Then Durga said to Brahma that Alakh Niranjan is your father but he will not appear before you. Brahma said, "I will return only after seeing him." Mother asked, "What will you do if you don't get to see him?" Brahma said, "I pledge that if I do not see father, then I will not come in front of you." On saying this, Brahma anxiously left towards North where there is darkness everywhere. There, Brahma meditated for four yugas (ages), but did not achieve anything.

Through an ethervoice Kaal said, "Durga, why has the creation not been done?" Bhavani said that your eldest son, Brahma has adamantly gone in search of you. Brahm (Kaal) said, "Call him back". I will not appear before him. The entire task of creation of living beings is impossible without Brahma." Then Durga (Prakriti), with her word power, created a girl called 'Gayatri' and ordered her to bring Brahma back. Gayatri went to Brahma but he was meditating and did not feel her presence. Then Prakriti, by telepathy, told Gayatri to touch Brahma's feet and Gayatri did the same. Brahma's meditation got disturbed and he furiously said, "Who is this sinner who has interrupted my meditation, I will curse you." Gayatri said, "It is not my fault. First, listen to me and then you may curse me. Mother has sent me to bring you back because living beings cannot be created without you." Brahma said, "How can I return? I have not seen father and will be ridiculed if I return like this. If you say in front of mother that Brahma has seen father (Jyoti Niranjan) and be my eyewitness then I will return with you." Gayatri said that if you will have sex with me, then I will be your false witness. Brahma thought that I could not see father and will feel ashamed in front of mother if I return like this. Seeing no other way out, he did sex with Gayatri.

Then Gayatri said, "Let us prepare one more witness." Brahma said, "That would be good." Gayatri created another girl named 'Puhapvati' by her word power. Both told her to testify that Brahma saw his father. Puhapvati said, "Why should I give false statement? Yes, if Brahma does intercourse with me, then I can be his false witness." Gayatri persuaded Brahma that there was no other way out. Brahma did sex with Puhapvati, and then the three came to Durga (Aadi Maya / Prakriti).

The two women had kept the abovementioned condition because they knew that if Brahma would disclose their false statements to mother, then mother would curse them. Therefore, they made him a culprit too.