Why Brahm Kaal (Satan) Vows to Remain Unmanifested (Invisible)?

Hidden Truth of Kaal Brahm (Satan)

Vow to remain unmanifested / invisible by someone raises suspicion of foul play. Why would someone vow to remain unmanifested? There must be a reason, perhaps some heinous sin he / she might have committed which had made him take that vow. But, when it comes to God who had taken a vow to remain unmanifested then this sounds on a serious node. Yes, the readers would be surprised to know that the owner of the earth where we all are living, belongs to Brahm-Kaal God. He is also called Jyot Swaroopi Niranjan. He is Shaitan / Satan / Devil. He is the Lord of this earth, infact of twenty-one Brahamands (multiverses) and he had taken a vow that he will never appear in his original form to anyone, not by any Jap-Tap (recitation, religious austerity) or any kind of devotion.

Now the curiosity develops amongst readers that

  • Who is Brahm-Kaal / Shaitan / Satan?
  • Why had he vowed to remain unmanifested / invisible?
  • What blunder did he commit?
  • Where was that sin committed?

This article is the solution to all such abiding queries. Let us analyze.

kaal devil shaitan satan

Who is Brahm - Kaal / Shaitan/ Satan?

To start, let us understand Who is Brahm-Kaal / Shaitan / Satan?

Brahm - Kaal / Shaitan is the true demonic figure, an evil spirit who is a rebellious of God. This wicked creature is ugly and furious to look at. He is the Lord of twenty-one Brahamands (21 multiverses) which he has attained as a reward for the penance he did in the eternal place ‘Satlok’, from the Param Akshar Purush (complete God) Almighty KavirDev (the creator of the universe). Brahm - Kaal is also known as Jyoti Niranjan or Kshar Purush (in Bhagavad Gita). He is the husband of goddess Durga (also known as Prakriti Devi) and father of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. He resides in the twenty-first (21st) MahaBrahamand. 

We get the reference about this Shaitan / Devil in pious four Veda, Puranas, Kabir Sagar in the creation of the universe, Holy Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Holy Quran Sharif, Holy Bible, and in Sacchidanandghan Brahm Speech, The worshipable Supreme God Kabir Ji’s sacred speech ie. in Suksham Ved. This means all holy scriptures provide evidence about Brahm (Kaal / Satan / Shaitan / Devil).

Let us study the evidence from pious Kabir Sagar.

Ref: Kabir Sagar, sacred speech delivered by the most worshipable Supreme God Kabir

Pahile kinh Niranjan raai                पहले कीन निरंजन राई

Peechhe se Maya upjai                    पीछे से माया उपजाई

Maya roop dekh ati shobha                माया रूप देख अति शोभा

Dev Niranjan tan man lobha                देव निरंजन तनमन लोभा

Kaamdev Dharamrai satayee            कामदेव धर्मराय सताई            

Devi ko turatahi dhar khayee                देवी को तुरंत ही धर खाई            

Pet se Devi kari pukaara                पेट से देवी करी पुकारा            

Sahab mera karo ubaara                साहब मेरा करो ऊबारा        

Ter sun tab hum tahaan aaye                टेर सुन तब हम तहां आए    

Ashtangi ko band chhudaaye                अष्टांगी को बंद छुड़ाए                

Satlok mein kinha durachari                सतलोक में किना दुराचारी                

Kaal Niranjan dinha nikaari                काल निरंजन दीना निकारी     

Maya samet diya bhagaai                माया समेत दिया भगाई        

Solanh sankh kos doori par aai            सोलह संख कोस दूरी पर आई        

Ashtangi aur Kaal ab doi                अष्टांगी और काल अब दोई    

Mand karam se gaye bigoi                मंद कर्म से गए बिगोई            

Dharamrai ko hikmat kinha                धर्मराय को हिकमत कीन्हा         

Nakh rekha se bhag kar lina                नख रेखा से भाग कर लीना            

Dharmrai kinhaan bhog vilaasa            धर्मराय कीना भोग विलासा            

Maya ko rahi tab aasa                    माया को रही तब आसा

Teen putr Ashtangi jayee                तीन पुत्र अष्टांगी जाए

Brahma Vishnu Shiv naam dharaayee         ब्रह्मा विष्णु शिव नाम धराए

Purush gamya kaise ko pave                पुरुष गम या कैसे को पावे            

Kaal Niranjan Jag bharmaavae            काल निरंजन जग भरमावे                

Teen lok apne sut dinha                    तीन लोक अपने सुत दीना            

Sunn Niranjan baasa linha                सुन निरंजन बासा लीना                

Alakh Niranjan sunn thikaana                अलख निरंजन सुन ठिकाना                

Brahma Vishnu Shiv bhed na jaana            ब्रह्मा विष्णु शिव भेद न जाना

This sacred speech was delivered by the most worshipable Supreme God Kabir Ji (KavirDev) between the year 1398 (when Venerable KavirDev (Supreme God Kabir) turned five in his divine body) and 1518 He went to Satlok with His body from Maghar place, approximately 600 years ago, to his personal servant (Das-devotee) Respected Dharamdas Ji and Dhani Dharamdas Ji had written it. Above sacred speech describes...

  • How did Brahm - Kaal (Satan / Shaitan / Devil) originate?
  • What heinous sin did Brahm-Kaal do in the eternal world (Satlok)?
  • Why were Kaal and Durga expelled from the eternal world?
  • How were twenty-one Brahamands (universe) formed?
  • Why did Brahm-Kaal vow to remain unmanifested? 
  • What is Kaal’s trap?
  • Even Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are ignorant about Kaal’s trap

Definition of Kaal

Ref:-Vishnu Puran part one chapter 2, verse 15 page 4 - 5 published from Gitapress Gorakhpur. Translator is Shree Munilal Gupt

The definition of Kaal is well explained in Vishnu Puran.

The brief description of the original form of Kaal as explained in Vishnu Puran will give a clear picture, How do Kaal appear?

Adhyay 2, Shlok 15 - It is described that Lord Vishnu (Kaal in the form of Mahavishnu) in his first form appears to be of a Purush i.e. God, but his actual (Virat-Huge) form is Kaal. When Lord Vishnu (Kaal who in Mahavishnu form resides in Brahmlok and keeps Prakriti-Durga his wife in Mahalaxmi form) gets separated from his wife Prakriti (Durga) then he appears in the form of Kaal. 

Note: Above mentioned description means that this 'manifested' Maha-Vishnu form ie. Kaal-Purush at first instance seems he is a merciful God. Like he has provided grains to eat, dry fruits and fruits, etc., milk and water to drink all so delicious and animated. He has provided pure air to breathe, so spacious earth to live and roam, then the relation of husband and wife, with the attainment of sons and daughters it seems he is a kind God of his region (lok) where we are living.

What does Kaal look like? / Original form of Kaal-Brahm

The manifested form of Kaal is Mahabrahma, Mahavishnu and Mahashiva (Sadashiv) and he himself resides in Brahamlok (a secret place in twenty-one Brahamands), whereas Kaal-Brahm in 'unmanifested' form, in the invisible form, in actual Kaal-form resides in the twenty-first MahaBrahmand. He has been compared to a butcher by the Almighty KavirDev. To understand the original form of Kaal let us explain with an example.

Consider the death of someone’s son or daughter, or maybe both sons, someone’s whole family dies in an accident. In a particular area, a flood or earthquake destroys thousands of people along with their families. In this way, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva in MahaBrahma, MahaVishnu, MahaShiva form respectively are the original forms of this Kaal (Jyoti Niranjan) since Kaal is cursed to eat grime of one-lac subtle bodies of human beings daily and produce 1.25 lacs every day. Therefore, he gets his selfish motive (to destroy human beings) done by his three sons (Rajogun-Brahma, Satogun-Vishnu, and Tamogun-Shiva) who creates, sustains and destroys.

Example:- Almighty KavirDev Ji while explaining the actual form of Kaal to his dear disciple Dharamdas Ji says that like a butcher raises goats, arranges food, water, and shelter for them, these innocent animals consider their master to be noble as he takes care of them. When the butcher comes near to them, considering him as the happiness giving master, those male and female goats raise their feet, touch their master to express their affection and few licks his feet. That butcher touches few to check their flesh and the innocent goats assume that he is loving them, but actually, the butcher checks their weight. When his customer approaches him for meat that butcher does not give heal who is the father-goat, mother-goat, or their son or the whole family. He slaughters them. These are his intention in providing the goats all the facilities. 

Similarly, all human beings are being prepared as food for Brahm-Kaal. He eats them after their death. This is the Kaal’s dangerous trap, he does all this while remaining unmanifested. This is what we will analyze further.

Why is Brahm - Kaal called the Devil / Satan / Shaitan?

Followers of different religions call Brahm-Kaal as the devil / satan / shaitan. Since Brahm-Kaal is a rebellious of God who misbehaved in the eternal world ‘Satlok’ with Prakriti Devi / Maya (Goddess Durga) and became disloyal to the Purush (Param Akshar Brahm) he was cursed. He was named Kaal. He is wicked and a deceiver. Butcher Kaal has trapped innocent souls in his twenty-one Brahamands and tortures them in 84 lacs life forms. Therefore, Brahm-Kaal is called the devil / satan / shaitan.

What heinous sin did Brahm Kaal in the Eternal World?

We studied about Who is Kaal? & How Brahm-Kaal originated? Now the question which devotees would want to know and answer for is, What heinous sin did Brahm - Kaal do so that he has to remain unmanifested / invisible and Where was that sin committed?

This ambitious and mischievous Brahm - Kaal performed austerity in ‘Satlok’ to attain separate Brahamand and supernatural powers. He was provided with twenty-one Brahamands, three Gunas (Rajas, Sattva, Tamas) and five elements as a reward by the Param Akshar Purush (KavirDev). The blunder which Brahm-Kaal did in that immortal pious world ‘Satlok’ was that Brahm-Kaal further demanded for souls. Supreme God told him that He will send the willing souls along with him. Supreme God inserted all those willing souls who had consented to go with Jyoti Niranjan / Brahm in the body of that beautiful young girl (soul who first gave consent to go with Kaal) and named her Ashtra (Aadi Maya / Prakriti Devi / Durga) and granted her word power (shabd shakti) by which she could produce living beings. Kavir Dev (God Kabir) sent Prakriti Devi to Kshar Purush through His son Sahaj Das. This Devil - Kaal misbehaved with Prakriti Devi / Durga in ‘Satlok. Durga made her subtle form and hid inside Brahm - Kaal’s body and prayed to Almighty God Kavir Dev. She sought help to save her from the Shaitan, Brahm - Kaal. KavirDev then took Durga (Ashtangi/Maya/Prakriti) out from the stomach of Brahm-Kaal. 

Kaal did this heinous sin in ‘Satlok’, the most sacred world. Therefore, he was punished and expelled from Satlok. Since Durga deceived God Kabir she too was expelled along with Brahm-Kaal. 

Curse to Brahm-Kaal for Heinous Sin done in the Eternal World

Alakh Niranjan bada batpaara            अल्लख निरंजन बड़ा बटपारा                    

Teen lok jiv kinh ahaara                तीन लोक जीव कीना आहारा

Almighty KavirDev Ji in his nectar speech says that this butcher Kaal is a deceiver, he eats all innocent living beings trapped in his twenty-one Brahamands, and people are unfamiliar about this reality. He is cursed for this heinous sin he committed in ‘Satlok’.Let us understand what did he do?

Sexual desire aroused in Jyoti Niranjan/Brahm-Kaal seeing the beautiful young girl and he started to misbehave with Prakriti Devi. Durga told Kaal not to misbehave with her but Kaal (Kshar Purush) ignored all appeals of Prakriti Devi and by his word-power made female genitals on her body with the help of his nails and tried to rape her. Immediately, Durga trying to save herself and finding no other way out made a miniature form of herself and via Jyoti Niranjan’s opened mouth, entered into his stomach. From there, she requested Almighty KavirDev to save her. 

Instantly, KavirDev acquiring the appearance of His son Yog Santayana alias Jogjit, appeared there, took the girl out from Brahm’s stomach and said that Jyoti Niranjan, from now on you will be called ‘Kaal’. You will have births and deaths and therefore, your name will be Kshar Purush. You will eat one-lakh human beings and produce a lakh and a quarter daily. You both, along with twenty-one Brahamands are expelled from ‘Satlok’. Immediately, 21 Brahamands started moving away from there like an aircraft, passed Sahaj Das’s dweep and came 16 shankh Kos (1600 quadrillion) away from Satlok and stopped. This was a heinous sin committed by Brahm-Kaal.

Why does Brahm - Kaal remain unmanifested / invisible?

The readers by now must have been clear that this Shaitan / Kaal was punished for the crime he did in Satlok’. Now the question is why does Brahm-Kaal remain unmanifested / invisible?

Brahm-Kaal remains unmanifested / invisible because he is ashamed that he is cursed to eat grime of one-lakh human beings and produce a lakh and a quarter daily for which he uses his three sons Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva to arrange his food. (Brahma Ji-Rajas, creates living beings, Vishnu Ji-Saatva, sustains the living beings and Shiva Ji-Tamas,destroys human beings).

Fear of Brahm - Kaal

The fear of Brahm - Kaal is that if his sons (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva) will come to know about his secret (that he is cursed) they will deny performing their jobs. Fearful Brahm-Kaal hence, deceives everyone, performs all his evil tasks remaining unmanifested / invisible. He tortures innocent souls in 84 lacs life forms. To take revenge from Almighty KavirDev (being cursed), he troubles all living beings trapped in his twenty-one Brahamands. 

Note: This secret is mentioned in all holy scriptures but was hidden till now. Great Saint Rampal Ji has revealed these facts. 

(For the complete description please read chapters from pious Kabir Sagar in ‘Anurag Sagar’ and ‘ Kabir Vaani’)

Brahm’s (Kaal/Shaitan) Vow to Remain Unmanifested

Expelled from Satlok, Brahm-Kaal along with Durga started living in twenty-one Brahamands. Kaal forcefully married Durga and from their union (husband-wife relation) three sons were born whom they named Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. 

After the birth of the three sons, Rajgun-Brahma, Satgun-Vishnu, Tamgun-Shiva, Jyoti Niranjan, Brahm-Kaal said to his wife, Durga (Prakriti) that “keep the sons in coma (subconscious state) till their youth. When they become young keep them in different-different regions and then bring them to a conscious state. I have created those three regions for them”.

"I pledge that in future, I will not appear before any human beings, Deity (Dev) and Sage (Rishi) in my real form whether someone performs any kind of Jap-tap or does meditation. No one will be able to see my original form (Jyoti Niranjan form). This will be my permanent policy. Thus, this is Brahm (Kaal) vow to remain unmanifested.

(Evidence: Kabir Sagar Chapter “Swasamved Bodh” page no. 96 and “Shwansh Gunjar” page no. 21 and “Anurag Sagar” page no. 26) 

Evidence - Shreemad Bhagavad Gita

Pledge (Vow) by Brahm-Kaal -Adhyay 7, Shlok 24 & 25

Jyoti Niranjan has pledged (Vow) ‘I will remain unmanifested; I will never appear before anyone in my actual 'Kaal' form in the 21 brahmands (universe)’.

Shlok 24 

Avyaktaṁ vyaktim āpannaṁ manyante mām AbuddhayH
Paraṁ bhāvam ajāanantH mam āvyyam anuttamam || 24 ||

Translation: (AbuddhyH) foolish people (mm) my (anuttamm ) bad i.e. inferior (avyyam') eternal (param bhavam) main character (ajaanantH) not knowing (mam avyaktam') the unmanifested me (vyaktim) in human form (aapannam) having come (manyante) consider i.e. I am not Krishna. 

Translation: It is said that these foolish people are unfamiliar with my bad policy ie. inferior, eternal, main character that I never appear before anyone and remain hidden by my Yog Maya. Therefore, they consider the unmanifested/invisible me as having come in human form i.e. I am not Krishna. 

Note: Why do Brahm-Kaal calls his policy of remaining hidden as bad/inferior (anuttam)? If a father does not even appear before his sons, then there is a fault in him because of which he is hidden, and is also providing all the facilities to them. 

Shlok 25

Nā ahaṁ prakāśhH sarvasya yoga-māyā-samāvṛitH
MūḍH a’yaṁ nā abhijānāti lokH mām ajam avyyam|| 25 ||

Translation: (Aham) I (yogmaya smavrtH) hidden by Yogmaya (sarvasya) everyone (PrakashH) appear before (na) do not i.e. remain unmanifested/invisible therefore (ajam) of not taking birth (avyyam) eternal character (ayam) this (moodH) ignorant (lokH) living beings of the world (mam) me (na) not (abhijanati) knows i.e. consider me as having come in incarnation form.

Translation: I, (Kaal) hidden by Yogmaya, do not appear before everyone ie. remain invisible/unmanifested, therefore, this ignorant world does not know me and my eternal character of not taking birth ie. consider me having come in incarnation form.

Kaal - Brahm never appears in his original form

Gita Adhyay 9 Shlok 11

Avajānanti māṁ mūḍhH mānuṣhīṁ tanum āśhritam II
Paraṁ bhāvam ajānantH mama bhūta-maheśhvaram II 11 II

Brahm-Kaal says -Those foolish people (due to lack of true spiritual knowledge) who do not know the supreme form of Puran Parmatma and me (Brahm-Kaal), consider me insignificant to have incarnated in human form ie. I am not like Shree Krishan in human form.

Note:- Supreme form of Kaal is mentioned in Gita Adhyay 7 Shlok 24-25 ie. permanent policy of being unmanifested and being in birth and rebirth. Almighty God is eternal. He neither takes birth nor dies. He is the creator, sustainer. He nurtures the entire universe. 

Note: In the translation done by other translators, they have associated ‘Maam’ (from the first line) with ‘bhut maheshwaram’ (from the second line) which is grammatically wrong because along with ‘bhut maheshwaram’ ,‘Maam’ word is written. Other translators have portrayed the giver of the knowledge of Gita to be the supreme God of all beings. Well, if this is considered correct then the readers should understand that Brahm-Kaal is saying, I am the great god ie. Supreme of all living beings of my twenty-one Brahamands. Infact, the correct translation is done by Saint Rampal Ji.  With this, it is proved Brahm-Kaal confesses that he remains unmanifested/invisible.

Further, Brahm-Kaal tells goddess Durga (Maya/Prakriti), as a result of this, I will be considered unmanifested / invisible." He warned Durga, "Do not disclose my secret to anyone. I will remain hidden. Maa Durga asked, "Will you not appear before your sons too?" Brahm, the Devil-Kaal said, "I will not appear before my sons and anyone else by any way of worship (what is true worship). This will be my permanent policy." Durga said, "This policy of yours that you will remain hidden from your sons too is not good." Then Kaal accepts that "Durga, I am helpless. I have been cursed to eat one-lakh human beings. If my sons (Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh) will become aware of this then they will not perform the task of creation, preservation, and destruction. Therefore, this bad policy of mine will remain forever. When these three sons grow up a little, make them conscious. Do not tell them about me; otherwise, I will punish you." Fearful of this, Durga does not tell the truth.

Brahm’s (Kaal / Shaitan) Vow - Churning of the Ocean

Holy scriptures mention that in the beginning when life came in existence in the twenty-one Brahamands the ocean was churned. This narration proves that Brahm-Kaal had vowed to remain unmanifested. Let us study.

When the three children became young, then mother Durga (Prakriti/Ashtangi) said, "You may churn the ocean". When the ocean was churned for the first time, (Jyoti Niranjan created four Vedas with his breaths and ordered them by secret speech to reside in the ocean) four Vedas came out and Brahma took them all. When the three children brought the Vedas to mother, she said that Brahma may keep the four Vedas and read them.

Note: In reality, God Kabir had given five Vedas to Brahm i.e. Kaal. But Brahm manifested only four Vedas. He hid the fifth Ved. Therefore Supreme God, by Himself appearing on earth, has manifested the fifth Ved through KavirgirbhiH i.e Kavir Vaani (Kabir Speech) using proverbs and couplets.

On churning the ocean the second time, three girls came out. Mother Durga distributed all the three. Prakriti (Durga) acquired her own three other forms (goddess Savitri, goddess Lakshmi, goddess Parvati) and hid in the ocean. Then her three forms came out during the churning of the ocean. That same Prakriti acquired three forms and was given in the form of 'Savitri' to god Brahma, 'Lakshmi' to god Vishnu and 'Parvati' to god Shankar, as wives. The three couples then did intercourse and gave birth to both gods and demons.

{When the ocean was churned the third time, Brahma got fourteen gems; Vishnu and other gods got 'nectar'. Demons got alcohol and the righteous Shiva stored the 'venom' in his throat. All this happened a lot afterward.}

When Brahma started reading the Vedas, he found that the Master (Purush) God of the lineage, the Creator of all the Brahamands is someone else. Brahma told Vishnu and Shiva that Vedas describe some other God as the Creator, but Vedas also say that even if they do not know the mystery. For that, there is an indication to ask some Tatvadarshi Saint (A saint having true spiritual knowledge). Brahma came to mother Durga and narrated everything to her. Before this Mother Durga used to say that there is no one else other than her. She is the sole doer. She is the Almighty. Brahma said that the Vedas have been created by God, they cannot be untrue and they reveal some other God. When Brahma stressed that Vedas reveal some other God. Durga said that your father has sworn that he will never appear before you ie. Brahm-Kaal had vowed to remain unmanifested/invisible. Then Brahma said, "Mother, I do not trust you now. I will surely find out that God." On this Durga said, "What will you do if he does not appear before you?" Brahma said that I will not show you my face.

Vision of four-armed MahaVishnu form of Kaal is possible with Exclusive Devotion

Brahm-Kaal does not appear in his original form. He remains unmanifested/invisible. It is only with exclusive devotion that his vision in MahaVishnu form is possible. Let us study what Shrimad Bhagavad Gita says.

Gita Adhyay 11 Shlok 52, 53 Brahm-Kaal tells, the vision of the four-armed form of mine is rare. Even deities long to have a vision of this form of mine. This form vision can be with neither the way of worship mentioned in Ved nor with Jap-Tap or any kind of sacrifice ie. the vision of this four-armed form is quite impossible. Kaal God resides in MahaBrahm, MahaVishnu. MahaShiva form in the secret place in ‘Brahamlok’ this vision is only possible if seeker reaches there, but, the way of worship mentioned in Ved cannot attain seekers reach ‘Brahamlok’. At the most seekers can reach the heaven made in Brahamlok’ (Gita Adhyay 9 Shlok 20,21) therefore, it is said that vision of four-armed MahaVishnu form of Kaal is possible with Exclusive Devotion and not possible even by worshipping Rajas-Brahma, Sattva-Vishnu and Tamas-Shiva.

Note: The vision of the huge form (Virat roop) though, is still impossible by any kind of devotion which is the actual form of Brahm-Kaal. The giver of the knowledge of Gita says ‘seekers who perform my exclusive devotion can have a vision of my four-armed form only when I eat them, while they enter into my mouth. Otherwise, this vision is impossible. In Gita Adhyay 11 Shlok 21 Arjun describes as he observes that ‘Oh God! you are even eating devotees who are worshipping you. They are getting fearful of seeing your furious form’. A similar description is in Adhyay 11 Shlok 54 when Kaal says ‘my seekers remain in my trap only’.

About his way of worship, the speaker of Gita has described in Yajurved Adhyay 40 Mantra 15 and its summary is provided in Shreemad Bhagavad Gita. In Adhyay 8 Shlok 13 and Adhyay 3 Shlok 10-13 Brahm-Kaal says ‘My mantra is ‘OM’, considering me their venerable deity those who worship me attain me only. This is the exclusive devotion of Kaal. Salvation is not possible with this, neither the vision of Kaal God. It is only after death when he eats, seekers can have a vision of his huge form. The dedicated worshipper of Kaal gets the vision of him in Brahamlok’ of the four-armed form as MahaVishnu which even the deities cannot have.

Appearance of Brahm (Kaal) -Shrimad Bhagavad Gita

There is a reference about the appearance of Brahm-Kaal in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. Let us study.

Gita Adhyay 11 Shlok 32

KālHa’smi lokakṣhayakṛat pravṛiddH lokān II
Samāhartum iha pravṛittH ṛite api tvāṁ na bhaviṣhyanti II
Sarve ye avasthitāH pratyanīkeṣhu yodhH II 32 II

By entering into Shri Krishan Ji's body like a ghost, Brahm-Kaal is saying, "Arjun, I am an enlarged Kaal.I have appeared now to eat all the loks”. All the warriors aligned in the opposing army will not exist even if you will not kill them. I will eat all.

Adhyay 11 Shlok 47 

Mayā prasannena tvaārjunedaṁrūpaṁ paraṁ darśhitam II
Aatamyogāttejomayaṁ viśhvam anantam ādyaṁ II
Yat me tvadanyena na dṛiṣhṭa-pūrvam II 47 II

The speaker of Gita-Kaal says to Arjun- ‘Being pleased with you this resplendent (Divine) form of mine (gigantic form) I gave you the vision, is my actual Kaal form. No one has ever seen this.

Adhyay 11 Shlok 48,

Na veda-yajñādhyayanaHna dānaH na cha kriyābhiH na II
TapobhiH ugraiH evaṁ-rūpaH  śhakyH ahaṁ nṛilokedraṣhṭuṁ II
Tvadanyena kuru-pravīra II 48 II

Brahm-Kaal says that –On earth, my actual Kaal form, nobody can see i.e. can never attain Brahm (me) by any method mentioned in the Vedas, or by meditation (Jap-tap), not with offerings and penance or by any other activity.This means Kaal entered into Lord Krishna’s body and spoke with Arjun on the battlefield of Kurukshetra during Mahabharata. He did make an appearance.

What is Kaal’s trap?

The readers by now have got a feel, how crooked is this shaitan. He remains unmanifested and performs all his evil tasks and punishes innocent human beings. This is the dangerous Kaal’s trap. The description of what is Kaal’s trap? is well explained in Kabir panthi shabdawali (page no. 550, 551, 557), Ramainee 61.

Nirgun Purush Niranjan Deva                    निर्गुण पुरुष निरंजन देवा

Sab Jag kare tahiki sewa                        सब जग करें ताही की सेवा

Apan-Apan mat kinha bichari                    अपन-अपन मत कीना बिचारी

Baat na bujhey koi hamari                    बात ना बुझे कोई हमारी

Bairagi kahe leun bairaga                    बैरागी कहे लेओ बैरागा

Brahamchari tirath vrat laga                    ब्रह्मचारी तीरथ व्रत लागा

Sanyasi sarvanas karaya                        सन्यासी सर्वनाश कराया

Yog jugati kar praan chadhaya                    योग जुगति कर प्राण चढ़ाया

Jinda pada Quran ke phanda                    जिंदा पढ़ें कुरान के फंदा

Bhaa chanbey jhoot pakhanda                    भा छानवे झूठ पाखंडा

Bhesh dhari yahee guruwa dikhlave                 भेश धारी यही गुरुआ दिखलावे

Aap guru hoye jagat batave                    आप गुरु हुए जगत बतावे

In the above-sacred speech, the worshipable God KavirDev has told that Kaal-Brahm means Jyoti Niranjan remains unmanifested/invisible. Therefore, he is believed to be attributeless (formless). The whole world is worshipping him. No one has the true spiritual knowledge. Everyone speaks their mind, they impose their legislation. No one wants to listen to my (Puran Parmatma) knowledge. Whichever religious practice someone is following he suggests others follow the same. 

Like, a recluse (bairagi) tells to hold reclusiveness ie. become an ascetic. Those who are celibate (Brahmchari) they give importance to pilgrimage and fasting. Monks have destroyed their lives by practicing hathyoga (meditation). The ‘Jinda Saints’ of Muslim religion trapped in the Quran are doing incomplete worship. Disciples of all cults attired in various costumes and by making different identities consider themselves to be the true worshippers. Their gurus also hold similar costumes and are propagating their cults, they are misleading innocent devotees, trapping them and are preparing food for Kaal-Brahm. Without the complete Saint (Tatvadarshi Saint) salvation can never be attained. This is the Kaal’s dangerous trap.

Kaal-Brahm is an Associator in Attainment of the Complete God

Readers will be astonished to read that Kaal-Brahm is an associator in the attainment of the complete God. 

Let us analyze facts.

Gita Adhyay 14 Shlok 27

BrahmaṇH hee pratiṣhṭhā aham amṛitasyā avyayasya cha II
Shāśhvatasya cha dharmasya sukhasya ekāntikasya cha II 27 II

Brahm-Kaal says –that I am the initial stage (prestige) of the Puran Parmatma (complete God) being imperishable, immortal, eternal dharma and perpetual divine bliss.

Note: This Brahm-Kaal only gives way to the true worshippers (ie. who chant satnaam), to move to the region of Akshar Purush. He bows his head and lets devotees go from his region (lok). Then ‘Kabir Hans’ (worshippers of Almighty Kabir) go to the eternal world ‘Satlok’.

Kaal has promised Param Akshar Purush, KavirDev

“Jo bhee bhakt hove tumhara, mum sir pug de hove paara”

“जो भी भक्त होवे तुम्हारा, मम सिर पग दे होवे पारा”

There are three stages (prestige) of God. There are three Gods. In Gita Adhyay 17 Shlok 23 attainment of the complete God (Param Akshar Purush) is mentioned by chanting of three mantras ‘OM_TAT_SAT’.

  1. Kshar Purush ie. Kaal-Brahm, his mantra is ‘OM’
  2. Akshar Purush ie. ParBrahm, his mantra is ‘TAT’ (indicative)
  3. Param Akshar Brahm ie PuranBrahm, His mantra is ‘SAT’ (indicative)

The first prestige ie. stage is Brahm. Passing from Kshar Purush’s region, next comes ParBrahm (Akshar Purush) region. When the true devotee (Hans) of KavirDev goes to Satlok, the first stage (prestige) is to cross the region of Kshar Purush. This first stage will only be when the devotee (soul) chants ‘OM’ mantra keeping in mind the sorrows, the miseries he has had in Kaal-Brahm’s region. Like in Satnaam (Kshar-Brahm mantra is ‘OM’ and Akshar Purush/ParBrahm mantra is ‘TAT’) both are chanted while breathing. After taking initiation from a complete Guru. ‘OM’ mantra relieves souls from debts of Kaal’s trap. Then Brahm-Kaal permits the soul to put his legs on his head and leave the jurisdiction of his twenty-one Brahamands and go to the next region ie. in ParBrahm’s region (lok). Because those devotees who are blessed with Satnaam and Sarnaam, when till their last breath the devotee remains in the refuge of his Gurudev he becomes highly rich in devotional powers, then Kaal (Kshar/Brahm/Jyoti Niranjan) becomes helpless and he bows in front of that ‘Hans’ (devotee soul). Then that devotees crosses to Akshar Purush’s region keeping his leg on the head of Kshar Purush. This is the first stage (prestige).  

The second stage (prestige) is to cross ParBrahm ie. Akshar Purush’s region. For that ‘TAT’ (indicative mantra) is provided. Along with this, if Sarnaam is not provided then also this is incomplete. When with ‘TAT’ mantra devotee gains sufficient devotional power then Sarnaam (name Initiation) is provided. Due to chanting ‘Sarnaam’ (SAT) and the devotional powers gained the region of ParBrahm is crossed because with Satnaam (TAT) souls get relieved from the debts of Akshar Purush. 

After crossing Akshar Purush’s region Satnaam (TAT) mantra doesn’t remain only ‘Sarnaam’ (SAT) remains. Devotee who gets ‘Saar Shabad’ from Guru Ji, that Hans (soul) by chanting mantra, earns devotional powers and basis that divine sound he goes to the right place in Satlok. (the divine sound heard in this human body is of Kaal’s trap). This is the third stage (prestige). Here lives that Hans who has attained complete salvation.

Note: In Gita Adhyay 14 Shlok 27 Brahm-Kaal (Jyoti Niranjan) has said that I am the basis (first stage) in pleasuring the attainment of that Puran Parmatma. The readers can understand this with an easy example. Like if someone has to get the domicile affidavit then the first stage is the ‘Patwari’ who gives in writing that he/she is the resident of this village but the senior officer who provides domicile affidavit is someone else. 

Similarly, to attain Puran Parmatma, Brahm-Kaal is the first stage. Hence, Kaal-Brahm is an associator in the attainment of the Complete God.

Worship Almighty God, not Kshar Purush, Kaal-Brahm

Great Sant Garibdas Ji has said that “four Vedas ie. pious Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samveda, and Atharvaveda glorify Almighty God ie. Param Akshar Brahm (KavirDev) but the true mantras with which salvation is attained is not mentioned in four Vedas”.

Rig YajuH Sam Atharv bhashey                 ऋग्यजु: साम अथर्व भाषा

jamey naam mool nahee rakhey                जामें नाम मूल नहीं राखें

In Ramayana, Tulsi Das Ji has said:-“in Kalyug the foundation of devotion will be the true worship ie. chanting of only true mantras ‘Satnaam and Sarnaam’ with which souls will attain liberation”. 

Kaliyug kewal naam adhara                कलयुग केवल नाम अधारा

Sumir sumir nar utron paara                सुमिर सुमिर नर उतरो पारा

The worshipable almighty KavirDev Ji says“the age is very less in Kalyug in comparison to three yugas ie. Satyug, Treta Yuga and Dwaparyug, the devotees should do true worship and utilize each breath in the worship of the Supreme God (KavirDev) instead of performing ‘Yog Sadhna’ ie. performing arbitrary way of worship (which is useless since it does not provide salvation and souls remain in recurrence). The only way out in Kalyug for the trapped souls would be chanting true mantras ie. Satnaam and Sarnaam which will help souls attain salvation.

Kabir, kaliyug mein jeevan thoda hai, karle beg sambhar

कबीर कलयुग में जीवन थोड़ा है, करले बैग संभार

Yog sadhna nahe ban sakey, kewal naam aadhar

योग साधना नहीं बन सके, केवल नाम आधार

It has been proved that salvation cannot be attained by any kind of devotion. By worshipping unmanifested/invisible Brahm-Kaal the souls can never be liberated. 

Readers / seekers are therefore advised to do true worship as provided by a Tatvadarshi Saint (chanting ‘OM-TAT-SAT’ mantra). True worship of Param Akshar Brahm (complete God) KavirDev Ji ends all vices of the soul as mentioned in Gita Adhyay 8 Shlok 28 that after gaining complete spiritual knowledge, seekers should perform worship as told by a Tatvadarshi Saint and abandon arbitrary worship to attain Param Akshar Brahm.  


Above mentioned spiritual hidden secrets are being revealed by the great Saint Rampal Ji. No one has ever heard this great knowledge from the earlier Rishis-Sages, Saints, Acharyas, Maharishis, and Spiritual Leaders (Gurus). Infact, this knowledge is mentioned in our holy scriptures.

Like Shrimad Bhagavad Gita was composed almost 5500 years ago by MahaRishi Ved Vyas. He also composed pious four Vedas and eighteen Puranas. The original name of that sage is ‘Shri Krishan Dwepayan’, he was the son of ‘Shri Parashar Rishi’. He was born from the unmarried foster girl of a fisherman (a boatman) named ‘Macchodri’. She was later married to King Shantanu with whom she had two sons named ‘Chitra and Vichitra’.

Similarly, the knowledge of pious Kabir Sagar was given by Puran Parmeshwar (the complete God) KavirDev 550 years ago (in 1398-1518). This was written by his dearest devotee ‘Shri Dharamdas’. Almighty Kabir is omnipotent, omnipresent. Earlier Brahmans did not have this knowledge, the reason being, it was the order of the Param Akshar Purush-KavirDev not to disclose the secret of His nectar speech till ‘Kalyug’ passes 5505 (Five thousand five hundred and five) years. 

(Note: Evidence how much Kalyug is spent till year 1997 is in pious Kabir Sagar chapter “Kabir Vaani” page no. 134, 136, 137 and “Swasam Ved Bodh” page no 121 and 171).

It is mentioned in the above scriptures that, ‘When Kalyug will pass 5505 years then this knowledge will become evident to the whole world by a great saint who will be from the twelfth (12th) cult of great ‘Sant Garibdas Ji’ (from Chhudani village, district Jhajjar, Haryana). Today that great Saint who is the incarnation of Almighty Kabir is ‘Sant Rampal Ji’.

Supreme God Kabir Ji in His sacred speech says

Kabir, Nau mun soot ulajhiya, rishi rahe jhakmar I     कबीर नौ मन सूत उलझीया यह ऋषि रहे झक मार 

Satguru aisa suljhade, uljhey naa dooji baar I        सतगुरु ऐसा सुलझा दे उलझे न दूजी बार 

Jagatguru Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji has untangled the complicated hidden spiritual knowledge from all holy scriptures. Identify and take His refuge, get your well being done.


FAQs about Why Brahm Kaal (Satan) Vows to Remain Unmanifested (Invisible)?

Q.1 Who is Brahm-Kaal?

Brahm-Kaal is the controller of the 21 brahmands (universes) in which we live. He is also known as Kaal, Satan, or the Devil. Brahm-Kaal is created by Almighty God Kabir, who is limited in power. He eats the grime of one lakh human beings and produces a lakh and a quarter daily.

Q.2 Why did Brahm-Kaal vow to remain unmanifested?

Brahm-Kaal is said to have vowed not to manifest himself according to interpretations of verses from the Holy Geeta (Gita). In Chapter 11, verse 48 of the Gita, Kaal Brahm clarifies to Arjuna that he cannot be seen through any traditional methods of worship mentioned in any scripture. Brahm-Kaal made a vow to remain unmanifested to prevent people from realizing his true nature. He fears that if everyone knew about his consumption of humans and his terrifying appearance, they would seek to escape his influence and strive for salvation, which he opposes.

Q. 3 What is the original form of Kaal?

Kaal Brahm is described as appearing ugly and furious. In Holy Gita Ji Chapter 11, verse 32, it is written that Brahm-Kaal reveals his original form to Arjuna, which terrifies him as mentioned in Chapter 11, verse 35.

Q.4 What sin did Brahm-Kaal commit in the Eternal abode?

According to Sukshamveda, Brahm-Kaal committed a grave sin in the sacred place called Satlok. He had misbehaved with Devi Durga seeing her beauty. As a result, Devi Durga prayed to Almighty God Kabir for protection. God Kabir appeared in the form of His son Sahaj Das and saved Devi Durga. In response, Brahm-Kaal was cursed by God Kabir to consume 1 lakh humans daily and was expelled, along with the 21 universes he controlled, from Satlok.

Q.5 Where does Brahm-Kaal reside?

While preaching the knowledge to King Himalaya, Durga Ji states that Brahm-Kaal resides in a place called Barhm lok.

Q.6 Why doesn't Brahm-Kaal let anyone know about Almighty God?

Brahm-Kaal does not want people to know about Almighty God and his true nature because he fears they will escape from his control and seek salvation. In a conversation with Lord Kabir, he confesses that he will misguide everyone in the Kalyuga (current age) so that they won't worship according to the scriptures and won't understand the true knowledge of God Kabir.

Q.7 How can one see Brahm-God?

Brahm-Kaal asserts in Holy Gita Ji chapter 11 verse 28 that no one can see him through any methods mentioned in any Holy scripture. Instead, one can only see him by the grace of Almighty God Kabir, after taking initiation from his authorized Saint.

Q.8 How can one escape from Brahm-Kaal?

According to Sukshamveda, the only way to escape from Brahm-Kaal is to attain salvation. This is possible by following the teachings and taking initiation from a true spiritual Saint, as mentioned in Holy Gita Ji Chapter 15, verse 4.


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Mahesh Sahu

Christians often identify the serpent in the Garden of Eden as Satan. Is it true?

Satlok Ashram

Yes, it was Satan butcher Brahm Kaal who as serpent in the garden of Eden misled Adam and Eve to eat the fruit of wisdom after which they gained worldly knowledge

Nihal Jaiswal

Why is Satan anti God?

Satlok Ashram

Jyoti Niranjan means Brahm Kaal the butcher, Shaitan did blunder in the eternal world out of his mischievous behaviour due to which he was expelled from there by Almighty. Since then he became vindictive and tortures trapped souls to trouble God. That's why he is anti God. He remains unmanifested and performs all his crooked intentions by disguising in the form of his three sons Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh. He enters as a ghost in someone's body and does disaster. For evidence of all these acts of him please visit our website.

Ganesh Upadhyay

How should we believe that there is some Shaitan who exists? No one has ever seen.

Satlok Ashram

Evidence in Sukshamveda proves that there is an evil creature who is the owner of 21 universes who is anti God and tortures innocent souls means the children of God. His name is Brahm Kaal and resides in Brahmlok. Since he has taken a vow to remain unmanifested therefore, no one has seen him. But evidence from pious Shrimad Bhagwat Gita proves that he gave the audience to warrior Arjun during the Mahabharat war. He is the knowledge giver of Gita and holy Quran Sharif.


Is Satan visible?

Satlok Ashram

No Shaitan/ Satan means Jyot Swaroopi Niranjan, Brahm Kaal the owner of 21 universes is a mischievous being who is cursed by Almighty due to the nonsense he did in the eternal world. He is ugly and the culprit. He remains unmanifested and performs his crooked deeds by hiding.