Where Does Supreme God Live According to Rigveda

Eternal Place of Supreme God in RigVeda

Supreme God is the creator of all the heavenly places and universes. Vedas describe Him as the supreme creator and the giver of supreme peace. He lives in His eternal abode above all and also enters the lower universes to sustain all the living beings. 

The evidence of the divine realm where God lives can be found in our scriptures, mainly in the Holy Vedas and Holy Kabir Sagar which are given by Supreme God Himself, while the complete description of the eternal abode of God is given by Jagatguru Tatvadarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

In this article, we will see what the Holy Rigveda tells us about the divine place where God lives. 

Where Does Supreme God Live According to Vedas?

Holy Atharva Veda, Kaand 4, Anuvaak 1.1 – tells that the Supreme God Kavir Dev (Kabir Sahib) appeared at the summit and created the eternal/divine realms – like Satlok (Satyaloka). Then in the lower part of His creation, the Almighty established the 21 universes of Brahm(Brahmaloka) and 700 quadrillion universes of Parbrahm which are destructible.

Among all these universes, Satlok (Satyaloka) is the topmost divine place where God lives, while His power is pervasive in all the universes, which is proven in the following Rigveda Mantras.

Satlok / Satyaloka is the Eternal Place where Supreme God lives – Holy Rigveda

Rig ved, Mandal 9, Sukt 96, Mantra 18

Rishimna ya rishikrit' swarshaH sahastraneethH padviH kavinam' |
Trteeyam' dhaam mahishH sisha sant' somH viraajmanu rajti stup' |

Rig veda, Mandal 9, Sukt 96, Mantra 18

Rig Veda Mandal 9 Sukt 96 Mantra 18

Meaning: The narrator of Vedas, Brahm says that the Supreme God attains the form of a miraculous child and descends on earth. Attaining the title of a famous poet, He plays the role of a saint and imparts true spiritual knowledge in simple poetic verses which are the source of heavenly happiness to His devotees. That Supreme God Kavir Dev Himself created the third Mukti Dham Satyaloka/Satlok. It is the indestructible divine realm where Supreme God lives. In the center of Satlok, the Supreme God, in a very radiant human-like form, is seated on his throne in a dome. 

Rigveda Mandal 9 Sukt 94 Mantra 2: says that the Supreme God, who is the giver of all pleasures, lives both in Satlok and earth. The divine heavenly place, where Supreme God lives, is Satlok which is full of peace and Happiness, while He is present in the lower and upper regions too. He keeps appearing in the lower regions (universes) as a saint and tells the true way of worship to the world.

Rigveda Mandal 10 Sukt 90 Mantra 16: Those devotees who accept the way of worship given by Him, and leave all the evils, get liberated from the trap of Kaal/Satan and are taken back to Satlok / Satyalok.

What does Satlok/Satyaloka look like? 

Satlok (Satyaloka) means the eternal place where the Supreme God lives. It is a self-illuminated, boundless, and indestructible realm.

In the center of the Satlok, Supreme God Kabir Sahib is seated, in a very large dome, as a King. Here the light of one hair follicle of the Almighty is more than the light of crore suns and crore moons together.

Satlok is the ocean of happiness, where everything is available, and nothing ever perishes. There is no death, no old age, or sorrow in Satlok. This is the supreme peaceful place where God and all the immortal souls live since eternity. 

How can we attain Satlok / Satyaloka?

As evident from the aforementioned Rigveda mantra, those souls who worship Supreme God can attain Satlok. The correct way of worship of the Supreme God can be given by a Tatvadarshi saint only.  

As Bhagavad Gita(15:3 & 4) says - identify the true saint on earth and to ask from him the correct way of worship of the Supreme God. Only then we can attain the Supreme God and reach Satlok, having gone where souls do not return to this world again. 

FAQs about Where Does Supreme God Live According to Rigveda

Q.1 Who is the most powerful God

Supreme God Kabir is the most powerful God. As He appeared by Himself and never born from a mother's womb as mentioned in Holy Vedas the identity of Supreme God.

Q.2 Where do Hindu Gods live?

We all including all the gods and demigods are being entrapped in the 21 universes of Satan (Kaal Brahm).

Q. 3 Who is the most powerful God in Hinduism?

There is no such powerful God in Hinduism because every other religion is being initiated by Satan (Kaal Brahm) in order to misguide us from the real identity of Supreme God Kabir and salvation.

Q.4 Who is the father of lord shiva?

As per Holy Geeta Ji Chapter 14 Verse 3 and 5 and Chapter 11 Verse 32, Satan (Kaal Brahm) is the father of Lord Shiva. The evidence for same is also found in Durga Purana, Shiv Purana, Markandeya Purana.

Q.5 Who is the father of Supreme God?

Supreme God Kabir is itself the father of every living being present everywhere. He has no father. He is self proclaimed.

Q.6 Who is first God?

Supreme God Kabir is the First and Everlasting God.

Q.7 In which Veda is Gayatri Mantra?

Gayatri Mantra is mentioned in Holy Yajurveda Chapter 36 Mantra 3 which doesn't start with the word Om. We out of our grave ignorance have started to manipulate the Holy mantras by chanting Om with it.

Q.8 How is Shiv born?

Shiv is born to father Satan (Kaal Brahm) and mother Durga.

Q.9 Who is the most powerful God in the world?

As mentioned in all the holy scriptures Kabir Saheb or Lord Kabir is the most powerful God in the whole universe.

Q.10 Who created universe?

Supreme God Kabir has explained the creation of universe appropriately and only the creator can explain its creation. Hence Kabir Saheb is the creator of the universe.

Q.11 Who created Shakti?

Shakti is a synonym to Goddess Durga and she was created by Supreme God Kabir.

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Pushpa Yadav

Heaven is the dwelling place of God?

Satlok Ashram

Kabir is God. All holy scriptures provide evidence. He resides in the Sanatan ultimate abode means Satlok. Heaven is a temporary place for the divinities in 21 universes of Brahm Kaal which are perishable.

Nidhi Verma

I read in your book that God resides in the eternal world Satlok but we have never heard this before.

Satlok Ashram

Due to lack of true spiritual knowledge devotee society has always remained ignorant about this fact that there is an eternal world Satlok whose evidence is in all holy scriptures. This is simply unfortunate that the contemporary sages, saints, scholars and all religious gurus could never understand this truth scripted in our holy books therefore, people remained ignorant.

Rishi Singh

The main god of Rigveda was Indra. He was the chief god during the Rig Vedic age. Agni is the second most important god of Rigveda.

Satlok Ashram

God is one and only KavirDev who is the creator of entire universes. Lord Indra, Agni God etc are all deities of lower destructible world means 21 universes.