community after the birth of ‘Isa-Massih’. At that time, all people in that community used to do idol worship. Mohammad was born by the union of an Angel (in subtle form) with his mother while she was asleep. The name of that Angel or Faqir (Sant) was Billa Rehman. This happened in the same way as ‘Isa Ji’ was born from the union of an angel with his mother ‘Mariam’. For the people of the world, Abdullah was the father of Hazrat Mohammad and Abdul Muatil was his grandfather.

It has been mentioned in ‘Sat Granth’ 

मुसलमान बिस्तार बिल्ला का, नोज उदर घर संजम जाका ll 
जाके भोग मोहम्मद आया, जिसने यह धर्म चलाया ll

Musalmaan bistaar Billa ka, nauj udar ghar sanjam jaaka
Jaakey bhog Mohammad aaya, jisney yeh dharm chalaya

As mentioned in Sat Granth; Sant Garibdas Ji has strongly opposed slaughtering since it was not the order of Hazrat Mohammad whereas followers of Muslim religion slaughter. 

इच्छा रूपी वहां नहीं रहो, उलट मोहम्मद महल पठाया, गुज बीरज एक कलमा ले आया l
रोजा बंग नमाज दी रे, बिस्मिल की नहीं बात कही रे l
मारी गऊ शब्द के तीरम, ऐसे होते मोहम्मद पीरम और शब्द फिर जीवाई ll

Icchaa Roopi Wahan Nahee raho, Ult Mohd. mahal pathaya, Guj Biraj Ek kalma le aaya,
Roza Bang Namaz dayee re, Bismil ki nahee baat kahee re, 
Maari Gau Shabad ke tiram, aise hote Mohd. peeram aur shabde phir jiwai

Hazrat Mohammad was a pious soul. He had spiritual powers. Once with his word power, Mohammad killed a cow in front of many people and then restored her life. But neither did he eat the meat of the cow nor did he order it to do so to others rather he protected that soul of the cow.

ऐसा ज्ञान मुंहमद पीर, जिन मारी गऊ शब्द के तीर शब्दे फेर जिवाई |
जिन गोसत नहीं भाखया, हंसा रख्या, ऐसा पीर मुंहमद भाई |2|

Aisa gyan Muhammad Peer, jin maari gau shabad ke teer shabdey pher jiwai |
Jin gosat nahee bhakhya, hansa rakhya, aisa Peer Muhammad bhai |2|

Such was Muhammad peer, that he killed a cow with the power of his word. He then resurrected it by the power of his word again. He was such a great man that he did not consume meat.

Misguided and ignorant followers of Islam religion slaughter and eat meat. Their religious gurus; Qazis have misled the Muslim community due to ignorance. They preach wrong practices like celebrating Bakra-Id and rituals like ‘Sunnat’. 

Hazrat Mohammad killed the cow the second time but then he could not restore her life. Upset Mohammad then remembered Allah-O-Akhbar, the complete GOD “Puran Parmatma’. Allah-O-Akhbar appeared in subtle form. He descended as ‘Zinda Sant’ and was visible only to Hazrat Mohammad and no one else. GOD Kabir made the cow alive. God says-

मूई गऊ हमने तुरंत जीवाई, जब मोहम्मद के निश्चय आई l
तुम कबीर अल्लाह दिर्वेशा, मोहम्मद मोम्मन का जब गया अंदेशा ll

“Muee gau hamne turant jiwai, Jab Mohammad ke nishchey aaye.
Tum Kabir Allah darvesha, Mohammad Muman ka jab gaya andesha”

पीर मुंहमद नहीं बहिश्त सिधाना, पीछे भूल्या है तुरकाना। 
गोसत खांहि नमाज़ गुज़ारे, सो कहो क्यूँ कर बहिश्त सिधारें। |3|

Peer Muhammad nahee bahishat sidhana, peechey bhoolya hai turkana |
Gosat khahee namaz guzarey, so kaho kyon kar bahishat sindharey |3| 

Hazrat Mohammad identified the power of Allah and then cried a lot to take him to Satlok but Allah did not take him along, because he had disobeyed God’s orders. Peer Muhammad did not reach heaven and the whole Muslim community is being misled after him. They keep fasts and they also consume meat. In no possible way can they reach heaven. All such acts are heinous and are prohibited in the court of God. Those who do such acts are sinners of God. They will suffer in Hell.

For details read Information about Prophet Mohammad by Sant Garib Das ji

Sant Garibdas Ji’s Sacred Speech on Kafir

Ref: Speech of Sant Garibdas from Sat Granth in chapter Kafir Bodh on page 577-578 

Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj gives a vivid description of the word ‘Kafir’ in Sat Granth.

Who is Kafir?

Kafir, a highly prevalent word amongst the followers of the Muslim religion is used for a non-believer in Islam. Muslims call Hindus Kafir since they worship deities, and do idol worship. They eat the meat of swine. Whereas Hindus call Muslims Kafir because they slaughter cows, goats, camels, cock, etc. and eat their meat. As explained by Sant Garibdas Ji ‘Kafir’ word is actually not community-specific. Kafir is in fact, a person who is despicable in nature, is mean, abject. Such a low person is worthless, useless, and is a ‘Kafir’.

  • Kafir is one who does low deeds like adultery, robbery, theft, money laundering.
  • Kafir is one who drinks alcohol, smokes Hookah, chew betel and does all sorts of nuisance in life. 
  • Kafir, the low person abuses his mother.
  • Kafir violates the words of his father.
  • Kafir misbehaves with the sister of his wife.
  • Kafir is not righteous, he does not donate.
  • Kafir is one who misbehaves with Sants.
  • Kafir is one who misbehaves with females. He earns by selling females, maintains relations with harlots, and does the heinous sin of female foeticide.
  • Kafir is one who slaughters the innocent animals.
  • Kafir does not do true worship, rather is involved in arbitrary worship.

Sant Garibdas Ji tells in his speech:-

सुरापान मद्द मांसाहारी। गवन करै भोगै पर नारी।।
सत्तर जन्म कटत है शीशम। साक्षी साहेब है जगदीशम।।

Suraapan mad maansahaari, Gaman kare bhoge par naari |
Sattar janm katat hai sheesham, Saakshi saheb hai jagdeesham ||

Meaning: The person who drinks liquor, eats meat, and maintains relationships with foreign females because of that sin he suffers, he is beheaded for seventy births. God is a witness.

मदिरा पीवे कड़वा पानी, सत्तर जन्म स्वान के जानी।

Madira peeve kadva paani, sattar janm swaan ke jaani.

Meaning: A person who drinks bitter alcohol gets seventy births of a dog.

भांग तम्बाकू छोतरा आफु और शराब |
गरीबदास कौन करे बंदगी ये तो करे खराब ||

Bhaang Tambaaku chhotra, Aafu or Sharab, 
Garibdas kaun kare bandagi, Yeh to kare kharaab!!

Meaning: Cannabis, Tobacco, various intoxications, Alcohol destroys devotion. Who would worship?. It is good to discard them.

अमल आहारी आत्मा, कबहु न उतरे पार।

Amal aahaari aatma, Kabhu n utre paar.

Meaning: A person who drinks Alcohol / drug-addiction never attains salvation.

Sant Garibdas Ji’s Speech on Ibrahim Adham Sultan

Ref: Kabir Sagar, chapter 16 ‘Sultan Bodh’ on page no. 37 (757) and Speech of Sant Garibdas Ji (2-72) on page no. 301-303 

Since the soul has departed from Satpurush, he is in search of the ultimate peace which is not found in this materialistic (fake) world of Brahm-Kaal. Sant Garibdas Ji has described one such account of a devotee soul in Sat Granth about King Ibrahim Adham Sultan. He was devout who was in the refuge of Almighty KavirDev in some earlier human birth but was deviated from the path of true worship by the misguidance of fake religious teachers. Brahm-Kaal misguides innocent souls through his agents and traps them in his web. 

Respected Sant Garibdas Ji has mentioned that God Kabir told him that ‘he is omnipotent and has created the entire universe but the innocent and ignorant creatures by not identifying him; remaining devoid of true worship have remained in the trap of Brahm-Kaal. Here, I (God) become helpless’. 

अनंत कोटि बाजी तहां, रचे सकल ब्रह्मांड l
गरीबदास मैं क्या करूं, कlल करें जीव खंड ll

Anant koti baji tahan, rachey sakal brahamand, 
Garibdas mein kya karun, Kaal karey jeev khand   

Merciful Almighty Kabir still blesses every devotee who comes in his refuge even once in a lifetime and provides him/her complete salvation. Sant Garibdas Ji tells that Ibrahim Adham Sultan was the ruler. God Kabir met him in all his previous human births when he was born as ‘Samman’ later as ‘Nausher Khan’ etc. In every human birth, God Kabir sowed a seed of devotion in that soul till finally, the same soul identified God. After that Ibrahim Adham Sultan discarded all materialistic pleasures of human life and attained salvation after taking name initiation from Satguru and did true worship.  

Sant Garibdas Ji’s Speech on Pious Muslim Devotee Rabia Basri

Ref: Mukti Bodh chapter ‘Parakh ke Aang Ka Sarlarth’ on page 205-209 and ‘Achla ka Aang’ page 363-368

Garibdas Ji has mentioned a true story of a Muslim devotee named Rabia Basri who was born in a tribe in Basri, Iraq. She was blessed by Almighty KavirDev who provided her true worship. She was a devout, a virtuous soul who quenched the thirst of a bitch and her puppies while she went for ‘Hajj’. God Kabir did a miracle for the pious soul-Rabia. The Mosque of Mecca flew from its original place approximately 60 miles away from where Rabia was and stood beside her. A celestial announcement (Aakashvani) was heard "Oh devotee! Mecca has traveled 60 miles via the sky, just for you. Please enter inside''. Rabia entered the Mosque then the Mosque flew back to its original place carrying Rabia. She was highly praised for her devotion. There have been 1,80,000 Prophets in Islam but Allah Kabir did miracle only for the pious soul Rabia and no one else. The same soul of Rabia attained salvation after a few births when Almighty Kabir Ji restored the life of the same soul in the human birth of Kamali. Garibdas Ji has described in Sat Granth that salvation is possible only with true devotion, arbitrary worship is useless and that the wrong belief of Muslims that rebirth does not happen is proved wrong. 

For details please read account of Rabia Basri

Sant Garibdas Ji Speech-Greediness in the Path of Worship is a Sin

Sant Garibdas Ji preached a greedy pandit Maniram that arbitrary worship does not reward rather it incurs heavy debts to the seeker. Out of greediness Ptd. Maniram prolonged recitation of Ramayana paath from eleven to thirty days with the intention to earn more money but was depressed to know that a dancer named ‘Champakali’ earned five hundred rupees in two hours whereas he only earned thirty rupees in thirty days. Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj explained to Maniram that he is not even authorized to do ‘Katha-Paath’. Merely his external ostentations of ‘Sadhu’ wearing a ‘Kanthi’ which is a symbol of the Vaishnava sect does not prove that he is a Sant. From within he is blank in spiritual knowledge.  

कंठी माला सुमरनी पहरे से क्या होय, ऊपर ढूंढा साधु का अंतर राखे खोए ||

Kanthi mala sumarni, pehre se kya hoye | oopar dooda saadh ka, antar rakha khoye ||

Garibdas Ji told the priest Maniram that greediness in the path of worship is a sin. He should focus on self-welfare and stop doing arbitrary worship. He should take refuge in a Complete Sant and should do true worship.

For details read account of Pandit Maniram

Sant Garibdas Ji’s Sacred Speech in ‘Parakh Ka Ang’

Ref: Sat Granth chapter ‘Parakh Ka Ang’ on page no 781-782 

True Worship Helps Soul Attain Salvation

Sant Garibdas Ji has mentioned the account when Almighty Kavir has descended 600 years ago in Kashi-Varanasi and was playing the divine spectacle of a ‘Dhanak’, weaver. He imparted true spiritual knowledge by singing the glory of God through poems and verses. He had 64 lakh disciples at that time. The caste system, untouchability, and Hindus-Muslim rivalry were at its peak. Fake religious teachers (gurus) used to strongly oppose God Kabir saying he is illiterate and does not know anything about holy scriptures rather preaches not to worship Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. 

Sant Garibdas Ji mentions in his sacred speech

तुम कौन राम का जपते जापम, ताते कटे ना यह तीनों तापम ||

Tum kaun Ram ka japtey Japam, tate katey na yeh teeno tapam ||

Fake religious gurus have spread a rumor that whosoever dies in Kaashi attains Heaven whereas if someone dies in Maghar, he/she goes to hell. To remove this myth and to prove that with true worship one attains the eternal world, the place does not matter. 

God Kabir during his last days went to Maghar and declared that he will leave this world. The disciples of both community; Muslim ruler ‘Bijli khan Pathan’ and Hindu King ‘Beer Singh Baghel’ gathered at Maghar along with their army to claim the dead body of Kabir Ji to do funeral according to their religious practice. God Kabir knew they would fight to the death for his dead body. He played divine spectacle and left Maghar in the whole body. Instead of his dead body, only fragrant flowers were found. Both rulers distributed flowers and regretted their misbehavior. This brought an end to the communal war which was predicted. Also, the myth proved wrong; whoever dies in Maghar goes to hell. Almighty Kabir did celestial announcement and he was seen by everyone present there going via sky in the whole body to his ultimate abode ‘Satlok’. 

Speech of respected Garibdas Ji Maharaj in Sat Granth in the chapter ‘Parakh Ka Ang’ provides a vivid description of God Kabir’s various spectacles and the importance of true worship which helps the soul attain salvation.   

Dialogue Between Almighty Kabir and Goddess Durga

Brahm - Kaal’s web is well explained by Sant Garibdas Ji in Sat Granth through the dialogue held between Almighty Kabir and Goddess Durga. How does Maya (Ashtangi / Durga) trap innocent souls in her illusion of materialistic pleasures?. While God Kabir was heading towards ‘Satlok’ Goddess Durga met Him on the way and tried to impress Him with her beauty. She made all crooked attempts not to let the soul of Kabir Ji leave the twenty-one universes of Brahm-Kaal but in vain. 

Sant Garibdas Ji’s Sacred Speech in ‘Achala Ka Ang’ (97-113)

Another account is described about ‘Yudhisthir’, the eldest amongst Pandavs who started having nightmares after the fierce battle of Mahabharata was over because of the sins that occurred due to the death of a lot of warriors on the battlefield. Pandavas seek help from Shree Krishan Ji. At that time Almighty Kabir was playing a divine spectacle of a sage by the name ‘Karunamay’. Shri Krishan Ji suggested Pandavas organize a grand feast and invite all deities, sages, great sages, rulers and common man to have food in that feast. It was told by Krishan Ji that after feeding all respected guests the conch shell will blow loud which would be an indication that all sins of Pandavas have been diluted. But it did not happen because sage ‘Karunamay’ alias God Kabir in ‘Supach Sudarshan’ form did not go in that feast. 

Upon enquiring, this was brought in the knowledge of Krishan Ji. He along with Pandavas went to invite sage ‘Karunamay’ who did not come because of the misconduct of arrogant ‘Bheem’. But God is merciful, hence, He agreed to join the feast. Draupadi prepared delicious food for the sage and served him but not with reverence. As a result, God in ‘Karunamay’ form by the name ‘Supach Sudarshan’ did eat food but the conch shell just blew once. It was clear that ‘Supach Sudarshan’ Ji’ was the supreme power therefore, the conch shell blew but why not in continuation?. Krishan Ji asked Draupadi ‘what did you have in mind while serving food to the sage? Draupadi told, she did not like the way the sage ate food by mixing everything. This fault in her became the reason for not getting complete blessings from God. Later they all apologized, Draupadi washed the feet of God and drank that water -‘Prasad’. The same was done by Shree Krishan and Pandavas. Then that conch shell blew loud whose voice was heard till Heaven. Satpurush Kabir Ji blessed them all. 

It has been mentioned in Sat Granth

तैतीस कोटि यज्ञ में आए, सहस अट्ठासी सारे |
द्वादश कोटी वेद के वक्ता, सुपच का शंख बजा रे ||

Teenteesh koti Yagya mein aaye, sahas atthasi sare, 
Dwadash koti Ved ke vakta, Supach ka Shankh bajya re 

Sant Garibdas Ji’s speech on Good and Bad Women

History provides evidence that a lot of rulers have become bankrupt and have lost their kingdom, subsequently prestige by getting trapped in the beauty of females. A cunning female with foul intention can lead a man to lead a miserable life. There have been incidents where the celestial maidens have become an obstacle in the devotional path of many sages and have ruined their life. Sant Garibdas Ji’s sacred speech mentioned in Sad Granth explains in detail about such bad women who trap males in the web of their beauty and ruin their life. Sant Garibdas Ji in his speech has warned to beware of such bad women. 

On the other hand, Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj glorifies virtuous women who gave birth to devouts like Dhruv, Prahalad, Bhartari, Gopichand, Sukhdev, Ravidas, Bajid and Sheikh Farid who did true worship and were blessed by Almighty KavirDev.  

Have a look Garib Das Ji's Speech on Good & Bad Women

When did Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj Die?

Respected Garibdas Ji Maharaj had six children – four boys and two daughters when he departed to ‘Satlok’ in Vikrami Samvat 1835 ie. in the year 1778 A.D. on the (dooj) second day of the ‘Shukla Paksha’ (the last half of the month -from new to full moon) in ‘Bhadva Maas-Bhadr’ (the sixth month of the Indian lunar calendar ie.mid-August to mid-September). The last rites of the body of Garibdas Ji were performed in the village Chhudani. A memorial ‘Chhatri Sahib’ has been built over that site. 

After this, respected Garibdas Ji appeared in the same body (of the same age 61 years) and stayed in Saharanpur (Uttar Pradesh) for 35 years. There is also a memorial 'Chhatri Sahib' that has been built in his name in Saharanpur. From Chilkana road, a road extends called Kalsiya road, 12 kilometers further on that road, the memorial is built on the left-hand side. Nearby is the famous baada (enclosed fenced area) of Shri Laldas Ji Maharaj, which is a clear proof in the world that God can also come in a body without a mother.  

In fact, Sant Garibdas Ji was Almighty KavirDev himself. It was all a divine spectacle.

Great Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is from Garibdas Panth (Sect)

Ref: Kabir Sagar chapter Kabir Charitra Bodh on page 1870

It has been mentioned in pious Kabir Sagar that the 12th panth (sect) will be of Garibdas Ji in which Almighty Kabir himself will incarnate and will spread true spiritual knowledge in the entire world. Explained below is the guru tradition of Jagatguru Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.

The Guru Tradition of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

  1. Bandi Chhor Kabir Saheb Ji Maharaj –Kashi, Uttar Pradesh
  2. Bandi Chhor Garibdas Ji Maharaj-Chhurani, Jhajjar –Haryana
  3. Sant Sheetal Ji Maharaj-Barhana, Rohtak, -Haryana
  4. Sant Dhyandas Ji Maharaj
  5. Sant Ramdas Ji Maharaj
  6. Sant Brahmananad Ji Maharaj-Karontha, Rohtak-Haryana
  7. Sant Jugtanand Ji Maharaj
  8. Sant Gangeshwaranand Ji Maharaj-Bajidpur, Delhi
  9. Sant Chidanand Ji Maharaj-Gopalpur Dhaam, Sonipat-Haryana
  10. Sant Ramdevanand Ji Maharaj-Talwandi Bhaai, Ferozepur-Punjab
  11. Sant Rampal Das Ji Maharaj-Barwala, District Hisar-Haryana.


Sant Rampal Ji is Almighty KavirDev playing a divine spectacle as the great Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. Identify God soon and take refuge.

FAQs about Biography of Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj with Salvation Story

Q.1 Who was Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj?

Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj was the founder of the Garibdasi sect (panth). He was a spiritual reformer. He was an Acharya ie. a spiritual leader who used to teach the Sants.

Q.2 When and where was Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj born?

Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj was born in 1717 AD in the village Chhudani, district Jhajjar, Haryana, in a Dhankar jats family.

Q. 3 Who is the father and mother of sant Garibdas ji Maharaj?

His father was Shri Balram Ji and his mother was Smt. Rani.

Q.4 Who was the guru of sant GaribDas Ji Maharaj?

Kabir Saheb Ji was the guru of sant GaribDas Ji Maharaj who gave him true spiritual knowledge and initiation of true mantras.

Q.5 How did God Kabir meet Sant GaribDas Ji Maharaj?

God Kabir met sant GaribDas Ji Maharaj in 1717 at around 10 am when he was 10 years old and was Grazing Cattles in his Nalaa field nearby approximately 1.5 km which is sticking to the boundary of Village Kablana.

Q.6 What is the Creations of Sant GaribDas Ji Maharaj?

After God Kabir familiarised GaribDas Ji completely about the true spiritual knowledge, sant GaribDas Ji Maharaj composed a Book called "Sat Granth Saheb" in which one can read all the spiritual Knowledge. There are a total of 24000 Words with 7000 verses in the scripture.

Q.7 What is the profession of sant GaribDas Ji Maharaj?

He was a saint, also a farmer owning 1400 acres of land.

Q.8 Why is Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj considered to be a great saint?

Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj is considered to be a great saint because of his Knowledge, teachings, and miracles, and his teachings are still followed by many people today.

Q.9 What are some of the teachings of Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj?

Some of the teachings of Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj include:

  • He told the importance of true bhakti (devotion) and satsang (spiritual discourses)
  • He emphasized the importance of following the teachings of the guru
  • The importance of living a simple and humble life also he preached to be humane.
  • He openly denounced the wrong religious practices of both Hindus as well as Muslims and told the importance of scriptures based worship

Q.10 Where can I learn more about Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj?

One can get complete information about Saint Garib Das Ji Maharaj from the spiritual discourses of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Q.11 When Sant GaribDas Ji Maharaj's Bodh diwas celebrated?

The annual celebration of Sant Garib Das Ji Maharaj's Bodh Diwas (Realisation Day) takes place in accordance with the Hindu calendar. In Vikram Samvat 2079, Sant Garib Das Ji's Bodh Diwas falls on the Dwadashi Tithi of the Shukla Paksha of the Phalgun month.


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Ramesh Singh

Is there any religious leader whose writings and devotion guarantee attainment of Salvation means attainment of God?

Satlok Ashram

Yes, the true preachings scripted in Sukshamveda means in the nectar speeches of Almighty Kabir in holy Kabir Sagar and the speeches of Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj scripted in Satgranth Sahib are authentic and guarantee for the attainment of Salvation means God for ones who follow it with complete reverence.

Diksha Gupta

Recently someone told me about Saint Garibdas Ji who is believed to have attained salvation. Is it true. I have never heard his name

Satlok Ashram

Yes, evidence from holy scriptures ie. Satgranth Sahib and the speech of Sachidanandghan Brahm proves that Almighty KavirDev granted salvation to Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj who was from village Chudani, district Jhajjar, Haryana.

Vijay Varshney

Which great men are blessed to have attained salvation? Where have they gone?

Satlok Ashram

Satlok is the eternal world where few great men are believed to have gone. This truth is mentioned in Sukshamveda. This means they have attained salvation, attained God. They are respected Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj from village Chudani, district Jhajjar, Haryana, Respected Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Respected Ghisadas Sahib Ji, etc.

Anandi Sharma

I find this article truly fascinating, and it has provided me with a wealth of information. Some of the stories mentioned here are hard to believe, but I'm curious about their authenticity.

Satlok Ashram

We appreciate your engagement with our article. Indeed our article is comprised of various stories and guidance on leading a righteous life, free from sin. We want to assure you that everything written in our article is based on the teachings of Sant Garib Das Ji Maharaj, who is renowned in certain parts of Haryana. His words are authentic as he was a messenger of the almighty god Kabir Ji. To explore further and address your doubts, we recommend listening to spiritual discourses by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and reading the book "Gyan Ganga."

Sanjeev Kumar

While I'm familiar with Kabir Sahib Ji and other gurus associated with him, I haven't heard of Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj before. After reading his speeches, I am drawn to his teachings. Would it be beneficial for me to follow his teachings for my spiritual growth?

Satlok Ashram

We appreciate your interest and respect your opinions regarding our article. Sant Garib Das Ji Maharaj is a well-known saint in Haryana and is considered a messenger of the almighty god Kabir Ji. You can certainly trust his teachings. However, it's important to receive initiation from a complete Guru before fully following his teachings, as salvation is attainable through this process. We recommend that you deepen your understanding of spirituality by listening to spiritual discourses by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and reading the book "Gyan Ganga" before embarking on your spiritual journey.