How Gopichand and Bharthari Got Success By Obeying Guru


Guru plays a vital role in the path of devotion since he is the facilitator to the seeker in the attainment of God. The devotees should religiously follow all the orders of their Guru. They should have blind faith in their Guru then only they become successful. To liberate one soul from the clutches of Satan, God Kabir performs several divine acts. Here, God says

Garib, Sau chal chidr mein karun apne Jan ke kaaj||

In this article, we will read the true story of two great devouts named Gopichand and Bharthari who renounced the Kingdom and worldly comforts to attain salvation and obeyed their Guru Ji because true devotion means seekers should sacrifice everything to keep the honour of every single statement of their Guru Ji.

As it is said:

Bhai jo guru vachan pe datt gaye kut gaye phund chaurasi ke||

Vastu milee thore ki thore mit gayee mun paapi ki daud, Bharam mite Mathura Kashi ke||

Telling the importance of Guru respected Sant Garibdas Ji says

Sir saunpa guru dev ko safal hua yo sheesh, Nitanand is sees par aap base Jagdeesh||

Meaning: The dedicated devotee who completely surrenders to their Guru gets success in the devotional path. It has been mentioned in Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm’s speech

Sir sante ki bhakti hai, aur nahi kachu baat

Sir ke sante payeeye Avigat Alakh anaath||

Meaning: By completely surrendering, the true devotee attains that indestructible (Avigat) God.

In the path of devotion, If the disciple doubts his Guru Ji then his connection gets disconnected with Guru and he does not get any benefits, all facilities and comforts stop. On the other side if the disciple remains firm and loyal then he gets rewarded.

Let us move to know what reward Gopichand and Bharthari received following the orders of their gurudev.

The following will be the key points of this write-up

  • Gopichand and Bharthari renounced the Kingdom to attain Salvation
  • King Bharthari was deceived by his Queen
  • Distressed Bharthari took refuge in Gorakh Nath
  • Gopichand and Bharthari obeyed Guru Gorakh Nath’s order
  • Sant Garibdas Ji glorifies steadfast devotees Bharthari and Gopichand
  • Firm devotees Gopichan-Bharthari glorified in Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm’s speech

Gopichand And Bharthari Renounced Kingdom To Attain Salvation

The creature gets the post of a King due to previous birth sacraments. A King has a lot of arrogance. Here, we will read how the arrogance of King Bharthari got destroyed thereafter, he became a true disciple. Also, Gopichand was blessed by his Guru Ji.

Reference: Speech no. 36-37-38 Page 117-120  Chapter Pativrata ka Ang, Book MuktiBodh, the writer is Jagatguru Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

Garib, Gopichand aru Bharthari, Patibrata hai doee। Gorakh se Satguru mile, patthar paahan dhoee।।36।।

Garib, Barah baras bisambhari, Alwar kila chinayee। Satguru shabdon bandhiya, Anar Bhai hai taahin।।37।।

Garib, Satguru shabd na ulanghiya, jo dhaari so dhaar। Kanchan ke matke bhaye, Nistari gaya kumhaar।।38।।

Meaning:– Gopichand and Bhartari both were Kings, were uncle and nephew. Bharthari Ji was the uncle of Gopichand. Both were rewarded for their dedication since they were true to their Guru and were focused on their aim to attain liberation.

First, let us read the true story of devout Gopichand then we move on to the story of King Bharthari.

Gopichand Aimed To Attain Immortality

Gopichand was the only son. The father had died. There were many daughters. One day the mother saw her son taking a bath. The mother was on the floor that was on the upper side. Beneath, the queens of Gopichand were getting ready to take a bath. Mother recalled her husband seeing her son. His father had died at this age. He too was good-looking and young. Kaal ate him. Kaal will eat even my son. Why not I should get him involved in devotion to God so that my beloved son may become immortal. The tears dropped from the eyes and fell on the body of Gopichand.

Gopichand saw that the mother was crying. He wore clothes and immediately went to his mother and asked the reason for crying. She told him the reason and took him to Gorakh Nath Ji and got him to take initiation, got him renunciation. Gopichand started living in the camp.

To examine, once Gorakh Nath sent Gopichand to take alms in his own house and told him to bring alms from his wife ‘Patam dei’, by calling her Mother. Gopichand Ji went to the entrance of the Palace. He called ‘Mother give alms’. Recognising the voice, the mother and girls came running. Everyone started crying and requested him to stay there. Do not go to the camp, what will happen to us? He returned to the camp at the same time and described the whole incident to Guru Ji.

Then the mother of Gopichand went to Gorakh Nath Ji to give Gopichand back to her but Gopichand Ji said ‘Mother! Now I am the son of Guru Ji. Your authority is over. I will not return home at any cost. The practice which Guru Ji had told he seriously performed that devotion.

Let us now read the Story of King Bharthari

King Bharthari Was Deceived By His Queen

Bharthari was a King. The name of his younger brother was Vikram. The name of Bharthari’s Queen was Pingla. She was no less than an angel in beauty but was characterless. King Bharthari used to immensely love Pingla and used to trust her a lot.

One day Vikram saw her sister-in-law (Bhabhi) in an embarrassing situation along with a servant. The servant was the head of the servants who used to look after the horses. He was given the post of an inspector. Pingla conspired against Vikram to remove him from the path. She gave up food and water.

When the King asked she said ‘Your brother has physically humiliated me’. The King had complete faith in his brother that ‘Vikram cannot make this mistake, you are saying incorrect’. But as is the Proverb

 ‘‘Bud triya charitr jaane na koi। Khasam maar kar Sati hoyee।।’’

Finally, under the influence of attachment with his wife the King declared his brother to be the culprit. Pingla said ‘Throw him away in the Jungle and kill him. Take out his eyes and show me then I will remain alive else I will die’.

King Bharthari gave the same order to his servants. When the servants took him then Vikram said ‘Bhai Sahab! This lady will get you killed, will get you lost from the world. I am going. One poet has said that

Aaj ka bola yaad raakhiye Vikram Bhai ka। Duniya mein se kho dega, tujhe veham lugaayee ka।।

Vikram said that this lady was not of good character but Bharthari closed his ears and ignored and did not listen to Vikram and ordered servants to kill his brother.

The merciful old minister told the servants that Vikram is blameless. He is not to be killed. Scoop out the eyes of a deer and bring. Leave Vikram to some responsible person, to the Kingdom of Vikram’s Uncle. The same was done. The obstacle in Pingla’s path was removed.

One day King Bharthari went hunting in the Jungle (Forest). He killed a deer with an arrow. At the same time, the perfect Shri Gorakh Nath Ji was going from there. He said to the King that ‘great sin is incurred by killing an innocent creature. O man! Do not be blind by the estrus of the Kingdom. You also have to leave this world.

The King had a lot of arrogance which is a hindrance in his activities and he does not listen to anyone’s teachings. Had Shri Gorakh Nath Ji not been in the attire of a Saint then on saying this thing, King Bharthari would have shot him then and there with the arrow and would have killed him. Yet expressing his wickedness he said ‘If you are so kind towards creatures then revive this deer, else give up this Saint’s attire’.

Shri Gorakh Nath Ji put forth a condition that ‘if I will revive this deer then you will have to become my disciple’. King Bharthari agreed. At that very moment, Shri Gorakh Nath Ji held the ears of the deer and stood him. He said to the King ‘Get down from the horse’. The King got down from the horse and held the feet of the saint and apologised and said ‘Allow me to rule for some more time then I will surely become your disciple. Currently, my wife will die crying. She cannot live without me. Shri Gorakh Nath Ji said that

Baan aale ki baan na jaavey, charon Ved padha ke।

Tiriya apni na hoti, chahe kitne laad ladale।।

But Bharthari used to consider her wicked wife a goddess. He advocated for his wife a lot. Shri Gorakh Nath Ji said ‘Come, if you wish and your mind saddened from the world.

After some time, Shri Gorakh Nath Ji went to King Bharthari Ji changing his appearance to that of another saint. Giving him an immortal fruit, he said that ‘whoever will eat this immortal fruit will live a long life and will remain young’. Saying this, Saint Ji left after taking some endowment and did not take the price of the fruit. The King pondered, if my wife will die before me then I will not be able to live. Therefore, I will give this fruit to Queen Pingla. He gave that fruit to his queen and told her its qualities.

That inspector was beloved by the queen. The queen gave that fruit to her lover, that inspector and told him its qualities and said ‘I want to see your long life. I will not be able to remain alive without you. The inspector used to go to the whore of the same city. He loved her more. The inspector gave that immortal fruit to his beloved whore and told her its qualities.

The whore pondered that the King of this city is very kind and just. When he found his brother guilty then he didn’t even forgive him. If such a King remains alive for a long time then the public will remain happy. If I eat this immortal fruit then I will be involved in this sinful activity for a long time. Then that whore gave that fruit to King Bharthari and told him its qualities. The King asked ‘Who has given you this fruit? The whore told ‘the head of your horses, (the inspector) has given.

The King called the inspector When the inspector was questioned he said ‘The queen has given’. The queen was asked in the palace, "Have you eaten that fruit?’ The queen replied with the gesture of being annoyed and said ‘Yes, I have eaten. Why do you always suspect? The King immediately called ministers, the General Secretary, courtiers, other higher officials, the whore and the inspector. The Inspector was questioned ‘Who gave you this fruit?’ While trembling the inspector said that ‘the queen has given’. The darkness of the King swayed.

He roared and cried remembering the death of his brother and his last words. As it is said

Eke chot sidhariya Jin Milan da chaah.

All the words of Saint came true.

The King said ‘Wicked! You got my brother also killed. You will get me as well in a few days. The queen Pingla apologised and accepted all her mistakes.

Distressed Bharthari Took Refuge In Gorakh Nath

Renouncing the Kingdom, Bharthari went to the camp of Gorakh Nath Ji that very day and became a steadfast devotee.

The General Secretary knew that Vikram was alive. Vikram was crowned the King. The inspector was expelled from the job. Pingla was told to live in a separate Palace. The King looked after her completely. He never let her suffer.

Gopichand And Bharthari Obeyed Guru Gorakh Nath’s Order

Working as stone-carrying labour in the fort of the King of Alwar City

Once Gopichand and Bharthari Ji said to Shri Gorakh Nath Ji ‘Gurudev! Kindly shower mercy on us so that we can attain salvation in this birth itself. We will perform whichever practise that you will tell’.

Shri Gorakh Nath Ji said that in the Rajasthan state, there is one Alwar City. The King is getting his Fort constructed. You work there free of cost, carrying stones till the end of construction. Do some other labour in the morning and evening for your survival. Both devout souls left after taking the blessings of Guru Ji.

The construction of that fort continued for twelve years. Gopichand and Bharthari did not take any money for their labour. For their food, they started working to dig mud and prepare mortar to make pots for the Potter of the same city. In return, they only used to eat bread in the morning and evening.

The wife of the Potter wasn’t of good sacraments. The Potter said ‘two people were roaming homeless. They work with me of digging soil and preparing mortar. They will only take the labour of bread. Today bring food for three people’.

The place to make pots and bake them was a bit far from the city in the Jungle. The wife of Potter took bread for two people and said ‘You won’t get more than this’. She returned home after keeping food.

The Potter said ‘Son! We will have to manage in this only’. All three divided the bread equally and ate food. This continued for several years. In the last year, she used to only send food sufficient for just one person. All three used to be satisfied with that. The construction work of the Fort lasted for twelve years. The Potter kept the pots in the oven to bake. This incident was of the last year.

Gopichand and Bharthari took permission from the Potter that ‘Father! Our practice is complete. Now, we are returning to our Guru Ji Shri Gorakh Nath Ji. My name is Gopichand. His name is Bharthari’.

At that time, the wife of the Potter was also present. At that time, blessing the pots with one hand both of them together said

Pita ka hait Mata ka kuhait|

Aadha Kanchan aadha rait||

They left saying these words. Both the Potter as well as his wife were taking out the pots from the oven. They saw that each pot was half the Gold and half the mud. When touched they got converted to sand. The Potter said, ‘O Bhagwaan! They were some deities. Due to your fault, half the pots remained that of sand while half converted to gold’. Potter's wife realised her ingratitudeness and started weeping. She said ‘If I would have known I would have served them more’.

Kabir, karta thaa tab kyun kiya, karke kyon pachtaye|

Bove ped Babool ka, Aam Kahan se paye||

Thus, Gopichand and Bharthari Ji became successful in obeying the words of their Guru Ji. The immortality that was to be obtained with that practice was received by practising having a firm belief. Had they been irrational and faithless they would have thought ‘What kind of practice is this? The whole world is practising this. For attaining emancipation austerity has to be performed or another tough fast is to be kept. But believing Guru Ji to be a guru they performed every practice. They did not find any fault in the work and order of Guru Ji therefore, they became successful.

The mantra chant that Gorakh Nath Ji had given to both, they used to chant while carrying stones to the construction place till returning to the place where the stones were carved. Both were young. No defect arose in them towards the hard work and for the wife of Potter for not providing them belly-full food hence, got success.

Gist of the Two True Stories

Here, the question is, no matter whether their devotion wasn’t appropriate to attain salvation but to attain God whatever practice and rules their Guru Ji told they followed all the instructions religiously. It is a separate matter that they were not liberated but emerged to be the toppers in the level of practice they performed. Both became famous around the world.

God surely takes such steadfast souls in His shelter in some or the other birth. Had they not started the devotion they would have surely gone to hell. The Kingdom anyway wouldn’t have remained.

Sant Garibdas Ji Glorifies Steadfast Devotees  Bharthari And Gopichand

Reference: Sukshma Veda, book ‘Yatharth Bhakti Bodh’ nectar speech no.4 on page no 116. The writer is Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

Gorakh Dutta jugadi jogi, naam Jalandhar lijiye |

Bharthari Gopichanda seejhey, aisee diksha dijiye ||4||

Meaning: The names of great seekers are mentioned like Gorakh, Dattatreya, Jalandhar Nath who practised for one Era like a Yogi and became perfect. They practised wholeheartedly based on the knowledge they had. They sacrificed everything to attain God. No matter if they did not attain complete salvation their efforts were that of a true saint and devotee. Respected Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj has explained in this nectar speech that the guru should provide such teachings and initiation to his disciples like Shri Gorakh Nath Ji gave to his disciples Gopichand and Bharthari Ji who got success. This was the result of the teachings of Shri Gorakh Nath Ji 

Speech no.101-102 on page no 150-151

Nath Jalandhar aur Ajaypala|

Guru Machander Gorakh Bala||101|| Bharthari Gopichanda jogi| Sultan Adham hai sab rus bhogi||102||

Respected Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj glorifies many peace-loving sages, devotees in his nectar speech who worshipped Kaal Brahm like sage Narada, sage Kumbuk, sage Markandey, sage Rumi, sage Indra, sage Baktalab, Jalandhar Nath, Ajaypal, Machander Nath the guru of Gorakh Nath Ji, Bharthari, Gopichand, Abraham Adham Sultan etc. who were married and were also indulged in evils and disorders and used to perform arbitrary worship but after becoming familiar with spiritual knowledge their welfare happened.

Firm Devotees Gopichan-Bharthari Glorified In Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm’s Speech

Seekers who aim to attain God do not do tantrums and remain focussed on their aim. The steadfast devotees do not turn back no matter whether they face several hardships in the path of devotion. Such were steadfast devotees Gopichand and Bharthari who are glorified in Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm’s speech. It is said

Laagee ka marag aur hai laage chot kaalja karke|

Bun beech Bharthari bhoop ne ek maarya taan nishana, Koi ghani sathithee aawan ki, Sadhu ka ho gaya aanaa|

Koi moowa mrig jiva diyo na to taar dharo ne baana|

Wo Jinda kar diya dhore thaa, Shishya bana pariksha karke||

Laagee ka marag aur hai laage chot kaalja karke

Gopichand Yogi ho gaye Jin le liya bhagmaa banaa, Guru Mahal janana bhejte dyodi mein alakh jaganaa|

Vyanjan chhatison chod ke bhiksha ka bhojan khana|

Tan pad gaya kamjore thaa, na khayaa re uder bharke||

Laagee ka marag aur hai laage chot kaalja karke

King Bharthari and Gopichand were those steadfast devotees who had struggled a lot to attain God. They renounced worldly comforts and followed the instruction of their gurudev intending to attain salvation, intending to attain that happiness giving God who is the ocean of happiness. So how amazing that eternal world would be? How would be that God for attaining those seekers destroy their bodies by doing hard penance? God says to demand devotion from God instead of worldly pleasures.

Bhakti daan guru dijiyo Devan ke Deva ho, janam payaa bhoolun nahee kar hun pad sewa ho||

Although, the mantras both chanted weren’t the right mantras due to which they did not attain complete salvation but their gesture towards God and guru is highly praise-worthy.

Important: With the devotion both performed they attained heaven. Presently both are relishing comforts in heaven. After their virtues will finish both will be reborn and will again become Kings on earth and then will suffer in 84 lakh life forms. This fact has been mentioned in Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm’s speech.

Note: The cycle of birth-death ends only after taking refuge in Satguru who provides scriptural devotion. The true enlightened saint is the representative of the Supreme God following whose guidelines one attains salvation. Satguru’s identity has been told in holy Bhagavad Gita Ch15:1-4, 16 and 17. The correct salvation mantra (indicative) is told in Gita Ch17:23 which is of the Supreme God who is the provider of salvation as told in Gita Ch 18:62 and 66.


Almighty tells the importance of the Guru in the path of devotion. To attain emancipation the seeker should blindly trust his Guru because the Guru is a doctor. He knows well, what abstinence is to be told to which patient? What food has to be told to be eaten? That means only the doctor knows the disease and its treatment. If the patient follows the advice of the doctor and takes prescribed medicines (which means duly chants true salvation mantras) then he becomes healthy meaning he attains salvation. Thus, Gopichand and Bharthari Ji made their life successful by obeying the order of their Guru Ji.

In the same way, we have to practise to attain Satlok.

Today Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is that Satguru (doctor) who knows well what is the illness of souls and how it can be cured. He is telling the scriptural way of devotion and genuine salvation mantras chanting that the disease of birth-death of the devotees will be cured and all seekers will land back to the eternal happy abode Satlok, and their disease of recurrence will be cured forever. Therefore, it is advised, to take refuge in him to attain a blissful life in Sanatan ultimate abode, ‘Shashwat Sthanam’.


FAQs : "How Gopichand and Bharthari Got Success By Obeying Guru"

Q.1 Who were Gopichand and Bharthari?

Gopichand and Bharthari were kings, uncle and nephew respectively, who renounced their kingdoms to pursue spiritual liberation under the guidance of Guru Gorakh Nath Ji.

Q.2 What motivated Gopichand to seek spiritual initiation?

Gopichand was motivated by his mother, who, fearing for his life, wanted him to become immortal through devotion to God. Witnessing her tears and concern, Gopichand decided to pursue a spiritual path.

Q. 3 How did Bharthari become a disciple of Guru Gorakh Nath Ji?

Bharthari became a disciple of Guru Gorakh Nath Ji after an encounter in the forest where the Guru revived a deer that Bharthari had killed. Impressed by this miracle, Bharthari agreed to become the Guru's disciple.

Q.4 What incident led to Bharthari’s realization about his queen Pingla?

Bharthari realized the truth about his queen after a series of deceptions involving an immortal fruit. The fruit, intended for Pingla, passed through several hands, returning to Bharthari with the truth about his queen’s betrayal.

Q.5 How did Bharthari respond after discovering his queen's betrayal?

Distressed by his queen's betrayal and the deception surrounding the immortal fruit, Bharthari renounced his kingdom and took refuge with Guru Gorakh Nath Ji to become his steadfast devotee.

Q.6 What tasks did Guru Gorakh Nath Ji assign to Gopichand and Bharthari as part of their spiritual practice?

Guru Gorakh Nath Ji instructed Gopichand and Bharthari to work as unpaid labourers, carrying stones for the construction of a fort in Alwar City, as part of their spiritual discipline. Besides working on the fort, Gopichand and Bharthari worked for a potter, preparing mud and mortar, and were compensated with just enough bread to eat in the morning and evening.

Q.7 What was the ultimate spiritual status achieved by Gopichand and Bharthari?

While Gopichand and Bharthari did not achieve complete liberation or salvation, they were highly praised for their dedication and adherence to their Guru's instructions and attained the salvation as per their worship level.


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The narrative of Gopichand and Bharthari truly inspires, and I hold great admiration for these two devout individuals. I am also a follower of the Gorakhnath sect and adhere to the practices outlined by our saints, believing that this will lead me to salvation.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, thank you for your thoughtful engagement with our article. Indeed, Gopichand and Bharthari were devout individuals who dedicated their lives to God and their Guru, earning them reverence through the ages. However, according to our sacred texts, the spiritual path laid out by Gorakhnath ji was incomplete, and thus, these two devotees did not achieve complete salvation as they did not seek refuge with a complete saint. It is commendable that you are also on a quest for salvation and engaging in worship, but it is essential to walk on this journey with the correct spiritual knowledge. We suggest you read "Gyan Ganga" and listen to the scripturally-based discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj available on various social media platforms for comprehensive spiritual insight.

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I constantly wonder why we face death and endure so much suffering. What drove kings in the past to forsake their thrones in search of God, and what truly is salvation? I am deeply troubled by life and am seeking true spiritual guidance to address my concerns.

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