Prahlada & Hiranyakashipu: The Secret Facts You Must Know

Prahlada & Hiranyakashipu: The Secret Facts You Must Know

Due to the effect of Trigunmayee Maya the devotees/ Seekers in the realm of Jyoti Niranjan Kaal/ Kshar Purush consider Trinity Gods (Three Gunas) Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva to be Supreme not knowing that the Supreme God is other than them who resides in the eternal world Satlok which is far beyond earth, the perishable world. Its evidence is found in sacred holy scriptures  Vedas (Rigveda Mandal No.10 Sukta 90 Mantra No.3) and Srimad Bhagavad Gita (Chapter 15 Verse 16-17, Chapter 18 Verse 62, 66). The revered God is greeted as Param Akshar Brahm/ Satpurush/ Akaal Purush/ Shabad Swaroopi Ram who resides in the third part of ‘Dhulok’ in Satlok.

Scriptures of all religions prove His name is Kavir Dev/ Kabir Sahib who is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient. The gods in Kaal’s world possess very limited powers. Whenever in trouble they also seek help from Almighty Kabir who plays several divine spectacles to protect His devotees who perform true worship which is by our holy scriptures and liberates them from the web of butcher Brahm Kaal.

God KavirDev descends time and again in the 21 universes of Jyoti Niranjan and establishes peace by destroying demons who become enemies of seekers performing true devotion and out of ignorance somehow consider themselves to be God by gaining few accomplishments performing unscriptural devotion such as severe austerity/ meditation and obtaining boon from demi God’s Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.

This article will delve into the account of one great devotee named Prahlada whom Almighty saved in difficult situations many times and killed demon Hiranyakashipu, his father who out of arrogance considered himself God after obtaining boon from Shri Brahma Ji and used to trouble his son, the steadfast devotee Prahlada.

Before proceeding, here it is imperative to mention that out of ignorance the devotee society believes that Satogun equipped Lord Vishnu whose role is to preserve beings in the realm of his father Kaal Brahm, is the protector, the Saviour which is a myth. The Saviour of the entire universe is the one and only God KavirDev.

The following will be the key highlights of this write-up on devotee Prahalad.

  • Myth vs Facts about Spiritual Powers of Trinity Gods
  • Who was the great Devotee Prahlada
  • About Demon Hiranyakashipu
  • Devotee Prahlada Recognised the Power of the Supreme God
  • Tyranny on Devotee Prahlada by Hiranyakashipu
  • Prahlada was Saved by the Almighty
  • Who was Holika?
  • Holika Sat Atop Burning Pyre with Devotee Prahlada
  • Almighty Saved Devotee Prahlada in God Narasimha's Incarnation
  • Prahlada was saved from tyranny by the grace of the Almighty
  • Almighty Made King Bali, Grandson of Prahlad, the King of the Netherworld
  • Devotee Prahlad’s Contribution in Mahabharata War

Myth vs Fact About Spiritual Powers of Trinity Gods

Satan Brahm Kaal wants all people to become atheists and whoever in case, performs devotion should get engaged in the wrong devotion which does not provide them any spiritual benefits hence, misguides them to worship demi-gods. This is as per his commitment to the Almighty since he fears that if creatures will get to know about who is God then everyone will perform His true worship and will go to Satlok. His world will become empty then what will he eat? Therefore, he does not want any seeker to know about the Supreme God, his true way of worship so that souls remain deprived of attaining emancipation.

Note: Brahm Kaal is cursed to eat grime from the subtle human bodies of one lac creature every day and produce 1 25 lacs every day. His fear is if creatures are liberated from his web then he will die of hunger.

Almighty on the other hand wants the faith of the seekers should remain intact in God and worship, no matter if they worship demi Gods. His beloved souls/ devotees should remain firm in devotion and should not become atheists hence, He performs divine spectacles acquiring the form of these divinities until the destined duration arrives when everyone will recognise that Kabir is God and no one else.

Based on the following let us move ahead and prove it

  • Myth Lord Vishnu Killed Demon Sankhasur vs Fact Almighty Killed Demon Sankhasu
  • Myth Lord Vishnu Killed Demon Bhasmagiri vs Fact Almighty Killed Bhasmasur and Saved Lord Shiva
  • Myth Lord Ram aka Lord Vishnu Killed Ravana vs Fact Almighty Helped Shri Ramchandra Kill Ravana
  • Myth Lord Krishna aka Lord Vishnu Lifted Govardhan Mountain vs Fact Giriraj Mountain was Lifted by the Grace of Almighty Showered on Shri Krishna
  • Myth Lord Krishna aka Lord Vishnu Increased Draupadi’s Saree vs Fact Almighty Saved Draupadi’s Honour by Increasing Her Saree

There have been true stories mentioned in our holy scriptures which tell that during the crisis Lord Vishnu emerged as the protector and did amazing but it is a myth since those great tasks were accomplished by the grace of Almighty and not by Shri Vishnu Ji. Almighty did so acquiring his (Vishnu Ji’s) form.

Let us prove this from a speech mentioned in Sukshma Veda.

Myth Lord Vishnu Killed Demon Sankhasur vs Fact Almighty Killed Demon Sankhasur

Reference: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh’s book page no.146 speech no. 67

Sankhasur marey nirbani | Varaha roop dhare parvani ||67||

Meaning: There was a demon named Sankhasur. He stole Vedas to make deities devotionless and hid Vedas in the ocean. All divinities prayed to the Almighty. Hearing their prayer God Kabir appeared acquiring the form of a swine (Varaha). Almighty killed Sankhasur and took out the Vedas and kept them on the earth. Then by glorifying Shri Vishnu Ji Almighty disappeared. (Nirbani = free, Parvani = one who accomplishes a task and does not leave it incomplete). Almighty is completely free and can do everything. Till now it was a myth that Lord Vishnu acquired the form of ‘Varaha’, killed Sankhasur and saved Vedas.

Myth Lord Vishnu Killed Demon Bhasmagiri vs Fact Almighty Killed Bhasmasur and Saved Lord Shiva

Similarly, shreds of evidence mentioned in holy Sukshma Veda (Kabir Sagar) prove that God Kabir saved Lord Shiva from the demon Bhasmagiri/ Bhasmasur acquiring the form of Goddess Parvati which proves the so-called Mritunjay, Kalinjay, eternal supreme Lord Shankar got helpless and got scared from demon Bhasmagiri. Mortal Lord Shiva was incapable of saving his own life.

Myth Lord Ram aka Lord Vishnu Killed Ravana vs Fact Almighty Helped Shri Ramchandra Kill Ravana

It was the Almighty who helped Lord Ram aka Lord Vishnu in building the ‘Ramsetu’ bridge and then killing demon Ravana who had captivated 33 Koti divinies and liberated all as the following speech certifies.

Hum hi Ravan maar Lanka par kari chadhaee|
Hum hi dus sir maar devtan ki bandh chutaee||

Hum hi Ram Raheem Kareem Puran Kartara|
Hum hi bandhey setu chadhe sang padam attharah||

Myth Lord Krishna aka Lord Vishnu Lifted Govardhan Mountain Vs Fact Giriraj Mountain Was Lifted By The Grace Of Almighty Showered On Shri Krishna

Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhan/ Giriraaj mountain by the grace of Almighty whose evidence is showcased in the description in the video.

Myth Lord Krishna aka Lord Vishnu Increased Draupadi’s Saree Vs Fact Almighty Saved Draupadi’s Honour By Increasing Her Saree

Drupad suta kun deenhe leer, Jake anant badhae cheer ||

Meaning: It was not Shri Krishna but Almighty who saved the honour of Draupadi by increasing her saree to an infinite number when Dushasana tried to humiliate her by disrobing her in the assembly after Yudhishthir lost her in the game of dice (Jua or gambling). Almighty blessed her in return for the favour she did once to the blind monk (God Kabir Himself in this divine spectacle did it and enhanced her virtues) by providing a piece of cloth from her Saree and protecting his honour. The devout society till now was mistaken that Lord Krishna protected Draupadi from humiliation. But Almighty glorified Lord Krishna aka Lord Vishnu to keep intact the faith of devotees in worship.

Before proceeding to narrate the true story of devotee Prahlada, aforementioned, it was imperative to explain to prove that nothing in the universe can happen without the grace of the Almighty. To maintain the balance in the Cosmos it was Almighty who performed those difficult tasks. God Kabir says

Ram Krishan Satguru shehzade, Bhakti haite bhaye piyadey||

Meaning: This speech uttered from the Lotus mouth of Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm certifies that all creatures are children of God Kabir including Lord Rama, and Lord Krishna who seek help from him in difficult circumstances.

Important: It has been mentioned in Pious Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 7 Verse 12-15 that the worshippers whose wisdom has been stolen by the worship of three qualities (Trigunmayee Maya) are hungry for pride, they are demonic in nature, evil-doers, lowest amongst humans and foolish people who do not worship even the Lord of 21 universes, means their father Brahm Kaal. Hence,  their worship is futile.

The worshipable God is the one and only KavirDev.

Having understood that the trinity Gods possess limited powers and are incapable of performing difficult tasks and seeking help from the Almighty, therefore, moving ahead this article will prove that it was Almighty KavirDev only who acquired the form of God Narasimha, killed demon Hiranyakashipu and saved devotee Prahalad. Until now it was a myth that Lord Vishnu did all this.

Here God Kabir says:

Garib, Sau chal chidar mein karun, Apne Jan ke kaaj। Hrinyakush jyon maar hun, Narsingh dharhun saaj।।

Respected Sant Garib Das Ji Maharaj has told in his nectar speech that God Kabir Ji says that whoever has come in my shelter in any Yuga/Era and hasn’t been liberated, I play any divine act and ensures to emancipate him/her. Like, I killed  Hiranyakashipu to save devotee Prahalad from acquiring God Narasimha form (The face and hand were of a Lion and the rest body was of a man meaning human).

Let us read about the above-mentioned in detail.

Who Was Devotee Prahlada?

Devotee Prahlada was the staunch worshiper of Satogun Lord Vishnu born in Satyug in a demon clan to Hiranyakashipu (father) and Kayadhu (mother). The steadfast devotee Prahlada was a beloved soul of the Almighty since he had performed His devotion in some previous human birth. Despite being born in the demon clan, Prahlada had a profound desire to attain God hence, Almighty protected him many times from the atrocities endured by his wicked father whom Almighty later slayed in man-lion incarnation means as God Narasimha. Also, God KavirDev granted King Bali, the grandson of bhakta Prahlada the Kingdom of Netherworld. The details have been covered in the following story of Prahlada in gist.

Reference: Mukti Bodh book pages no 112-116 written by Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj from Chapter ‘Pativrata Ka Ang’ Speech no.29-30

Garib, Pativrata Prahalad hai, aisee Pativrata hoee। Chaurasi kathin tirasn, Sir par beeti loyee।।29।।
Garib, Ram naam chandya nahi, Avigat aman agaadh। Daav na chukya chepte, Patibrata Prahalad।।30।।

Meaning:- Devotee Prahlada endured several hardships from his father Hiranyakashipu to quit chanting the mantra of Ram. But he did not turn from his aim. Devotee Prahlada remained steadfast hence, God saved him every moment. 

About Demon King Hiranyakashipu

In Satyuga, Hiranyakashipu belonged to the demon clan who desired to become immortal hence, performed severe austerity and pleased the creator God in only 21 universes of Brahm Kaal, meaning Rajogun Lord Brahma. He granted a boon to Hiranyakashipu not to die during day or night, not inside or outside his dwelling, neither by any being, deity, demon, or beast, created by Shri Brahma Ji, not even he will die on earth or in the sky and not even by any weapon. He will be unequalled possessing undiminished powers and be the only one ruler of the creation.

After obtaining this boon, the wicked demon Hiranyakashipu felt invincible and assumed the throne of the King of Heaven, which means Indralok and conquered three realms. He gave strict orders to everyone to perform his devotion considering him God. He became an enemy of Lord Vishnu, and thus tortured his son Prahalad who refused to accept him as God and used to worship Shri Vishnu. He was later slayed by God Narasimha who slew him with his claws thus ending the comprehensive boon. In this way, the races of three worlds including devotee Prahalad got relief from his tyranny.

Devotee Prahlada Recognised The Power of Supreme God

King Hiranyakashipu, the father of Prahlada sent him to obtain education and spiritual knowledge at the school outside the city where two teachers, one Sanaa and the second Murka used to teach. They used to provide religious education. As per the order of Hiranyakashipu, they used to tell everyone to chant Hiranyakashipu-Hiranyakashipu mantra. They used to say neither Ram-Vishnu's name has to be chanted nor any other deity.

Hiranyakashipu (Harnakush) is only God. Prahlada also used to chant his father's name. If anyone was found chanting another name than Hiranyakashipu like Ram-Ram or mantras of other Gods then he was given the death penalty in front of everyone.

Protecting Kittens By Almighty

Once, on the way to school, one Potter had put mud pots in the Oven for Baking and covered them with wood and cow dung cakes. The fire was to be lit in the morning. During the night one cat has put her kittens in a pot placed in that Oven (a place where pots had to be baked). In the morning, the cat went for food to another house. The Potter lit a fire in the oven. The fire broke strong.

After some time, the Cat came and seeing her kittens in trouble she started meowing. It did not take time for the wife of Potter to understand. She started praying to God and started crying, ‘O God! O Ram! We will incur great sin. Protect these Kittens. She was repeatedly calling this. At that time, devotee Prahlada was going to the school from the same route. When he saw the wife of Potter crying he went near her. She was saying ‘O Ram! O Lord Vishnu! O God! Save these Kittens. Sin will be incurred to us.

Prahalad said to that mother ‘O Mother! Do not say, Ram. Chant my father’s name, or else you will be killed. Potter's wife said ‘Kittens are left in this Oven. We didn’t know. I am praying to God to protect these Kittens. King Hiranayakshipu cannot save them from this terrible fire, only the Supreme God can save them.

Devotee Prahalad said ‘Mother! Call me When you take out the pots’. Such a cold breeze blew that fire extinguished. It is said that the pots used to bake in Oven in one month. At that time, they all were baked in 2-3 days.

Devotee Prahlada was called and then pots were taken out from the Oven. The pot in which there were Kittens was raw. The Kittens were safe. The rest of the pots had baked. Seeing this scene Prahlada accepted that ‘the human cannot do anything in such a formidable situation. God only is Omnipotent.

Devotee Prahlada has said to Potter's wife ‘Mother! If God will save Kittens then I will also chant God's name. I will not chant my father’s name. After that day, devotee Prahalad started chanting Ram Naam. This incident is of Satyuga. Shri Ramchandra Ji, son of King Dashratha was not even born.

Tyranny On Devotee Prahlada By King Hiranyakashipu

When the teachers, Sanaa and Murka got to know that Prahalad chanted the name of Rama then he was explained a lot that you chant the name of  King  Hiranyakashipu. Prahlada said, "Gurudev! My father is a human and is a King but is not God. In special circumstances, only God can save. The welfare of the creature can also happen with God. What does a King give to the people? On the contrary, he takes Taxes from people.

God nurtures everyone. When he showers rain then humans get full of wealth. It is mandatory to be a King, but he shouldn’t be unfair. The King is made to maintain law and order. It is the prime duty of the King to protect His people from scoundrels. The King obtains Kingdom by worshipping God. If the King troubles his people then God punishes him. He throws him into Hell. Then he suffers in the life-forms of animals and birds. Therefore, even the King should take the mantra initiation of God. He should act fearing God.

Sanaa said ‘Prince! you are our disciple, not a Guru. You are providing us with knowledge. Prahalad said ‘Forgive me Gurudev, I am not giving you knowledge, I am telling you the duty of a King. Murka Pandey said ‘O Prince! Who gave you this knowledge? Prahalad said ‘Gurudev! I have recalled memories. When I was in my mother's womb.  Narad Ji had come to me, acquiring a subtle form. He had told me about God's magnificence and human duty. He also gave me a mantra to chant. Now I will chant the same.

Sanaa-Murka priests told the King that your son chants the mantra of Ram. He does not agree with us. When we provide him education then he starts giving us knowledge.

When Hiranayakshipu called Prahalad and told him not to chant the mantra of Ram then he clearly said, ‘Father! Only God is Omnipotent. God can only save us from all distress. Human beings are not capable. If any devotee obtains some accomplishment from God by performing austerity then he becomes superior to ordinary persons but he cannot be superior to God. God only is superior. He only is all capable.

Hearing this thing from devotee Prahalad, the arrogant Hiranyakashipu became red with anger and said to the attendants and soldiers ‘Take him away from the front of my eyes and throw him in the Jungle to the snakes. He will die from a snake bite. The same was done but Prahalad did not die, the Snakes did not bite him. He was sleeping with peace. The Snakes had spread their hood over devotee Prahalad in the morning and were protecting him from sunlight by providing him with shadow.

The King said ‘Go to the Jungle and bring the dead body’. When the soldiers went, Prahalad was safe. The snakes went here and there. The soldiers had seen everything. Assuming Prahalad was dead when they tried to pick him up then Prahalad stood up on his own. Prahalad was 10 years old.

Prahlada Was Saved By Almighty

Since there was a clash between father and son, therefore, in this connection God KavirDev says

Mun tu pavega apna Kiya re bhogega apna Kiya re |
Prahlaad paij parwaan Kari hai dhar Narsingh avtaare||
Deendayal daya kari utre Hirnakush udar vidare ||
Mun tu pavega apna Kiya re bhogega apna Kiya re |

The tyranny of the demon Hiranyakashipu continued. Then Prahalad was thrown down from the mountain. Prahalad fell over the flowers of dense plants and did not die.

Reference: ‘Yatharth Bhakti Bodh’ Book on page no  147-148, Speech no.73, written by Jagatguru Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

Respected Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj glorifies the steadfast devotees like Dhruv, and Prahlada saying these great men deserve honor and appreciation.

Dhruv Prahalad aur Janak Videhi |
Sukhdev sangee Param sanehi ||73||

Moving ahead let us know how was devotee Prahlada tortured by her paternal aunt.

Who was Holika?

Holika (Simhika), sister of demon Hiranyakashipu was the paternal aunt (Buaa) of devotee Prahlada who was granted a boon to remain invulnerable to fire hence, she tried a wicked attempt on the life of Prahlada but was taught a lesson by Almighty.

Holika Sat Atop Burning Pyre With Devotee Prahlada

Asuri Holika sat atop the burning pyre keeping child Prahlada in her lap by the order of her brother Hiranyakashipu.  ‘Holika’ was granted a boon. She had a fireproof sheet covering which if she enters into the fire then she will not be consumed. She donned that fireproof sheet and covering herself completely she kept Prahalad in her lap. She said ‘Son! Look even I am also sitting. .Nothing will happen to you. The fire was lit. God Kabir blew a cold breeze. A strong storm came. The sheet flew from the body of Holika and covered devotee Prahalad completely. Holika was consumed to ash. She was incinerated Devotee  Prahlada escaped unscathed with flame.

It was God’s spectacle. The faith of Prahalad Ji kept increasing. Such 84 atrocities were given to devotee Prahalad,  but seeing the firm belief in a devotee, pleased with his steadfastness, getting impressed with his loyalty, God saved him in every difficulty.

Almighty Saved Devotee Prahlada in God Narasimha Incarnation

As stated above, Hiranyakashipu had obtained a boon by worshipping Shri Brahma Ji that ‘I should not die in the morning and evening, should not die in day or night, should not die in all twelve months, neither I shouldn’t die with a weapon, nor should I die on earth or in the Sky, I should not die by an animal or a bird, or an insect or human, I should neither die at home nor outside home. To kill Prahalad, Hiranyakashipu heated an iron pillar in the fire till it became red. Hiranyakashipu made Prahalad stand near that red hot iron pillar and said ‘Can your God save you from burning from this heated pillar? Thousands of spectators were watching this torture.

Devotee Prahalad got scared ‘How will God come in this burning pillar? At that very moment, Prahalad saw that the Sand-ants (brown-coloured small ants) forming a row were moving on that pillar. They were coming and going up and down. Prahalad pondered, when the ants are not burning then I will also not burn.

Hiranayakshipu said ‘Prahalad! Hold this pillar with both your hands and cling to it, let me also see how your God protects you?’. If you don’t hold this pillar then look at this sword, I will cut your neck with this. Due to fear Prahalad remembered God and extended his hand to hold the pillar.

Reference: ‘Yatharth Bhakti Bodh’ Book on page no 142,  Speech No.58

Narsingh roop dhare gururaya, Hrinyakush kun Maran dhaya ||58||

God appeared from within that pillar acquiring God Narasimha form. Hiranyakashipu started running out of fear. God Narasimha held him and hanged him in the air near His knees. Hiranyakashipu started screaming "Forgive me! I will never trouble anyone. Then God said ‘Hadn’t my devotee apologized to you? You did not listen to a single plea. Now when your life is at stake then you are scared. O Criminal! Look, neither I am a human nor an animal, neither it’s sky nor earth. It is not morning or evening. It is not the twelfth month. This is the thirteenth month, (In the Haryanvi language it is called the month of ‘Laund). Neither do I have any weapons. He was standing in the middle of the gate, in the dwelling’s threshold. Neither I am in the house nor outside. Now it is your end.

Saying this God Narasimha tore that demon's stomach, took out his intestines with His claws and threw him on the ground.

Here God Kabir says:

Brahman bana karam Kasai, Hrinyakush chaati tudwayee ||

Note: Brahman here means devotee/ worshiper

It has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda

Mard gard mein mil gaye, Ravan se randhir
Kansh, Kesho, Chanaur se, Hrinyakush balveer ||

Means: Demons in Brahm Kaal’s world who after getting accomplishments performing severe austerity/ meditation/ hatha yoga were mistaken that they have become God therefore, started torturing people out of sheer ignorance and arrogance like Ravana, Kans, Keshi, Chanaur, and Hiranyakashipu who were finally slayed and became ash.

Prahlada Was Saved From Tyranny By The Grace Of Almighty

Almighty in man-lion form means God Narasimha form lifted Prahalad in his lap, licked him and cuddled him. Prahalad felt a sigh of relief since he was free from the tyranny of his father, Hiranyakashipu. He became the King of that city. He got married and a son was born who was named ‘Bailochan’ (Virechan/Virochana).

Almighty. Made Bali, Grandson of Prahlad, The King Of Netherworld

Reference: ‘Yatharth Bhakti Bodh’ Book on page no.145-147 Speech no 66

Parshuram Bawan avatar | Koi na Jane bhed tumhara ||66||

King Bali (Mahabali/ Indrasenan/ Maveli) was the son of Bailochan who performed an Ashwamegh Yagya to obtain the throne of Indra, the King of Heaven. He completed 99 Yagya and it was the 100th. Lord Indra got worried about losing his Kingship therefore, went to Shri Vishnu Ji to seek a solution. Since Lord Vishnu committed Indradev to rule Heaven he was bound but was helpless since his powers were limited and King Bali was about to fulfil the eligibility of obtaining the throne. Hence, he seeks help from the Almighty.

Supreme God came in the Yagya acquiring  ‘Bawan’ (Dwarf) form as a Brahmin and had asked for three feet, (steps) as donation/ honorarium.

The Almighty measured the entire earth in one step and Heaven in the second step.

Reference: ‘Yatharth Bhakti Bodh’ Book Speech No.11-12 on page no 197 Confirms the same.

Jad kun doodh pilaya Jaan, Pooja khaye Gaye pashaan |
Bali kun jug rachi Ashwamegh, Bawna hokar aaye umed ||11||
Teen paid jug diya daan, Bawan kun Bali chale nidaan |
Nit bun kapda dete Bhai, Jake naulad balak aayee ||12||

When God asked for the space for the third step then Bali said ‘Put it on my back’. Saying this he laid down facing earth. Then God was pleased and asked him, "Ask, what do you want?’ Bali said ‘I have performed the 100th religious sacrifice (Yagya) to obtain the Kingdom of Indra’ God said ‘Let Indra complete his tenure, then I will provide you ‘Indrasan’. You could not complete my condition therefore, I cannot remove Indra from the post. Yet you have given me everything hence, after this, you will be given ‘Indrasan’. Till then I make you King of the Netherworld. Rule over there. I have promised Indra to keep maintaining his Kingdom.

Bali said ‘I have one condition, promise for that’. God said ‘Ask’. Bali said ‘Till I stay in the Netherworld you will continue to be with me in the same ‘Bawan’ form (Dwarf) and keep standing in front of my gate. The Supreme God in Lord Vishnu's form said ‘Amen! The same will happen. The grandson of devotee Prahalad means King Bali was provided with the Kingdom of Netherworld.

Devotee Prahalad remained firm in his righteousness means remained loyal to his respected deity therefore, the Almighty helped him.

Reference: ‘Yatharth Bhakti Bodh’ Book Speech no 120-121 on page no.153-154

Kalyug ki aadi mein Chanaur Kans mare they | 
Treta ki aadi mein Hrinyakush pachare they ||120||
Bali ki bilaas yagya surpati pukare they |
Baman swaroop dhar keenhee Surpati pukaar, Bali Bain nistare they ||121|

Meaning:- Lord Vishnu has been praised and glorified yet again in this speech that at the end of Dwapara Yuga when the effect of Kalyug had started at that time, he killed Kans the King of Mathura and the wrestler of Mathura in the Kingdom of Kans, named Kesari who was born in a cobbler community. He was killed by Shri Vishnu Ji in the form of Shri Krishna. At the end of Satyug the effect of Tretayuga had started at that time, he killed Hrinyakshipu acquiring the form of God Narasimha. He completed the Yagya of King Bali acquiring the ‘Baman’ (dwarf) form as a Brahmin as has been discussed in detail in speech no. 66.

In reality, the Almighty did it all in the form of Shri Vishnu.

600 years ago Almighty Kabir descended on earth. In one conversation held with Swami Ramanand Ji while telling about Himself God Kabir says that ‘I am the creator of entire universes. I reside up above in eternal abode. My name is Kabir. I am indestructible. I am Ram. I only acquired the form of Bawan (dwarf) and God Narasimha. I am Omnipresent’.

E Swami! Srishta mein, Srishti humare teer। 
Das Garib adhar basun, Avigat Satya Kabir।।
Suni Ramanand Ram mein, Mein Bawan Narsingh। 
Das Garib sarv kala, mein hi vyapak sarbang।।

In one nectar hymn emphasing the importance of true devotion God Kabir says that a devotee should only demand devotion from God so that his welfare happens and he should attain salvation.

Sat Kabir dware tere par ek daas bhikari aaya hai, bhakti ki bhiksha de deejo umeed katora lyaya hai||

Dharu jaisee aas nahee, Mera Parhalad jaisaa vishwaas naheen||
Meera jaisa raas naheen, Jisne ro aur naach rijhaya hai||
Bhakti ki bhiksha de deejo umeed katora lyaya hai ||

Devotee Prahlad’s Contribution in Mahabharata War

Reference: ‘Yatharth Bhakti Bodh’ Book Speech No 88-90 on page no 148-149.

Chihindole Chunak Durvasa Deva | Asur Nikandan boodat khewa ||88||
Bali aru shesh Patalon sakha | Sanak sanandan surgon hakaa ||89||
Dahun dish bajun Dhru Prahalada | Koti katak dal kata piyada ||90||

The summary of the aforementioned speech indicates the Mahabharata war. Who contributed to the Mahabharata war? Names of several warriors have been mentioned including divinities, sages, and great sages. King Bali, Dhruv and Prahalad. All of them supported Pandavas and fought against Kauravas. The five Pandavas were called ‘Suryavanshi’ and were devotees whereas Kauravas had acquired demon-form. Almighty supported Pandavas therefore, they were saved else Brahm Kaal would have done the same with them as he did to Kauravas who were defeated and died.

Important: In the following nectar speech Respected Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj is emphasizing  that the seeker attains emancipation only by performing scriptural practice. There is no need to renounce worldly comforts and family and go to Jungle  to attain God. A householder as well can attain salvation, just as devotees Dhruv and Prahlad Ji attained first liberation abode. Had abandoning family and leading a life of a recluse be the criterion to attain emancipation then transgenders would have been the first to attain emancipation. This is a myth that a devotee has to quit home and family members to attain salvation. God is very much attainable to a householder. This nectar speech certifies the  same.

Garib, Dere dande khush raho, Khushre lahe na moksh। 
Dhru Prahalad udhar gaye, To dere mein kya dosh।।

Conclusion – The aforementioned draws the following

  1. Almighty restores the cosmic order by killing demons like Hiranyakashipu, Ravan, Kans, Holika, etc who mistakenly believe themselves to be God after gaining powers obtained through hard penance.
  2. Almighty acquires the form of trinity Gods or any other divinity (like Goddess Parvati) to keep intact the faith of seekers in worship and God.
  3. Devotee Prahlada was saved in all difficult circumstances every time by the grace of God Kabir and not by Lord Vishnu. This proves that divine intervention only protects true worshippers.
  4. King Bali obtained the Kingdom of Netherworld by the grace of God Kabir and not by the sustainer of 21 universes, Satogun Shri Vishnu Ji.

Note: Till the Sun and Moon will remain, the names of these great men will shine.

Respected Sant Garib Das Ji Maharaj tells in his nectar speech no 40 on page no.115 mentioned in the book Yatharth Bhakti Bodh

Dhruv Prahalad agadh aug hai, Janak Videhi jore hai |
Chale Viman nidan beetya, Dharamraj ki bundh tode hai ||40||

Meaning: The worshippers of Brahm Kaal like Dhruv, Prahalad, and King Janak are considered to be ‘Agadh’ means who performed foremost devotion and ‘Agah’ means have reached far in devotion but remained in his trap and could not be liberated despite performing severe devotion. Therefore, it has been said in true spiritual knowledge that

Aatam praan udahrahin, Aisa dharm nahi aur ||

This means if one liberates the creature from the vicious cycle of birth and death then there is no greater righteousness than that. Only an enlightened saint can do this great work.

Today, Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is that enlightened saint whose way of devotion is certified and is inspiring devotees towards righteousness. All those who will take his shelter will be liberated from the web of Satan Brahm Kaal performing scriptural worship. Come under His refuge to become eligible for the attainment of everlasting dwelling world Satlok.

FAQs about "Prahlada & Hiranyakashipu: The Secret Facts You Must Know

Q.1 Who are Prahlada and Hiranyakashipu, and what is their significance in Hindu mythology?

Prahlada is a famous devotee of Lord Vishnu, known for his unwavering faith even in the face of adversity. He faces numerous trials and tribulations but remains steadfast in his devotion. Hiranyakashipu is his father, a demon king who opposed Prahlada's devotion to Vishnu. Their story illustrates the triumph of faith over tyranny.

Q.2 Why does the article emphasize the worship of Kabir as the Supreme God over the Trinity Gods?

Kabir Saheb, also known as KavirDev, is the true Supreme God as per various scriptures. Worshiping God Kabir Ji leads to spiritual liberation, whereas worshiping the Trinity Gods can not provide genuine spiritual benefits.

Q.3 What is the role of Almighty God Kabir Ji in saving devotees from difficult situations?

Almighty God Kabir Ji temporarily assumed the forms of deities (Brahma Vishnu and Shiva Ji) to save devotees from difficult situations and maintain faith among devotees. Almighty God Kabir Ji is the ultimate source of power behind such divine actions.

Q.4 What is the significance of Prahlada's devotion?

Prahlada's devotion serves as a testament to the power of faith and righteousness even in the face of adversity. His unwavering belief in the Almighty leads to his protection and eventual triumph over tyranny.

Q.5 How does Prahlada's faith influence his father, King Hiranyakashipu?

Prahlada's faith leads him to challenge the authority of his father, King Hiranyakashipu, by asserting the supremacy of the Almighty over earthly rulers. Despite facing persecution for his beliefs, he remains resolute in his devotion and is ultimately saved by Almighty God Kabir Ji.

Q.6 What role does divine intervention play in Prahlada's story?

Divine intervention plays a crucial role in Prahlada's story, as it repeatedly saves him from harm and ensures his eventual victory over oppression and the victory of truth. Examples include the extinguishing of fire to save kittens, and the protection from snake bites and fiery pyres.

Q.7 How does Prahlada's devotion relate to the broader theme of righteousness?

Prahlada's unwavering devotion. exemplifies righteousness in the face of injustice and oppression. His commitment to the Almighty's principles guides him through difficult situations and ultimately leads to his triumph over evil.

Q.8 How does Prahlada's story reflect the concept of divine justice and protection in Hinduism?

Prahlada's story illustrates the belief in divine justice and protection, wherein the Almighty intervenes to safeguard the righteous and punish the wicked. It underscores the idea that true devotion and righteousness are rewarded, while tyranny and arrogance are ultimately met with divine retribution

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Upon reading this article, I find myself quite perplexed. I have always been taught that Vishnu ji saved Prahlad, but the deity being presented here is unfamiliar to me. However, some of the evidence provided in the article has made me question what I previously believed to be true.

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