A True and Authentic History of Lord Brahma and his Family from Puranas

Story of Lord Brahma with Family Details

Can God be cursed? Can God be non-worshipable? What if one dev (God) curses another dev (God)?. This sounds weird but is true in the context of Lord Brahma the Hindu God.  To begin, let us make clear to the readers that the idea of this write-up is not to hurt the sentiments of devotees belonging to any particular community/religion but to throw light on facts basis evidence from holy scriptures so that the mislead innocent devotees should understand the value of precious human birth and they should follow the Right way of worship thereby, abandoning arbitrary practice. Performing correct devotion which has to be scriptures based helps devotees attain salvation which is the prime motive of the human birth. Disciples should know what difference a human being is supposed to do other than what any living being does? The shreds of evidence provided in this article will clarify to the readers what is the purpose of human birth? Benchmarking Lord Brahma’s information. Certain facts that have never been revealed to the devotees regarding Lord Brahma will be the focus. Let us showcase Lord Brahma’s details.

Who is Lord Brahma?

A brief description of who is Lord Brahma? The followers of the Hindu religion are well aware of who is Trimurti (Triple deity). Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva are the three forms believed to be the supreme divinity in Hinduism. 

  • Lord Brahma amongst Hindu Trimurti is the eldest son of the owner of twenty-one brahamands ie. Brahm-Kaal (Jyoti Niranjan) and goddess Durga (Maya/Ashtangi/Prakriti Devi). Other two are his younger brothers Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Lord Brahma heads one department in three loks (Heaven, Earth, and Nether world) in one brahmand of Kshar Purush which is the Rajogun department. Similarly, his younger brother Lord Vishnu heads the Satogun department and youngest brother Lord Shiva heads the Tamogun department. 

Lord Brahma’s Story and History

Deep study about Lord Brahma’s story and history will be the focus of description. Here we will study:-

  1. What does Lord Brahma mean in Hinduism?
  2. What is the age of Lord Brahma?
  3. What is the power of Lord Brahma?
  4. What are the different names of Lord Brahma?
  5. What is Brahmastra?
  6. What does Lord Brahma hold?
  7. What is Lord Brahma’s Mount?
  8. What did Lord Brahma create first?
  9. How many heads does Lord Brahma have?

What does Lord Brahma Mean in Hinduism?

Hindus consider Lord Brahma to be the creator. They also believe that the holy scriptures ie. pious four Vedas are attributed to Lord Brahma therefore, Hindus call him the father of dharma. The belief that he is well versed in the knowledge of Vedas marks him to be the Gyaneshwar. He resides in ‘Brahmapuri’ where he preaches Vedas’ knowledge to the divinities. He is also known as the ‘Prajapati’. In a nutshell, this is what Lord Brahma means in Hinduism.

What is the Age of Lord Brahma?

The nectar speech of worshipable Almighty Kabir ie. the Sacchidanandghan Brahm speech in Sukshma Veda provides the calculation of the age of Lord Brahma which would be interesting to know by the readers. Let us find out:-

  • How long is the day of Lord Brahma?
  • What is the Age of Brahma?

Brahma’s age is 100 years (divya varsh / god years). Calculation of a divya varsh / god year

How Long is a Day of Lord Brahma?

One day of Brahma = 1000 (one thousand) chaturyuga (four yugas) and the same is the duration of the night. 

{Note: - In one day of Brahma Ji, the term of rule of 14 Indras’ end. The term of rule of one Indra is 72 chaturyuga. Therefore, in reality, one day of Brahma Ji is 72 × 14 = 1008 chaturyuga, and the same is the duration of the night, but for the sake of simplicity it is taken as one thousand chaturyuga only.}

One Chaukri (Chaturyuga) is made up of four Yugas which are as follows. 

1. Satyug, which is 17,28,000 years 
2. Treta Yug, which is of 12,96,000 years 
3. Dwapar Yug, which is 8,64,000 years 
4. Kalyug, which is of 4,32,000 years

Month = 30 × 2000 = 60000 (sixty thousand) chaturyuga

Year = 12 × 60000 = 720000 (seven lakh twenty thousand) chaturyuga

What is the Age of Brahma?

The age of Lord Brahma is 720000 × 100 = 72000000 (seven crore twenty lakh) chaturyuga.

What is the Power of Lord Brahma?

A precise description of what is the power of Lord Brahma?. Lord Brahma is equipped with one of the three Gunas. Rajoguna (Rajas). His responsibility is of the creation of all living beings in Heaven, the Earth and the Nether world in one brahmand out of twenty-one in his father Jyoti Niranjan’s (Kaal/Devil’s) region (lok).

What are the Different Names of Lord Brahma?

Lord Brahma is addressed with various names like he is called:

  • Vedic God (Prajapati)
  • Sura Jyeshta (eldest of deities)
  • Chaturmukha (four-face)
  • Parameshti (giver of supreme desire)
  • Vedanatha (god of Vedas)
  • Brahmana (satapata)
  • Pitamaha (great-grandfather)
  • Brahma Narayana (half Brahma-half Vishnu)
  • Hiranyagarbha (the cosmic egg)
  • Gyaneshwar (god of knowledge)
  • Atmabhu, Lokesah (Lord of the world)
  • Swayambhu (self-born), etc

What is Brahmastra?

References from Mahabharata, Ramayana, and Puranas give a vivid description of Lord Brahma’s supernatural destructive weapons called ‘Brahmastra’ whose variants are the Brahmashirsha Astra and the Brahmanda Astra  which were used in the battle of Mahabharat and Ramayana. These are Lord Brahma’s weapons collectively, which are all capable of destroying the world. These are believed to be obtained upon worshipping Lord Brahma (ie. by austerity). ‘Brahamastra’ is a strong weapon that never misses its mark. Since the target faces fierce annihilations this was used on the army or an individual enemy with the specific intent to uphold the dharma. 

What does Lord Brahma Hold?

Lord Brahma has four arms. Unlike other Hindu Gods, he does not hold any weapon instead Lord Brahma holds Padma, Japamala, Vedas, Kamandal (water-pot), a Lotus, a scepter in the form of a spoon signifying he is the Lord of sacrifices as it symbolizes pouring of the holy clarified butter (ghee) into the Yagna,

What is Lord Brahma’s Mount?

Lord Brahma’s mount is the Hansa (white swan) symbolic of the magical ability to separate milk and water from the mixture. The long white beard Lord Brahma poses sitting on a Lotus moving around on this white swan. 

What did Lord Brahma Create First?

Lord Brahma creates living beings in just one brahmand (the heaven, the earth, the nether world). Then the question arises who are the children of Lord Brahma?. Lord Brahma created all Gandharva, Rakshasa, Yaksha, Pisacha, Devas, Nagas, Suparna, Asuras, Kimpurusha and human beings which are all his children.

Who is the eldest son of Lord Brahma?- Devotees eagerness has always been to know who Manu was in the Indian History?  Folklores state that the first man created by Lord Brahma was named Manu who falls in the list of Lord Brahma’s first creation. According to Hindu mythology, Manu is portrayed to be the eldest son of Lord Brahma.

How Many Heads does Lord Brahma Have?

Lord Brahma as depicted in idols and pictures has four heads due to which as the folklore goes he is called ‘Chaturmukha’.  People of the world believe that from each of his mouths he has produced one Veda each (ie. all four Vedas are produced by him) which is a myth. Therefore, he is well known to be the Vedic god Prajapati. We will analyze this myth in this writeup.

Myths Regarding Lord Brahma

There have been certain myths prevalent amongst Hindu devotees regarding Lord Brahma which contradicts when shreds of evidence came in light from the holy scriptures. Let us analyze.

There are four myths regarding Lord Brahma. Let us unfold each.

  • Lord Brahma is the creator
  • Lord Brahma wrote Vedas
  • Lord Brahma is ‘Swayambhu’
  • Lord Brahma is the doer.

Myth 1: Lord Brahma is the Creator

Hindus believe Lord Brahma is the creator of the universe. Let us first analyze facts basis holy scriptures that Is Lord Brahma the creator? And Is Lord Brahma the Hindu God of creation?

We get reference in Brahma Purana which is the Hearsay (lokved) knowledge by Rishi Lomharshan (Soot Ji) who explains in chapter named "Srishti ka Varnan" (description of nature, page 277 to 279) that Shri Vishnu Ji is the basis of the whole world, who is in the form of Brahma. Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva do the production, preservation, and destruction respectively of the world.  

Excerpts from pious four Vedas, Kabir Sagar, creation of universe, Puranas, Holy Quran Sharif, Holy Bible, Pious Shreemad Bhagavad Gita proves that Lord Brahma is merely the head of one department in the twenty-one brahamands of Jyoti Niranjan, ie. Kshar Purush. He is equipped with Rajoguna. His role is only the creation of living beings and not the universe.  No, Lord Brahma is not the creator of the world. The creator of this universe is Param Akshar Purush ie. KavirDev who created the universe in six days and sat on the throne the seventh day. Hence, this is a myth that Lord Brahma is the creator. 

Myth 2: Lord Brahma Wrote Vedas

Hindu devotees believe that Lord Brahma wrote Vedas hence, call him the God of Dharma and Gyaneshwar whereas Vedas, the word of god were produced and provided by the Param Akshar Purush i.e Supreme God Kabir Sahib. Evidence from Kabir Sagar (Sukshma Veda, Fifth Veda)  and four Vedas mention about the churning of the ocean from where four Vedas came out which were initially given by Param Akshar Brahm (KavirDev) to Jyoti Niranjan (Brahm-Kaal) who hid them into the ocean in the beginning of the creation of his twenty-one brahamands since they glorify the Supreme God (KavirDev).

He was scared, if his sons and subsequently all human beings will know the facts then they will not worship him. His Supremacy will be at stake. Souls will do true devotion by which they will be liberated from his trap than what will he eat? (Kaal-Brahm is cursed to eat one-lac human beings every day) Hence, this is a myth that Lord Brahma wrote Vedas. Lord Brahma did not write Vedas he only provides knowledge to the sages/maharishis etc. as he heard from Param Akshar Purush. 

Myth 3: Lord Brahma is ‘Swayambhu’

Lord Brahma as Hindu devotees believe is ‘Swayambhu’, yet they also believe that Lord Brahma has evolved from the Lotus originating from Lord Vishnu’s navel.

Reference Kabir Sagar (creation of the universe)- All souls residing in twenty-one brahamands of Kshar Purush have come in the seed form along with Goddess Devi Durga after being expelled from the eternal world ‘Satlok’. All souls according to their sacraments acquire a life form. No living being is ‘Swayambhu’ accept Param Akshar Brahm-Satpurush ie. ‘KavirDev’. Lord Brahma is the son of Jyoti Niranjan (Brahm-Kaal) and goddess Durga. After his birth by the order of Kaal, Durga kept him in a coma (subconscious state) till he acquired youth, then kept him on a Lotus and made him conscious, therefore, Lord Brahma does not know Who is his father? and later makes efforts to search for him. All living beings in this twenty-one brahamands (universe) are trapped in the vicious cycle of birth and rebirth including Kshar Purush, goddess Durga, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva, even Akshar Purush. Hence, this is a myth that Lord Brahma is ‘Swayambhu’. He takes birth and dies.

Myth 4: Lord Brahma is the Doer

Hindu devotees believe Lord Brahma is an all-powerful God. Since he is the creator he is supreme which is a myth. Gita Adhyay 14 Shlok 19 says three Gunas (Rajas-Brahma, Satva-Vishnu, Tamas-Shiva) are not the doers. Brahm-Kaal says ‘when the seeker (who knows the true spiritual knowledge) due to ignorance do not see anyone as doer apart from three Gunas or qualities (sattva-rajas-tamas) (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv) ie. he does not accept any supreme power beyond these three qualities, but hearing from someone he is aware about Sacchidanandghan Brahm ie. Param Akshar Brahm (Supreme God) also attains me.

Note: Kaal Brahm clarifies that those who do not have complete knowledge, apart from Rajogun Brahma Ji, Satogun Vishnu Ji and Tamogun Shiv Ji do not know anyone to be the creator of the universe. If from a Tatvadarshi Saint, he gets to know about the divine power (supreme God) then he considers me (Brahm-Kaal) only to be Param Akshar Brahm, and attains me ie. he remains in my trap only. It is Brahm-Kaal who remains unmanifested/invisible and performs all tasks. He is a deceiver, a cheater. He has fooled all souls and tortures them in 84 lacs life forms. The vices prevalent in human beings lead to evil which are later borne. It is this Jyoti Niranjan who is the doer and not Lord Brahma.

  • So this is a myth that Lord Brahma is the doer. Despite being Lord he too is a puppet in the hands of this Shaitan/Satan/Kaal/devil (ie. his father Jyoti Niranjan).

Family of Lord Brahma

To the surprise of readers let us make clear that the family of Lord Brahma consists of his Grandfather, father, mother, brothers, wife, since he creates living beings in twenty-one brahamands therefore, all Asurs, Gandharvas, devs, demons, human beings, etc. are his children. Let us understand the basic evidence.

  • Who is the Grandfather of Lord Brahma?
  • Who is the father of Lord Brahma?
  • Who is the mother of Lord Brahma?
  • Who are the brothers of Lord Brahma?
  • Whom did Lord Brahma marry?
  • Did Lord Brahma marry his daughter?
  • Lord Brahma Family Tree

Who is the Grandfather of Lord Brahma?

Almighty Kavir Dev ie. Param Akshar Purush is the creator of this universe (Ref: Kabir Sagar). His son is Jyoti Niranjan ie. Kshar Purush (Gita Adhyay 3 Shlok 14 & 15). His wife is goddess Durga. Lord Brahma is their son. KavirDev is the grandfather of Lord Brahma , Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva. With the above information by now, the readers have understood Who is the grandfather of Lord Brahma? and Who is the father of Lord Brahma?

Lord Brahma is the son of Jyoti Niranjan (Kshar Purush) and he had taken an oath to remain unmanifested / invisible, the reason being his misconduct in the immortal abode ie’ Satlok’ for which he was cursed by the Param Akshar Purush ie. KavirDev which gets proved in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 7, Shlok 24 & 25 & Adhyay 9 Shlok 11. Since Brahm-Kaal does not appear in his original form in front of anyone, people do not know his reality. 

Who is the mother of Lord Brahma?

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 14 Shloka 3 & 4 provides evidence that all living beings & Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva originate from Kaal-Brahm & Prakriti-Durga

Reference regarding Lord Brahma’s birth is also provided in Shrimad Devi Bhagwat Puran, published from Gitapress Gorakhpur, edited by Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar and Chiman Lal Goswami, Skand 3, Adhyay 5, page no.123 :-

  1. Shri Shiv Mahapuran, published from Gitapress Gorakhpur, edited by Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar, Page no. 24 to 26, Vidhveshwar Sanhita, and page no. 110, Adhyay 9, Rudra Sanhita 
  2. Also in Pious Kabir Sagar, creation of nature  Above mentioned evidence proves How was Lord Brahma born?

Lord Brahma is born from the union of Brahm-Kaal (Jyoti Niranjan) & Durga (Maya/Ashtangi/Prakriti Devi). Durga is the mother of Lord Brahma (Rajoguna). His role in one brahmand is to create living beings, he neither preserves them nor does he destroys them. This role is of his two brothers Lord Vishnu (Satoguna) who preserves living beings and is younger to him and Lord Shiva (Tamoguna) who destroys the living beings and he is the youngest. 

Aforesaid, clarifies one more myth which people of the world have that Is Shiva son of Lord Brahma? This concept is wrongly explained by sages. Lord Shiva is not the son but the youngest brother of Lord Brahma. So the readers have got the answer that Who are brothers of Lord Brahma? and Who created Lord Brahma? 

Whom did Lord Brahma Marry?

Lord Brahma’s consort is Goddess Savitri who is the form of goddess Durga. Maya / Ashtangi / Durga hid into the ocean in the beginning and came during the churning of the ocean, acquiring the form of Savitri. She was given to Lord Brahma who married Savitri.

Lord Brahma Family Tree

About the children of Shri Brahma Ji

A beautiful description has been mentioned about the children of Lord Brahma as the following speeches from Sukshama Veda  certify.

Ref: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh book, the writer is Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj on Page no.113 speech no.34

Sankadik aur siddh chaurasi, dhyan dharat hai taas ka| Chaubeeson avtaar japat hai, Param Hans prakaas ka||34|| 

Meaning: Sankadik means Sanak, Sanandan, Sant, Kumar are the Manasputra (mind-born) sons of Shri Brahma Ji who have obtained a boon that whatever may be our age, but our body should remain like a child of 5 years. Neither shall we grow young nor old. They will remain of 5 years till their entire life. They are also considered to be scholars in spiritual knowledge. Due to lack of true spiritual knowledge these Sankadik and 84 perfect men remember Almighty. They say we worship the complete God. It is believed that there are 24 incarnations who also claim to do devotion to complete God and say we see divine light. Almighty (supreme soul) is formless. All of them by practising  are trapped in the web of Brahm Kaal. 

Ref: Page no. 132, speech no.17-21

Swayambhu Manu Brahma ki shakha| Rig Yaju Saam Atharwan bhaasha||17||
Peevrat bhaya uttanpata| Jakai Dhruv hai aatam gyata||18||
Sanak Sanandan Sant kumara| Chaar putar Anuragi dhara||19||
Teintees koti kala vistari| Sahans atthasi Munijan dhari||20||
Kashyap putr Suraj sur gyani| Teen lok mein Kiran samani||21||

Meaning: Great sage, self-made Manu Ji was the son of Shri Brahma Ji about whom it is famous that he heard about four Vedas from Shri Brahma Ji and learnt them by heart. He understood and experienced them. Then he wrote his experience in the book called ‘Manusmriti’ (17). Priyavrat (Peevrat) is the descendent of Shri Brahma Ji. Uttanpaat was his son whose son was devotee Dhruv (18)

Shri Brahma Ji had four more sons. 1.Sanak 2.Sanandan 3.Sanatan 4.Sant Kumar who asked for a boon that we should never grow young because vices predominate after being youth due to which the creature is unable to do devotion. The family is formed. The whole life is spent in worldly affairs. The sole purpose of human does not get complete which is performing devotion and attaining salvation. They asked for a boon that our age should be fixed to only five years. They are in the form of a five years old child but are very wise. With discretion they had asked for a boon to remain in the age of five years due to which these great men have been said to be ‘Anuragi Dhara’  that they have  become detached with the world. There is a strong desire for the devotion of God. (19). Glorifying Shri Brahma Ji, respected Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj has said that children of Shri Brahma Ji had been great. Like 33 crore deities have been born in the clan of Shri Brahma Ji also 88,000 sages are his clan. This whole expansion is of the descendants of Shri Brahma Ji. (20) 

Sage Kashyap was the son of Shri Brahma Ji. Lord Surya is the son of sage Kashyap who is the head of all the sources of light in one universe under whose subjugation is Sun and all sources of light. Lord Surya is called a scholar. (21)

Ref: Page no 148-149 speech no. 189

Bali aru Shesh Patalon sakhaa। Sanak Sanandan surgon haaka। 189

Meaning: Respected Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj has mentioned in his nectar speech as during Mahabharta war along with other great men even the sons of Shri Brahma Ji means Sanak, Sanandan  also contributed from the side of Pandavas

Ref: Page no.161-162 speech no.3

Sanak Sanandan Narad Munijan, Shesh paar nahi pavey। Shankar dhyan dharai nishwasar, Ajahun tahi suljhave ।।3

Meaning: Intending to attain you (Param Akshar Brahm/ Satpurush)  on the basis of spiritual knowledge obtained from Shri Brahma Ji, Sankadik means his four sons (Sanak, Sanandan, Sanatan and Sant Kumar) also sage Narad, son of Lord Brahma and Sheshnaag who are practicing listening to the knowledge from sages (basis folklores). Even they do not know about you, they could not find you neither do they know your glory. Even the great Yogi of Kaal’s realm Shiva who meditates you (supreme God Kabir) day and night and trying to solve the puzzle of spiritual knowledge is unable to get success.

Let’s move on to analyze certain facts provided in holy Shrimad Bhagavad Gita about Lord Brahma. 

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Facts About Lord Brahma

Let us explore three important facts provided in Holy Shrimad Bhagavad Gita

  1. Lord Brahma could not win over vices 
  2. What do the worshippers of Lord Brahma (Rajoguna) attain
  3. Worship of Lord Brahma does not provide salvation

Lord Brahma Could Not Win Over Vices

A true incident mentioned in chapter 2 of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita will prove how much Gyaneshwar ie. knowledgeable is Lord Brahma. Focus of write up will be to explain

  • Did Lord Shiva cut off Lord Brahma’s head?
  • Did Lord Brahma marry his daughter?
  • Why are there no temples of Lord Brahma?

Lord Brahma is learned. He is known to be versed in the four Vedas and pronounces knowledge to deities in ‘Brahmapuri’. In spite of being a guru, a preacher in Brahampuri Lord Brahma could not win over vices. How? please read, Excerpts from pious Gita Ji will prove who is Lord Brahma’s daughter? And what heinous sin did Lord Brahma committed?

Tract goes like- One day many young deities had come in the assembly of Lord Brahma to hear the knowledge. Brahma Ji was telling to Gods (devs) that ‘our first enemy is cupid’. There is just one solution to this ‘consider someone else’s wife like your mother and their female child as your daughter. If someone does not have such an opinion, then he is a despicable spirit. His sight is even ominous and so on. The description below will answer Is Saraswati daughter of Lord Brahma?

Lord Brahma’s daughter Saraswati who was unmarried got the knowledge about marriage from her mother that the young girl should get married and have a family otherwise the woman loses respect. Hearing this, Saraswati went to the female deity friends of her age. She narrated the concept of marriage as told by her mother. Then all her friends told ‘Saraswati, that past the bloom of youth no God (dev) will accept you as a wife. Being deprived of married bliss is no benefit to the human body. With many other vulgar comments, Saraswati’s friends aggravated the desire in her to marry and have a husband.

They also said that today is the golden chance that all devs have assembled in the court of your father. Select your life partner. Hearing this, Saraswati (daughter of Lord Brahma) ornamented herself heavily and in beautiful apparel with a desire to have a husband went in the assembly of Lord Brahma. She walked giving a remarkable glare to all Gods (devs). At that time Lord Brahma got out of senses seeing her beautiful young daughter, the high fascination aroused illicit passions in him. He left his chair (throne) and took Saraswati in his arms and tried to misbehave. 

Immediately, Lord Shiva appeared and thrashed Lord Brahma and said ‘What are you doing? such a heinous sin, Brahma! relinquish this body else you will go in the dog’s life form’. Lord Brahma soon got in senses and relinquished his body then and there. Goddess Devi Durga with her word power provided that soul another body of his age who currently is enthroned as Lord Brahma.

Note:- Now the readers should themselves decide how ordinary human beings are devoid of disorder and lechery. This is Kaal’s (Jyoti Niranjan) dangerous trap.

Respected Garibdas Sahib Ji Maharaj says:-

Garib, Bijak ki Batan kahe, bijak naahee haath    गरीब, बीजक की बाता कहे, बीजक नाही हाथ

Prithvi doban utre, kahen-kahen mithi baat    पृथ्वी डोबन उतरे, कहे-कहे मीठी बात

Kahan sunan ki karte batan            कहन सुनन की करते बाता

Koi naa dekhaa amrit khata            कोई ना देखा अमृत खाता

Brahma putri dekhkar, ho gaye damadol               ब्रह्मा पुत्री देखकर हो गए डामाडोल

Translation:  By pronouncing they tell the path of worship by memorizing verses of Vedas and Gita, but they do not have the correct knowledge of ‘bijak’ ie. actual meaning of Ved and Gita. These so-called intellectuals have been born to mislead all humans on earth by telling them knowledge which is not scriptures based and are ruining their lives. They merely fool that we have attained God and are enjoying it. They have not attained anything. How much was Lord Brahma boasting?. Seeing his daughter he lost his senses. This proves that Lord Brahma could not win over vices.

The above-mentioned true description also provides an answer to three questions viz:

Did Lord Shiva cut off Lord Brahma’s head?

Curious Hindu devotees wanted to know Did Lord Shiva cut off Lord Brahma’s head? This becomes clear with the above description that due to the shameful act Lord Shiva told Lord Brahma to relinquish his body but did not cut off his head. So this is a wrong belief. 

Did Lord Brahma Marry His Daughter?

Now the devotees would want to know Did Lord Brahma marry his daughter? Aforesaid, description resolves one more query that Did Lord Brahma commit incest with his daughter?  Yes, Lord Brahma did try to misbehave with his daughter. Then the question arises why did Lord Brahma marry his daughter? The answer is No, Lord Brahma did not marry his daughter rather after relinquishing his body Lord Brahma was provided another body by his mother then Goddess Devi Durga acquiring the form of Savitri during the churning of the ocean came out and was married to Lord Brahma. Hence proved, Lord Brahma did not marry his daughter Saraswati but Savitri (goddess Durga’s form) in another body.

Why are there no temples of Lord Brahma?

Another truth mentioned in pious Vedas and pious Kabir Sagar (Sukshma Veda) makes clear that Lord Brahma lie to his mother Goddess Durga about his father’s vision which made her annoyed and Durga (Maya) cursed Lord Brahma that ‘you will never be worshipped’. This is the reason why Lord Brahma is not worshipped?

The worship of Lord Brahma since then is abandoned. He, in reality, is not a worshipable deity. No Hindu family worships Lord Brahma in their house as they do for Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, and Durga Ji, etc. This is the reason why there are no temples of Lord Brahma? 

What do Worshippers of Lord Brahma (Rajogun, Rajas) Attain

In Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 14 Shlok 7 it is said “O Arjun! the passion-form Rajogun-Brahma also binds Jeev (soul) in deeds and the consequences indulged from the desires ie. it does not let soul liberate. For sensual pleasures submitted to revel, the soul is not relieved from Kaal’s trap.  

Once Markande Rishi said to Lord Indra (King of heaven) that ‘Do you know that after completing the tenure of the King of Heaven you will acquire the life form of a donkey. Therefore, sacrifice this empire of Indra ie. Lord of heaven and worship Brahma. You will be relieved from the cycle of 84 lacs life form’. To this Lord Indra replied ‘I will see later, let me enjoy pleasures now Rishi Ji’.

Note: When will you see? After becoming a donkey? Then, the potter will see the Ass. One quintal weight put on the back of the donkey and he will beat with a rod. In spite of being knowledgeable, Rajogun tame creatures do not get relieved from Kaal’s trap. This provides the answer to What do worshippers of Lord Brahma (Rajogun) attain.

Worship of Lord Brahma does not provide salvation

Gita Adhyay 14 Shlok 6

Sattvaṁ rajaH tamH iti guṇāH prakṛiti-sambhavāH  ||
Nibadhnanti mahā-bāho dehe dehinam avyayam   || 5 ||

Brahm - Kaal says ‘O Arjun! Satogun (Vishnu) Rajogun (Brahma) Tamogun (Shiva) these three Gunas born from Prakriti (Durga) binds the immortal soul into the perishable body means they are hindrance in the attainment of salvation. This proves that the worship of Lord Brahma does not provide salvation.

Let us move to understand what is the purpose of human birth?

What is the Purpose of Human Birth?

Finally, the readers should get the answer what is the purpose of human birth?

The main purpose of human birth is to attain salvation. Precious human birth is attained by the soul after spending life in 84 lacs different life forms which may be of any animal, bird, insect, dev, demon, pitras, ghosts and so on. 

Almighty God Kavir Dev awakens the soul by explaining:- 

Koti janam tene bharmat ho gaye Kutch na haath lagya re

कोटी जन्म तेने भरमत हो गए कुछ ना हाथ लगा रे 

Kukar shukar kharbaya bhore kauwa hans buga re

कुकर- सुकर खरवा बोरे कौवा हंस बुगारे

Koti janam tu raja kinya mitee na man ki aasha

कोटी जन्म तू राजा कीन्या मिट्टी न मन की आशा

Bhikshuk hokay dar-dar ghoom liye mila na nirgun rasaa

भिक्षुक होकर दर-दर घूम लिया मिला न निर्गुण रासा

Indra kuber ishh ki padvi brahma varun dharamraya

इंद्र कुबेर ईश की पदवी ब्रह्मा वरुण धर्मराया 

Vishnu naath ke purkho jake tu phir bhi wapas aaya

विष्णु नाथ के पुरखों जाके तू फिर भी वापस आया

Asankh janam tane martya ho gaye Jeevit kyon na mara re

असंख जन्म तूने मरतया हो गए जीवित क्यों ना मरा रे 

Dwadash madhya mahal math bore bahur naa deh dhara re

द्वादश मध्य महल मठ बोरे बहुर ना देह धरा रे

Dojakh bhist sabhi tein dekhey raajpaat ke rasiya

दोजख भिस्ट सभी ते देखे राजपाट के रसिया

Teen lok se tirpat naahee yeh man bhogee khasia

तीन लोक से तृप्त ना ही यह मन भोगी खसिया

Satguru mile to iccha mete pad mil padey samana

सतगुरु मिले तो इच्छा मेटे पद मिल पदे समाना 

Chal hansa us lok pathaun jo Aadi Amar Asthana

चल हनसा उस लोक पठाऊं  जो आदि अमर अस्थाना

Chaar mukti jahan champi karti maya horee dasi

चार मुक्ती जहां चंपी करती माया हो रही दासी

Das Garib abhay pad parse woh miley Ram Avinashi

दास गरीब अभय पद परसे वह मिले राम अविनाशी

This is the advice to the readers that several human births have passed but nothing is achieved even after becoming the emperor, a millionaire and even a dog or swine and so on. But the prime motive of human birth has never been achieved. 

Therefore, seekers should utilize every breath of their precious human birth in true devotion as provided by the Tatvadarshi Saint. At present Jagatguru Rampal Ji Maharaj is that Tatvadarshi (enlightened) saint who has the complete course of true devotion through which souls will attain salvation and will go to their native eternal world ie. ‘Satlok’ which is the ultimate abode, going where souls never come back on this earth and are relieved from the disease of birth and rebirth once for all.

Who is worshipable God?

Gita Adhyay 14 Shlok 6 clarifies that worship of ‘Lord Brahma does not provide salvation to the soul’ Here, the readers should know that when Lord Brahma is not worshipable than who is the worshipable God?

  • Adhyay 2 Shlok 14 & 15 Brahm-Kaal says ‘He is created by Param Akshar Purush who should only be worshipped’
  • Brahm tells Arjun in Adhyay 18 Shlok 64 and Adhyay 15 Shlok 4 that ‘his venerable deity is also Satpurush’. His information will be provided by a Tatvadarshi Saint (Adhyay 4 Shlok 34) 
  • Adhyay 15 Shlok 17 Brahm-Kaal tells Arjun that ‘In reality, the immortal God is other than Kshar Purush and Akshar Purush who nurtures entire universe’
  • Adhyay 8 Shlok 20-22 Kaal guides Arjun about the immortal Param Akshar Purush ie.KavirDev. To attain him the mantra is mentioned in Adhyay 17 Shlok 23 which is ‘Om-Tat-Sat’ (indicative) chanting which souls attain salvation.

So, the Supreme God is KavirDev who resides in the eternal world ie. ‘Satlok’. He is only the worshipable God.


The aforesaid description proves :

  1. Lord Brahma is not the creator. The creator of the universe is worshipable Supreme God ie. KavirDev. 
  2. Lord Brahma possesses Rajogun. Despite bearing powers he is not the doer.
  3. Lord Brahma is not ‘Swayambhu’. He is in the cycle of birth and rebirth.  
  4. Vices are only destroyed with true worship.
  5. Human birth is to do true devotion and attain salvation.
  6. Arbitrary worship is useless. Scriptures based worship of Satpurush means Param Akshar Brahm ie. KavirDev’ only helps souls attain salvation.


FAQs about "A True and Authentic History of Lord Brahma and his Family from Puranas"

Q.1 Who is Lord Brahma?

Lord Brahma is considered the creator among the Hindu Trimurti (Trinity) and is depicted as the creator of all living beings in one of the Kaal Brahm's 21 universes.

Q.2 Which God created Brahma and who is the 1st god in the world?

The first God in the world, according to Suksham Ved, is the Almighty God Kabir Ji, regarded as the father of all Gods and creator of the entire universe and all living beings. Almighty God Kabir Ji has created all souls, who were assigned different roles based on their virtuous deeds. Accordingly, Brahma Ji was created by the almighty Kabir Ji and was later born from Brahm Kaal and Durga Ji.

Q. 3 What is the story behind Brahma?

Several myths, such as Lord Brahma being the creator of the universe, writing the Vedas, and being 'Swayambhu' (self-manifested), are debunked which is not true.

Q.4 What is the age of Lord Brahma Ji?

Lord Brahma's age is calculated based on the division of time into Yugas. His lifespan is described to be 100 years, with a day of Brahma consisting of a 1008 number of chaturyugas.

Q.5 Why are there no temples of Lord Brahma?

Lord Brahma is not worshipped as a result of a curse issued by Goddess Durga due to Lord Brahma's deception. This is the reason there are no dedicated temples for his worship.

Q.6 Who is Brahma's daughter and why did Brahma marry her daughter?

Brahma's daughter is the goddess Saraswati. There's a story surrounding Lord Brahma and his daughter, Saraswati. The real story points to an incident where Lord Brahma behaved inappropriately towards her, but he did not marry his daughter. Instead, he married another form of the goddess, named Savitri.

Q.7 Did Lord Shiv Ji cut off Lord Brahma's head?

The myth of Lord Shiva cutting off Lord Brahma's head isn't accurate. Instead, Lord Brahma faced reprimand from Shiv Ji for his inappropriate behavior towards her daughter Goddess Saraswati Ji. Brahma ji relinquished his body, receiving another body from his mother Durga Ji


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