After the birth of the three sons, Brahm said to his wife, Durga (Prakriti), "I pledge that in future, I will not appear before anyone in my real form. As a result of which, I will be considered unmanifested/invisible." He said to Durga, "Do not disclose my secret to anyone. I will remain hidden." Maa Durga asked, "Will you not appear before your sons too?" Brahm said, "I will not appear before my sons and anyone else by any way of worship (what is true worship). This will be my permanent policy." Durga said, "This policy of yours that you will remain hidden from your sons too is not good." Then Kaal said, "Durga, I am helpless. I have been cursed to eat one-lakh human beings. If my sons (Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh) will become aware of this then they will not perform the task of creation, preservation, and destruction. Therefore, this bad policy of mine will remain forever. When these three sons grow up a little, make them unconscious. Do not tell them about me; otherwise, I will punish you." Fearful of this, Durga does not tell the truth.

Therefore, in Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 7, Shlok 24, it is said that these foolish people are unfamiliar with my bad policy that I never appear before anyone and remain hidden by my Yog Maya. Therefore, they consider the unmanifested me as having come in human form i.e. consider me Krishna.

(AbuddhyH) foolish people (mm ) my (anuttamm ) bad i.e. inferior (avyyam') eternal (param bhavam ) main character (ajaanantH) not knowing (mam avyaktam') the unmanifested me (vyaktim ) in human form (aapannam ) having come (manyante) consider i.e. I am not Krishna. Translation: Foolish people, not knowing my bad i.e. inferior, eternal, main character, consider the unmanifested/invisible me as having come in human form i.e. I am not Krishna. (Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 7 Shlok 24)

In Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 11, Shlok 47 and 48, it is said that - this is my actual Kaal form. Nobody can see this i.e. attain Brahm by any method mentioned in the Vedas, or by meditation (meditation benefits), penance or by any other activity.

When the three children became young, then mother Durga (Prakriti/Ashtangi) said, "You may churn the ocean". When the ocean was churned for the first time, (Jyoti Niranjan created four Vedas with his breaths and ordered them by secret speech to reside in the ocean) four Vedas came out and Brahma took them all. When the three children brought the Vedas to mother, she said that Brahma may keep the four Vedas and read them.

Note: In reality, God Kabir had given five Vedas to Brahm i.e. Kaal. But Brahm manifested only four Vedas. He hid the fifth Ved. Therefore Supreme God, by Himself appearing on earth, has manifested the fifth Ved through KavirgirbhiH i.e Kavir Vaani (Kabir Speech) by means of proverbs and couplets.

On churning the ocean the second time, three girls came out. Mother Durga distributed all the three. Prakriti (Durga) acquired her own three other forms (goddess Savitri, goddess Lakshmi and goddess Parvati) and hid in the ocean. Then her three forms came out during churning of the ocean. That same Prakriti acquired three forms and was given in the form of 'Savitri' to god Brahma, 'Lakshmi' to god Vishnu and 'Parvati' to god Shankar, as wives. The three couples then did intercourse and gave birth to both gods and demons.

{When the ocean was churned the third time, Brahma got fourteen gems; Vishnu and other gods got 'nectar'. Demons got alcohol and the righteous Shiva stored the 'venom' in his throat. All this happened a lot afterwards.}

When Brahma started reading the Vedas, he found that the Master (Purush) God of the lineage, the Creator of all the brahmands is someone else. Brahma told Vishnu and Shiv that Vedas describe some other God as the Creator, but Vedas also say that even they do not know the mystery. For that there is an indication to ask some Tatvdarshi Saint (A saint having true spiritual knowledge). Brahma came to mother Durga and narrated everything to her. Prior to this Mother Durga used to say that there is no one else other than her. She is the sole doer. She is the Almighty. Brahma said that Vedas have been created by God, they cannot be untrue and they reveal some other God . When Brahma stressed that Vedas reveal some other God, Durga said that your father has sworn that he will never appear before you. Then Brahma said, "Mother, I do not trust you now. I will surely find out that God." On this Durga said, "What will you do if he does not appear before you?" Brahma said that I will not show you my face.

However, Jyoti Niranjan has pledged that I would remain unmanifested; I would never appear before anyone i.e. I would never appear in form in my actual 'Kaal' form in the 21 brahmands.

Bhagavad Gita, Adhyay no. 7, Shlok no. 24 (Bhagavad Gita Quotes)

Avyaktam , vyaktim , aapannm , manyante, mam , abuddhyaH, Param , bhaavam , ajaanantH, mm, avyyam , anuttamm ||24 ||

Translation: (AbuddhyaH) foolish people (mm) my (anuttamm ) bad / inferior (avyyam) permanent (param) prime (bhaavam ) character (ajaanantH) being unaware of (avyaktam ) unmanifested / invisible (mam ) me, Kaal (vyaktim ) in form incarnated as Krishna (aapannm) to have attained (manyante) consider.

Translation: Foolish people being unaware of my bad, permanent and prime character, consider the unmanifested/invisible me, Kaal, to have incarnated in form as Krishna.

Bhagavad Gita Adhyay no. 7 Shlok no. 25

Na, aham , prakashH, sarvasya, yogmayasmavrtH, MoodH, ayam ,na, abhijanati, lokH, mam , ajam , avyyam || 25|

Translation: (Aham) I (yogmaya smavrtH) hidden by Yogmaya (sarvasya) everyone (PrakashH) appear before (na) do not i.e. remain invisible i.e. unmanifested, therefore (ajam ) of not taking birth (avyyam ) eternal character (ayam ) this (moodH) ignorant (lokH) living beings of the world (mam) me (na) not (abhijanati) knows i.e. consider me as having come in incarnation form.

Translation: I, hidden by Yogmaya, do not appear before everyone i.e. remain invisible i.e. unmanifested, therefore, this ignorant world does not know me and my eternal character of not taking birth i.e. consider me having come in incarnation form.

Because Brahm makes his numerous forms with his word power; he is Durga's husband, therefore is saying in this Shlok that I do not take birth from Durga like Sri Krishna etc.