Free Download Jeene Ki Raah Book in PDF, The Way of Living

Free Download Jeene Ki Raah Book in PDF, The Way of Living

Today, our world is going through such a huge turmoil given the widespread pandemic, mother nature in its most ferocious form, and acts of violence undertaken in the name of religion. All these have led to a situation of chaos and fear amongst the people with such an enormously high death toll. Those whom people called friends are no longer welcomed in their homes as they fear contracting the Covid-19. The young generation and the notable personalities generally regarded as idols by the youth are engulfed in severe drug abuse. Countries waging through wars, general masses deprived of food and shelter, economies in all-time lows, political stability shattered, people literally thrown out of their work-places leading to mass unemployment. The very survival of mankind has become questionable. There is so much suffering and misery all around.

All of this shows the sorry state of mankind and its inability to bring things under control. Science, on which mankind is dependent for all the solutions, is proving futile in the ongoing crisis. It is instead aggravating the problems. Mankind is forced to become a mere spectator in this orgy of death. These are the times when acts of kindness and humanity are nowhere to be seen. People find it hard to trust each other. All people want to do is to make money, which they do not even get to enjoy. Those who suffered the loss of loved ones are most vulnerable to the shattering of their faith. This compels people to either become atheists or believers in the Almighty.

The questions here arise are:

  • Can people get some relief from the pain they are enduring during these testing times?
  • Why do their prayers not get answered?
  • Why do people seem to lose all their hopes on God?
  • Does this even come any close to the way mankind was supposed to live??

Introduction About The Way of Living (Jeene Ki Raah) Book

What if I say that there is a way that can prevent people from going through all these sufferings? Just imagine, if mankind could find a book that could serve as a guide ready with solutions for all the problems people go through in their lifetime, be it materialistic, or spiritual. Sounds unrealistic? 

Let me just tell you that the imagination of that book just came true. There is a Book which does offer ready-made solutions to all our problems, and its name is "The Way of Living". Read the Most Downloaded Book "The Way of Living (Jeene Ki Raah)" and see for yourself how this magnificent Book could prove as a guide for mankind which has become deprived of all humanity, compassion, and love.

An Insight Into The Jeene ki Raah (Way of Living) Book

This Great Book offers insights into how we humans ought to live and which actions of ours bring us happiness and suffering. Let's take a quick look at what this Book has to offer mankind so as to live a blissful and happy life. This Sacred Book The Way of Living sheds light on problems that mankind faces, such as intoxication, adultery, corruption, greed, and how to quit these once and for all. The book focuses on the sole purpose of being a human and how this life should be spent to experience ultimate bliss, happiness, and contentment. The book touches on the very delicate topic of childlessness and how there is a difference of perspectives for it between the materialistic realm and the spiritual realm.

The Book talks about the way this universe was created, who created it, and validates this information from all the Holy Scriptures. As a bonus, the Book showcases true life-accounts of people, and how they were miraculously freed from all their problems just by living their life in accordance with the suggestions provided in this marvelous Book.

Benefits of Reading The Way of Living (Jeene Ki Raah) Book

As rightly said by Elizabeth Barrett Browning "No man can be called friendless who has God and the companionship of good books", this Book — The Way of Living (Jeene Ki Raah) — not only is the best companion mankind can ever have during their ups and downs but at the same time paves the way to know who God is and how He can be attained. This Book can be referred to by people of any caste, creed, gender, or faith to get solutions to the problems they may be encountering in their life. As mentioned above, it comes as a lifesaver for all those who are struggling with problems like intoxication, corruption, greed, adultery. It will assist all of these people to quit these wrong deeds and live a blissful life free from all vices. As the name correctly indicates, this great Book will show every soul the correct way of living. If a household keeps this Book in their house, they can fall back upon the suggestions given in this Book if they ever are faced with difficult circumstances. It will help mankind realize the importance of getting a human life and the Sole Purpose of this Human life .

How Can One Attain Salvation With Jeene Ki Raah Book

Spirituality is a concept long forgotten by mankind as self-gratification and greed have gotten its roots deep in people. Most spiritualism is practiced in accordance with the whims of people which is nowhere close to what our holy Scriptures prescribe. A handful of people are spiritually inclined, believe in God, and intend to go to heaven to rest in peace once their time in this materialistic realm is over. But they too, cannot really define God. People follow what their religious preachers ask them to do without even a single doubt about what is being asked to them. These religious preachers have made a mockery of their faith and spirituality and they do not even know the correct meaning of the word ‘salvation’.

This is one of the prime reasons why people do not get any help from the Supreme Almighty during their adverse times. This Book reveals all the secrets from our Holy Scriptures which these religious preachers failed to understand as to how mankind can get the necessary help from the Almighty. Surprisingly, these were right before our eyes yet we kept suffering. Doesn’t it sound unbelievable??

Even though it does, it is a fact. There are people in this world, who are leading lives in such a way that the true Almighty protects them from any painful events in their life. Now, the questions that will come to your mind are:

  • I too worship Supreme Almighty, then how is the faith of these people different? 
  • Why do they get help from the Almighty and I don’t? 

To resolve your doubt, let me tell you that you aren't worshipping the Supreme Almighty. The statement in itself comes as a shock, isn’t it? 

How Can The Way of Living Book Help the Readers?

This Amazing Book, The Way of Living (Jeene Ki Raah) will give you every bit of the information you will need to know about who is the benevolent Almighty? Where does He live and how can we unite with Him? Is there a way to worship the Supreme Almighty? With the information given in this book, you will clearly understand the meaning of the term ‘salvation’, and it will let you know about the importance of finding a truly enlightened Saint and undertaking the True Way of Worship guided by Him so as to attain the Supreme Almighty. 

Does a Truly Enlightened Saint Really Exist?

Yes, only one truly Enlightened Sage exists at one time. This lovely planet we call home is blessed with one enlightened Saint. Today, this enlightened Saint lives in Hisar-Barwala, Haryana, India and His name is Jagatguru Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and He is the Author of The Way of Living (Jeene Ki Raah) book. He is the only One who is guiding mankind the True Way of Worship based on all our Holy Scriptures and at the same time helps people in knowing who the true Almighty is. To attain True Worship and know how to attain the true Almighty, kindly listen to the Spiritual Discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj on Sadhna TV at 7:30 pm IST. To take Initiation from Jagatguru Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, please click here to fill the Initiation from.