Creation of the Universe (Nature) in Holy Atharva Veda

Creation of the Universe (Nature) in Holy Atharva Veda

In this article we will find the answers to these critical questions: 

What is Atharva Veda?

Before diving into the mysteries of the creation of the universe we must first know what is Atharva Veda? Vedas are the most ancient sacred texts of Hinduism. Among which RigVeda is the oldest Veda and Holy Atharva Veda is the youngest one. Atharvaveda contains about 730 hymns divided into about 20 books/Kands, also including the knowledge of the creation of nature & universes.

Who has written Atharvaveda?

Holy Vedas are the timeless knowledge given by the Supreme God. After the creation of the universes, Supreme God handed over 21 universes and four Vedas to Kaal / Satan.
Whenever at the time of pralaya i.e the universal destruction the Vedas gets destroyed, Kaal gets them recreated by possessing any Rishi or Sage after the recreation of the universes. 

Similarly, at the beginning of the Kalyuga, it was Maharishi Ved Vyas who has written Atharva Veda and the other three Vedas.

What does Atharva Veda say about the Creation of the Universe (Nature)? 

In RigVeda, we find evidence of the creation of the eternal and temporary universes and the main Vedic gods by Param Purush Kabir Dev. Now we will see what Atharva Veda says about the creation of the universe/Nature. The Hymn of creation in Holy Atharva Veda provides evidence of the creation of Adi Parashakti and Ashtangi /Goddess Durga and further creation by Supreme God.

How the universe was created according to Atharva Veda?

According to Atharva Veda, the universe was created by the primordial God. He created the eternal universes in the upper part of His creation and the temporary universes in the lower part. The following Atharva Veda mantras give the details of the creation of these universes: 

  • Eternal God Created All the Universes-Holy Atharva Veda
  • Creation of temporary and eternal Universes by SupremeGod-Holy atharva Veda

Eternal God Created All the Universes - Holy Atharva Veda

Atharvaved Kaand no. 4 Anuvaak no.1 Mantra no.1

Brahm jagyanM prathmM purastaad vi seematH surucho ven aavH|
SaH budhanyaH upma asya vishthaH satashch yonimsatashch vi vaH ||1||

Translation: (Prathmm') Primordial (Brahm) God (ja) appearing (gyanm') by His wisdom (purustaat') on the summit (suruchH) by His own desire and passion, self-illuminated (visimatH) boundless, that (venH) weaver, weaving like a cloth (aavH) secured (ch) and (saH) that Supreme God does all the creation (asya) therefore that (budhanyaH) same Original God (yonim') has created the original place Satlok (asya) to this (upma) similar (satH) the universes of Akshar Purush; somewhat permanently (ch) and (asatH) the temporary universes etc of Kshar Purush (vi vaH) residing places separately (vishthaH) established.

Translation:The Primordial i.e. Eternal God by appearing, that weaver on the summit secured Satlok etc self-illuminated and boundless loks i.e. the different loks with vast boundaries, by His own desire, wisdom and with great passion by weaving like a warp i.e. cloth. And that Supreme God only does all the creation. Therefore that same Original Master has created the original place Satyalok. Similar to this, He separately established the residing places, the somewhat permanent loks of Akshar Purush i.e. ParBrahm and the temporary loks etc of Kshar Purush.

Meaning: - In this Atharva Veda Mantra, Brahm (Kaal) is saying that the Eternal God Himself appeared at the summit and created the eternal/divine universes, like Satlok with great passion. He weaves, like a cloth, those self-illuminated and boundless universes and secured them in the upper part of His creation. And the same primordial God temporarily established in the lower part the seven shankh(700 quadrillions) universes of ParBrahm and twenty-one universes of Brahm (Kaal) and further creation in these multiverses is done by Him too.

Creation of Temporary and Eternal Universes by Supreme God- Holy Atharva Veda

Atharvaveda Kand no. 4 Anuvaak no.1 Mantra no. 4

Sa hi divH sa prthivya ritstha mahi kshemM rodsi askbhaayat 
Mahaan mahi askbhaayad vi jaato dhyaM sadam paarthivM chrajH ||4||

Translation: (Sa) that same Almighty God (hi) undoubtedly (divH) created all the upper, eternal universes/loks like, Satlok, Alakh lok, Agam lok, and Anami lok, equipped with divine qualities (ritstha) established eternally (sa) similar to them (prthivya) all the lower loks of the Earth (mahi) with the element of Earth (kshemm') with safety (askbhaayat') secured (rodsi) with the element of Sky and Earth, the upper and lower universes {as the quality of sky is shabd/sound; Supreme God created the upper universes in form of shabd, which He has made from masses of light, and created the lower seven sankh universes of ParBrahm and the twenty-one universes of Brahm/Kaal in a temporary form with the element of Earth}(mahaan') Supreme God (paarthivm') of the Earth (vi) different (dhaam') loks (ch) and (sadam') the residential places (mahi) with the element of Earth (rajH) smaller regions in every universe (jaatH) by creating (askbhaayat') fixed them.

Meaning: The Almighty God created the upper eternal universe/loks like Satlok, Alakh lok, Agam lok and Anami lok. These divine realms are created from light with the element of sky i.e. Sound. Similarly, He created all the lower/temporary universes of Brahm and ParBrahm with the element of Earth and established smaller regions and residential places in every universe.

Who is the Creator of the Universe (Nature) according to Atharva Veda? 

These Mantras tell us that the eternal God who is the creator of the universe according to the Atharva Veda is Kabir Sahib(Kavir Dev). Similarly, Holy RigVeda too tells us that Kabir Sahib is the creator. 

  • God Kabir is the Creator of All the Universes and Souls
  • God Himself tells the Story of the Creation of the Universes
  • After Giving the Knowledge of the Creation of Nature, God takes His Devotees Back to the Satlok

God Kabir (Kavir Dev) is the Creator of All the Universes and Souls – Holy Atharva Veda  

Atharvaveda Kand no. 4 Anuvaak no.1 Mantra no. 7

YoatharvanM PitraM DevbhandhuM BrahspatiM namsaav ch gachchhaat
TvaM vishweshaM janita yathaasH KavirDevo na dabhaayat swadhavan ||7||

Translation: (YaH) who (atharvanm') eternal (Pitram') Father of the Universe (Dev bandhum') the real companion i.e. the basis of the soul (brahspatim') Universal Guru (ch) and (namsa) polite worshipper who worships according to the scriptures (av) with safety (gachchhaat') who takes them to Satlok (vishwesham') of all the universes (janita) Creator, Jagdamba i.e. He has all the qualities of mother (na dabhaayat') does not betray like Kaal (swadhavan') who has the nature (yatha) as it is (saH) He (tvam') Himself (KavirDevH / Kavir'DevH) is KavirDev i.e. Supreme God Kabir is the creator of all the universes and souls.

Meaning: - The God who is ‘eternal’ and ‘immortal’ in reality (It’s also evident in Gita 15:16-17). He is the Guru and father of the universe (Jagat guru), the basis of the soul; who takes the devotees, who have become completely liberated by worshipping Him, to Satlok. The creator of all the universes, who does not betray like Kaal (Brahm) is KavirDev i.e. Supreme God Kabir.

This God because of creating all the universes and living beings with the power of His word is also called (Janita) Mother, and he is our real father and brother too and He only (Dev) is the Supreme God. This is the meaning of this Atharva Veda Mantra. 

Therefore, Almighty Kabir God is praised: 

“Tvamev Maata ch Pita Tvamev, Tvamev Bandhu ch Sakha Tvamev,
Tvamev vidhya ch dravinM Tvamev, Tvamev sarvM mm Dev Dev” 

Meaning: You’re my Mother and my Father. You’re my friend and my brother. You’re my knowledge and my wealth. You are the God of gods.

God Himself Tells the Story of Creation of Nature/Universe – Holy Atharva Veda 

Atharvaveda Kand no. 4 Anuvaak no.1 Mantra no. 3

Pr yo jagye vidwanasya bandhurvishwa devanaM janima vivakti 
Brahm Brahmn ujjbhaar madhyatneechaeruchchaeH swadha abhi pratasthou ||3||

Translation: (Pr) first of all (devanam') of the gods and the universes(jagye) the knowledge of the origin (vidwanasya) of a curious bhakt (yaH) who (bandhuH) the real companion, to His personal servant (janima) whatever has been created by Him (vivakti) Himself tells correctly in detail that (BrahmnH) supreme God (madhyat') from within Him i.e. by the word power (brahmH) Brahm(Kaal) (ujjbhaar) gave rise to i.e created (vishwa) the whole world i.e. all the divine realms/loks (uchchaeH) above Satlok etc (nichaeH) below all the universes of ParBrahm and Brahm (swadha) by His acquirable (abhiH) attractive force (pr tasthau) properly established both of them.

Meaning: - Supreme God Himself correctly tells the knowledge of nature created by Him, and the knowledge of the origin of the universe and souls to His personal disciple – that He, Himself, gave rise to Brahm/Kaal from within His body with His word power, and has secured all the universes, the divine realms above and the temporary universes of Brahm/Kaal and Parbrahm below with the attractive force he created.

Similarly, God Kabir (KavirDev) Himself told the knowledge of nature created by Him to His disciples i.e. friends like Shri Dharam Das Ji, Respected Garib Das Ji, and many others. This Atharva Veda Mantra also supports this.

After Giving the Knowledge of Creation of Nature, God Takes His Devotees Back to the Satlok - Holy Atharva Veda 

Atharvaveda Kand no. 4 Anuvaak no.1 Mantra no.6

NoonaM tadasya kaavyo hinoti maho devasya poorvyasya dhaam
Esh jagye bahubhiH saakamittha poorve ardhe vishite sasan nu ||6||

Translation: (Noonam') Undoubtedly (tat') that Supreme God i.e. Tat' Brahm only (asya) this (kaavyaH) devout soul, who does worship of Supreme God according to His ordinance, back (mahH) Almighty (devasya) of Supreme God (poorvyasya) former (dhaam) lok i.e. Satlok (hinoti) sends.
(Poorve) former (vishite) specially desired for (esh) this God and (jagye) after knowing the knowledge of the creation of nature (bahubhiH) lot of happiness (saakam') with (ardhe) half (sasan') asleep (ittha) thus properly (nu) prays from true soul.

Meaning: - That same Supreme God after giving them the knowledge of the creation of nature takes His devotees, who worship Him as per His ordinance, back to the same eternal place (Satlok) from where we had come from after separating from God. After attaining that prime God, whom we long for, the devotee soul feels ecstatic and with immense happiness prays to Him - that Oh God, we who were lost for infinite births have found our home with your grace.  

Similar to this Atharva Veda Mantra, its evidence is also present in Holy RigVeda (10:90:16)

In the same way, Supreme God KavirDev (God Kabir) Himself, gave the knowledge of the origin of the universe to Sant Gareebdas ji and took him to Satlok.

In his sacred speech Respected Garibdas Ji Maharaj said: -

Garib, ajab nagar mein le gaye, hamkun Satguru aan |
Jhilke bimb agaadh gati, soote chaadar taan ||

Meaning: The true Guru (Supreme God Kabir) took me to Satlok – which is the most beautiful and blissful place.

Who is the Main God in Atharvaveda – that created all the Universes and Gods?

While Vedas mention many demigods, the most important question is – who is the main God in Atharvaveda?  As evident from the aforementioned mantras 1 and 7 –God Kabir Sahib / Kavir Dev is the Main(Supreme) God in Atharvaveda.  He gave rise to Adi Parashakti to hold the universe together and He only is the creator of the Goddess Durga/Ashtangi. The creator of Brahm/Kaal and ParBrahm is also Kabir Sahib (RigVeda 10.90.5).  

  1. Supreme God Kabir Created Adi Parashakti 
  2. Supreme God Kabir Created Goddess Durga/Maya

Supreme God Kabir Created Adi Parashakti to Hold the Universes Together – Holy Atharva Veda  

Atharvaveda Kand no. 4 Anuvaak no.1 Mantra no. 2

IyaM pitrya rashtryetvagre prathmaay janushe bhuvneshthaH 
Tasma etaM suruchM hvarmhyaM dharmM shrinantu prathmaay dhaasyave

Translation: (Iyam') this same (pitrya) Universal Father God (etu) this (agre) supreme (prathmaay) the First Maya (rashtri) Rajeshwari Shakti i.e. Adi Parashakti, whose quality is known as the attractive force (janushe) by giving rise to (bhuvneshthaH) established the universes (tasma) that same God (surucham') with great passion, by His own wish (etam') this (prathmaay) by the Shakti of first origin(Adi Parashakti) (hvarmhyam') stopping the separation of each other (shrinantu) God ordered the gravitational force to prevail forever. With that never-ending (dharmm') character (dhaasyave) maintaining, secured the universes by weaving like cloth.

Meaning: This Universal Father God then gave rise to this first Maya Rajeshwari Shakti i.e. Adi Parashakti, which is the attractive force. Supreme God ordered this first originated Shakti i.e. Adi Parashakti, to hold all the universes together with its gravitational force. Thus he created and established all the aforesaid universes which are holding each other with this never-ending force of attraction. 

Supreme God Kabir Created Goddess Durga / Maya – Holy Atharva Veda  

Atharvaveda Kand no. 4 Anuvaak no.1 Mantra no. 5

Sa budhnyaadaashtr janushoabhyagrM brhaspatirdevta tasya samraat
AharyachchhukrM jyotisho janishtath dhyumanto vi vasantu vipraH ||5||

Translation: (SaH) the same (budhanyaat') from the Original Master (abhi-agram') on the very first place (Aashtr) Ashtangi/Maya/Durga i.e. Prakriti Devi (janusheH) originated; because Satlok is the original place, the place of origin of the lower universes of ParBrahm and Brahm; known as the Third Abode (tasya) master of this Durga is also this (samraat) King of the kings (brhaspatiH) the Greatest Lord and Jagatguru (devta) is Supreme God (yat') from whom (ahH) everyone got separated (ath) after this (jyotishH) from Jyoti Niranjan/Kaal (shukram') semen (janisht) from the womb of Durga (vipraH) devout souls (vi) separately (dhyumantH) in the mortal world and Heaven, by the order of Jyoti Niranjan, Durga said, (vasantu) live, i.e. they started living.

Meaning: - The Supreme God gave rise to Ashtra i.e. Ashtangi (Durga/Prakriti Devi) in Satlok, which is the fourth divine realm and the place of origin of the lower universes. Supreme God only is the King of kings, Guru of the Universe and the Satpurush from whom every-body (Brahm/Kaal, Devi Durga and all the souls) got separated.

After that, all the living beings, having born from Jyoti Niranjan’s (Kaal’s) seed (semen) through Durga’s (Aashtra) womb, started living in Heaven and Earth. Thus the creation of the universes was completed by Supreme God Kabir Sahib.

Conclusion: Holy Atharvaveda gave us very important information related to the creation of nature / universe which is as follows. 

  • The main God in the Holy Atharva Veda is Supreme God Kabir Sahib (Kavir Dev) 
  • That Eternal God Kabir Sahib is the creator of all the universes – both eternal and temporary 
  • God Kabir Sahib Created Adi Parashakti to hold the universes together
  • God Kabir Sahib created Goddess Durga/Ashtangi from whom the life started on this earth. 
  • God Kabir Saheb himself tells the story of the creation of nature, and
  • Takes His devotees back to his eternal abode - Satlok 

Still, there is so much information that the Holy Vedas can not provide. As evident from the aforesaid mantra 3 – God Kabir Sahib Himself gives the complete information of the creation of nature which he gave in the Holy Kabir Sagar which is now revealed by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

To understand the true story of the creation of universes and all the gods and goddesses – please read the creation of universes in all religions


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How can a formless God create anything?

Satlok Ashram

God is not formless. He is in human form. He is the creator of the entire universe. Evidence of the same is found in Vedas. Eg. In Atharvaveda Kaand 4 Anuvaak 1 Mantra 1 to 7

Jenilia Sahu

Vedas say that our universe is about 155.52 trillion human years old, and its total life span is 311.04 trillion human years. Is it true?

Satlok Ashram

Almighty Kabir is the creator of entire universes. Its Evidence is found in pious Vedas. Accept Him (God) no one can tell the correct age, time of universe creation. These figures stated are mere anticipations by scientists which hold no evidence hence need not be trusted.


What message does Vedas give?

Satlok Ashram

Vedas are the words of God. They glorify Almighty like His marvelous work of creation of universes. He is benevolent, generous etc. Pious Rigveda, Atharvaveda describe His creation work and so on.