Evidence of Nature's Creation in Holy Bible and Holy Quran Sharif

Creation of Nature in the Holy Bible & Quran Sharif

Its evidence is also present in Holy Bible and Holy Quran Sharif. In Quran Sharif, there is also knowledge of Holy Bible; therefore, these two scriptures have together proved that who is the Creator of universe and what is He like, and what is His real name?

Holy Bible (Genesis, on page no. 2, A. 1:20 – 2:5) 

Sixth Day: - Living beings and Man:

After creating the other living beings, 26. Then God said, “Let us make man in our own image, in our likeness, who will rule over all the creatures.

27. Then, God created man in His own image, in His own image God created him, He created human beings as male and female.

29. God has given human beings, every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it, as food. (He has not allowed them to eat meat.)

Seventh day: - Day of Rest.

God created the entire nature in six days and took rest on the seventh day. Holy Bible has proved that God has a man-like body, who created the entire nature in six days and then took rest.

Holy Quran Sharif (Surat Furqani 25, Aayat no. 52, 58, 59)

Verse 25:52: - Fala tutiyal' - kafiran' va jahid'hum bihi jihaadan' Kabira (Kabiran') |52|

Translation: Prophet Muhammad’s God is saying that Oh Prophet! Do not listen to the kafir (disbelievers, who instead of worshipping one God, worship other gods–goddesses and idols etc) because those people do not consider Kabir as the Supreme God. You may remain firm on the basis of the knowledge of Quran given by me that, Kabir only is the Supreme God, and may struggle (Do Not Fight) i.e. remain rigid for Allah Kabir.

Verse 25:58: - Va tavakkal' alal'- harulliji la yamutu va sabbih' bihm'dihi va kafaa bihi bijunoobi ibadihi Khabira (Kabira) |58|

Translation: The God whom Prophet Muhammad regards as his God, that Allah (God) is referring to some other Supreme God; that Oh Prophet! Have faith in that God Kabir, who met you in the form of a Jinda Saint. He is never going to die i.e. He is eternal in reality. And celebrate His sacred glory with praise, that Kabir Allah (God Kabir/ KavirDev) is worthy of being worshipped and is the destroyer of all the sins of His worshippers.

Verse 25:59: - All'ji khalakassmaavaati val'arj va ma bainhuma fi sittati ayyaamin' summastwa alal'arshi arrh'maanu fs'al' bihi Khabiran' (Kabiran') |59|

Translation: The God, who is narrating Quran Sharif, is telling Prophet Muhammad that, He is the same God Kabir, who created the entire nature, whatever is between the Earth and Sky in six days, and on the seventh day, sat on the throne in His Eternal Place (Satlok), above. Ask a (Baakhabar – one who is fully acquainted with Him) Tattavdarshi Saint for the information about Him. To know about the real knowledge of that Supreme God and how one can attain Him, ask a Tattavdarshi Saint (Baakhabar); I do not know.

The Holy Scriptures of both the above-mentioned religions (Christianity and Islam) have also jointly proved that the Creator of the entire nature, the Destroyer of all sins, the Almighty, Eternal God is in visible human-like form and resides in Satlok. His name is Kabir, and is also called 'Allahu Akbiru'.

Video About God is in Human Form in the Holy Bible

Video About God is in Human Form in the Holy Bible

Respected Dharam Das Ji asked worshippable God Kabir that Oh Almighty! To date, no one ever gave this Tatvgyan (true spiritual knowledge). Even the connoisseurs of the Vedas did not tell anything. It proves that the four Holy Vedas and the four Holy Kateb (Quran Sharif etc) are fallacious. Supreme God said: -

Kabir, bed kateb jhoothe nahin bhaai, jhoothe hain jo samjhe nahin||

It means that the four Vedas (Rigved - Atharvaved - Yajurved - Samved) and the four Holy Kateb (Quran Sharif - Jabur - Tauraat - Angel) are not wrong. But those who could not comprehend them are ignorant.

FAQs about Evidence of Nature's Creation in Holy Bible and Holy Quran Sharif

Q.1 What does the Bible say about the creation of nature and the universe?

The Bible, specifically in the chapter Genesis (particularly on page no. 2, A. 1:20 – 2:5), narrates the story of God's creation of the world in six days. It includes the creation of light, sky, land, plants, animals, and humans. God created humans in his own image, implying a likeness to God and God is in form.

Q.2 What does the Quran say about creation?

The Quran also discusses the creation of nature and the universe. It mentions that God Kabir created everything, including the heavens and the earth, in six days (Quran Sharif, Surat Furqani 25, Aayat no 59), and then established Himself on the throne on the seventh day. The Quran emphasizes seeking knowledge from enlightened saints who can correctly guide worshippers about the Almighty God.

Q. 3 What does God say about our nature in the Bible?

In the Holy Bible in Genesis, it is written that on the sixth day of creation, God created humans in his own image. He created human beings as men and women, suggesting a resemblance between humans and God and implying God is in a human-like form i.e. God isn't formless.

Q.4 How long did it take God to create the universe?

According to both the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran Sharif, God created the universe in six days, and on the seventh day, He rested on His throne.

Q.5 During the creation of nature, what did God order humans to eat?

In the Bible, in Genesis (page no. 2, A. 1:20 – 2:5), it is written that God ordered humans to eat seed-bearing plants and every tree that has fruit and seed in it. God did not order to eat animals, but rather to rule over them. Therefore, eating meat is not the specific order of God, and out of ignorance, those who consume meat are considered sinners in the eyes of God.

Q.6 Whom does the knowledge-giver of Quran Sharif advise Prophet Muhammad to worship?

The knowledge-giver in the Quran Sharif advises Prophet Muhammad to worship Almighty God Kabir, who appeared before him in the form of a Zinda saint. Allah said to sing the glory of that Almighty God Kabir who is eternal, who never dies, and is the destroyer of the sins of His worshippers.


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Abdul Hameed

Muslim believe the life of human beings began with the creation of two people, a male and a female named Adam and Hawwa (Eve).

Satlok Ashram

Allah Kabir created everything in the eternal world Satlok. He created humans in his own form. All souls used to reside there. The concept of Adam and Hawwa (Eve) came later which has been well explained in God's speech mentioned in Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm's word means in Sukshamveda

Kiran Singh

What is the concept of creation?

Satlok Ashram

Creation of everything is a marvelous work of supremely intelligent being means Almighty KavirDev. For details you may visit our website.

Sam D'souza

Numerous efforts have been made to determine the biblical date of creation. Two dominant dates for creation exist, about 5500 BC and about 4000 BC.

Satlok Ashram

Except God the creator of the entire universe no one can tell the exact duration and time of creation of nature. These figures are mere anticipations.

Mohsin Khan

The Quran describes that Allah "made from water every living thing". How far is it correct?

Satlok Ashram

Allah Kabir created everything with His word power. Its evidence is in pious Quran Sharif Surat Furkan 25:52 - 59. Also holy Bible Genesis gives eloquent description of creation of nature by God.

Rishi Raj

There are many animals, birds, trees, and plants on the earth. Where did they come from? Have they always been here? What about man?

Satlok Ashram

Almighty KavirDev is the creator of entire universes. He created the Sky, Earth, planets, birds, animals and above all humans with His word power. Evidence of same is found in holy Bible Genesis, pious Quran Sharif, pious Vedas and Srimad Bhagavad Gita.