Satnam in Sukshma Veda & Speeches of Sant Garibdas, Dadu Das Ji & Ghisa Das Ji

Satnam Proof in Sukshma Veda by Sant Garibdas, Dadu Das & Ghisa Das

Sukshma Veda is the nectar speech of Sachhidanandghan Brahm means the speech of the creator of the universe God Kabir Sahib. To relieve his children (Souls) from the trap of butcher/Satan/Devil Brahm-Kaal; God descends in every age in this mortal world and meets virtuous souls. He provides them true spiritual knowledge and the true salvation mantras (Satnam and Sarnam) whose evidence has been mentioned in the holy scriptures. Sukshma Veda ie. pious Kabir Sagar was scripted by devotee Dharmdas Sahib Ji who was from Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh by the grace of Almighty Kabir. 

God Kabir Sahib has fed the four Vedas in Brahm-Kaal at the inception which came out from within him at the fixed duration. He noticed that Vedas glorify Param Akshar Purush Kabir Sahib and provide information about the true way of worship to attain God therefore, he destroyed those relevant portions which contain the information about God and later hid the rest in the ocean. This raised the need for the creation of Sukshma Veda which contains complete information about God and the procedure to attain Him. The present available Sukshma Veda has a total of 40 chapters. Pious Kabir Sagar includes nectar speeches of God Kabir Sahib which provides information about the true salvation mantra Satnam which was provided by him to few virtuous souls who were the eye-witness of God Kabir Sahib. 

Dharamdas Ji was a God-loving pious soul and was the worshipper of Lord Vishnu. God Kabir Sahib met the devout soul in Mathura and explained to him the true spiritual knowledge. Those sacred speeches of Almighty Kabir have been mentioned in Sukshma Veda. This write-up will focus on providing evidence from relevant speeches related to Satnam which was granted to a few great men by the Tatvadarshi Saint at various intervals. Here, it is imperative to mention that the Satnam mantra is essential in the attainment of God. 

An enlightened Saint provides a true salvation mantra in three-phases. The first mantra, then Satnam (OM-TAT) and finally Sarnam. Pious Shrimad Bhagwat Gita Chapter 17 Verse 23 states ‘OM-TAT-SAT’ (coded mantra) is for the attainment of emancipation. Sukshma Veda contains the sacred speech of God Kabir Sahib where He has narrated to devotee Dharmdas Ji, how He created the entire universe? How did the souls get trap in the web of butcher Brahm-Kaal and how can they be relieved from his trap by chanting Satnam and Sarnam. 

Let us study those shreds of evidence of Satnam in Sukshma Veda provided to great men as listed below by God Kabir Sahib in the form of a Tatvadarshi Saint.

  • Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj
  • Saint Dadu Das Ji
  • Saint Ghisa Das Sahib Ji
  • Swami Ramanand Ji
  • King Veer Singh Baghel
  • Dharamdas Ji

The following will be the highlight of this article. 

What is Satnam?

Satnam is the two-word (coded) mantra as mentioned in pious Shrimad Bhagwat Gita Chapter 17 verse 23 which is ‘OM-TAT-SAT’. The first two-words “OM-TAT’ (coded) is Satnam. This is the mantra of Akshar Purush/ParBrahm, which is ‘TAT’ (indicative) amongst OM-TAT-SAT. He is the second God whose evidence is found in Rigveda Mandal no. 10 Sukt 90 Mantra 2 & 3 and in Atharvaveda Kand No. 4 Anuvaak No.1 Mantra No.1,3, and 4. 

Let us study the evidence of Satnam in Sukshma Veda in the sacred speeches of a few great men including the nectar speech of God Kabir Dev.   

Satnam Evidence in the Sacred Speech of God Kabir Sahib

Almighty Kabir descends on this earth and plays the divine spectacle of a Tatvadarshi Sant and provides salvation mantra Satnam through which souls transcend from the region of Brahm-Kaal/Kshar Purush to the region of Akshar Purush and finally attain Satlok; the eternal world. 

Almighty Kabir Sahib in one of his sacred speech has said:-

Kahe Kabir Akhar dou bhakh | Hoga khasam to lega raakh ||

Meaning: Kabir Sahib Ji says chant the two-word mantra (Satnam) to attain God. 

In another speech mentioned in Sukshma Veda(Fifth Veda) –Kabir Sagar in Chapter 35 “Swans Gunjaar” 

God Kabir Sahib tells there is a specific way to chant Satnam through Shwans-ushwans. There are limited breaths granted by God to humans. Death can troll any time, therefore, one should utilize every single breath in true worship to attain emancipation.   

Kabir, Shwans-ushwans mein naam japo, vyartha shwans na khoye |
Na bera is shwans ka, aawan ho ke na hoye ||
Shwansa Paras bhed hamara, Jo khoje so utrey para |
Shwansa paras aadi nishani, jo khoje to hoye darbani ||
Hardam naam Sohm soi, Awagaman bahore na hoi ||

Yet another evidence of Satnam is on page 94 (1672) in the nectar speech of Sacchidanandghan Brahm Kabir Sahib.

Shwans saar gahe sahidani | Shashi ke ghar maham Surya ugane || 
Shwansa Saar gahe gunjara | Jaap japai Satnam piyara ||
Ajappa jaap japai sukhdai | Aavey na javey reh thahrai ||

Note: Satnam is chanted while exhaling and inhaling. No sound is produced while chanting Satnam hence this is also called ‘Ajappa Jaap’. This works only when provided by a Tatvadarshi saint. 

God Kabir Sahib says

Sumiran kare Satnam ka aur arpan kare shareer |
Aath pehar raksha kare, Samrath Sat Kabir ||

Meaning: God Kabir is the Savior of the seeker who chants Satnam and is a firm devotee.

Guru soyi Satnam batawe, aur Guru koi kaam na aawe ||

Meaning: The true guru is one who provides Satnam. Fake gurus are useless who do not know Satnam.

Sortha-Satnam gun gaye, gahee sadhu sewa kare |
Sehaj parampad paye, So Satguru pad vishwas dhari ||

Meaning: Those who chant Satnam and serve the Saint attain the eternal world easily. 

Satnam hai saar anupa, Prem preeti guru daras saroopa || 

Meaning: Satnam is an important mantra to attain salvation.

Bhoot Bhavishya jape nar loi, Satnam bin mukti na hoi || 

Meaning: Salvation can only be attained with Satnam.

Ref: In Kabir Sagar, chapter 37 ‘Sumiran Bodh (small)” on page no. 2. Two-word Satnam has been mentioned by God KavirDev.

Oham Sohm naam se aage kare pyan | Ajar lok vasa kare jagmag dweep sthan ||

Ref: The same chapter on page no. 35-50, speech no. 3-4. 

The magnificence of a Satguru has been mentioned who provides Satnam and Sarnam.

Gehee bhakti Satguru ki karhee | Aadi Naam nij hriday dharaheen || 3 ||
Guru charnan se dhyan lagawe | Ant kapat guru se na lavey || 4 ||

Meaning: A householder should acquire a guru and do devotion as per Guru Ji and should chant Aadi Naam ie. Satnam and Sarnam whole-heartedly. He should remain dedicated and true to Guru Ji always.

It has been mentioned in the nectar speech of Sachhidanandghan Brahm ie. in Sukshma Veda 

Guru bin Ved padhey jo praani | Samjhe na saar rahe agyani ||

Meaning: Satguru entangles the hidden spiritual facts from holy scriptures. Then only they can be understood, else the devotees remain ignorant.

Jab hi Satnam hriday dharo, bhayo paap ko naash | 
Jaise chingari agni ki, padi puraney ghaans || 

Meaning: Like the spark of fire burns tons of dried weed similarly Satnam is such an effective mantra which destroys even grave sins of the soul by the grace of God.

Kabir, kehta hun kahi jaat hun kahun bajakar dhol |
Shwans jo khalee jaat hai, teen lok ka mole || 5 ||

Meaning: When the seeker chants true mantra after getting it from a Satguru then the value of his one Shwans-ushwans Jaap (Satnam) is even more than the three worlds (Earth, Nether world, and Heaven)

Guru se shishye jab diksha mange | Man karm vachan dharai dhan aage || 7 ||
Aise preeti dekhi guru jabahin | Gupt mantr kahe guru tabhin || 8 ||

Soham shabad hum jag mein lyaye | Aadi naam hum gupt chupaye ||

“Sumiran (Smaran) ke Ang se”

Kabir, sumiran marag sehaj ka, Satguru diya bataye |
Shwans-ushwans jo sumirta, ek din mil se aaye || 1 ||
Kabir, mala Shwans-ushwans ki, pherenge nijdas |
Chaurasi bharmai nahee, kate karm ki phans || 2 || 

Meaning: Indication of the method to chant Satnam has been mentioned in the aforesaid speech 

Kabir, Satnam sumarle, praan jahinge choot | 
Ghar ke pyare aadmi, chalte lenge loot || 12 ||

Meaning: God Kabir has alerted the soul to chant Satnam. No one knows when death might come. After death, all beloveds will take out money, jewelry, etc. Nothing will go along with the creature. This means due to ignorance we are bound with affection and wasting precious human birth. No one will go along with accepting the devotional earnings through Jaap of Satnam. Therefore, chant the true mantra. Your welfare is certain. 

Kabir, aise mehge mole ka, ek shwans jo jaye |
Chadah lok na pattare, kahe dhoor milaye || 22 ||

Meaning: God Kabir has told how valuable is Satnam? Even 14 lok (regions) are less precious than one chant of Satnam.  

Ref: Kabir Sagar, chapter 32 Swasamved Bodh on page no. 91, speech 8-13

Jate Oham-(OM) purush mein ansha, Oham-Soham bhe dwai ansha || 8 ||
Mool surati aru purush purana | Rachna bahar keeno thana || 9 ||
Oham-Soham andan raheu | Sakal srishti ke karta bhayau || 10 ||
Oham-Soham keen pramani | Aaath ansh bhai tinte utpani || 11 ||
Aath ansh bhae ek nidhana | Karta srishti bhae parmana || 12 ||
Saat ansh ke naam bakhano | Jinte sakal srishti bandhano || 13 ||

Meaning: God Kabir explains how He created the universe? And later He created the Oham-Soham mantra of Kshar Purush and Akshar Purush. 

Let us move ahead and study the speech of God Kabir Sahib which narrates Satnam to Swami Ramanand Ji. 

God Kabir Sahib Explains Satnam to Swami Ramanand Ji

Ref: Kabir Sagar, chapter 36 Agam Nigam Bodh on page no. 34

Description: God Kabir Sahib Ji took Swami Ramanand Ji in His refuge, In this speech, He is informing him of the importance of Satnam.

Ram-Ram aur ‘OM’ naam yeh sab Kaal kamai |
Satnam do more Satguru tab Kaal jaal chutai ||
Satnam bin janme-mare param shanti naahi |
Satnam dham mile na kabahun, bhave koti samadhi layee ||
Sarshabad sarjeevan kahiye, Sab mantran ka sardara |
Kahe Kabir suno guru Ji ya vidhi utre para ||

Let us study the speech of God Kabir Sahib which narrates Satnam to Tantrik Gorakhnath. 

God Kabir Sahib Explains Satnam to Tantrik Gorakhnath

Ref: Kabir Sagar, chapter 36 Agam Nigam Bodh on page no. 41

Description: Dialogue of God Kabir Sahib Ji with Tantrik Gorakhnath.

Tantric Gorakhnath was the worshipper of Brahm-Kaal whom he calls Alakh Niranjan. Ignorant Gorakhnath asked Kabir Sahib What is your age? and where have you come from? Kabir Sahib replied:-

Adhardeep (Satlok) gagan gupha mein tahan nij vastu sara |
Jyoti Swaroopi Alakh Niranjan (Brahm) bhi dharta dhyan hamar ||
Haad-chaam lahu nahee more, Jane Satyanam upasi |
Taran taran amai pad dataa, Mein hun Kabir avinashi ||

Meaning: SatPurush Kabir Sahib tells; I reside in the ultimate abode Satlok. Alakh Niranjan (Kaal) who is your favorite deity also remembers me. My body is not made up of five elements. The seeker who chants Satnam attains me and later he is provided ‘Sarnam’ with which he permanently gets relieved from the vicious cycle of birth and rebirth. This ‘Taran taran amai pad’ (real way of worship) I; the eternal God Kabir has told you. No one knows this.

Evidence of Satnam in the Sacred Speech of Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj

God Kabir Sahib provided Satnam to the respected Saint Garibdas Ji from village Chudani, district Jhajjar, Haryana. He tells

Ram naam jap kar thir hoyee | Oham-Soham mantar doi ||

Meaning: To attain SatPurush Kabir Sahib Satnam has to be chanted

Evidence of Satnam in a few nectar speeches mentioned below by respected Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj  

Soham shubhan mantr Agam Anurag mantr, Nirbhae adole mantr |
Nirgun nirbandh mantr, Nishchey mantr nek hai || 

Garib, aisa Satguru hum milya, sunn videshi aap |
Rome-rome prakash hai, deenha Ajjapa Jaap || 4 ||

Garib, Satguru Soham naam de, guj beeraj vistar |
Bin Soham seejhey nahee, mool mantr nij saar || 85 ||

Garib, Soham Soham dhun lagai, dard band dil mahi |
Satguru parda kholahin, paralok le jaheen || 86 ||

Garib, Soham jaap ajaap hai, bin rasna hoye dhun |
Chadhey mahal sukh sej par, jahan paap nahi punya || 87 ||

Garib, Soham jaap ajaap hai, bin rasna hoye dhun |
Satguru deep sameep hai, nahee basti nahee sunn || 88 ||

Ref: Kabir Sagar, chapter 37 Sumiran Bodh (summary) on page no. 1

Sacred speech of Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj

“Sumiran Aadi gayatri”

Aadi gayatri sumiran sara | Sumiran Hans utare para ||
Koti atthasi ghat hai | Yam baithe tahan roke | 
Aadi gayatri sumirike | Hansa hoye nishoke || 
Ghati ghatin nakhi aage tab jayee | Sakal doot rahe pachtayee ||
Aage makkar taar hai dori | Jahan Yam rahe mukh mori ||
Oham-Soham naam ke aagey kare piyana |
Ajar lok basaa kare, jag mag dweep sthan ||
Aadi gayatri sumirike | Aawa gaman nashaya ||
Satyalok basaa karen | Keh Kabir samjhaya ||

Meaning: In the aforesaid speech, Saint Garibdas Ji tells about the five deities seated within the human body and each has obstructed the path of the creature through which he moves towards Trikuti after leaving this body. These barriers open by chanting their real mantras (called Brahm Gayatri mantra). These deities then allow the soul to pass through those barriers. Then even Yamdoots also does not hinder that seeker. Satnam helps the soul transcend from Kaal’s region to Akshar Purush’s region thereby, attainment of salvation.

Ref: The same chapter, speech on page no. 15-16 by respected Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj mentions Satnam.

Puhup deep mandap guru sanchaa | Hans sohang naam beech Raja ||
Sohm shabd naam hai sara | Satya bachan bole kadihara ||
Ekotar (101) naam janai vistara | So jano sacha kadihara ||
Panch naam inhee mein Bhasha | Sehej paksh palan hai sasha || 15 ||

Surati Soham shabd hai gagan dhyan lauleen | 
Ektak sumro santon jam hoye balheen ||
Soham shabd nij saach hai japo ajjapa jaap | 
Kahe Kabir Dharmdas saun Sarshabd gargaap ||
Soham shabd nij saach hai gahi rakho tum paas | 
Soham shabd mein mukti hai Satya mano Dharmdas || 16 ||

Ref: Kabir Sagar, chapter 37 Sumiran Bodh  “Smaran Deeksha Mantra”. 

Sacred speech of Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj

Satya sukrat ki rehni rahai, Ajar amar gahae Satnam |
Kahai Kabir mool deeksha satya (Saar) shabd prawan ||

Meaning: Satnam and Sarnam have been glorified in this above-mentioned speech. It is said one should remain in the rules of true worship and chant ‘Ajar Amar’ ie. salvation mantras. These are the original mantras.  

Speech in “Brahm Bedi” provides evidence of Satnam

Oham (OM) Soham naam se aage kare payan | Ajar lok basa kare jagmag dweep sthan ||

Meaning: Indication is towards the two-word mantra; Satnam which has to be done through shwans-ushwans (exhale and inhale). With its remembrance, the soul moves from ‘Sahastr Kamal

Saint Garibdas Ji tells in “Sumran Ke Ang” 

Soham upar aur hai, Sat Sukrat ek naam | 
Sab Hanson ka bans hai, nayee basti nayee tham ||

Garib, Satnam palde rang hori ho, Chaudah lok chadhave Ram rang hori ho |
Teen lok pasang dhare rang hori ho, to na tule tulaya Ram rang hori ho || 22 ||

Meaning: Satnam is a highly precious mantra that is chanted through breath while exhaling and inhaling. The value of one Satnam chanted in the proper way is more than the value of 14 regions of Kaal. Satnam enhances the devotional earnings of the seeker very fast which is essential in the attainment of salvation.

In Satlok the flag is hoisting and a non-stop melodious sound echoes. Almighty Kabir tells O seeker! Listening to that Soham mantra one should remember God. 

Dhure nisan akhand dhun sun, Soham bedi gaiye| 
Baje naad agadh ag hai, jahan le man thehraiye ||

Note: Soham mantra is nowhere mentioned in any holy scripture. God Kabir Sahib has introduced the Soham mantra on this earth. He says

Soham shabd hum jag mein laye | Sarshabd humne gupt chipaye ||

Rigveda Mandal No. 9 Sukt 95 Mantra No.2 states that God comes on earth and provides true spiritual knowledge through proverbs, couplets, poems, and inspires souls to do true worship. He reveals the true salvation mantra. Therefore, it has been said that without the Soham mantra devotion is incomplete. Any seeker who obtains the Soham mantra attains God and reaches Satlok. Therefore, focus on this mantra believing if this would not have been provided by Satguru then attaining emancipation would have been impossible. Several such melodious sounds echo in that eternal world ie. Satlok

Soham jaap ajaap tharpo, Trikuti sanyam dhuni lage |
Maan Sarovar nyahan hansa, gang sahans mukh jit bage || 8 ||

Meaning: After getting clearance from the region of five deities seated within our body means clearance from the five channels obtained by chanting their true mantras the name initiation that is provided the very first time (Pratham mantra) then Satnam is chanted and with its power the soul reaches to Trikuti. After that Brahamrandr opens which is a way ahead of Trikuti. It’s the middle path amongst Triveni which opens only by Satnam. Therefore, the emphasis has been given to chanting Satnam. Then the soul moves ahead towards Mansarovar Lake and takes a dip.  

Swans-uswans pawan kun paltai, naag phuni kun bhunch hai |
Surati-Nirati ka bandh beda, gagan mandal kun kooch hai ||28 ||

Meaning: The exhale and inhale ie. Satnam helps in opening the ‘Nabhi Kamal’ where Naagfani ie. the nerves are intact encircling it 2.5 times; they have surrounded Navel like a snake; it loosens by chanting Satnam then the soul gets a way to move ahead. 

Shwansa paras bhed hamara, jo khoje so utre para || 5 ||

Meaning: Satnam and Sarnam chanted through breath are like Paras stone which converts Iron to Gold. Similarly, the soul has been called Iron and Satnam as Paras. With Shwansa sumiran the soul becomes precious. He gains spiritual powers. The seeker searches for such a Saint who has this Shwansa form Paras stone means has the secret salvation mantra Satnam and Sarnam. That seeker who obtains true salvation mantra attains emancipation.  

Oham Soham mantar japiye, yogyugatiya dhooni tapiye ||

Ram naam jap kar thir hoyee, Oham Soham mantar doyee ||

Nama chipa Om tari peechey Soham bhed vichari |
Sarshabad paya jad loyee, aawagaman bahaur na hoyee ||

Meaning: Satnam is a precious mantra that relieves souls from birth and rebirth forever. 

Speech of Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj further provides evidence of Satnam

Garib, Alal pankh Anurag hai, Sun mandal rahe theer | 
Das Garib udharia, Satguru mile Kabir ||
Ram naam jap kar thir (sthir) hoi, OM-Soham mantr doi |

Moving ahead, let us study the evidence of Satnam in the sacred speech of another great man Saint Dadudas Sahib Ji whom God met. 

Evidence of Satnam in the Sacred Speech of Saint Dadu Das Ji

The creator of the universe; Akaal Purush, also met respected Shri Dadu Das Sahib Ji. He has also mentioned in his sacred speech that the one who gave me ‘Nij Naam’ (real mantra-Satnam) to chant was my guru. That salvation mantra is chanted through Swans-uswans (breath). My guru is the nurturer of the entire universe and no one else. He is Kabir.

Jin mokun nij naam diya, soi Satguru hamar
Dadu doosra koi nahee, Kabir Srijanhar
Abhee teri sab mite, janam maran ki peer
Swans-uswans sumirle, Dadu naam Kabir

The evidence of Satnam has also been mentioned in the sacred speech of another great man Saint Ghisa Das Sahib Ji whom God met.

Evidence of Satnam in the Sacred Speech of Sant Ghisa Das Sahib Ji

God met great man Gheesa Sahib Ji and provided him Satnam which is evident from his speech. He says 

OM-Soham japle bhai, Ramnaam ki yahe kamai

This proves that to cure the long illness of birth and death of the soul; Satman is the only remedy.

Bir Singh Baghel the King of Kashi, Varanasi also obtained Satnam from God Kabir Sahib as specified in Sukshma Veda. 

King Vir Singh Baghel Received Satnam from Kabir Sahib

Bir Singh Baghel was a renowned King of Varanasi who took refuge of God Kabir Sahib and became His disciple. 

Ref: Kabir Sagar, chapter 8 ‘Beer Singh Bodh” on page no. 114 (538). 

God Kabir Sahib granted Satnam to King Bir Singh.

Rai shravan (Kaan) naam sunayee | Tab prateet (Vishwas) Raja jeev aayee ||
Satypurush satya phoola | Satya shabd (Satnam) hai jeev ko moola || 
Satnam jeev jo pave | Soi jeev tehi lok samave ||
Soi naam Raja jo paye | Satyapurush darshan chit laye ||

Ref: Kabir Sagar, Chapter 36 ‘Agam Nigam Bodh’ page 84-87, speech no. 7-9

It has been told ‘Saton naal jo aaye vihanga’ means all seven gods are linked with one clinch. Further, it is said

Soham naal chinha jin payee, soi siddh sant hai bhai’ |
Panch naam tihko parwana, jo koi sadhu hriday mein aana |
Sapt naal ke saton nama. Beer vihang kare sab kama || 

Satnam was obtained to few devouts whereas the first mantra was provided to even more people by the grace of God Kabir.

Ref: Kabir Sagar chapter 8 “Beer Singh Bodh” on page 114

Worship by King Bir Singh 

Karunamai Satguru abhay mukti dhami nama ho |
Pulkit Sadar prem vash hoye sudhre so jeev kama ho |
Bhav Sindhu Ati vikral darun, tas tatv bujhayun |
Ajar Beera naam dai mohi | Purush darsh karayaun |
Sortha:- Chaliye wahee lok ko, Rai charan gahe dhaye |
Jara maran jehi ghar nahin, Jahan wahan hans rahaye |

Meaning: God Kabir Sahib gave the first mantra to King Beer Singh and told by chanting these mantras you will get happiness in this world. When you will leave this world you will have to pass through these barriers. But beyond this, you will need Satnam to move ahead towards Trikuti else the 10th door Brahmrandr and 11th door of ParBrahm will not open. Then is the 12th door of Purna Brahm which opens with Sarshabd. King Beer Singh is doing devotion in the above-mentioned speech that Satguru gave me true spiritual knowledge and gave me true salvation mantra Satnam. 

Speech of Kabir Sahib

Taun naam Raja kahan deena | Sakal jeev apna kar leena ||
Raja (Rai)  Shravan  jab naam sunayee | Tab prateet raja jeev aaye ||
Satya purush satya hai phoola | Satya shabad hai mukti ka moola ||
Satnam jeev jo pavai | Soi jeev tehi lok samave ||
Aiso naam suhela bhai | Suntahi Kaal jaal nashi jai ||
Soi naam Raja jo paye | Satya Purush darshan chit laye ||

Speech from old Kabir Sagar

Ab Raja tum simar kariho | Raj paraye chit na dharihon ||
Sat shabad baksh mein deena | Rehna sada bhakt sant ke Aadhine ||
Sarshabad jab tak nahe pave | Koi sadhak Satlok nahe javey ||
Sarshabad sumran karahin | So Hans bhavsagar tarahin ||

On page 97 (521)

Hum to agam desh se aaye | Satnam sauda hum laye ||

Meaning: Once King Beer Singh organized ‘Kirtan’ in his Palace where many saints, Brahmans, etc made their presence. God Kabir Sahib also went. God preached to the audience there and told them I have come from an immortal world and have a salvation mantra to provide to seekers who wish to attain God. 

Mentioned below is the evidence that Dharmadas Ji became a disciple of God Kabir Sahib and was provided Satnam.

Dharamdas Ji Received Satnam from God Kabir Sahib

Ref: Kabir Sagar, Chapter 6- Gyan Prakash. 

God Kabir Sahib took pious soul Dharamdas Sahib Ji in refuge who hails from Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh. Kabir Sahib gave true spiritual knowledge to Devotee Dharamdas Sahib Ji. He was the worshipper of Lord Vishnu. Few shreds of evidence described below will prove that Dharamdas Sahib Ji received Satnam from God Kabir Sahib. These speeches are taken from the dialogue that was held between both. 

Explaining to Dharamdas Ji that going for the pilgrimage is a useless practice. This has no significance in any of our holy scriptures. God Kabir in Jinda Baba form said 

Koti Koti jo teerath nahao | Satnam bin mukti na paao || 

Meaning: There is no use in taking a bath in a river during pilgrimage aiming to attain and please God. This is a useless practice. Salvation can never be attained with pilgrimage. Only Satnam will help souls get liberation from Kaal’s region. 

On page no. 19 speeches of Dharamdas Ji are mentioned. He offers food to Kabir Sahib and God replied

Satnam hai more adhara | Bhakti bhajan satsang sahara || 

Meaning: Kabir Sahib said I am not hungry. I do not need food. I remain the basis of Satnam’s remembrance. 

On page no. 62 Satnam has been mentioned 

Soham Oham janav Beeru | Dharmdas se kaha Kabiru ||
Satya Shabad (Naam) guru gam pahichana | Bin jibhya karun amrit pana ||

On page no. 62-evidence of Satnam has been mentioned.

Satnam Satguru tat bhakha, Sarshabd granth kathi gupt ho rakha ||
Sat shabad guru gam pahichana | Vin jibhya karun Amrit pana ||
Oham (OM)-Soham jano beeru | Dharmdas se kaho Kabiru ||
Dharihon goy kahiyo jin kaahi | Naad sushil lakhaiho tahi ||
Sumiran daya sewa chit dharahin | Satnam gahin hansa teerhin ||

Satnam sumiran kare Satguru pad nij dhyan |
Parmatam puja jeev daya lahe sau mukti dham ||

Ref: Kabir Sagar, Chapter 1, Gyan Sagar on page 1. 

Sortha- Bujho Sant vivek kari, Satnam saar |
Satguru ka aadesh yeh, utro bhavjal paar ||
Sumro man chit ek kari, Satguru deen dayal |

Meaning: God Kabir tells his dear devotee Dharmdas that by chanting Satnam the soul transcends from this region. 

Ref: Kabir Sagar, Chapter 2 Anurag Sagar, speech no. 11-12.

Sut Parijan dhan swapan snehi | Satnam gahu nij mati ehee || 11 ||
Swa tan sam priye aur na aana | So bhi sang naheen chalat nidana || 12 || 

Meaning: God Kabir tells Dharamdas Ji that the devotee should completely surrender to God to attain emancipation and chant Satnam because God only remains with the souls after he leaves this world and no near and dear one goes along with. 

Procedure to chant Satnam in ‘Gurugambhed chand’

Ajappa jaap ho sehej dhuna. Parkhi gurugam dariye ||
Man pawan thirkar shabd nirkhi, karm mamn math mariye ||

Speech of Kabir Sahib, Chand, on page no. 125

Kali yeh naam pratap dharmni, hans choote kalso ||
Satnam man vich dradhgahe, sonistare yamjalso ||
Yam tasu nikat na aawai, jehi banshki partitiho ||

Meaning: In this context, God Kabir Sahib is telling Dharamdas Sahib Ji that with my word power one son will be born from your wife within 10 months. Name him ‘Chudamani’ and I will give initiation to him. With Satnam, the souls will be relieved in Kalyug from the web of Kaal. 

God Kabir Sahib mentions Satnam while explaining the channels (Kamal Chakras) to Dharamdas Ji that are within the human body in ‘Kabir Vaani’ on page 111 (957) in speech no. 9,13, 23, and 24 in Kabir Sagar. 

Kamlan bhed kiya nirwara, yeh sab rachna pind manjhara |
Satsang kar Satguru Shir dhara. Veh Satnam uchara hai || 9 ||

Dakini Shakini bahu kilkare, jam kinkar dharm doot hakare |
Satnam sun bhage sare, jab Satguru naam uchara hai || 13 ||

Sahas atthasi deep rachaye, heere panne mahal jadae |
Murli bajat ahand sada ye, tahan Soham jhankara hai || 23 ||

Soham had taji jab bhai, Satlok ki had puni aayee |
Uthat sugandh maha adhikayee, jako vaar na para hai || 24 ||

While explaining the traits of a devotee God Kabir Sahib tells Dharamdas Ji

Guru ke shabd sada lau lave | Satnam nishdin gungawe || 

Meaning: This is the message as well as the instruction of God to the entire mankind that the devotee should be ‘Parmarthi’ Those who have got Satguru will become eternal. He should remain focused on chanting Satnam. 

Ref: Kabir Sagar, Chapter 5 Sarwagya Sagar, page no. 135 (411), description of the creation of the universe to Dharamdas Ji. How did God create the universe through word power?

Abole paras surati keh deenha | Saat sandhi prakat kar linha ||
Sast sandhi tab gupt hi peha | peeche Soham shabd viveka ||
Soham shabd Satya anusara | Sohan surti ajawan saara ||

The Gist: After receiving the first mantra then the seeker should keep patience in obtaining the second mantra Satnam to get welfare done.

Ref: Kabir Sagar, Chapter 7 Amar Singh Bodh, page no. 84(508), description of Hell by God Kabir Sahib to Dharamdas Ji

Sunat vachan prabhu man vihamsaye | Kahin shabd dharmani samujhaye ||
Dharmani tumhee bhaye kacchu naahee | Satguru shabd hai tumre pahi ||
Aur katha sunhun chitdhari | Sanshey mite to hohu sukhari ||
Jab Raja vinti mam kinha | Tab hum tahi dilasa deenha ||
Shabd gahe so nahin darai | Tum kimi darahun sunahun ho raayee ||
Satya shabad mam jai jeev Paihen | Kaal phaans so sabai nashaihai ||
Sunat vachan Raja dharun dheera | Bole vachan Kaal balbeera ||

Meaning: In the above-mentioned speech, God Kabir Sahib is consoling Dharmadas Ji when he got scared listening to the description of Hell from God and the torture the soul undergoes in Hell. Kabir Sahib consoles Dharamdas Ji saying you need not worry since you have obtained Satnam from me. 

Ref: Kabir Sagar, Chapter 22 Kabir Vaani, Jeev Dharm Bodh page no. 137 and 1937. 

After giving the complete course of salvation ie. all three mantras to Dharmadas Sahib Ji God Kabir told him

Dharmdas meri lakh duhai, Sarshabad kahin bahar na jaai |
Sarshabad bahar jo padhi, bichlee peedhi hans na tarahin || 

Dharmdas meri lakh duhai, Mool (Saar) Shabad bahar na jaai |
Pavitr gyan tum jag mein bhakho, mool gyan goi (gupt) tum rakho ||
Mool gyan tab tak chupai, jab tak dwadash panth na mit jayee ||

Ref: Kabir Sagar chapter 10 “Jagjeevan Bodh” on page 21

God Kabir Sahib took one King Jagjeevan in the refuge and gave him Satnam. He told Dharamdas Sahib Ji the same account

Kahe Kabir suno Dharmdasa | Tum ghat bhali buddhi parkasaa ||
Prathme Satnam gun gaun | Ghat bheetar ka bhed bataun ||  

Meaning: God reveals the secret salvation mantra Satnam while providing initiation.

Ref: Kabir Sagar, Chapter 18 Gyan Bodh on page no. 23.

Kabir, aisa Ram Kabir ne jana | Dahrmdas suniye de kana ||
Jag jeevon ko deeksha dehin | Satnam bin purush drohi || 
Gyanheen jo guru kahave | Aapan bhula jeevan bhulave ||
Aisa gyan chalaya bhai | Sat Sahib ki sudh bisraee ||
Ya duniya dorangi bhai | Jeev gahe sharan kaal ki jaai ||

Meaning: God Kabir tells Dharamdas Ji to listen to whatever He says very carefully. He only knows that God. The one who does not take the initiation of Satnam or a guru who does not know Satnam or someone who does not have the authority to provide Satnam is malignant of God. By providing the wrong knowledge they have let people forget Who is God? Satnam helps the soul attain God.

Ref: Kabir Sagar, Chapter 20 Mukti Bodh on page no. 72-74.

On page no. 72

Jab lag bhakti ang naheen aawa | Sarshabad kaise ko pawa ||
Satnam shravan maham voshe | Jyon mata balak kaham poshe || 72 ||

Meaning: God Kabir tells Dharamdas Ji till the soul does not gain spiritual powers with the first name and Satnam how can he be given Sar Shabad?. By chanting mantras the soul strengthens the same as the infant grows with mother’s milk. 

On page no. 73

Jab lag Sarnam guru nahee batawe | Tab tak praani mukti nahee pave ||
Sarnam bin seep bin moti | Upaj khape bina har kheti ||
Aadi naam hai akshar mahee | Bin guru narak choote nahi ||
Soham mein niHakshar rahahi | Bin guru kaun de hai lakhai || 73 ||

Meaning: God Kabir tells until the disciple becomes eligible to attain Sarshabad he cannot be provided the same hence salvation is impossible. This is received from Satguru then only the soul gets liberated from Kaal’s region. Both Satnam and Sarnam are a must to be obtained from a Satguru. Else, human birth is useless. 

On page no. 74 

Jako hai guru ka vishwasa | Nishche jaai purush ke pasa ||
Akshar aadi nij naam sunaun | Jara maran ka bhram mitaun ||
Soham sang sansara | So guru deejay mohe upchara || 74 || 

Meaning: Those who have trust in Guru Ji they definitely attain God. With Satnam, the soul gains spiritual powers through which he can cross Kaal’s region. The illness of birth and rebirth can only be cured with Satnam and Sarnam. 

Ref: Kabir Sagar, Chapter ‘Chauka Swarodey’ on page no. 105-106. 

Context of providing initiation to Dharmadas Ji and his wife Aamini Devi mentions Satnam.

On page no. 105

Tini ansh ki lagan vichari | Nari tatha purush ubari ||
Nari-purush hoye ek sanga | Satguru vachan dinha sohanga (Soham) ||
Soham shabd hai agam apara | Taka dharmani mein kahun vichara ||
Soham ped ka tanaa aur daara | Shakha anye teen prakara ||
Amrit vastu bahu prakara | Soham shabd hai sumran sara ||
Soham shabd nishche ho pave | Soham dore geh lok sidhave ||
Ja ghat hoi Soham mat sara | Soi aawahun lok hamara ||
Surati naam Soham mein rakho | Parchey gyan tum jag mein bhasho ||
Eti siddhi (shakti) Soham ki bhai | Dahrmdas tum leo chitlai ||
Dharmdas leenha parwana | Bhaye aadheen choota abhimana ||
Soham karni unch vichara | Soham shabd hai jeev ujiyara || 

On page no. 106

Kabir, Dharmdas un-man baso, karo Satya shabad ki aasha ||
Soham saar sumran hai, Muniwar mare piyasa ||

The Gist: God Kabir Sahib gave initiation to Dharmadas Ji and his wife Aamini Devi. Both received Satnam as stated in the above-mentioned speech.

Ref: Kabir Sagar, Chapter 22 Kabir Vani. Speech of Satguru 

Tab Satguru yeh vachan pukara | Chudamani vansh chatr ujiyara ||
Aur sab jeev Kaal ghar khaee | Narayan jeev Kaal ka bhai ||
Chudamani Naam se Kaal darai | Satnam hai to jeev muktai ||
Tinki sanand chale sansara | Unke haath naam sat hamara ||

Meaning: God Kabir made it clear to Dharamdas Ji that Narayan Das is the soul sent by Kaal who will not accept our true path of worship. He glorifies Lord Krishna. Chudamani will be sent by me to whom I will give the position of a guru. He will be crowned as Guru. It has been mentioned in the Anurag Sagar chapter on page 140 that the tradition of Chudamani will also get confused and will remain in Kaal’s trap. It has also been made clear that if the soul seated on the position of Guru has Satnam then only the souls will be liberated. His credentials will be valid for salvation in the world. He will also provide Sarnam else neither the guru nor the disciple will attain liberation.      

Ref: Kabir Sagar, Chapter 25 ‘Ugr Gita’, on page 105 & 126 provides evidence of Satnam 

On page 105

Oham-Soham tako japaa | Likhat pare nahin punya aur papaa ||
Mool shabd (Sarshabad) kahu nahee pawa | Mool naam mein gupt chipawa || 

On page 126

Oham-Soham ke hoi sawara | Chod jab deh javai darbara ||

The Gist: God Kabir Sahib told about Satnam to Dharamdas Ji while giving knowledge of Bhagwat Gita in the above-mentioned speech. 

Ref: Kabir Sagar, Chapter 30 ‘Aatam Bodh’, on page no. 10

Aap mein aap hai ajappa japo | Jaap japte aap pave ||
Kahe Kabir ye satya ki sain hai | Sat ka shabd sant gave ||

Meaning: God Kabir in this chapter has explained the real status of the soul and what is his connection with God? He explains Satnam is the precious mantra to attain God which is provided by a Satguru. He tells the way to chant Ajappa Jaap ie. Satnam through shwans-ushawans. 

Ref: Kabir Sagar, Chapter 32 ‘Swasamved Bodh’ page 111

Evidence of Satnam in the dialogue of God Kabir Sahib with the creatures on Tapatshila

God Kabir appeared in the form of his son Jogjeet/Sahajdas at the place where there is Tapatshila in Kaal’s region and told the souls the reason why they are suffering? 

Aayo jahan Kaal jeev satawe | Kaal Niranjan jeev nachave ||
Chatak chatak kare jeev tahan bhai | Thadh bhayo mein tahan puni jayee ||
Mohee dekhi jeev keen pukara | Ho Sahib mohe lev ubara ||
Tab hum Satya shabd gohrawa | Purush shabad te jeev tapat bujhawa ||
Sab jeev mili astuti layee | Dhanya purush yeh tapan bujhayee ||
Yamtey chori lehu mohin swami | Daya karo prabhu antaryami ||

The Gist: God Kabir relieved the souls by chanting Satnam when the souls were suffering on Tapatshila. 

Tab hum kaha jeev samujhai | Jore karo to bachan nasai ||
Jab tum jaye nar deha | Tab tum kariho Satya Shabad Sneha ||
Purush naam sumiran sahidani | Beera saar karo parmani ||
Deh dhare Sat Shabad samayee | Tab Hansa Satlokahin jaayee ||
Deh dhare kine jahan aasaa | Antkaal leeno tahan basa ||
Ab tohi kasht bhayo jeev aani | Tate yahee bidhi bolo baani ||
Jab tum deh dharo jag jaayee | Bisre purush Kaal dhari khayee ||

The Gist: God Kabir mentions the powerful mantra Satnam

Saurtha- Kalaa-kalaa parchand, jeev pare bas kaalke |
Janam janam sahai dand, Satnam cheenhe bina ||
Chann yak jeevan ko sukh deun | Jeev bandh meti purushpaham geu ||

The Gist: God Kabir tells that the seeker who chants Satnam gets relief from sufferings in Kaal’s region and attains eternal peace. They get relieved from Kaal’s trap.

Chaupai-God Kabir descends in this world to liberate souls

Yahee vidhi Kaal jakt dharee khayo | Jeev nahin koi muktipad payo ||
Teeno pur pasra yamjaala | Sakal jeev kahan keen bihala ||
Kaalke jaap karte jeev na choote | Bahuvidhi yog yukti mein jute ||
Bin Sat Shabad na jeev ubara | Tab samrath as bachan uchara ||

Ref: Kabir Sagar, chapter 6 ‘Gyan Prakash” page no. 62-63 (486)

God Kabir Sahib gave the name initiation-Satnam to His dearest disciple respected Dharamdas Ji and told him to chant this two-word mantra

Satguru so Satnam Lakhawe | Satlok le Hansan pahunchavey ||
Oham (OM) Soham jawan beeru | Dharmdas saun kahe Kabiru ||

Meaning: That Satguru is complete who tells Satnam and takes back the souls to Satlok. That Satnam is a two-word mantra. He alerts him saying

Dhari ho goye kahiho ji na kahi | Naad sushil lakhaihon tahi ||
Sumiran daya sewa chit dharai | Satnam gahin Hansa tarai || 62 ||

Satnam sumiran karai, Satguru pad nij dhyan |
Aatm puja jeev daya, lahai so mukti amaan || 63 ||

Ref: Kabir Sagar, chapter 24 ‘Amar Mool” on page no. 265 (1111). 

God Kabir Sahib tells Dharamdas Ji that after giving the first Naam, the seeker is examined on his firmness than the second Naam ie. Satnam is granted. Finally, Sarnam ensures the emancipation of the soul.

Dharmadas mein kaho vichari | Jihitein nibhain sab sansari ||
Pratham shishye hoye jo aayee | Ta kahun paan dehun tum  bhai ||
Jab dekho tum dhradhta gyana | Ta kahan kahun (Sat) shabd prawana ||
Shabd mahee jab nishchae aave | Ta kahan gyan agam sunave ||
Dharmadas tum kaho sandesha | Jo jas jeev taheen updesha ||
Balak sam jakar hai gyana | Tason kahahu bachan prawana ||
Ja kahan Sukshm gyan hai bhai | Ta kahan sumran dehun lakhai ||
Gyan gamye ja kahan puni hoi | Sar shabd ja kahan kahu soi ||

Let us move ahead. 

In the below-mentioned speech, God Kabir Sahib explains to Dharamdas Ji in the dialogue that was held between Him and Brahm-Kaal the effectiveness of Satnam with which Kaal went awry and fell in the Nether world. 

Dialogue Between Kabir Sahib & Brahm-Kaal Regarding Satnam

Brahm-Kaal is the owner of twenty-one universes where we all souls are captured and are suffering. God Kabir and Brahm-Kaal once had a discussion which has been explained in detail in Sukshma Veda. Here we will only describe the speeches where God Kabir Sahib is telling Dharamdas Ji the importance and effectiveness of Satnam. 

Ref: Kabir Sagar, Chapter 2 Anurag Sagar page 62-63

Hamne kaha suno anyayee | Kato phand jeev le jaai || 41 ||
Jete phand tum rache vichari | Satya shabd te sabai vidari || 42 ||
Jaun jeev ham shabd dhradhvey | Phand tumhaar sakal muktave || 43 ||
Jabahi jeev chinhee gyan hamara | Tajahin bhram sab tore pasara || 44 ||
Satnam jeevan samjhaven | Hans ubhar lok lai jave || 45 ||
Purush sumiran saar beera, naam avichal janaavahun |
Sheesh tumhare paanv deke, Hans lok pathavahun || 46 ||
Takey nikat Kaal nahee aave | Sandhi dekh tako sir navai || 48 ||


Meaning: God Kabir Sahib is telling Kaal that O you cruel! I will take my souls back by providing them the true salvation mantra Satnam and Sarnaam. Then the souls will be liberated from your web. 

Ref: Kabir Sagar, Chapter 32 ‘Swasamved Bodh’ on page no. 91

Satnam is clearly mentioned in this speech

Jatey Oham purush bhai anshaa | Oham-Soham bhai dwe ansha ||

Ref: Kabir Sagar, Chapter 32 ‘Swasamved Bodh’ page 121

Chautha yug jab Kalyug aayee | Tab hum apna ansh pathayee || 57 ||
Kaal phand chootey nar loi | Sakal srishti parvanik (dikshit) hoi || 58 ||
Ghar-ghar dekho bodh (gyan) bichara (Charcha) | Satnam sab thore uchara || 59 ||
Panch hazaar panch sau pancha | Tab yeh vachan hoyega Saacha || 60 ||
Kalyug beet jaye jab eta | Sab jeev param purush pad cheta || 61 ||

Meaning: God Kabir told Kaal that I will send my representative in the fourth yuga and will take back my souls. I will liberate them from your web. All will understand your wrong spiritual knowledge and will become aware of the true spiritual knowledge provided by my Saint. All will chant Satnam. These words of mine will become true when Kalyug will pass 5505 years. All will know Who is Param Purush ie. Who is God?   

Ref: Kabir Sagar, Chapter 32 ‘Swasamved Bodh’ page 171 (1515), 

Speech of Kabir Sahib

Panch hazaar aru panch sau paanch jab Kalyug beet jaye |
Mahapurush pharmaan tab, jag taran kun aaye || 66 || 
Hindu Turk aadi sabai, jete jeev jahan |
Satnam ki sakh gahi, pave pad nirwan || 67 || 
Yatha Saritgan aap hi, mile sindhu mein dhyaye |
Satsukrat ke madhye timi, sab hi panth samaye || 68 ||
Jab lag purna hoye nahi, theek ka tithi vaar |
Kapat-chaturi tabahin lau, swasam Bed nirdhar || 69 ||
Sabhi nari-nar shuddh tab, jab theek ka din aawant |
Kapat chaturi chodi ke, sharan Kabir gahant || 70 ||
Ek anek hai gaye, punh anek ho ek |
Hans chale Satlok sab, Satnam ki tek || 71 ||
Ghar Ghar bodh vichaar ho, Durmati door bahaye |
Kalyug mein sab ek hoi, bartein sahaj subhaye || 72 ||
Kahan ugr kahan shudr ho, hare sabki bhav peer || 73 ||
Sau saman samdrishti hai, samarth Satya Kabir || 74 ||

Meaning: God Kabir told Kaal when Kalyug will pass 5505 years then one great man who will be my representative will come on earth who will remove all barriers of religion, caste, and creed and will provide Satnam to all. Everyone will abandon hypocrisy and will unite and worship God Kabir. All true worshippers will reach Satlok by the power of the strong mantra Satnam.

Ref: Kabir Sagar, Chapter 32 ‘Swasamved Bodh’ page 111

Chaupai-Description of arguments between God Kabir and Kaal 

Yogjeet Kael hi lalkara | Gahee kar sund door tihi daraa ||
Purush pratap sumir man mahi | Maryo Satya Shabad se tahin ||
Tatchan tahi drishti par hera | Shyam Lilar bhayo tihikera ||

Meaning: God Kabir Sahib is telling that Kaal tried to misbehave with Yogjeet (me) then Yogjeet chanted Satnam with which Kaal went awry and fell in the Nether world. 

Gyani kahe suno dharmrai | Kato phand jeev le jaai ||
Jeto  phand rachi tum bhari | Satya Shabad  le sakal bidari ||
Jihi jeevko hum shabd dhredhe hai | Phand tumhar sabey mukteyhi ||

Meaning: God Kabir Sahib is telling Kaal that I will provide Satnaam to all souls and with its power, all will be liberated.

Ref: Kabir Sagar, Chapter 32 ‘Swasamved Bodh’ page 165 Satnam has been mentioned

Teen ansh agey parmana | Oham-Soham ko asthana ||
Aath ansh tahwan upjaye | Ansh bansh asthan banaye ||
Oham-Soham hot udhara | Janm roga ka yahee upchara || 

Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Obtained Satnam from God Kabir

Note: The founder of the religion of Sikhism respected Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji also obtained Satnam and Sarnam from Akaalpurush/Satpurush/Param Akshar Brahm KavirDev who met him in Jinda baba form and showed him Sachhkhand. Nanak Ji attained salvation by chanting Satnam and Sarnam and has mentioned the same in several sacred speeches which are scripted in pious Sri Guru Granth Sahib.


Evidence of Satnam mentioned in Sukshma Veda ie. Kabir Sagar confirms that there is no other way to get liberation from the trap of Brahm-Kaal except taking refuge of a Tatvadarshi Sant and chant Satnam and Sarnam which is also certified in the speeches of great men as discussed above. 

Great Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji is providing the same Satnam and Sarnam chanting which the souls will attain emancipation. He tells in His nectar speech 

Bible Ved Quran hai, jaise chaand prakash |
Suraj Gyan Kabir ka, kare timar ka naash ||
Rampal saachi kahe, karo vivek vichaar |
Satnam va Sarnam, yahee mantr hai saar ||

Ramdevanand guru ji, kar gaye najar nihal |
Satnam ka diya khajana, barte Rampal

This is the advice to the readers; do not delay. Identify God and take refuge from Tatvadarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji and attain Salvation.

FAQs about Satnam in Sukshma Veda & Speeches of Many Saints

Q.1 What is the meaning of Satnam?

Satnam is a mantra which consists of two words "Om" & "Tat" (indicative words, which is only known to true Guru) as described in Holy Geeta Chapter 17 Verse 23. With this mantra Salvation is attained only when the complete course is given by the enlightened Saint and the seeker remains in the prescribed rules of true devotion.

Q.2 How to chant Satnam?

Satnam is chanted through breathing. By breathing in and out Satnam is chanted but to know the whole procedure and to get actual benefit one has to take this mantra from authorised Saint.

Q. 3 Is Satnam a greeting?

In Sikhism, people generally chant 'Satnam Waheguru' considering that it will provide them spiritual benefits. But in reality it is only greeting. Respected Guru Nanak Dev Ji after his visit to Satlok and having an audience of Almighty Satpurush KavirDev in Sachkhand and gaining true spiritual knowledge when saw God KavirDev in weaver form in Kashi, out of excitement and happiness his spontaneous reaction was 'Satnaam Waheguru' which was glorification of God meaning Satpurush granted him salvation mantra Satnaam to him so glory to guru. It was just an indication to remember God.

Q.4 Where does Satnam come from?

Lord Kabir Ji brought the Satnam mantra which provides salvation. In Kabir Sagar, it's written that

"Soham shabd hum jag mein laye | Sarshabd humane gupt chipaye ||"

In Kabir Sagar, Chapter 2 Anurag Sagar pages 62-63 it's written that

Jabahi jeev chinhee gyan hamara | Tajahin bhram sab tore pasara || 44 ||

"Satnam" jeevan samjhaven | Hans ubhar lok lai jave || 45 ||

Q.5 What is the effect of chanting Satnam?

Satnam is a very precious Mantra whose value is more than the value of 14 lokas + 3 lokas ( Earth, heaven and neitherworld) It is described in the words of Garibdas Ji Maharaj:

Satnam paalade rang hori ho, Teen Lok passang dhare rang hori ho,

To na tule tulaye Ram rang hori ho ||

Satnam mantra relieves souls from the trap of Kaal.

Q.6 Can mantras change your life?

Only true mantras are effective that are granted by true guru. Rest any other mantra which is not supported in scriptures is useless. When taken from an authorised Saint the Satnam mantra can change life.

Q.7 What are the benefits of Satnam Kriya?

Satnam mantra has lots of benefits if taken from an authorised Saint:

  • It can destroy the sins
  • It can increase the lifespan
  • It can give economic, mental physical as well as spiritual benefits.
  • Lord Kabir Ji says: Jabhi Satnaam hriday dharo, Bhayo paap ko naash | Jaise Chingari Agni ki, pade purane ghaans ||

Q.8 Which mantra is very powerful?

Saarnam is considered as a powerful mantra which is given after the Satnam mantra. Its evidence is in Gita Chapter 17 Verse 23

Q.9 Which mantra removes all problems in the family?

True salvation mantra "Om Tat Sat' (indicative) has the power to remove all the problems when taken from the true Guru.

Q.10 Which mantra can save a life?

Satnam is a life-saving mantra if taken from a true satguru since God always remains with the true worshippers and protects him/her every moment Saint Gareeb Das Ji says:

Satguru jo chahe so karahi, choudah koti dut yam darahi |

Uut bhut yam trash Nivaare, Chirta gupta ke kagaj fade ||

Q. 11 Which mantra should I chant?

Only a true Guru gives true salvation mantras which should be chanted which change one's whole life.

Q. 12 Can we meditate while in bed?

True salvation mantras provided by enlightened Saint can be chanted at any time. Saint Gareeb Das Ji says:

Naam uthat, naam bethat, Naam sovat jag re |

Naam khate, Naam peete, Naam se tu laag re ||


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Why did Guru Nanak in his teachings have emphasized the need of reciting 'Waheguru Satnam?

Satlok Ashram

Almighty Kabir met Nanak Dev Ji on river Bein and took him to Sachkhand. He showed him His creations and gave him true spiritual knowledge. After returning from Eternal world Satlok Guru Nanak Ji met Him in Kashi where he was provided 'Satnan' (coded salvation mantra). Thrilled Nanak Ji's first reaction praising God was 'waheguru Satnam' which was indicative that he is happy to receive this salvation mantra. This secret mantra is given by an enlightened Saint. You should listen to spiritual discourses for details and visit our website.

Manav Singh

'Satnaam'Waheguru' mantra is recited by Sikh devotees. It is part of the Gurbani shabad called Mool Mantra which is repeated daily by Sikhs.

Satlok Ashram

Satnam is a two word coded mantra which has been mentioned in Gita Chapter 17:23 chanting which one becomes eligible to attain salvation. 'Satnaam'Waheguru' is no mantra to be chanted it is a misconception prevalent amongst whole Sikkh community. This was the gesture of Guru Nanak Dev Ji after he recognised God and obtained true salvation mantra. Its symbolic. For details you may visit our website and read books.

Rita Verma

I was going through your Ashram's website and reading articles there I got to know there is one Sukshamveda. Till now we were aware about only four Vedas. What is it all about?

Satlok Ashram

Due to lack of true spiritual knowledge people did not know about Sukshamveda which is the fifth in the series. It contains detailed information about the supreme God and His eternal world Satlok. How to attain God? What is the right way of worship to attain emancipation? Several such hidden spiritual facts have been mentioned in Sukshamveda.