How were the Souls Caught in Kaal's (Brahm, Satan, Shaitan, Devil) Trap?

Know, How Soul Caught in Brahm Kaal's (Satan) Trap?

This article will provide an overview of the true definition and meaning of Satan, Shaitaan or Devil who is observed as the objectification of chaotic forces and demonstrates evil. The meaning of word Satan is the one who is the adversary of humanity. Definition of Satan is defined as some evil (being, force) who rebelled against God and became the stimulant for the fall of humankind.

Who is Kaal/ Shaitan/ Satan/ Devil?

Kaal, Satan, Shaitan, Devil is the supreme spirit of evil. The huge form of this wicked spirit has a thousand heads, ears, eyes and feet; this demonic being has horns and cloven hooves. This devil is known by various names in different religions. GOD, and Saints who attained GOD have called him 'Kaal'. He is 'Jyot Swaroopi Niranjan (Kshar Purush)', and Vedas call him 'Brahm'.

  • Christians call this crooked spirit as Satan.
  • In Islam, they call him Shaitan or Iblis as mentioned in Quran. In Hebrew, it means an adversary. Greeks call it a devil (diabolos). The Gospel writers use the term 'daimonion' for Satan/ Devil.

True Facts & Story About Kaal / Shaitan / Satan / Devil in Kabir Sagar

This universe has been created by the Supreme Almighty God Kabir (KavirDev). He created this Kaal by His word power from an egg in the beginning of universe creation. His original name was 'Kael'. At the beginning he used to reside in the eternal place 'Satlok' but due to his misconduct, he was expelled by the Supreme God and was given the name 'Kaal'.

Brahm-Kaal, Shaitan or Satan is the King / Lord of twenty-one brahamands which are destructible. Everything in this region (lok) is perishable. This satan / Kaal has captured all the living beings of this world (where we all souls are living) in the cage of the three regions (loks) thereby entangling all in the jaal (net / web) of karm-bharm and sins-virtues. Kaal has misled every living being by his Trigunmayee (three Gunas) Maya.

This Brahm-Kaal / devil gets supernatural powers from the Supreme God KavirDev. He has done various creations in his 21 brahamands (Universes / Multiverses) and lives in 21st MahaBrahmand  where there is a Tapatshila (huge rock which automatically remains very hot). There he prepares his food. He is cursed to eat the grime of one lakh (sukshma / subtle) immaterial bodies of human beings every day and produce a lakh and a quarter every day. This Kaal / Satan / Shaitan depicts the negative energy and is associated with destruction (death). Therefore, he kills and troubles human beings.

Can Brahm-Kaal/Shaitan/Satan be Seen?

Kaal's (Satan, Devil): consort is Goddess maa Durga and he is the father of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. He has pledged he will not appear before anyone in his real form because he is cursed to eat one-lakh human beings and does not want the world, especially his sons to know this secret, else they will not perform the task of creation, preservation, and destruction. Therefore, he is considered unmanifested / invisible. He remains hidden with his Yogmaya (mystic powers).

Evidence in Gita Adhyay 7, Shlok 25  | Kaal (Shaitan, Satan, devil).

Kaal (Shaitan, satan, Devil) says in Holy Bhagavad Gita chapter 7 Shlok 25:

Arjun I remain hidden with my yog maya (mystic powers), I do not come in front of anyone. This is my bad (cheap) firm rule, this is my incorruptible rule. Foolish people, not knowing my bad ie. Inferior, eternal, main character, consider the unmanifested / invisible me as having come in human form i.e. I am not Krishna.

Gita Adhyay 11, Shlok 47 & 48 |  Kaal (Shaitan, satan, Devil):

This is my actual Kaal form. Nobody can see this ie. attain Brahm by any method mentioned in the Vedas, or by jap, tap, or by any other activity.

Who is Shaitan/ Kaal (Devil) According to Hindus or Hinduism?

The creator of this universe is Supreme God KavirDev. He created Kaal / Shaitan with His word power (Shabd Shakti) from an egg. He is the Lord of 21 universes. Kaal is also known as Shaitan, Satan, Devil.

Origin of Kaal-Brahm in Kabir Sagar

Reference:- Kabir Sagar Sampoorna 11 Bhag, Section 1, Kabirpanthee Bharat Pathik, Swami Yuglanand (Bihari), Printed and Published by Khemraj Shri Krishan Das Prakashan, Mumbai. Director: Shri Venkateshwar Press, Khemraj Shreekrishan Das Marg, Mumbai. Chapter Kabir Vaani, Bodhsagar

the Souls Caught in Kaal's

Kaal-Brahm (Shaitan, Satan, Devil)  in Holy Vedas

  1. Rigved Mandal 10 sukt 90 mantra 1: The Viraat-form Kaal God i.e. Kshar Purush, who has a thousand heads, eyes and feet, that Kaal encircling the twenty-one brahmands of the Earth from all sides with the ten fingers i.e. fully controlling them, is also situated above this i.e. lives separately in his separate lok in the twenty-first brahmand.
  2. Holy Rigved Mandal 10 sukt 90 mantra 5: Thereafter, Viraat i.e. Brahm, who is also known as Kshar Purush and Kaal, originated from the word-power/shabd-shakti of that Supreme God. After this, the Supreme God, who is greater than Viraat Purush i.e. Kaal God, properly created the loks of the Earth; loks of Kaal Brahm and ParBrahm. Then that Supreme God only created other small-small loks i.e. established them.
  3. Holy Rigved Mandal 10 sukt 90 mantra 15: The seven sankh brahmands of ParBrahm and the twenty-one brahmands of Kaal/Brahm are present in the circular boundary, which tortures one in the fire of the sufferings of the punishment of sinful deeds. He who offers religious services to i.e. worships the Supreme God according to the ordinances, Supreme God liberates those devout souls bound like a sacrificial animal to the bondage of actions in the trap of Kaal from the trap of the bondage of actions created i.e. spread by Kaal; which means He is the liberator from the bondage i.e is Bandichhor.
  4. Atharvaved Kaand no. 4 Anuvaak no.1-Mantra no 3, 4 and 5.
  • Mantra 3: Supreme God who is the real companion of a curious devotee, first of all, Himself correctly tells in detail the knowledge of the origin of the gods and the brahmands and whatever has been created by Him to His personal servant (disciple) that, Supreme God, giving rise to Brahm/Kshar Purush i.e. Kaal (Satan, Devil, Shaitan) from within Him i.e. by His word power, properly established the whole world i.e. all the loks, both the Satyalok etc above and all the brahmands of ParBrahm and Brahm below by His acquirable attractive force.
  • Mantra 4: The Supreme God has permanently i.e. eternally created the upper four loks, Satlok, Alakh lok, Agam lok and Akah/ Anami lok. The same God has also temporarily created and secured the lower Brahm and ParBrahm's loks and the other smaller loks.
  • Mantra 5: After the creation of the three loks (Agam lok, Alakh lok, and Satlok) mentioned in the aforesaid Mantra 4, the Supreme God gave rise to Jyoti Niranjan (Brahm) i.e. from that All-powerful God Purna Brahm, KavirDev (God Kabir) only, Viraat i.e. Brahm (Kaal) was born.

Kaal-Brahm (Shaitan, Satan, Devil) in Shreemad Bhagwat Gita 

The giver of the knowledge of the Gita is not Shree Krishan but this Kaal/Devil. Few evidences:-

  • Gita Adhyay 7 Shlok 18 & 25 - Kaal/Devil (Shaitan, Satan) says his worship is 'Anuttam & he remains hidden.
  • Gita Adhyay 7 Shlok 29 - Kaal/Devil says those who know his religious knowledge, they strive to get rid of old age and death.
  • Gita Adhyay 11 Shlok 23 & 32 - Kaal (Shaitan, Devil) shows his huge form with thousand head, ears, eyes and feet and says 'I am enlarged Kaal and have appeared to eat all' 
  • Gita Adhyay 13 Shlok 12 - The speaker of Gita ie. Kaal mentions the glory of the Immortal God other than him. Means he is not God but Shaitan.
  • Gita Adhyay 15 Shlok 1-4 & Adhyay 18 Shlok 62, 66 – Kaal God directs to go in refuge of that God in every respect. Only by His grace you will attain supreme peace and Satlok (Shaasvatam Sthanam-Eternal Place). I will liberate you from all sins.

Is Kaal / Shaitan (Satan, Devil) Immortal?

  1. Gita Adhyay 2 Shlok 12 and Adhyay 4 Shlok 5 and 9, Kaal has called himself perishable and that he has repeated births and deaths. He is not immortal.
  2. Gita Adhyay 2 Shlok 17 and Adhyay 8 Shlok 3, 8 to 10 and 20 and Adhyay 15 Shlok 4, 16, 17, Kaal tells about some other Imperishable Eternal God.

How were the Souls Caught in Kaal's (Satan, Devil) Trap?

When Jyoti Niranjan (Kaal Brahm) was doing religious penance in Satlok, we all souls were watching him (who are now living in Kshar Purush's twenty-one Brahamands) be it some Dev or some Mahadev today, or some animal, bird, a reptile or an aquatic animal, or someone is a King or a beggar. We all souls got highly fascinated by his tenacity (Tap/meditation) and started loving him from the core. 

(This effect is even present today in each soul in the creation of Kaal. The young children get fascinated by film stars (fake actors and actresses) who play for their living, for their earning but the youngsters are getting ruined. If some hero or heroine comes in a nearby place people get collected in lakhs to simply have their glimpse. Similar was our fascination for this Jyoti Niranjan there in Satlok). 

There was no sorrow to us, no birth and death, no old age. We had families and all used to live with love and affection. But we got separated from our happiness giving God, who is actually our well-wisher and thus failed in our loyalty as the virtuous wife (Pativrata dharma) towards our Master. Despite the fact that we were being repeatedly warned by the Supreme God, we still did not distracted from Kshar Purush. 

Purna Brahm Kavirdev (God Kabir) asked Jyoti Niranjan (Kshar Purush) which is also known as Kaal, Satanm Shaitan, Devil, 'Tell me, Brahm what do you want?' Kshar Purush said, 'Father, this place where I am living is not sufficient for me. Kindly provide me a separate island (dweep)'. SatPurush as a reward for his austerity gave him twenty-one (21) Brahamands (elliptical regions) like any rich father gifts twenty-one plot to his son. After receiving twenty-one (21) Brahamands this Kshar Purush (Jyoti Niranjan) became very happy and thought to do some construction in his Brahamands as there was no use of vacant Brahamands.

Spiritual Facts about Kaal, Satan, Shaitan, Devil | Creation of Universe

Let's discuss about spiritual facts & reality of Kaal, satan, shaitan, devil with the reference of creation of universe.

In order to get some construction material to run his Brahamands, Kaal again performed religious penance for 70 yugas (ages) and requested Almighty God KavirDev (God Kabir) to provide some construction material. SatPurush gave him five Tatva (Elements) and three Gunas (Qualities) with the help of which this Kshar purusha (Jyoti Niranjan) Kaal, Satan, devil did some construction in his Brahamands. He then got desirous to have some living beings for his Brahamand because he felt lonely.

With this aim, he again did penance (Tap / meditation) for sixty-four (64) yugas (ages). When Supreme God KavirDev asked him 'what do you want, Jyoti Niranjan? I have given you what you desired'. He demanded some souls and said 'I feel very lonely'. Then SatPurush (Supreme God Kabir) said 'Brahm, I can give you more Brahamands for your (Tap) meditation, but I cannot give you my loving souls as a reward for any kind of Jap (reciting mantras) – Tap (Forceful meditation or Hathyog). But if willingly any soul wants to go with you, any Hans Atma then they can go. I can give permission'. Hearing these words of Almighty KavirDev, this Jyoti Niranjan (Kshar Purush) Kaal, Devil, Shaitan came to us (all living souls who are now suffering in this Brahmand).

Being highly fascinated by this Kshar Purush, we all Hans surrounded him. Jyoti Niranjan tried to motivate us (souls) that 'I have obtained separate twenty-one Brahamands from Father where I will do wonderful creations. I will create Swarg (Heaven), will make rivers in which milk will flow and so on. Do you want to come with me?' We all souls gave our consent who today are suffering in these twenty-one Brahamands of this Kshar Purush, with the condition if, Father will give permission we are ready to come along with Kaal'.

Hearing this Jyoti Swaroop Niranjan- Kaal / Satan / Devil / Shaitan came to the complete God, the All Capable Kabir God (Purna Brahm) and told everything that 'Father some souls have given consent to come along with me'. Then Puran Parmatma KavirDev, Supreme God Kabir said 'If the willing souls will give consent in front of me then I will allow them'. Then Param Akshar Purush (Kaviramitauja) and Kshar Purush both came to us, all the souls, the Hans Atma (souls in Satlok are called as Hans). Then Almighty God KavirDev, that Shabad Swaroopi Ram asked us 'whichever soul wants to go with this Brahm should give consent by raising his hand'.

At that time we all got scared and did not dare to give consent in front of Father. There was absolute silence for a long time. Amongst them one soul dare and raised his hand 'Father, I want to go along with this Brahm'. Observing this we all souls thought he alone will take all pleasures of Kaal's Brahamands and we will remain deprived, we also (all souls who are presently trapped in Kaal's twenty-one Brahamands) imitating him gave consent by raising both hands. Supreme God Kabir Ji told Kshar Purush (Jyoti Niranjan, Satan, Shaitan, Devil) that you go to your place. 'I have noted the numbers of willing souls and will send all these souls to you who have given their consent, through proper procedure'. Jyoti Niranjan went to his twenty-one Brahamands. Till then, these twenty-one Brahamands were in Satlok only.

Who is Shaitan/ Devil (Satan) in Islam Religion

Who is Iblis according to Quran? -  Al-Shaitan (the devil)-Shaitan meaning devil, it represents Iblis who according to the belief in Islam refused to prostrate before Adam, the first man out of pride as he considered himself to be superior.

Reference: Biography Hazrat Mohd. (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam). Jeevani 81 Hazrat Mohd. Book Mohd. Arbi Urdu, publisher is Markazee Maktaba, Islami Publishers, D-307, Dawat Nagar, Abdul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi, and Mudrak, printer is H.S. Offset prints, New Delhi-2

Biography of Prophet Muhammad Ji describes that he used to worship the giver of the knowledge of Quran Sharif who is Shaitan/Kaal/Devil and not Allahu Akbar because of which he suffered so much all through his life. This book explains

  • Whom did Hazrat Mohd Ji worshiped? 
  • How did he got the knowledge of Quran Sharif?
  • Who forcibly gave him the knowledge of Quran Sharif?
  • Why did he suffer so much in his whole life?
  • Why was his death so miserable?

The narrator of Quran Sharif clarifies in the Surah Furqan chapter 25, Aayat no. 52-59 that Allahu Akbar is some other GOD, who is Supreme and motivates to pray HIM and says 'I do not know about HIM'. Means, the knowledge giver of Quran Sharif does not know about that powerful GOD, Allahu Akbar, the great GOD, neither is he familiar with His way of worship. He made it clear that 'HE is the same GOD, Allahu Akbar, who created the entire universe in six days and sat on the throne the seventh day. Ask HIS information from 'Bakhabar' (an enlightened saint). I do not know'.

This proves that the whole Muslim community believes that the narrator of Quran Sharif is Allahu Akbar and mistakenly worship Shaitan/Kaal/Devil. Same, pious soul Hazrat Mohd. Ji did, hence he suffered a lot all through his life by worshipping the narrator of Quran Sharif. He had three sons, all dear to him. All three died in front of his eyes. Even though he suffered a serious illness and had miserable death. This cannot be the life and subsequent death of a devotee who does true worship of Allahu Akbar. Hazrat Mohd Ji did not get any spiritual benefit because he did not get the worship of Allahu Akbar rather worshipped Shaitan/Kaal.

The heavenly books which were descended to Hazrat Mohd Ji were given to him forcibly by this Kaal/Shaitan. He threatened him, made him helpless by showing the ghastly look and by force in the form of Jabril, an angel sent by Kaal, Hazrat Mohd. Ji was given the knowledge of Quran Sharif. All Muslim brothers say whatever knowledge the narrator of Quran Sharif gave (whom they consider as their Allah), he gave it as it is without any mistake through an Angel to Hazrat Mohd. Be it announcement or directly or they were fed telegraphically.

No Muslim can keep integrity like Hazrat Mohd. Ji. These Muslims cannot be humble like Hazrat Mohd's soul, and they cannot worship like Hazrat Mohd. and such a modest soul suffered so much. The reason was that his way of worship was incorrect. The narrator of Quran Sharif is not the complete GOD, assuming whom to be complete, the whole Muslim community is worshipping. He is none other than the Shaitan/ Devil himself. So, the narrator of Quran Sharif is a demiGOD, incomplete GOD. Complete GOD is Allahu Akbar, Allah Kabir, Kabir GOD.

Who is Satan / Devil according to Christianity?

Satan meaning an evil/devil who is the primary opponent of God. Lucifer according to some biblical scholars represents the devil. Let us find out who is the real devil basis facts from Holy Bible. 

Reference: Holy Bible, 'Sampoorn Jeevan Adhyan Bible', General Editor, Donald C. Stamps, MA., M.Div. Associate Editor J.WesleY Adams, Ph.D. Life Publishers International, Springfield Missouri USA, printed India Genesis 1, page no 4 onwards 

  • Devil, Kaal, Satan, Shaitan in Christianity- Satan in the Bible is recognized as the serpent/snake who mislead Eve to eat the forbidden fruit.

Holy Bible, Genesis- God created the universe in six days. Supreme God left on the seventh day after finishing the whole creation. Then Kaal/Satan/Devil/Shaitan took over earth's affairs. There is reference, one day when Adam and Eve were roaming in the 'Adan' garden, this Kaal came in the form of a serpent/snake and told Eve to eat the fruit of the wisdom tree which Supreme God had banned for those innocent souls because by eating those fruits they will die. God knew the day they will eat fruit of wisdom tree they will become wise about good and evil. But this Satan/Devil mislead Eve, they both (Adam & Eve) ate the forbidden fruit and came to senses about the world's affair, earlier they were innocent and ignorant. When God came both of them hid themselves since they felt shy being nude, by now they had become wise. 

Detailed description clarifies the characteristics of this Satan/Shaitan/Devil who is the giver of the knowledge of the Holy Bible. He is not God, he is not the creator. He is Satan. Whole Christian community worship the narrator of Bible assuming him as GOD/Jesus whereas Jesus was merely a prophet who had supernatural powers and was sent by Kaal/Satan/Devil from Vishnu Lok as a messenger of God.

Who is Kaal/Shaitan/Satan/Devil According to Other Religions?

The Devil/Kaal/Shaitan/Satan in other cultures is an evil being who fights against the forces of good and roams on earth to create chaos. Devil is usually associated with negativity, punishment, immorality.

  • Buddhism believe Maara to be the devil who tempted Lord Buddha to stay away from his path of enlightenment and was later defeated by Buddha.
  • Javanese mythology says Devil is Batara Kala who is the God of destruction. He is very huge and looks like a giant born from Lord Shiva.
  • Borobudur's belief of Devil is the gate to the stairs which looks like an open mouth of the giant.
  • Zoroastrianism name the Devil or the destructive evil 'Angra Mainyu.
  • Tengrism believe the devil-like figure and ruler of hell is Erlik.

Can Souls Get Rid of this Kaal/Shaitan/Devil?

Almighty KavirDev comes here to tell us the real path of salvation so that we can move again to Satlok. We are all children of one GOD. The only way out to save ourselves from the suffering of this world is to take refuge of the Supreme God (Param Akshar Purush) who is more powerful than the God Kaal, Shaitan, Devil, Satan because he fears Almighty KavirDev based on the path directed by a Complete Saint. 

Take refuge from the Tatvadarshi Sant and get your well being done. Today great Spiritual Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the Tatvadarshi Saint/Bakhabar who is giving true way of worship proven in all Holy Scriptures. Following the way which that complete GOD has told, has given His information, by that worship, this cycle of birth and death will end. Devotees are, therefore requested to follow the way of worship as told by Him and get relieved from the vicious cycle of birth and death and attain that ultimate abode, the Eternal place for eternal peace and comfort, going where seekers never come back on this earth and attain salvation.

Conclusion: All holy books ie. Pious Vedas, Pious Quran Sharif, Pious Bible (Taurat, Zaboor, and Injil) and Holy Gita Ji proves that the giver of the knowledge of these Holy Scriptures is none other than Kaal/Shaitan/Satan/Devil. He provides knowledge of his level and in the end leaves an option to ask information about that 'Allahu Akbar', means about the 'Param Akshar Brahm', the complete God from a 'Bakhabar' ie. from a Tatvadarshi Saint (an Enlightened Saint).

FAQs about How were the Souls Caught in Kaal's (Brahm, Satan, Shaitan, Devil) Trap?

Q.1 Which God is Kaal?

Kaal is the owner of 21 universes. He is Satan/devil, also called Jyoti Niranjan, Brahm, Kshar Purush. Goddess Durga is his wife. He is the father of the Hindu trinity gods, responsible for trapping souls in the cycle of birth and death. References of Kaal can be found in the Holy Gita Ji, Quran Sharif, and Bible, pious Vedas. The true description in the creation of universes mentioned in Sukshamveda provides detailed information about Kaal's origin and establishment of his 21 universes.

Q.2 How do souls become trapped in Kaal's cycle?

According to the evidence provided in holy scriptures the true home of every living being is Satlok. However, due to mistakes made by all of us, we become ensnared in Kaal's trap. When Kaal was performing penance in Satlok, souls were attracted to him despite warnings from Lord Kabir, our father. In return for his penance, Kaal asked Almighty God for the souls, and with the consent of the souls who were already attracted to him, they became trapped in Kaal's world and are suffering day and night.

Q. 3 How can souls escape Kaal's trap?

To escape Kaal's cycle, souls need to gain knowledge of their true home and the God who created them. This knowledge can be acquired through initiation from a complete Saint, leading to liberation from the cycle of birth and death, as mentioned in Holy Gita Ji Chapter 15 Verse 4

Q.4 Why is it important to understand Kaal?

Understanding Kaal is crucial as it helps us get rid of the cycle of birth and death. By comprehending Kaal's nature as a less powerful entity compared to Almighty God, who has trapped everyone for selfish purposes, we can seek liberation.

Q.5 Where can evidence of Kaal be found?

Evidence of Kaal can be found in various scriptures like pious Gita, pious Vedas and the teachings of Sachchidanand Ghan Brahm (Lord Kabir). Holy Gita Ji Chapter 11 Verse 32 mentions the knowledge giver of Gita Ji identifying himself as Kaal, appearing to destroy everyone. Lord Kabir in His profound speeches also describes the nature of Kaal and His role.

Kabir, Is sansaar ka kaal hai Raja, Maya jaal pasaara ho |

Chaudah lok jiske mukh me basat hai, Hansa karat shaara ho ||

Q.6 What is the difference between Kaal and God?

Kaal, is a devil also known as Brahm or Kshar Brahm, is the owner of 21 universes, having acquired this position through penance from Almighty God Kabir. He traps all living beings in the cycle of birth and death for his selfish purpose of sustenance. On the other hand, Almighty God Kabir is the creator, sustainer, and benevolent guide who bestows blessings and helps souls escape Kaal's trap, leading them to the eternal abode, Satlok.

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What does Satan look like?

Satlok Ashram

Sukshamveda describe how does Satan look like Satan is furious to look. He is ugly and has a thousand heads, ears, eyes and feet; this demonic being has horns and cloven hooves. He is a deceiver and tortures God's children (souls) out of revenge.

Fatima Khatoon

God’s Word tells us that, at the proper time (the end of the coming Millennium), Satan and all evil will ultimately be defeated forever. How far is it true?

Satlok Ashram

Everything in these 21 universes will come to an end one day so will be the end of Shaitan. This is the law of God. Whoever is born will surely die. At doomsday nothing will remain. Then God will recreate everything.


Satan has extreme hate for God and the human race, He uses every possible deception to destroy people eternally. Why does Satan hate God?

Satlok Ashram

Satan means Butcher Brahm Kaal or from reference in Vedas his name is Jyoti Niranjan who was created out of an egg by God with his word power. He was mischievous and anti God. He did blunder in the eternal world due to which he was expelled from there. Revengeful Satan Brahm Kaal is therefore against God and his children. He tortures souls who are trapped in his web.

Rubina Khan

Unlike God who is formless is Shaitan also formless?

Satlok Ashram

God is not formless neither is Satan/Shaitan. Evidence from holy scriptures provides evidence that both God and Satan exist. But their nature contradicts. God on one hand provides happiness whereas Shaitan troubles and tortures creatures. Shaitan is crooked God is merciful.