Evidence of Nature's Creation in Holy Shiv Mahapuran

Creation of Nature in the Shiv Mahapuran

Birth of Vishnu, Brahma and Shiv from Kaal-Brahm and Durga

In its evidence in holy Shri Shiv Puran, published from Gita Press Gorakhpur, translator Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar, Adhyay 6 Rudra Sanhita on page no. 100, it is said that ParBrahm, who is without a bodily form, God SadaShiv is his bodily form only. A Shakti came out of his body. That Shakti became known as Ambika, Prakriti (Durga), Tridev Janni/Mother of the three (the mother who gives birth to Shri Brahma Ji, Shri Vishnu Ji and Shri Shiv Ji), who has eight arms. He, who is SadaShiv, is also called Shiv, Shambhu and Maheshwar. (On page no. 101) He smears ash on all of his body parts. That Kaal-form Brahm built an area named Shivlok. Then they both behaved like husband-wife; as a result of which, a son was born. They kept his name Vishnu (on page no. 102).

Then in Rudra Sanhita Adhyay no. 7, on page no. 103, Brahma Ji said that even I was born from the union, i.e. by the act of husband-wife ofGod SadaShiv (Brahm-Kaal) and Prakriti (Durga). Then I was made unconscious.

Then in Rudra Sanhita, Adhyay no. 9, on page no. 110, it has been said that - In this way Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra, these three Gods have gunas (qualities), but Shiv (Kaal-Brahm) has been considered to be beyond the gunas.

Here four have been proved; which means, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv have originated from SadaShiv (Kaal-Brahm) and Prakriti (Durga) only. The mother of the three gods (Shri Brahma Ji, Shri Vishnu Ji and Shri Shiv Ji) is Shri Durga Ji and father is Shri Jyoti Niranjan (Brahm). These three gods only are Rajgun-Brahma Ji, Satgun-Vishnu Ji and Tamgun-Shiv Ji.


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In the Shaivite tradition, Shiva is the Supreme Lord who creates, protects and transforms the universe.

Satlok Ashram

This is a myth amongst devotee society. Lord Shiva does not create, protect and transforms. He does not have this power neither his father God Sadashiv has so much power. It is only Almighty Kabir who creates, sustains everyone in the three words and transforms the universe.

Ketan Kumar

The term Shiva also connotes "liberation, final emancipation. He is Mrityunjay, supreme God.

Satlok Ashram

Lord Shiva and his father Mahakaal/Brahm Kaal are in the cycle of birth and death. Both themselves have not attained salvation then how can their worshippers be liberated. Emancipation is provided by Almighty Kabir to his true worshippers who do scriptures based devotion after taking refuge in enlightened Saint and by chanting true salvation mantras provided by him.


God of destruction Shiva/Shankar is the supreme being

Satlok Ashram

Lord Shiva equipped with Tamogun plays the role of destruction in 21 universes of his father Brahm Kaal/Sadashiv/MahaKaal. His role is to kill creatures and arrange food for his father. Lord Shiva has limited powers and is in the cycle of birth and death. He is not a Supreme being. Almighty God Kabir is Supreme being since He is the creator of entire universes and is indestructible.