Universe Information: What is Universe? (Creation of Nature)

Universe's Information Explained By Saint Rampal Ji

A Conclusive Description of 'Creation of Nature' with evidence from all the Holy Scriptures

When God loving souls will read the following ‘Creation of Universe (Nature)’ for the first time, they will feel that this is a baseless story. But on reading the evidence from all the holy true scriptures they will bite their fingers between their teeth that where was this authentic nectar-like knowledge hidden uptil now? Please keep reading with patience and keep this sacred knowledge safe. It will be useful for your next hundred and one generations.

Holy souls! kindly first understand the position of everyone and then read the original knowledge of the creation of nature (Universe) by the immortal & Almighty God.

1. Purna Brahm: - Purna Brahm or 'Supreme God' is the controller of infinite brahmands (Universe). In this Nature's Creation (Universe), This same Purna Brahm is also addressed as 

Sat Purush - Master (Lord) of Satlok

Alakh Purush - Master (Lord) of Alakh lok,

Agam Purush - Master (Lord) of Agam lok, and

Anami Purush - Master (Lord) of Anami lok

All the above 4 are designations of the same Supreme God according to the 'lok' He is present in. Supreme God by acquiring different-different forms lives in all of His four loks, and is the controller of infinite brahmands.

2. Par Brahm(Owner of the Seven Brahamands): - He is the Master (Lord) of only seven sankh brahmands. He is also known as Akshar Purush. But in reality he, as well as his brahmands are not eternal.

3. Brahm Father of Hindu Trinity: - He is the Master (Lord) of only twenty-one brahmands. He is known as Kshar Purush, Jyoti Niranjan, or Kaal. He and all of his brahmands are perishable. (The evidence of the above-mentioned three Purushs (gods) is also in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 15 Shlok 16-17.)

4. Lord Brahma: - He is the eldest son of Brahm. Lord Vishnu is the middle son and Lord Shiv is the last, the third son of Brahm. These three sons of Brahm are the masters (Lord) of only one department (guna) each in one brahmand and are perishable. For vivid description, please read the 'Creation of Nature (Universe)' mentioned below.

Creation of Nature (What Is Universe?)

Supreme God Kabir has Himself given the knowledge of the nature created by Him in Sukshm Ved i.e. Kabir Vaani (Kabir Speech) which is as follows-

In the beginning, there was only one place called ‘Anami (Anamay) Lok’ (place is addressed as 'Lok' in Hindi), which is also known as Akah Lok. The Supreme God used to live alone in the Anami lok. The real name of that God is Kavir Dev i.e. God Kabir. All the souls were contained in the body of that Supreme God Kabir.

Infinite Universes

This Kavir Dev’s designated name in Anami Lok is Anami Purush (‘Purush’ means God. God has created man in His own image/form. That is why a man is also known as ‘Purush’ in Hindi / Sanskrit.) The brightness of one hair follicle of Anami Purush is more than the combined light of One Hundred Quadrillion (in Indian numeral system, 1 sankh = 100 quadrillion) suns (Sun is a very bright star in our solar system and is being used as a benchmark for lumination for sake of comparison).

God Kabir then created three other lower Loks (places), namely Agam Lok, Alakh Lok & Satlok with the power of word.

Important: - to understand the concept further it is imperative to cite this example. For instance, the name of a country's Prime Minister is different, and the title of his post is 'Prime Minister'. Many times, the Prime Minister also keeps many departments with him like home ministry or the defense ministry. Then whichever department's documents he signs, at that time he writes the same post. For example, if he signs the documents of Home Ministry, then he writes himself as the Home Minister. In that case the power of the signature of the same person is less compared to the Prime Minister but in reality it is the same person. Likewise, there is difference in the brightness of God Kabir (Kavir Dev) in different loks and He has different designation.

This Almighty God Kabir only then appeared in Agam Lok and is also the Master of Agam lok and there His title is Agam Purush. This 'Agam' God's human-like visible body is very bright. The light of whose one hair follicle is more than the combined light of One Hundred Billion (1 kharab = 100 Billion) suns.

Almighty God Kabir then appeared in Alakh Lok and He Himself is also the Master of Alakh Lok, and over there His title is 'Alakh Purush'. This God's human-like visible body is very effulgent, is self-illuminated. The light of his one hair follicle is more than the light of One Billion (1 arab = 1 Billion) suns.

This very Supreme God then appeared in Satlok and He is also the Master of Satlok. Therefore, His title in Satlok is Sat Purush (the Immortal / Eternal God). This Sat Purush is also known by many other names such as Akaal murti,Shabd Swaroopi Ram, Purna Brahm, Param Akshar Brahm etc. This Sat Purush Kavir Dev's (God Kabir's) human-like visible body is very bright whose one hair follicle's brightness is more than the combined light of crore (10 million) suns and moons.

Further Creation in Satlok (Almighty's Place) and 16 sons

Creation of Universe

This God Kabir, after appearing in Sat Purush form in Satlok did other creation in Satlok.

With one word, He created sixteen dweeps (islands). Then with sixteen words, gave rise to sixteen sons. He created one Mansarover (a very big lake in Satlok named Maansarover) and filled it with nectar. The names of the sixteen sons are: - (1) "Kurm", (2) "Gyani", (3) "Vivek", (4) "Tej", (5) "Sahaj", (6) "Santosh", (7) "Surati", (8) "Anand", (9) "Kshma", (10) "Nishkaam", (11) "Jalrangi", (12) "Achint", (13) "Prem", (14) "Dayaal", (15) "Dhairya", (16) "Yog Santayan" alias "Yogjit".

Creation of Akshar Purush (Par Brahm) and Kaal

Sat Purush Kavir Dev entrusted the rest of Satlok’s creation work to His son, Achint, and gave him the power to do it. Achint created Akshar Purush (Par Brahm) with the power of word and asked him for help. Akshar Purush went to Mansarover to take bath, started enjoying there and fell asleep. He did not come out for a very long time. Then Achint requested God Kabir to help wake up Akshar Purush. On Achint’s request, to wake Akshar Purush from sleep, God Kabir took some nectar from that Mansarover and made an egg out of it. He inserted a soul into it and put that egg in the ‘nectar’ water of Mansarover. The thunder of the egg disturbed Akshar Purush’s sleep. He looked at the egg in anger and the egg broke into two halves. From it, came out Jyoti Niranjan (Kshar Purush) who later came to be known as ‘Kaal’. Actually, his name is ‘Kael’. Then, SatPurush Kavir Dev ordered (through an ethervoice) both of them to reside in Achint’s island. After getting the permission, both Akshar Purush and Kshar Purush (Kael) started living in Achint’s island. (All this was done to show the children their foolishness, so that they do not crave for power because nothing can be achieved without the Almighty).

Then the Supreme God Kavir Dev Himself did all the creation. With His word power, He created a Rajeshwari (Rashtri) Shakti (power) and with which He established all the brahmands. This is also known as Parashakti Paranandni. He then produced all the souls in human form like Himself, from within Him, by the power of His word.

He created the body of every soul similar to Himself and its brightness equivalent to that of sixteen suns and in human like form. But God’s body’s one hair follicle has the brightness more than that of crore suns (in Satlok).

FAQs about Universe Information: What is Universe? (Creation of Nature)

Q.1 Who created first universe?

The creation of the universe is attributed to Satpurush/Lord Kabir. In the Holy Bible (Genesis, page no. 2, A. 1:20 – 2:5), it is mentioned that Almighty God created the universe in 6 days and rested on the 7th day.

Q.2 Who is called Father of nature?

The God who created nature is known as the Father of nature. In the Quran Sharif, Surat Furqan 25, Ayat no. 59, God Kabir is described as the creator of the entire universe in 6 days and seated on the throne on the 7th day. This knowledge can be received from an enlightened Saint, according to the Quran Sharif.

Q. 3 What is nature and how it was created?

Nature encompasses everything around us, both living and non-living, which is not man-made but created by God. In the beginning, when there was darkness, God created the universe and everything in it through His words in just 6 days. This creation is supported by Holy scriptures like the Vedas, Holy Quran, and Holy Bible

Q.4 Are humans the best Creation of Nature?

Yes, humans are considered the best creation of God, as they possess the ability to achieve great things. Humans are superior to all creatures because God created them in His own form, and only humans have the potential to attain salvation and become eternal beings. Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj emphasizes the significance of human life in his profound speech:

Garib, Nar narayan deh paakar, Jo kata na yam ka fand re |
Ratn amoli darshat nahi, Dhikk hai vaki jind re ||

Saint Garibdas ji Maharaj is stating that humans who do not strive for salvation waste their lives and should be ashamed.

Q.5 When was nature first created?

Nature was first created by Almighty God Kabir through His words in 6 days. Before this creation, there was nothing but darkness.

Q.6 What is the creation of God?

The creation of God encompasses everything around us, from the smallest atom to the vast universe, that is not man-made. This includes the sky, water, galaxies, every creatures, and humans—everything is part of God's creation

Q.7 How old is our Universe?

According to the Big Bang theory, the universe is approximately 13.8 billion years old. However, according to spiritual knowledge from God, the age of the universe is beyond human calculation, making it difficult to estimate its exact age.

Q.8 How big is the universe?

The size of the universe is so vast that it cannot be measured by human calculations or the human mind. It remains beyond our ability to estimate its actual size.

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Divine creation, evolution, spontaneous generation, and cosmogenesis are the four theories associated with the theory of life on earth

Satlok Ashram

Such theories are man made out of ignorance. The fact is life of creatures be it on earth or even beyond this world is due to Almighty.

Vinay Katiyar

We know from radiometric dating that Earth is about 4.5 billion years old. Is it true?

Satlok Ashram

Accept God who is the creator of entire universes no one can tell exact age of creation of earth.

Prabhjot Singh

Adam and Eve were the first humans. All are their children. Do you agree?

Satlok Ashram

Wrong, we all souls are the children of Almighty Kabir who created us in eternal world Satlok with His word power.

Sandeep Singh

In Vaishnavism, Vishnu creates Brahma and orders him to order the rest of universe. In Shaivism, Shiva may be treated as the creator. In Shaktism, the Great Goddess creates the Trimurti. Who out of them is the creator of the universe?

Satlok Ashram

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are not creators but the head of just one department- Rajogun, Satogun and Tamogun respectively in the 21 universes of their father Brahm Kaal. Yes, Goddess Durga is the mother of Trimurti. Ignorant devotees are simply misled. The creator is one and only KavirDev.

Nitee Sharma

How and when was the Earth formed?

Satlok Ashram

Creation of earth is the work of Almighty who not just created earth but the whole universe. He did entire creation with his word power.