Lord Brahma's Endeavour to Search for His Father Brahm (Kaal)

Lord Brahma's Plan to Search His Father Kaal (Brahm)
  • Why did Lord Brahma endeavour to search for his father Brahm-Kaal? 
  • Why does Lord Brahma’s father remain unmanifested / invisible?
  • Why Lord Brahma is not worshipped?

This article will throw light on facts that have never been revealed to the devotees regarding Lord Brahma. To the surprise of readers, this becomes imperative to understand why and where was Lord Brahma’s father hidden that he had to endeavour to search him?

Why does Lord Brahma’s Father Remain Invisible/Hidden?

Since Lord Brahma’s father Jyoti Niranjan (Kaal / Shaitan) had taken an oath to remain unmanifested / invisible (Gita Adhyay 7, Shlok 24 & 25) due to the misconduct he did in the pious eternal world ‘Satlok’, Lord Brahma does not know who is his father? As mentioned in holy scriptures, when the ocean was churned and Vedas came out they were given to Lord Brahma. After reading Vedas Lord Brahma found that the creator of the universe is someone else who is the Purush ie. God of the lineage. He is the Supreme God. He tried to get the answer from his mother Goddess Durga who had told him that she is the Supreme. Upon insisting that Vedas are the word of God and cannot be untrue, Maya / Ashtangi / Durga disclosed the truth to Brahma that he has a father who never appears in real form to anyone. He remains hidden with his ‘Yogmaya’

The Secret Place Where Lord Brahma’s Father Brahm-Kaal Reside?

Brahm-Kaal resides in the 21st Mahabrahamand called ‘Brahamlok’. He has created this secret place for himself. He remains hidden with his wife Goddess Durga in the form of MahaBrahma, Mahavishnu, and MahaShiva and keeps his wife in the form of MahaSaraswati, Mahalaxmi, and MahaParvati respectively. This region is unattainable by any worship.  

Lord Brahma’s Endeavour to Search for his Father ​Brahm

Excerpts from Sacchidanandghan speech ie. Sukshamveda provides evidence of why Lord Brahma Endeavoured to search for his father Brahm. 

Let us review the facts. 

Then Goddess Durga said to Brahma that Alakh Niranjan (Kshar Purush) is your father but he will not appear before you. Lord Brahma Endeavor to search his father Brahm saying, "I will return only after seeing him." Mother asked, "What will you do if you don't get to see him?" Brahma said, "I pledge that if I do not see father, then I will not come in front of you." On saying this, Brahma anxiously left towards North where there is darkness everywhere. There, Brahma meditated for four yugas (ages) but did not achieve anything.

Through an either voice, Kaal said, "Durga, why has the creation not been done?" Bhavani said that your eldest son, Brahma has adamantly gone in search of you. Brahm (Kaal) said, "Call him back". I will not appear before him. The entire task of creation of living beings is impossible without Brahma." Then Durga (Prakriti), with her word power, created a girl called 'Gayatri' and ordered her to bring Brahma back. Gayatri went to Brahma but he was meditating and did not feel her presence. Then Prakriti, by telepathy, told Gayatri to touch Brahma's feet and Gayatri did the same. Brahma's meditation got disturbed and he furiously said, "Who is this sinner who has interrupted my meditation, I will curse you." Gayatri said, "It is not my fault.

First, listen to me and then you may curse me. Mother has sent me to bring you back because living beings cannot be created without you." Lord Brahma said, "How can I return? I have not seen the father and will be ridiculed if I return like this. If you say in front of the mother that Brahma has seen father (Jyoti Niranjan) and be my eyewitness then I will return with you." Gayatri said that if you will have sex with me, then I will be your false witness. Brahma thought that I could not see father and will feel ashamed in front of the mother if I return like this. Seeing no other way out, he did sex with Gayatri.

Then Gayatri said, "Let us prepare one more witness." Brahma said, "That would be good." Gayatri created another girl named 'Puhapvati' by her word power. Both told her to testify that Brahma saw his father. Puhapvati said, "Why should I give a false statement? Yes, if Brahma does intercourse with me, then I can be his false witness." Gayatri persuaded Brahma that there was no other way out. Brahma did sex with Puhapvati, and then the three came to Durga (Aadi Maya / Prakriti).

  • The two women had kept the above-mentioned condition because they knew that if Brahma would disclose their false statements to the mother, then the mother would curse them. Therefore, they made him a culprit too.

Here, Maharaj Garib Das Ji says that  

Das Garib, Yeh Chook Dhuron Dhur    “दास गरीब यह चूक धुरो धुर”  

While all three returned Mother Durga asked if Lord Brahma had a vision of his father, to which he lies that he saw his father. Annoyed with the lie mother Durga cursed Lord Brahma that “You will not be worshipped in the world”. Lord Brahma after this shameful act remains non-worshippable. 

This is the reason why the worship of Lord Brahma is abandoned? and Why there is no temple of Lord Brahma?. It is because Lord Brahma is cursed by his mother.  


Above description proves :

  • Jyoti Niranjan (Brahm-Kaal) is the father and goddess Durga (Maya) is the mother of Lord Brahma.
  • Brahm-Kaal has fault in him. He is a deceiver, a cheater therefore he remains unmanifested/invisible.
  • Since Brahm-Kaal remains unmanifested Lord Brahma is unaware who is his father? therefore, he endeavors to search for him.
  • Lord Brahma like other deities and human beings is merely a puppet of Brahm-Kaal/Shaitan/Devil/Satan.
  • This secret hidden in holy scriptures since ages is revealed by great Saint Rampal Ji.

FAQs about Lord Brahma's Endeavour to Search for His Father Brahm (Kaal)

Q.1 Who is the real father of Brahma Ji?

Satan Brahm/Kaal is the real father of Brahma Ji who is the owner of 21 universes. Being cursed by Almighty KavirDev he has concealed his identity from everyone. Shri Shiv Mahapuran, Vidhveshwar Samhita Khand, and Rudra Samhita Khand mentions that Brahma Ji was born from Prakriti Devi, i.e. Durga Ji, and Sadashiva, i.e., Brahm Kaal. Brahm Kaal addressed Brahma Ji and Vishnu Ji as His sons during their conflict, he clarified that they are not the ultimate creators.

Q.2 Who is Brahm Kaal?

Brahm Kaal is the owner of the 21 universes. He is also known as Jyoti Niranjan, Kaal, Shaitan, or Devil. He is considered a deceiver and a cheater who prefers to remain unknown to others. According to Holy Gita Ji Chapter 11 Verse 32, he appeared before Arjun as Kaal while imparting the knowledge of Holy Gita Ji.

Q. 3 Why does Brahm Kaal remain Unmanifested?

Brahm Kaal remain unmanifested because he is cursed to eat grime of one lac subtle human bodies everyday and produce 1.25 lac every day. He is weird to look. He is considered a deceiver and a cheater, desiring to control the world without being discovered. His intention is to keep his true nature hidden from everyone. Lord Kabir Ji explained Kaal's nature in his profound speech:

Is Sansar ka Kaal hai raja, Karm jaal pasaara ho | 

Chaudah khand iske mukh me basat hai, Ye sabka kare aahara ho..

Sur Nar Muni jan sab chhal bal maran, Chaurashi mein daara ho |

Madhya akash aap jha baithe, Vo jyoti sabad ujiyaara ho ||

Q.4 Why does Brahma Ji not know who his Father is?

Lord Brahma is unaware of his father's identity because Brahm Kaal his father, has deliberately kept it a secret. Brahm Kaal prefers to keep his consumption of one lakh humans daily and his role in worldly suffering concealed.

Q.5 Why did Lord Brahma try to search for his father?

Lord Brahma attempted to search for his father because he yearned to know his origins and he did not get the satisfactory answer to this from his mother Goddess Durga.

Q.6 Where does Kaal Brahm reside?

Kaal Brahm is said to reside in the 21st universe, called Brahmlok which is beyond the reach of ordinary means of worship mentioned in various Holy scriptures of different religions. One can only reach him by seeking the shelter of Lord Kabir through His authorized Saint as mentioned in Holy Gita Ji Chapter 15 Verse 4.

Q.7 Why is Brahma Ji not worshipped?

Brahma Ji is not worshipped because of the curse he received from his mother Durga Ji. When Brahma Ji failed to find his father after meditating for four Eras, he returned and lied to Durga Ji about seeing his father. Aware of his lie, Durga Ji cursed him that he would not be worshipped anywhere in the world.

Q.8 What is the mantra of Brahm?

Holy Gita Chapter 8 Verse 13 mentions the Mantra of Brahm which is OM.

Q.9 What is attained by worshipping Brahm?

Brahmlok is attained by chanting OM mantra which is of Brahm but his attainment is inferior since the soul remains in recurrence. Salvation cannot be attained by the worship of Brahm Kaal.

Q.10 Can Brahm provide liberation to Souls?

Brahm Kaal is crooked. He keeps souls trapped in his web, 'Trigunmayee Maya' illusion because they are his food. He does not let them be liberated from his web. However, the true worshippers of Almighty KavirDev attain emancipation by doing His true devotion. Then, Brahm becomes helpless and souls get freedom from his web of vicious cycle of birth and death and sufferings in 84 lacs life forms forever.


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Sheetal Verma

Why is Lord Brahma not worshipped?

Satlok Ashram

Lord Brahma is cursed by his mother Goddess Durga to be non - worshipable because he lies with her regarding his effort to have found his father who in reality remains unmanifested.

Manav Chadda

Brahma Ji does not have parents. He is eternal

Satlok Ashram

Brahma Ji's father is Satan Brahm Kaal who has taken a vow to remain unmanifested because he is a sinner and is cursed by Almighty. He remains hidden and due to lack of true spiritual knowledge people do not know about him. Goddess Durga is the mother of Brahma Ji. He is not eternal. The eternal - immortal God is KavirDev.

Chavi Singh

Lord Brahma is self proclaimed. He is the creator and is immortal

Satlok Ashram

Lord Brahma is not immortal he takes birth and dies. His father is Brahm Kaal and mother is Goddess Durga. Almighty God Kabir is immortal. Lord Brahma is the creator only in 21 universes of his father and not beyond. His powers are limited.