Complete Knowledge of Shiv Puran or Shiv Mahapuran

Complete Knowledge of Shiv Puran or Shiv Mahapuran

There are 18 Maha (great) Puranas according to Hinduism. Let us provide an overview of Shiv Puran. This writeup will provide a vivid description of the following:-

What is Shiv Puran or Shiv Mahapuran?

Shiv Puran is one of the most frequently read Purana from the eighteen Purana genre in Hinduism. It centers around Hindu God Shiva and his consort Goddess Parvati. Lord Shiva is one of the most worshipped God in Hinduism. Shiva Mahapurana consists of 12 (twelve) 'Samhitas' (collection of verses) which provide a vivid description of different aspects of the life of Lord Shiva.

Who wrote Shiv Puran (Shiv Mahapuran)?

Shiv Puran was originally written in Sanskrit by Romaharshana who was a disciple of Sage Maharishi Ved Vyasa. This Purana is revered by those who believe that Lord Shiva is the complete god. Devotees read Shiv Puran at home as routine religious practice. Since Shiv Puran (Shiv Mahapuran) is available in both Sanskrit and Hindi Language this can easily be read by everyone.

Moving on, we will study the evidence provided in Shiv Purana about nature’s creation. Let us proceed.

Evidence of Nature's Creation in Holy Shiv Mahapuran

Excerpts from Shiv Purana will cover the following.

  • Who is the father of Lord Shiva (Shri Shiv / Shankar Ji)?
  • Who is the mother of Lord Shiva (Shri Shiv / Shankar Ji)?
  • Birth of Tridev (Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiv) & three qualities (Gunas)
  • Difference between Sadashiv / Mahashiv (Kaal-Brahm) & Lord Shiva (Shri Shiv / Shankar Ji)
  • Are Shiv, Shankar, and Rudra the Same?
  • Is Lord Shiva Immortal and Formless?

Who is the Father of Lord Shiva?

Evidence Shri Vishnu Puran:- Part-4 Adhyay 1 on Page 230-231.

Shri Brahma Ji said-The unborn, all-containing, ordainer Supreme God whose beginning, middle, end, form, nature, and essence we are unable to know. (Shlok 83).

Who by acquiring my form creates the world; at the time of preservation who is in the form of Purush, and who in Rudra form swallows the world; he holds the entire universe in an endless form. (Shlok 86)

The readers should know that Jyoti Niranjan (Brahm-Kaal) is the master (Lord) of only twenty-one (21) Brahamands. He is also known as Kshar Purush and Dharamrai. In one Brahmand, this very Brahm has created one ‘Brahmlok’. In that, he has built three secret places. In the Rajogun-dominated place, this very Kshar Purush resides in Brahma-form, is called Mahabrahma. Similarly in Satogun - dominated place he resides in Vishnu-form, is called Mahavishnu and in Tamogun - dominated place he resides in Shiva-form, is called MahaShiv/Sadashiv. He is the husband of  Bhavani / Durga / Maya / Ashtangi / PrakritiDevi.

Brahm-Kaal and Durga have three sons named Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva who are called Trilokiye (of the three loks) ie. their role is confined to the creation, preservation and destruction respectively of the three loks as ministers of one department each ie. in one brahmand of this very Kshar Purush, meaning of the Heaven (Swarglok), Earth (Prithvilok), and Nether world (Patal lok). 

This Brahm-Jyoti Niranjan in secret MahaBrahma - MahaVishnu - MahaShiv / Sadashiv forms holds the post of a Chief Minister. His wife Durga resides with him in MahaSavitri - MahaLaxmi - MahaParvati form respectively.

Further evidence are provided in Holy Shrimad Devi Mahapuran, Third Skand, Page no.114 to 123 published from Gita Press Gorakhpur, translator: Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar, Chiman Lal Goswami

Let us study the evidence provided regarding the birth of Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma, and Lord Shiv from Kaal-Brahm (Sadashiv) and Durga/Maya from Holy book Shri Shiv Puran, Vidhveshwar Samhita, Page 24-26, Rudra Samhita-Adhyay 6, 7 and 9 on page no.100-105 and 110. This will clarify who is the father of Lord Shiva? and who is the mother of Lord Shiva?

Birth of Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiv from Kaal-Brahm (Sadashiv) and Durga

In its evidence in holy Shri Shiv Puran, published by Gita Press Gorakhpur, translator Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar, Adhyay 6 Rudra Samhita on page no.100, it is said that ParBrahm, who is without a bodily form, God Sadashiv is his bodily form only. A Shakti came out of his body. That Shakti became known as Ambika, Prakriti (Durga), Tridev Janni/Mother of the three (the mother who gives birth to Shri Brahma Ji, Shri Vishnu Ji, and Shri Shiv Ji), who has eight arms in which she holds various weapons. He, who is Sadashiv, is also called Shiv, Shambhu and Maheshwar, (MahaShiv/Mahakaal, on page no.101). He smears ash on all of his body parts. That Kaal-form Brahm built an area named ‘Shivlok’. Then they both behaved like husband-wife; as a result of which, a son was born. They kept his name Vishnu (on page no.102).

Then in Rudra Samhita Adhyay no.7, on page no. 103, Brahma Ji said that even ‘I was born from the union, ie. by the act of husband-wife of God Sadashiv (Brahm - Kaal) and Prakriti (Durga). Then I was made unconscious.

Then in Rudra Samhita, Adhyay no.9, on page no.110, it has been said that – In this way, Brahma, Vishnu, and Rudra, these three Gods have Gunas (qualities), but Shiv (Kaal-Brahm) has been considered to be beyond the Gunas.

Note:- Please also read ‘SwasamVed’ (Kabir Vani). The mythological speakers and communicators and writers were ignorant about the true spiritual knowledge. Due to which they could not understand the trap of Kaal-Brahm (Kshar Purush ie. Jyoti Niranjan). This had been the reason why all sages and deities portray Kaal - Brahm to be Vishnu or Shiva or Brahma as the creator of the world. That sage devotee who worshiped that Kaal-Brahm in the form of Lord Shiva as his venerable deity. He based on the incomplete knowledge provided by Shri Brahma Ji about the creation of the universe composed Shri Shiv Puran in which the speaker and communicator both are distracted.

Brahma and Shiva originated from 'Sadashiv'

On the one hand, it is said that God Sadashiv only holding the form of Shri Brahma creates, holding Vishnu’s form he preserves or in Shiva form he destroys. Then it is written (page 19) from whom Brahma, Vishnu, and Rudra (Shiv), etc. have initially appeared. That very Mahadev is omniscient and the Lord of the entire world (Twenty-one Brahamands)

In ShivPuran it is written (page 86) ‘we have heard that God Sadashiv (Jyoti Niranjan) quickly gets pleased. He is benevolent. Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Mahesh these three gods have originated from Sadashiva’s part’.

In Shiv Puran it is written (on page 131) Shri Brahma Ji said ‘Superior Muni Narad! This is how I have described the sequence of creation to you. The entire region of this Brahmand with the order of God Sadashiv is being created by me. God Sadashiv is called ‘ParBrahm Paramatma (God)’. I (Brahma), Vishnu, and Rudra all three Gods are told to be his (Sadashiv-Brahm / Kaal) part. He in the comely Shivlok along with Shivey (Goddess Durga) comfortably cloisters. MahaShiv/Sadashiv is an independent divine. Attributes and a form are the same’. In this very Shiv Puran (page no. 115) it is written, Shri Brahma Ji said that ‘Narad! who like the rhinestone gem is transparent, unproductive (formless) indestructible that is ultimate dev, Who do not even come onto the sight of Brahma, Rudra, and Vishnu and other deities. Who is famous with the name ‘Shivatva’. Who is established in the form of ‘Shiv Ling’. Worship that God Sadashiv in Shiv Ling form by chanting “OM” mantra.

The above-mentioned description is from ShivPuran in which it is clear that apart from Shri Brahma, Shri Vishnu, and Shri Shiv there is another God. But sages at that time were unfamiliar with another God (Kaal-Brahm). Therefore, at times they tell Brahma Ji to be the creator or Vishnu Ji or at times ShivJi to be the creator. Shri Brahma, Shri Vishnu, and Shri Shiv Ji too are unfamiliar with
Kaal-Brahm (Kshar Purush).

Note: The above-mentioned Evidence of Nature’s Creation in Holy Shiv Puran has thus proved that Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva (Mahesh/Rudra) take birth and they die. Their father is Sadashiv (Kaal-Brahm) and mother is Prakriti Devi ie. Durga. All three possess one Guna (quality) each ie. Rajas, Satva and Tamas respectively.

With the aforesaid description of the creation, readers have also gained knowledge about Kaal-Brahm (Kshar Purush) ParBrahm (Akshar Purush) and different from them Param Akshar Brahm ie. Puran Parmatma (complete God).

Pious Kabir Sagar and Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, also provide similar evidence.

Is Lord Shiva Immortal and Formless?

Hindu devotees believe that Lord Shiva is immortal and God is formless. Let us analyze a few more enduring questions which devotees want to know.

  • What is the age of Lord Shiva?
  • Does Lord Shiva die?
  • Are Shiva, Shankar, Mahesh, and Rudra the same?

What is the Age of Lord Shiva?

The age of Lord Brahma is 720000 × 100 = 72000000 (seven crore twenty lakh) Chaturyuga (One Chaukri (Chaturyuga) is made up of four Yugas). Lord Vishnu’s age is seven times that of Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva’s age is seven times that of Lord Vishnu.

This calculation is well explained in Sacchidanandghan Brahm’s speech ie. in Suksham Ved.

Does Lord Shiva Die?

Above mentioned evidence proves that Tridevs are in the cycle of birth and rebirth also Sadashiv (Brahm-Kaal) and Goddess Durga (Gita Adhyay 4 Shlok 5 to 9). Hence it is a wrong belief that Lord Shiva is immortal. Yes, Lord Shiva dies. Lord Shiva is in form as well. Lord Shiva is equipped with Tamogun, he performs the task of destroying living beings thus preparing food for his father Sadashiv/Brahm - Kaal.

Upon completing their tenure these Triloki Gods Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva also dies. Since like all human beings these Gods are also bind in deeds (Gita Adhyay 4 Shlok 16-22)

Are Shiva, Shankar, Mahesh, and Rudra the Same?

Ref:- ShivMahapuran, Sankshipt Shivpuran, Adhyay 9, Rudra Samhita page 99-110, spiritual knowledge given by Lord Brahma basis what was provided by Param Akshar Brahm (KavirDev) in Satsukrat incarnation to him during Satyug and his personal experience.

Shri Maheshwar Ji said “I am the creator, preserver, and destroy, I bear qualities and is free from all attributes and Sacchidanand form Almighty ParBrahm Paramatma (God). Vishnu! creation, protection and holocaust form and according to the distinguished actions I hold the form of Brahma, Vishnu, and Rudra and is divided into three Gunas (qualities).

Brahman! My similar absolute divine form would appear from your body in this world who will be called ‘Rudra’.

‘I, you, Brahma and Rudra who would appear, they are all one-form. Brahaman! Because of this reason you should do this. You be the creator, Shree Hari will preserve and Rudra who will be created from my part and will appear will be the destroyer. This famous with the name ‘Uma’ is the ‘Parmeshwari Prakriti Devi’, her shakti form ‘Vagyadevi’ only will take Brahma Ji. Later from this Prakriti Devi the second shakti who will appear will be the Laxmi form and will take shelter of Vishnu. Afterward, again with the name ‘Kali’ the third shakti who will appear, she definitely will be obtained to my part ie. RudraDev’.

The above-mentioned description from holy Shiv Puran proves that Shiv, Shankar, Mahesh, and Rudra are one and the same.

Well, let us move to understand what evidence do Shiv Puran provides regarding How did the worship of Shiv Ling started?

How Did the Worship of Shiv Ling Start? - Shiv Puran

Evidence from Shiv Puran will throw light on facts below

  • Why Shivling is worshipped in the present age?
  • Shivling worship is an arbitrary practice

Shiv Puran (Publisher- Khemraj Shri Krishnadas Prakashan, Mumbai; Translator - Pt. Jwala Prasad Ji Mishr) Part-1, Vidweshwar Samhita, Chapter- 5, Page Number-11

Nandikeshwar is narrating How did the worship of Shiv Ling started?

Page (27-30) In the first era, Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu were fighting. To clear their misconception, that formless God (Sadashiv/Brahm-Kaal) showed his pillar form. For the benefit of the entire universe, Sadashiv formed the pillar in the form of his penis. From that day, this ShivLing {Penis of Sadashiv (Kaal)} is worshipped..

Vidveshwar Samhita, Page no 18, Verse 40-43

'I (Sadashiv / Kaal) am present in my body form. This pillar also identifies as my (Brahm-Kaal) another form.'

Addressing to Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu, Sadashiv form Brahm-Kaal (their father) says, 'Sons! You have to worship this phallus every day. This is my soul and through its worship, I will always be near you. Because of the inseparability of the Vagina and Phallus, this pillar is significantly revered.'

Explanation:- Above excerpt has been taken word by word from Shiv Puran (Publisher- Khemraj Shri Krishnadas Prakashan, Mumbai).

This mentions that Jyoti Niranjan ie. Kaal Brahm / Satan / Devil had intentionally told the wrong way of worship because he does not want anyone to do the right way of worship. That is why he asked to worship his phallus. First, he rowed a pillar between Brahma and Vishnu and then appeared in the form of Sadashiv and asked his wife Durga (Maya / Ashtangi) to appear in the form of Parvati. Then he hid the pillar and created a stone idol in the shape of his phallux. He entered that stone phallus in the stone vagina and told Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu that this phallus and vagina should never be separated and it has to be worshipped daily.

Why Shivling is Worshipped in Present Age?

After that this shameless worship is continuing amongst all Hindus till today. If you see a Shivling in a temple, around the ling there is the shape of a vagina, in which it appears as if the penis has been inserted in the vagina. By providing this way of worship, Sadashiv ie. Brahm / Kaal misguided the devotee community to worship the idol of his penis so that people keep doing this wrong way of worship and they remain devoid of scripture-based worship which relieves souls from his trap.

Shivling Worship is an Arbitrary Practice, Know Why?

Shivling worship is an arbitrary practice this is not mentioned in Pious four Vedas and Holy Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, rather these scriptures deny the worship of any God except that of Complete God, Satpurush ie. KavirDev (Gita Adhyay 3 Shlok 6-9, Adhyay 8 Shlok 8-10, Adhyay 18 Shlok 62).

Every devotee who is worshipping God to attain benefit should do the right way of worship which is scriptures based. Worship of Shivling is shameless and disgusting. It has been told only to misguide everyone from the path of worship. 

So, before this precious human life ends, start worshipping God Kabir by taking initiation from Saint Rampal Ji.

In Kabir Sagar, it has been written that -

Dhare Shiv lunga bahu vidhi ranga, gaal bajave gahle,
धरे शिव लुगा बहु विधि रंगा, गल बजावे गहले

Je ling pooje shiv sahib mile, to pooje kyo na khaile जै
लिंग पूजै शिव साहिब मिले, तो पूजै क्यों ना खैल

Meaning- God Kabir has told that fool idol makers talk foolish and all in vain which has nothing to do with reality and scriptures. Their only motive is to make money by making idols of Shivling in different colors and shapes.

Almighty worshipable Kabir Ji had said that if with the worship of Shivling you want the benefit from Lord Shiva, then you are completely misled. If you want to do such vulgar worship then, start worshipping the penis of an Ox (Male Cow), by which cow becomes pregnant and gives birth to either an ox or a cow. The cow gives milk and the ox is used in ploughing the fields. This is more beneficial than the worship of Shivling. But we as intelligent humans do not worship the penis of an ox, because it is the act of shame.

Likewise, revering a Shivling is also an act of shame. It should be abandoned. The intelligent devotee will never worship Shiv Ling after reading this article.

What is the Supreme Mantra in Shiv Puran (Mahapuran)?

In the Sanskrit version of Shiv Puran, published by Geeta Press Gorakhpur, Vidveshwar Samhita, Page number 26, ‘OM’ is written as the true mantra of Sadashiv (Kaal-Brahm/Satan), the father of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh/Rudra. But the translators have wrongly translated that verse as ‘Om Namah Shivay’ or Panchakshari Mantra as the true mantra of Sadashiv. This is a wrong way of worship.

‘Om Namah Shivay’ means ‘I bow to Lord Shiva’. In Shrimad Bhagwad Gita, Chapter 16, verse 23, it is written that those who do not worship according to the Holy Scriptures are fools. They never derive any benefit from that worship. 

The authentic mantra of Sadashiva (Brahm-Kaal) is ‘OM’ as mentioned in Shiv Purana also in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 8 Shlok 13

This mantra should be chanted after taking initiation from a complete saint, a Tatvadarshi Saint (true spiritual leader). At present, Jagatguru Rampal Ji Maharaj is a complete saint in the world who provides salvation mantra ‘Om-Tat-Sat’ (indicative). Come take refuge and get your well being done. Sant Rampal Ji is the incarnation of KavirDev. He is no ordinary man.

It should be clear to the readers that only Almighty KavirDev will liberate trapped souls from the web of Brahm-Kaal, therefore, He is called ‘Bandi Chor (बंदीछोड़)’ since He only destroys sins and forgives souls (Evidence in Pious Yajurved Adhyay 5 Mantra 32 and Adhyay 8 Mantra 13)

Almighty KavirDev promises ‘अमर करूं सतलोक पठाऊं | ताते बंदीछोड़ कहाऊं ||’


From the aforesaid evidence provided in Shiv Puran following conclusions can been drawn:-

  • Sadashiv ie. Kaal - Brahm is the originator (father) of Shri Brahma, Shri Vishnu, and Shri Mahesh.
  • Prakriti ie. Durga who has eight arms is the Jan-ni (mother) of Shri Brahma, Shri Vishnu, and Shri Shankar.
  • Durga is also called ‘Pradhan’, Prakriti, Shivay.
  • Shri Brahma, Shri Vishnu, and Shri Mahesh are not ‘ISH’ (God) because in ‘Shri Shiv Puran’ by Khemraj Shri Krishandas publication, Bombay it is mentioned that ‘Sadashiv ie. Kaal-Brahm says to Brahma and Vishnu that ‘you have by mistake considered yourself to be ‘ISH’ (God) ie. you are not God’.
  • Sadashiv ie. Kaal-Brahm is different and three Gods are under his control (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh / Rudra). 
  • The position that Shri Brahma Ji, Shri Vishnu Ji has attained is the result of the austerity they did. As a reward Brahm - Kaal ie. Sadashiv has provided them the powers subsequently the title.
  • Sadashiv ie. MahaShiv is Brahm only, he is Kaal form Brahm. Durga with her word power has produced Savitri, Laxmi, and Parvati.
  • Shri Brahma Ji with Savitri, Shri Vishnu Ji with Laxmi and Shri Mahesh / Rudra with Parvati/Kaali were married.
  • Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Mahesh do not have authority to forgive. They can only provide work done.
  • Lord Brahma-Rajgun, Lord Vishnu-Satgun, and Lord Shiva/Mahesh / Rudra are equipped with Tamgun.

Age of Tridev, Brahm & Par Brahm


FAQs about Complete Knowledge of Shiv Puran or Shiv Mahapuran

Q.1 What are the learnings of Shiv Puran?

Holy Shiv Puran gives evidence of true spiritual knowledge. From proofs mentioned on page 19, 86, 131 and 115 it is clear that there is some other God who gave birth to Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva but devotees were unaware about the identity of Satan (Kaal Brahm). Prior to gaining true spiritual knowledge we thought either Brahma Ji or Shiv Ji to be the creator. But in reality that SadaShiv or MahaShiv or MahaBrahma or MahaVishnu is Satan (Kaal Brahm). He is their father and the creator of the entire universe is Almighty KavirDev.

Q.2 What are the contents of Shiv Puran?

Holy Shiva Purana tells us that Shiva is not immortal. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva have taken birth from MahaBrahma, MahaVishnu and MahaShiv means Satan Brahm Kaal in three forms and Goddesses Durga's three forms respectively.

Q. 3 What happens when you read Shiv Puran?

Upon reading Shiv Purana, one should investigate proofs mentioned in it about the creation of the universe and the birth and death of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva as mentioned on page 19, 86, 115 and 131. It tells us that they have taken birth from Durga ji and SadaShiv who is none other than Satan (Kaal Brahm) or Jyoti Niranjan or MahaKaal (the narrator of Holy Gita Ji).

Q.4 Which is the most important Purana?

Every Purana that contains information about true creation of the universe and has true spiritual knowledge as given in Holy Gita Ji and Holy Vedas are useful and important to us. Rest of the information mentioned in Purana is not important to us.

Q.5 Which Puran is read after death?

It is said to read Garuda Purana after death in front of other people but instead of reading it after death the knowledge mentioned in it should be known to the individual while living so that one finds a need to do worship of the Supreme Almighty God Kabir.

Q.6 What is the right time to read Shiv Puran?

There is no boundation of time to read any holy scriptures.

Q.7 What devotion is done after death?

As per the true spiritual knowledge given by Supreme God Kabir, one should not perform any devotion after death. It is all a myth, devotion after death cannot give us any benefit.

Q.8 Where do people go after death?

Based upon the karmas and worship done, one attains his next birth by going into the kingdom of Dharamraj. The one who does not do devotion by taking refuge in a Tatvdarshi Sant, attains the life of an animal, birds, ghosts, pitras etc and moves into 84 lakh life forms. Dharamraj cannot take account of the disciples of Supreme God Kabir or his Tatvdarshi Sant. Seekers who do true worship of KavirDev attain salvation by His grace. Presently, Tatvdarshi Sant is Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj from Haryana, India.

Q.9 Where does the soul go after death?

On the basis of Karmas, the soul who remained deprived of the refuge of a Tatvdarshi Sant goes to bear the atrocities of 84 lakh life forms while those who are there into his refuge are spared by Dharamraj. It is because their account is being handled by Supreme God Kabir Himself Who is merciful to grant His true worshippers emancipation.

Q.10 What happens immediately after death?

Immediately after death a soul Who is not into the refuge of a Tatvdarshi Sant is taken to Dharamraj by YamDoot and his messengers where after their account of deeds is done they are assigned life in 84 lacs species. While those who have done worship as granted by Tatvdarshi Sant attain liberation by the grace of Supreme God Kabir and they reach to Satlok.


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Rani Singh

Lord Shiva is my revered deity and I chant OM namah shivaya mantra daily. Will I be able to attain salvation with his devotion?

Satlok Ashram

Lord Shiva is mortal. He himself hasn't attained salvation then how can his worshippers be liberated? To attain salvation you need to worship Almighty KavirDev by taking refuge in enlightened Saint. Almighty KavirDev is the creator of entire universes and the provider of salvation. Take refuge in enlightened Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and get the true method of devotion.

Nilesh Mishra

How are Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga associated?

Satlok Ashram

Goddess Durga is the mother of Lord Shiva. His father is Brahm Kaal

Danish Shah

What is the right mantra for the worship of Lord Shiva?

Satlok Ashram

The enlightened Saint tells the right mantra of Lord Shiva. To know that take refuge in Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

Payal Singh

How is Lord Shiva related to Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu?

Satlok Ashram

Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva are brothers. All three are the sons of Goddess Durga and Kaal Brahm.

Himesh Sahai

Is Shivling worship supreme? What are its benefits to seekers?

Satlok Ashram

Shivling worship is useless as stated in holy scriptures. There is no benefit with this devotion. The right way of worship, the right mantra of Lord Shiva is granted by enlightened Saint doing which seekers get benefits. Today Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is Satguru/Tatvadarshi Saint who is granting true salvation mantras of gods with which salvation will be Attained. One should take his refuge.