40. Test of Disciples by God Kabir

Test of Disciples by God Kabir (Way of Living)

Impressed by the numerous miraclulous divine acts performed by Supreme God Kabir, eighty-four lakh people had become His disciples. God knows about the past, present and future. He knew that seeing these miracles and because of the materialistic benefits gained by them due to my blessings, they are hailing me. They do not have faith in me that I am God. But in imitation of each other, they do say that Kabir Ji, our Sadguru, is God Himself. They also used to tell their benefits. One day Supreme God Kabir Ji thought of testing the disciples that – “Let me see how much knowledge they have comprehended. If they do not have faith, they do not deserve salvation. They are a futile burden on my head.” On thinking this, he made a plan. He said to his supreme disciple Ravidas, “Hire an elephant.”

            There was a beautiful prostitute in Kashi City. At a short distance from her house was house of a devotee of Kabir Ji. Kabir Ji was doing Satsang in his courtyard at night. That day that prostitute did not have any customer. To listen to the words of Satsang, she sat down in a chair on the roof of her house. She listened to the satsang the whole night and in the morning went to the Satsang site and introduced herself to God Kabir ji, and said, “Guru ji! Can a sinner like me also be salvaged? For the first time in my life, I have listened to things of self-welfare. Now I have only two options that either I attain salvation or I atone for my sins by committing suicide.” God Kabir Ji said, “Daughter! It is a heinous sin to commit suicide. God destroys all the sins if one does bhakti. Take initiation from me and do bhakti, and avoid committing sins in future.” That sister agreed and took a pledge. She took initiation from God Kabir and started doing bhakti. And wherever God Kabir used to deliver satsang, she started going there to listen to it. Due to which, the devotees of Kabir Ji did not like her coming to the satsang. They used to say to her that – “Guru ji is being defamed because of you. Do not come to the Satsang. You sit at the forefront close to Guru ji; do not sit there.” The girl told these things to Guru Kabir Ji, and started crying bitterly. Supreme God said, “Daughter! You may continue to come to Satsang.” Kabir Ji clarified through Satsang that – “How can a dirty cloth become clean without coming in contact with a soap and water? Likewise, how can a sinner get his/her welfare done by remaining away from Satsang and Guru? Devotees do not hate prostitutes and the sick; they respect them. By discussing spiritual knowledge with them, they inspire them to attain salvation.” Even after repeated advice of God Kabir Ji, the devotees kept forbidding that girl from coming to Satsang, and used to give excuse that – “Because of you, Guru ji has become defamed in Kashi. The people of Kashi repeatedly say to us that – “Even a prostitute visits your Guru Ji. What sort of a Guru he is.”

            God Kabir said to that girl, “Daughter! You will come with me and sit on an elephant.” The girl said, “Your wish is my command, Gurudev!” The next morning at around 10 o’clock, the three of them mounted on an elephant passed through the main bazaar of Kashi City. Saint Ravidas was riding the elephant. The girl was sitting behind Ravidas ji and in front of Kabir ji, that is, she was sitting in between the two. Kabir ji filled Ganga water in a bottle. He was sipping it by putting that bottle in his mouth. People thought that Kabir Ji is drinking alcohol. Under the effect of alcohol, he is openly roaming in the bazaar with the prostitute. The people of Kashi are telling each other, “Look! Kabir weaver who used to deliver great sermons; today his pretensions have been revealed. These people do such things with the excuse of satsang.” The people of Kashi were bringing Kabir Ji’s disciples and showing them that – “See the deed of your God. He is drinking alcohol and openly roaming with a prostitute.” On seeing this divine act, those fake eighty-four lakh disciples abandoned Kabir Ji, and started doing the previous way of worship. Getting entrapped in regard for public opinion, they turned away from the Guru.

            God Kabir used to perform divine acts like these especially when the Emperor of Delhi, Sikander Lodhi, had come to Kashi. At that time, Emperor Sikander Lodhi was present in Kashi. The Qajis and the Pandits complained to the Emperor that Weaver Kabir is committing a wrongdoing. Finishing all shame, he was openly doing a wrong deed with a prostitute while sitting on an elephant. He was drinking alcohol. The Emperor ordered to immediately catch him and kill him by drowning in the Ganga. Emperor Sikander Lodhi himself put handcuffs on Kabir ji’s hands, shackles on his feet and an iron collar around his neck. Making Kabir ji sit in a boat, he was taken to the middle of the river, and thrown into the river by the soldiers. The handcuffs, shackles and the iron collar themselves broke and fell in the river. God became seated in a lotus pose (cross-legged sitting position) on the water. The water of Ganga was flowing under him in a circular manner. God was peacefully sitting on the water. After some time, God Kabir ji came to the bank of the river Ganga. On the order of Sheikh Taqi, the soldiers caught Kabir ji and making him sit in a boat, tying heavy rocks on his back and feet and tying his hands behind his back with a rope, threw him in the middle of the river Ganga. The ropes broke. The rocks sank in the water. Supreme God Kabir kept sitting on the water. When Sheikh Taqi saw that Kabir did not drown in the river Ganga, then getting furious, he persuaded the Emperor to give order of firing cannon balls at Kabir ji. First, stones were hurled, gunshots were fired, and arrows were shot at Kabir ji. Finally, cannon balls were fired at Kabir ji for twelve hours. Some used to fall there itself near the bank; some used to fall on the other bank; some used to fall far off in some pond. Not even a single cannon ball, stone, gunshot or arrow reached near Supreme God Kabir ji. Even on seeing all this, the people of Kashi could not recognise the Supreme God. Then Supreme God Kabir ji thought that these are foolish people. At that very moment, Kabir ji vanished into the water of Ganga, and appeared in the house of devotee Ravidas ji. The spectators believed that Weaver Kabir died by drowning in the Ganga. Sand and mud must have got accumulated over him. Everybody went to the city while rejoicing, dancing and jumping. Sheikh Taqi along with his team went to Saint Ravidas ji’s house to tell him that Kabir, whom you used to call God, has drowned and died. On going to Saint Ravidas ji’s house, he saw that Kabir ji is playing an ‘Iktara’ (one string musical instrument) and singing a hymn. Sheikh Taqi was aghast. He went to Emperor Sikander Lodhi and told him that – “Kabir has escaped. He is sitting in Ravidas’s house.” On hearing this, Emperor Sikander Lodhi went to Saint Ravidas’s hut. God Kabir ji disappeared from there, and sat down in a meditative state on the top of the water of river Ganga just as one sits on land. Emperor Sikander Lodhi asked Ravidas, “Where is Kabir Ji?” Saint Ravidas ji said, “O Emperor! He is Complete God. He only is Alakh Allah. Recognise Him. He is the Master of his own will. He can go wherever He wishes. I do not know where he has gone. He lives with everyone.” At that very moment, someone told that Kabir Ji is sitting in the middle of Ganga and doing bhakti. All the people, the Emperor and the soldiers again went on the bank of the river. The Emperor sent a message via fishermen in a boat asking Kabir ji to come out. The fishermen took the boat close to Kabir ji and delivered the message that – “Emperor Sikander is calling you. Come.” Supreme God Kabir ji sat in that ship (big boat) and came to the shore.   

Emperor Sikander again got him apprehended and ordered to tie his hands and feet and get him murdered by a bloodthirsty elephant. The public was standing on all sides. Sikander was sitting at a high place. God was placed on the ground with his hands and feet tied. The mahout (elephant driver) made the elephant drink alcohol, and moved forward to trample Kabir Ji to death. Kabir Ji showed a lion standing next to him. Only the elephant could see him. The elephant trumpeted and ran back out of fear. The mahout feared that he will lose his job. Spearing the elephant, he tried to take him towards Kabir ji, but the elephant ran backwards. Then the Mahout also saw the lion standing there, so the goad dropped from his hand out of fear. The elephant ran away. The shackles of Supreme God Kabir ji broke. Kabir ji stood up and as he stretched his limbs, he became tall. His head started appearing to touch the sky. His body started appearing bright. Trembling with fear, Emperor Sikander fell at the feet of Supreme God Kabir. He asked for forgiveness and said, “You are God. Spare my life. I have committed a grave mistake. I have recognised you now. You are yourself Allah who has come on earth.” Then Supreme God Kabir came to Kashi city and sat down in the courtyard of that same Prostitute’s (Ganika) house. The girl was massaging his feet. She kept Supreme God Kabir ji’s feet on her thighs.

Fir ganika kae sang chale, sheeshi bhari sharaab | Garibdas us puri mein, Julha bhaya kharaab ||726||
Taari baaji puri mein, bhisht Julahadi neech | Garibdas ganika saji, dahun santon kae beech ||727||
Gaavat baen bilaaspad, gangajal peevant | Garibdas vihval bhaye, matwale ghoomant ||728||
Bhaduva bhaduva sab kahaen, koyi na jaane khoj | Das Garib Kabir karam, baantat shirka bojh ||729||
Dekho ganika sangi layi, kehte kaum chhatees | Garibdas is Julahadi ka, darshan aan hadees ||730||
Shah Sikander kun suni, bhisht huye do Sant | Garibdas chyaaron varan, uthi laage sab panth ||731||
Chyaari varan shat ashram, donaun deen khushaal | Garibdas Hindu Turak, padya shahar gali jaal ||732||
Shah Sikanderkae gaye, suni kable Ardas | Garibdas talbaan huyi, pakre donaun das ||733||
Kaho kabir yauh kya kiya, ganika linhi sang | Garibdas bhoole bhakti, parya bhajan mein bhang ||734||
Suno Sikander badshah, hamri araj avaaj | Garibdas vah rakhisi, jin yauh saajya saaj ||735||
Jadiya taunk janjeer gal, Shah Sikander aap | Garibdas pad leen hai, taari ajapa jaap ||736||
Haathon jadi hathkadi, pag bedi pahiraay | Garibdas beech Gang mein, tahan deenha chhitkaay ||737||
Jhadi gaye taunk janjeer sab, lagae kinaare aay | Garibdas dekhae khalak, syon Qaji Badshah ||738||
Neechae neechae Gangajal, upar aasan theer | Garibdas boodae nahin, baithe adhar Kabir ||739||
Yoh achraj kaisa bhaya, dekhain dono deen | Garibdas qaji kahaen, baandhi diya jal seen ||740||
Gal mein faansi daari kari, baandho shila sudhaari | Garibdas yauh Julahadi, jab boodae Gangdhaar ||741||
Shila dhari jab naav mein, baandhi galae Kabir | Garibdas fand tuti kae, na doobae jalneer ||742||
Shila chali shah aur kaun, dekhat Kashi khyaal | Garibdas Kabir ka aasan adhar hamaal ||743||
Teer baan goli chalaen, top rahkalyaun shor | Garibdas us Julahadikae, gayi ek nahin or ||744||
Adhar dhaar gole bahaen, jalkae beech gabhaak | Garibdas us Julahadi par, shastr chhooten laakh ||745||
Top rahkale sab chalaen, teer baan kamaan | Garibdas vah Julahadi, jal par rahae amaan ||746||
Adhri dhaar apaar gati, jal pari lagi samaadhi | Garibdas nij brahmpad, khelein aadi anaadi ||747||
Julam hua boodae nahin, shastr lagae na baan | Garibdas ib kaun gati, kaesen leejae praan ||748||
Lagi Samadhi agaadh mein, bichrae Kashi gang | Garibdas kilol sar, chhuhaen charan tarang ||749||
Chyaari pahar gole bagey, dhami mulak maidan | Garibdas pokhar sukhaen, rahe Kabir amaan ||750||
Apni karni sab kari, thaake donaun deen | Garibdas ab Julahadi, paithi gaye jalmeen ||751||
Dubya dubya sab kahaen, ho gaye gaarat gor | Garibdas kable Dhani, tum aagae kya jor ||752||
Aanand mangal hot hai, bataen badhaayi beg | Garibdas us Julahadi par fir gayi reti regh ||753||
Hasti ghode chadat hain, paan mithai cheer | Garibdas Kashi khusi, boode gang Kabir ||754||
Jaavo ghari Raidaskae, hilkaare hajoor | Garibdas khusiya kahau, kahiyo nahin kasoor ||755||
Jhaalari dholak bajat hain, gaavaen shabd Kabir | Garibdas Raidas sangi, donaun ekahi teer ||756||
Qaji Pandit sab gaye, Shah Sikander uth | Garibdas Raidaskae, bhesh gaye jatjoot ||757||
Kothi kuthle sab jhake, baasan teendar goli | Garibdas Rahdas sunaun, kahan gaye vah bol ||758||
Ve pragat Pooran Purush hain, Abinaashi Alakh Allah | Garibdas Raehdas kahaen, sunaun Sikander Shah ||759||
Surajmukhi subhaan sar, khiley phool guljaar | Garibdas qaji pandit, karta shah pukaar ||760||
Shah Sikander fir gaye, us Ganga kae teer | Das Garib Kabir Hari, baithe oopar neer ||761||
Baithi malaah jihaaj mein, gaye dhaar kae beech | Garibdas Hari Hari karaen, prem fuhaare seech ||762||
Kari araj malaah tahan, deen duni Badshah | Garibdas aasan udhar, lagi samadhi Julaah ||763||
Bhanwar firat hain gang jal, phool ugaane koti | Garibdas tahan bandagi, Harijan Hari ki ot ||764||
Sankal seedi laay kari, utre tahan malaah | Garibdas Hum bandagi, yaad kiye Badshah ||765||
Baith Kabir jahaaj mein, aaye Ganga ghaat | Garibdas Kashi thaki, haande bauh bidhi baat ||766||

Ill-attempt to Get Supreme God Kabir Killed by a Bloodthirsty Elephant

Khooni haathi mast hai, pag bandhey janjeer | Garibdas jahan daariya, masak baandhi Kabir ||767||
Sinh roop Sahib dharya, bhaage ulte pheel | Garibdas nahin samajhti, yaah duniya khaleel ||768||
Baney kehri sinh jit, chaunr shikahr asmaan | Garibdas hasti lakhya, deekhae nahin jihaan ||769||
Kutae sheesh mahavatM, ankush sheer gargaap | Garibdas ulta bhagae, taari deejaen thaap ||770||
Bhaale kokhaun maariye, charkhi chhootein paakh | Garibdas nahin nikat jaay, kilki devaen laakh ||771||
Jaisi bhakti Kabir ki, aisi karae na koy | Garibdas kunjar thakey, ulatey bhaage roye ||772||
Dum govaen moondi dhunae, saen na samjhae ek | Garibdas deekhae nahin, aagae khadaa Alekh ||773||
Peelvaan dekhya tabae, khada kehri singh | Garibdas aaye tahan, dhari Maula bahu rang ||774||
Utre Maula aras taen, bhaav bhakti kae het | Garibdas tab Shah lakhey, Kabir Purush sahet ||775||
Leela ki Kabir ne, do roop mein rahe dees | Garibdas Kabir kae, paas khade Jagdish ||776||
Jambhaayi angdayiyan, lambe bhaye Dayal | Garibdas us Shah kun, maano darshya Kaal ||777||
Koti chandra shashi bhaan mukh, girad kund dum leel | Garibdas tahan na tike, bhaagi gaye ranfeel ||778||
Nayan laal bhaun peet hain, doongar nak pahaar | Garibdas us Shah kun, Sinh roop didaar  ||779||
Mastak shikhar swarg lag, deeragh deh biland | Garibdas Hari utre, kaatan jam ke fand ||780||
Girad naabhi nirbhae kalaa, dudkarae nahin koye | Garibdas triloki mein, gaaj taas ki hoye ||781||
Jyun Narsinh Prahladkae, yun vah Narsinh Ek | Garibdas Hari aaiya, raakhan janki tek ||782||
Baar-baar sataay kar, mastak leena bhaar | Garibdas Shah yaun kahae, baksau ibki baar ||783||
Tahan sinh lyouleen hua, parcha ibki baar | Garibdas Shah yaun kahae, Allah diya deedar ||784||
Sun Kashi ke panditau, Qaji Mulla peer | Garibdas iske charan lyauh, Alah Alekh Kabir ||785||
Yauh Kabir Allah hai, utre Kashi dhaam | Garibdas Shah yaun kaein, jhagar mooye be kaam ||786||
Qaji Pandit roothiya, ham tyagya yoh desh | Garibdas shashtdal kahaen, jaadu sihar hamesh ||787||
In jaadu jantar kiya, hasti diya bhagaay | Garibdas it na rahaen, Kashi bidri jaay ||788||
Kashi bidri chahaun disha, thaambhan hara Ek | Garibdas kaise thambhae, bidre bauhat anek ||789||

FAQs about "Test of Disciples by God Kabir"

Q.1 How many disciples were initially following God Kabir Ji due to his miracles?

Initially, sixty-four lakh people became disciples of God Kabir Ji due to His miraculous acts but later they fail to recognise Him and failed in the test.

Q.2 Why did God Kabir Ji decide to test his disciples?

God Kabir Ji wanted to test the depth of faith and understanding of His disciples, as He suspected that many were following Him for materialistic benefits rather than true devotion. God Kabir Ji instructed Ravidas to hire an elephant as part of His plan to test His disciples.

Q. 3 Who was the prostitute mentioned in the story, and why did she attend God Kabir Ji's satsang?

The story features a prostitute from Kashi City who attended God Kabir Ji's SatSang because she was inspired by the teachings of self-welfare and wanted to seek salvation.

Q.4 How did the other devotees of God Kabir Ji react to the prostitute attending the satsang?

Some of the other devotees were not happy with the prostitute attending the satsang and advised her not to come, fearing that it would defame God Kabir Ji.

Q.5 What analogy did God Kabir Ji use to explain the importance of attending satsang?

God Kabir Ji used the analogy of a dirty cloth becoming clean by coming in contact with soap and water to emphasize the importance of attending satsang for the spiritual cleansing of a sinner.

Q.6 What event led to the fake disciples abandoning God Kabir Ji?

The event in which God Kabir Ji appeared to be drinking alcohol and openly roaming with a prostitute on an elephant led to the fake disciples abandoning Him. They believed that God Kabir Ji was drinking alcohol and openly engaging in inappropriate behavior, which tarnished His reputation in their eyes.

Q.7 How did Emperor Sikander Lodhi finally recognize the divine nature of God Kabir Ji?

Emperor Sikander Lodhi ordered the capture and punishment of God Kabir Ji, including attempts to drown him in the Ganga and later using an elephant to trample him. During these attempts, the ropes, handcuffs, shackles, and even cannonballs failed to harm God Kabir Ji, and He appeared to be sitting peacefully on the water of the Ganga. God Kabir Ji disappeared from the location where He was being punished and reappeared in the house of devotee Ravidas Ji. After witnessing Kabir Ji's miraculous escape from punishment, Emperor Sikander Lodhi fell at His feet, recognized Him as God, and asked for forgiveness.


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Satish Das

Kabir Sahib Ji's tests for his devotees are indeed intricate and profound. The human mind often struggles to fathom the depths of divine powers and tends to judge based on its own limited perspective. Kabir Saheb Ji should not take complicated tests from his devotees knowing the limitations of their human mind.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your engagement with our article. It's important to note that Kabir Sahib was not just a simple man but the Almighty God Kabir Himself, the creator of the entire universe, who descended to fulfill divine roles as mentioned in our Holy Vedas. The manner in which He conducts tests and selects devoted souls is beyond our comprehension, as His intelligence surpasses our human capabilities. Therefore, it is incorrect to find fault in His decisions. His decisions are superior to what our human minds can conceive. We recommend understanding the power of Kabir Sahib Ji by listening to the discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and reading the book "Jeene Ki Rah."

Nandini Banerjee

My father is associated with a Kabirpanthi Guru, and he often recounts the miracles of Kabir Das Ji. However, I find it challenging to believe that a simple saint could perform such extraordinary miracles. Moreover, I haven't heard of other deities performing such miracles as Kabir Das Ji did. Can you explain this?

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your interest in our articles and your willingness to engage in discussions. It's essential to clarify that Kabir Sahib Ji was not merely a simple saint but the Almighty and Immortal God Himself, who descended to Earth to fulfill divine roles as described in our Holy scriptures. The miracles attributed to Him are unparalleled and have not been replicated by any deity known to us. He fearlessly imparted true spiritual knowledge through His divine discourse, which is documented in the book "Kabir Sagar." Additionally, other pious souls who met with the Supreme God Kabir Ji and propagated true spiritual knowledge about Him include Nanak Dev Ji, Garibdas Ji Maharaj, Dadu Saheb Ji, and many more. To gain a deeper understanding of Kabir Sahib Ji, we recommend listening to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and reading the book "Jeene Ki Rah."