Mother Durga asked Brahma, "Did you see your father?" Brahma said, "Yes, I have seen father." Durga said, "Tell me any witness." Then Brahma said, "I saw him in front of these two." The Goddess asked those two girls, "Did he see Brahm in front of you?" Then the two said, "Yes, we have seen with our own eyes." Bhavani (Prakriti) became suspicious. She thought that Kaal told me that he would never appear before anyone, but these three are saying that they have seen him! Ashtangi meditated and asked Kaal (Jyoti Niranjan) by telepathy, "What is this story?" Jyoti Niranjan said, "These three are lying." Then, mother told the three of them, "You are lying. An ethervoice (aakashvaani) has declared that these three have not obtained any audience." On hearing this, Brahma said, "Mother, I had sworn to go in search of father (Brahm). But I did not see him (Brahm). I was ashamed of returning to you. Therefore, we lied." Then Mother (Durga) said, "Now I will curse you."

Curse on Brahma: You will not be worshipped in the world. Your descendents will be frauds. They will con people by their dishonest and untrue talks. They will appear to be doing religious ceremonies from outside, but will commit vices from inside. They will tell tales from the Purans, but themselves will have no knowledge about the truth stated in the Satgranths (true scriptures / holy books). Inspite of that they will become gurus to gain respect and money and will narrate lokved (hearsay/baseless stories as opposed to the true scriptures) to their followers. They will bear hardships by worshipping and making others worship gods and goddesses and by criticising others. They will not guide the right path to their followers. They will deceive the world for money. They will consider themselves to be superior and others as inferiors. When Brahma heard all this from mother, he fainted and fell on the ground. He came into consciousness after a long time.

Curse on Gayatri: You will become cow on Earth and will have many bulls as your male partners.

Curse on Puhapvati: You will grow in swamp. Nobody will use your flowers for worshipping. You will have to experience this hell for your false statement. Your name will be 'Kevra Ketki' (in Haryana, it is called 'Kusaundhi'. This grows in a marshyland).

Mother Bhavani (Durga) repented after cursing the three of them. {Similarly, a human being first performs a wrong deed under the effect of mind (Kaal Niranjan), and when later realises under the effect of soul (part of Sat Purush), then repents. Like, parents beat their children for a small mistake because of anger, but later repent a lot. This phenomenon is present in all the human beings because of the effect of mind (Kaal Niranjan)}.

Yes, here one thing is important that Niranjan (Kaal-Brahm) has also made his law that if any living being will hurt a weaker living being, then he will have to pay for it.

Curse on Durga: When Durga cursed Brahma, Gayatri and Puhapvati, then Alakh Niranjan (Brahm - Kaal) said, "Oh, Durga! What you did was not right." Now, I (Niranjan) curse you that you will have five husbands in Dwaparyug. (Draupadi was an incarnation of Aadi Maya only). Aadi Maya, on hearing this ethervoice, said that Jyoti Niranjan (Kaal), I am at your pity now, do whatever you wish.