Why did Mother Durga Curse his Son Brahma?

Why did Mother Durga Curse to Lord Brahma?

The mother is an epitome of love and affection but if she curses her son how should that be taken? Moreover, If this is in context to God then the sentiments of millions of disciples get hurt. But the truth, as holy scriptures describe, reveal that Goddess Durga out of annoyance on her son’s lie cursed her elder son Lord Brahma to remain non-worshipable. This is also to highlight to the readers that there is a myth amongst people of the world and they believe that Lord Shiva cursed Lord Brahma to remain non-worshipable. 

Through this article, we will analyze whether it was Lord Shiva who cursed Lord Brahma to remain non-worshipable or it was mother Goddess Durga’s curse which makes the eldest amongst Trimurti ie. Lord Brahma a non-worshipable God.

What is the Fact and Myth About Mother's (Durga) Curse to Brahma?

Let us deeply study basis pieces of evidence. To proceed first it is imperative to provide the background why mother (Durga) cursed Brahma.

Actually, Lord Brahma’s father ie. Jyoti Niranjan (Kaal) had taken an oath that he will remain unmanifested / invisible due to which Lord Brahma does not know who is his father. He went to search for him despite Bhavani / Durga told him that he will not be able to see his father.

To this Lord Brahma sworn that unless he meets his father he will not show his face to his mother Durga / Prakriti Devi. In spite of making all efforts, Lord Brahma did not get even a glimpse of Brahm-Kaal (father). Later ashamed Lord Brahma lie to his mother that he has seen his father and has two girls as witnesses (Gayatri and Puhapvati). Let us move what facts are provided in holy scriptures.

Fact - Mother's (Durga) Curse to Brahma

The below evidence will prove that it was Goddess Durga who cursed Lord Brahma to remain Non-worshipable.

Reference Pious Kabir Sagar and Swasamved (nectar speech by Almighty Kavir Dev).

Mother Durga asked Brahma Did you see your father?" Brahma said, "Yes, I have seen father." Durga said, "Tell me any witness." Then Brahma said, "I saw him in front of these two." The Goddess asked those two girls (Gayatri and Puhapvati), "Did he see Brahm in front of you?" Then the two said, "Yes, we have seen with our own eyes." Bhavani (Prakriti) became suspicious. She thought that Kaal told me that he would never appear before anyone, but these three are saying that they have seen him! Ashtangi meditated and asked Kaal (Jyoti Niranjan) by telepathy,

"What is this story?" Jyoti Niranjan said, "These three are lying." Then, the mother told the three of them, "You are lying. An either voice (Aakash Vani) has declared that these three have not obtained any audience." On hearing this, Brahma said, "Mother, I had sworn to go in search of father (Brahm). But I did not see him (Brahm). I was ashamed of returning to you. Therefore, we lied." Then Mother (Durga) said, "Now I will curse you."

Goddess Durga Got Annoyed and Cursed Lord Brahma

  • Curse on Brahma: Durga said “Brahma will not be worshipped in the world. Your descendants will be frauds. They will con people by their dishonest and untrue talks. They will appear to be doing religious ceremonies from outside but will commit vices from inside. They will tell tales from the Puranas, but themselves will have no knowledge about the truth stated in the Satgranths (true scriptures / holy books). In spite of that, they will become gurus to gain respect and money and will narrate lokved (hearsay / baseless stories as opposed to the true scriptures) to their followers. They will bear hardships by worshipping and making others worship gods and goddesses Durga and by criticizing others. They will not guide the right path to their followers. They will deceive the world for money. They will consider themselves to be superior and others as inferior.

When Brahma heard all this from his mother, he fainted and fell on the ground. He came into consciousness after a long time.

Annoyed Goddess Durga Even Cursed Gayatri and Pushpavati

  • Curse on Gayatri: You will become cow on Earth and will have many bulls as your male partners.
  • Curse on Puhapvati: You will grow in swamp. Nobody will use your flowers for worship. You will have to experience this hell for your false statement. Your name will be 'Kevra Ketki' (in Haryana, it is called 'Kusaundhi'. This grows in a marshy land). Mother Bhavani (Durga) repented after cursing the three of them.

{Similarly, a human being first performs a wrong deed under the effect of mind (Kaal Niranjan), and when later realizes under the effect of soul (part of Sat Purush), then repents. Like, parents beat their children for a small mistake because of anger, but later repent a lot. This phenomenon is present in all human beings because of the effect of the mind (Kaal Niranjan)}.

Yes, here one thing is important that Niranjan (Kaal-Brahm) has also made his law that if any living being will hurt a weaker living being, then he will have to pay for it.

Brahm-Kaal Cursed His Wife Goddess Durga

  • Curse on Durga: When Durga cursed Brahma, Gayatri, and Puhapvati, then Alakh Niranjan (Brahm - Kaal) said, "Oh, Durga! What you did was not right." Now, I (Niranjan) curse you that you will have five husbands in Dwaparyug. (Draupadi was an incarnation of Aadi Maya only). Aadi Maya, on hearing this either voice, said that Jyoti Niranjan (Kaal), I am at your pity now, do whatever you wish.

Aforesaid, clarifies the Fact-Mother (Durga) Cursed Brahma. Let us move to analyze the myth that people of the world have that Lord Shiva cursed Lord Brahma.

Myth - Lord Shiva Cursed Lord Brahma

The lokved that people of the world believe provides a description of the verbal dual once erupted between Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. Let us study what was that?.

Once there started heated arguments between Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu to determine their supremacy. This tussle prolonged and both started using weapons in fight, even deities arrived to become witnesses. Since there seemed to be no end to it, therefore, deities went to Lord Shiva to seek his help. Lord Shiva manifested in the form a highly radiant pillar and stood in between both of them.

The end of that enormous pillar was difficult to find. Lord Vishnu acquiring the form of a boar went till Nether World to find its end whereas Lord Brahma acquiring the form of a swan flew up in the sky to find its end. There Lord Brahma met Ketaki flower who told him that he had not been able to find the origin of the highly illuminating pillar even though he is present there since the beginning of the creation.

Any such effort, therefore, will be merely a waste of time. To prove his supremacy Lord Brahma convinced Ketaki flower to give false witness to Lord Vishnu that Lord Brahma is successful in finding the limit of that pillar to which Ketaki flower agreed. Lord Shiva knowing the falsehood of Lord Brahma became annoyed and cursed him ‘You will never be worshipped and that you will possess four heads only.” Lord Brahma accepted his fault and prayed to forgive him. After an apology made by Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva felt pity and provided a boon to Lord Brahma that he will remain the presiding deity in all sacrifices (Yajna). Similarly, Ketaki flower was also cursed that he will not be used during worship.      

The misinterpretation of holy scriptures by earlier sages has lead to confusion amongst devotees and the wrong belief prevailed. People of the world believe that Lord Shiva cursed Lord Brahma to remain non-worshipable. This is a baseless concept bearing no evidence from any holy scripture. Hence this is a Myth-Lord Shiva cursed Lord Brahma.

Points to Ponder:

Ref: Shri Shiv Puran (Vidhyeshwar Sanhita Adhyay 6, Translator: Deen Dayal Sharma, Publisher: Ramayan Press Mumbai Page 67 and Editor: Pandit Ramlagn Pandey; "Vishaarad" Publisher: Savitri Thakur, Publication: Rathyatra Varanasi, Branch - Naati Imli Varanasi Vidhyeshwar Sanhita, Adhyay 6, page 54 and Translator: Dr. Brahmanand Tripathi, Sahitya Ayurved Jyotish Aacharya, M.A., PhD, D.Sc.A. Publisher: Chaukhamba Sanskrit Pratishthan, 38 U.A. Jawahar Nagar, Bungalow Road, Delhi, Sanskrit Sahit Shiv Puran Vidhyeshwar Sanhita, Adhyay 6, Page no 45.)

1). The fact is that Brahm-Kaal (Jyoti Niranjan/Sadashiv) father of Shri Shankar / Mahesh actually rowed the highly illuminating pillar between Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma during the fight by manifesting in the form of their youngest brother Lord Shiva. Since Sadashiv / Brahm / Kaal remains unmanifested he never appears in his original form, therefore, he appeared in his youngest son Lord Shiva’s form. Then both of them stopped fighting. Brahm-Kaal told them that none of the two is superior. The position and power both hold is the outcome of austerity they did so were rewarded. Hence, they should stop fighting. He never cursed Lord Brahma. 

2). Gayatri in some Puranas is wrongly portrayed by earlier sages as the wife of Brahma making her a form of Savitri. But actually, she was a girl created by Durga. Her role was only to bring back Lord Brahma when due to stubbornness he was meditating for four yugas (ages) to meet his father. The entire work of creation in twenty-one brahamands had stopped. Brahm-Kaal (Sadashiv) told Durga he will not appear before Lord Brahma so call him back. Gayatri put forth a desire to have a relation with Lord Brahma so that she can become his false witness but did not marry Lord Brahma. Hence, this is a myth that Gayatri is another name of Saraswati (consort of Lord Brahma). She is a separate entity.

  • Note: Due to lack of true spiritual knowledge earlier Sages and Maharishis did not know Who is Jyoti Niranjan/Kaal? and what is his relation with Durga? Therefore, every time they associate a female deity to be the wife of either of the triple gods (Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva).     

3). Puhapvati the cursed witness later named 'Kevra Ketki' by goddess Durga is portrayed in many Puranas as the Ketaki flower who became the witness of Lord Brahma and was cursed by Lord Shiva. Puhapvati too was cursed by Durga. In fact, Sages have twisted entire facts from holy scriptures and have mislead devotees by narrating stories.  


Aforesaid clarifies the following:

  1. Radiant pillar was stood by Brahm-Kaal (Sadashiv/Mahashiv/Jyoti Niranjan) and not his tamogun equipped son Lord Shiva.
  2. Brahm-Kaal rules basis tit for tat hence cursed Goddess Durga.
  3. Durga had to pay for the curse she gave to Lord Brahma, Gayatri, and Puhapvati by incarnating as  Draupadi during Dwaparyug and spend life on earth as a human being.
  4. Gayatri is not the wife of Lord Brahma as many Puranas depict.
  5. Puhapvati was second witness in Lord Brahma’s falsehood cursed by Durga/Maya and not Lord Shiva.
  6. Lord Brahma had to pay for the lie. He is cursed to be a non-worshipable deity.
  7. The fact remains that it was not Lord Shiva who cursed Lord Brahma rather it was Goddess Durga cursed Lord Brahma to remain non-worshipable.

FAQs about Why did Mother Durga Curse his Son Brahma?

Q.1 Which goddess cursed Brahma?

Goddess Durga, the mother of the Hindu Trinity gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, cursed Brahma.

Q.2 What was Brahma's sin?

Brahma decided to see his unmanifested father, despite being informed by Goddess Durga that he would not be visible to anyone. He meditated for four yugas but failed to see his father. Out of shame, Brahma lied to Goddess Durga, claiming that he had seen his unmanifested father. This act of lying was Brahma's sin.

Q. 3 Why did Goddess Durga curse Lord Brahma?

Goddess Durga cursed Lord Brahma because he lied to her about having seen his father, Brahm (Kaal), the unmanifested supreme being who has taken an oath not to be known by anyone. Angered by Brahma's lie, Goddess Durga cursed him to be non-worshipable.

Q.4 What was the curse that Goddess Durga placed on Lord Brahma?

As a result of the curse, Lord Brahma is no longer worshipped by humans. There are no temples dedicated to him, and his name is rarely invoked in prayers. This is why he is not as popular a deity as Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva.

Q.5 Who were the other witnesses to Brahma's lie?

The other witnesses to Brahma's lie were Gayatri and Pushpavati. Both of these goddesses cooperated with Brahma's false claim of having seen his father.

Q.6 What curses did Goddess Durga give to Gayatri and Pushpavati?

Goddess Durga was angered by the lie of Brahma, Gayatri, and Pushpavati. As a result, she cursed Gayatri to be reborn as a cow on Earth with many bull husbands. She also cursed Pushpavati to become a flower named 'Kevra Ketki' in a swamp, unfit for use in worship.

Q.7 Why did Goddess Durga incarnate as Draupadi?

Goddess Durga incarnated as Draupadi to fulfill the consequences of the curse she gave to Brahma, Gayatri, and Pushpavati. Due to the anger of Brahm Kaal (the unmanifested supreme being) upon learning about Durga's curses, he also cursed her to be born as a human and become the wife of five husbands.

Q.8 Is Brahma not worshipped because he was cursed by Shiva?

No, the belief that Brahma is not worshipped because of a curse from Shiva is a myth. The reality is that Goddess Durga cursed Brahma for his actions, resulting in him being non-worshipable in the world.


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Was Draupadi the incarnation of Goddess Durga?

Satlok Ashram

Goddess Durga cursed Lord Brahma to be the non- worshipable deity. She also cursed Gayatri and Puhapvati. Brahm Kaal rules basis tit for tat hence cursed his wife Goddess Durga to be born as Draupadi in Dwapar Yuga and be the wife of five husbands. Yes, Draupadi was the incarnation of Aadi Maya Durga.

Utpal Rathore

Is Gayatri the wife of Lord Brahma?

Satlok Ashram

Gayatri was a girl created by Goddess Durga whose role was to bring back Lord Brahma while he was meditating to find his father Brahm Kaal who remains unmanifested. Gayatri was the false witness of Lord Brahma. She is a separate entity. Goddess Savitri is the consort of Lord Brahma


Lord Shiva cursed Lord Brahma to remain non worshipable

Satlok Ashram

Shreds of evidence from Sukshamveda prove that Annoyed Goddess Durga cursed her elder son Lord Brahma to be non worshipable due to the lie he told her. It was not Lord Shiva who cursed Lord Brahma.