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Hazrat Muhammad was an Arab religious, social leader and Founder of Islam. According to Islamic philosophy, he was a prophet sent to spread the teachings of Allah. In this article, we will focus on the life history of Prophet Muhammad. We will also catch the Prophet Muhammad's facts. We will get the story from when was prophet Muhammad born to when did prophet Muhammad die!

Ancestors of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad

Hazrat Muhammad was from the tribe Quraysh, which was a believer in God of Abraham. Shaybah was the son of Hashim. Shaybah was named Abdul Muttalib. Abdul Muttalib had ten sons. While doing charity work of well-digging in Mecca, he promised Allah that after completion of work he will sacrifice one of his sons in the name of Allah. Then the day came. According to the ritual, to know what deity intended, he kept ten arrows, writing the name of each son on them, in front of an idol. Then the arrow named Abdullah on it, moved towards the idol and it was believed that God is asking that son for sacrifice.

Preparations for sacrificing Abdullah started. All the people advised him not to do so, but Abdul Muttalib was bound to his words for sacrificing one son. People started making outcry in sorrow. Then a soul entered the body of a priest and said that sacrificing Camel also would be acceptable. This was a hope of relief. He asked people to go to the lady who was an astrologer in a village. People went to her to ask how many camels should be sacrificed to save Abdullah's life. The lady asked people to add ten more camels to the decided number of camels to proceed by writing those on a slip. Also, add the slip of Abdullah's name. Then she asked to keep choosing the slips till the slip of the camel doesn't come out. At last, it went to 100 camels. And after sacrificing 100 camels, they all came back leaving them as it is, they saved Abdullah's life. 

Later, on-time Abdullah was married to Amina. After a few days of marriage, they were traveling with a merchant convoy, but Abdulla fell ill on the way. They stayed at Madina and there he died, leaving Hazrat Muhammad in mother Amina's womb. All this is mentioned in the book Biography of Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) by Mohammad Inayatullah Subhani, translated by- Naseem Fhazei Falahi.

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Early Life of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad

When was Hazrat Muhammad born?

Hazrat Muhammad born at 570 A.D. then the name Muhammad was given to him. What is the meaning of Muhammad? The word Muhammad came from an Arabic word Hamada which means to praise, to glorify.

What is the life history of the prophet Muhammad?

Prophet Muhammad was raised by his mother Amina and grandfather. When Hazrat Muhammad was six years old, Amina died while traveling to Mecca from Madina. Muhammad became orphan and after his grandfather passed away Hazrat Muhammad came in the hands of his uncle Abu Talib. 

Marriage Life of Hazrat Muhammad 

Hazrat Muhammad grew into a young man with unusual physical beauty as well as generous in character. His sense of fairness and justice was so revered that people used to call him al-Amin means, the trusted one. He had a keen interest in spirituality.

When he was 25 years old, prophet Muhammad married to a 40-year-old, wealthy widowed woman Khadija. She bore 3 sons ( Qasim, Tayyab, Tahir) and 4 daughters ( Zenab, Ruqeyyah, Um Kulthum and Fatima) to Hazrat Muhammad. They were living happily but not so long.  An orphan from childhood, Hazrat Muhammad suffered from the loss of his three sons too. Hazrat Muhammad married to another woman to give her children a shelter. How many wives of Prophet Muhammad had? Hazrat Mohammed married a total of 11 women. So Prophet Muhammad's wives were 11 in number. All of them were widowed except Hazrat Aisha.

Spiritual Life of Prophet Muhammad

From the very childhood, Hazrat Muhammad was gifted with a generous personality and kind heart. He used to meditate in Hira cave. Muhammad was a god seeker. When Hazrat Mohammed turned 40 years old then, the time came when the knowledge was about to shower upon the prophet Muhammad. One day he saw a dream which made him, cleared that happiness is evanescent. All the happiness and pleasure is momentary.

Angel Gabriel Appeared to Hazrat Mohammad

Hazrat Mohammed used to mediate in Hira Cave. After Ramadan, one morning,  an elegant angel named Gabriel came and forced Hazrat Muhammad to read the piece of silk. Prophet Muhammad replied that they do not know to read. He chocked the throat of Hazrat Muhammad. Muhammad felt clenching in body, then again he forcefully asked to read the piece. Frightened Muhammad asked what to read. Then Gabriel said-

 "Recite in the name of your Lord who creates. Who, created man from a clot! Recite for your Lord is most generous, who taught man by pen, taught man what he knew not."

Mohammed immediately remembered everything that the angel told. Angel went back. Muhammad was sweating in fear. Muhammad didn't know who was he. Muhammad was shivering in fear, suddenly a voice came - "Muhammad!" Hazrat Muhammad saw  that angel was standing in the form of a man, he said- "You are Allah's messenger and I am Gabriel."

This made Muhammad in jitter. And he started shivering extremely. That face was visible everywhere to Muhammad. Then Hazrat Muhammad came to Khadija and asked her to cover him. That angel was sent by Kaal Brahm. The simple logic is here that God is merciful, God never tortures any of his soul. And angels sent by God are always polite and loving. But these angels of Kaal Brahm give knowledge of supreme God but not tell ever the proper way of devotion to Anyone.

See, Hidden Spiritual Facts In the Holy Quran Sharif  

Words of Waraqa ibn Nawfal Hadith

Wife Khadija did her best to reassure Hazrat Muhammad that God won't send you a soul to kill you. Hazrat Mohammed was scared that he would die. She took him to her cousin Waraqa ibn Nawfal, a very old man who knew the Scriptures of Jews and Christians. He declared that the heavenly messenger who came to Moses of old had come to Mohammad and he was chosen as the prophet of his people. He also made him aware of the opposition of him in the future. 

This made Muhammad concerned. At that time in Arab people were indulged in idol worship and polytheistic. At the time of the birth of Hazrat Muhammad, the whole of Arabia was believed in a polytheistic form of religion. Arabs were descents of Abraham, who was monotheistic. In spite of this, they were entertaining polytheism. And so Hazrat Muhammad waited for the next message.

Hazrat Muhammad Again In Hira cave

Hazrat Muhammad again started going in Hira cave to worship. One day the same angel came and Muhammad started shivering, but this time in happiness and satisfaction had also been there. Prophet Muhammad came and covered himself. Angel came to him and said - "O! Man clings in Cloth! Wake up and in fear of Lord praise Allah. Keep your heart pure and away from polytheism." After then Gabriel used to come and gave him the knowledge send by Kaal Brahm but could not tell him the proper and true devotion towards Allah and asked Muhammad to seek the shelter of Bakhabar (Suraf Al-Furkan, Ayat 25:59) to know the way to Allah. 

People were asked to accept Islam. Now Gabriel started to come more often and tell the Knowledge and Ayat of Allah the supreme God. He did so to make Muhammad remember the Obligation, to tell how to do Wazu (a washing ritual in Islam), how to recite Namaz.

Hazrat Muhammad in Heaven

Hazrat Muhammad Told his sister, Ume Hani that, in the subconscious state He saw, Gabriel came to him and took him to some other place. He laid him down and split Muhammad's chest with a knife and brought a golden dish filled with honesty and knack (proficiency), which he inundated in his heart and again mended his chest. Then they went to Bait al-Maqdis, sitting on a white-colored creature. Hazrat Muhammad met Moses, Abraham and Isa there.  Mohammad recited Namaz. Then Gabriel took him to heaven where he saw Adam crying and laughing at the same time. He was crying when he saw the left side of his worthless children and laughed at the same time seeing the worthy children on the right side. We can notice that even in heaven Adam was not happy. So heaven is not the place where comfort and happiness will embrace you also this is not the real salvation. 

Then Hazrat Muhammad went To seventh Heaven. There Kaal Brahm (who promised not to appear in front of anyone) talked behind the curtain. He was ordered to Recite Namaz fifty times a day. Muhammad appealed mercy and then, Muhammad returned with the order of reciting Namaz five times a day.

Opposition of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad

Was Muhammad messenger of God?

Hazrat Muhammad spread the knowledge he attained. He asked people to come to him and endorse real knowledge. He pleaded with people to leave Polytheism. But people ignored him and mocked him. His message of condemnation of idol worship and polytheism. Mecca people began to see Muhammad as a threat. Most of the people who had acclaimed Muhammad as trustworthy (al- Amin) could not bring themselves to believe in Muhammad. Not only this but they also threw stones and made Muhammad wounded. Muhammad prayed to Allah. People became so brutal toward Muhammad.

How many wars Prophet Muhammad fought?

Hazrat Muhammad who is the founder of Islam, fought 29 battels and finally in 630 A.D. managed to unite most of the Arabian Peninsula and laid the foundation for the successive Islamic expansion.

How did Prophet Muhammad Die?

When did the prophet Muhammad die?

It was the tenth year of Hijrat. The year was 632 A.D. Hazrat Muhammad went for Hajj with their more than one lakh followers. This last Hajj (last pilgrimage) is called - Hajjatul Wida or Hijjtul Walag. This was the last Hajj of Muhammad. After three months of Hajj, illness gripped him. The fever struck unexpectedly as never before. Muhammad took permission from all his wife to stay at Aisha's. Muhammad became so weak and the ailment seemed to advance. The situation has gone so worse and wives and followers get panicked.

Hazrat Muhammad asked forgiveness from everyone if he ever hurt. He also asked for justice if he said bad words to anyone or took something from anyone. He welcomed to take revenge if anyone wished.

Fever was out of control. Hazrat Muhammad in pain was taking cold water and rubbing hands on face. He was in severe pain. He started mourning "Woe to the Jews and the Christians. They  the worship/ prostrating of graves of their prophets." 

He was facing unbearable difficulty and prayed to Allah for mercy while Dying. Fatima, daughter of Hazrat Muhammad depressed to see her father, also prayed to Allah. His breathing became more and more difficult. Hazrat Muhammad replied to her "from today onwards your father will not face misery." just after saying this Hazrat Muhammad passed away.

We catch this incident in same book Biography of Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallahu Asaili Wasallam) by Mohammad Inayatullah Subhani, translated by- Naseem Fhazei Falahi.

Kabir Saheb Met Prophet Muhammad

Allah is one who is Kabir. Surat Al Furqan ayat 25:52 

Fala tutiyal' - Kafiran' va jahid'hum bihi jihaadan kabira (Kabiran') (25:52)

For more information visit Allah Kabir In Quran Sharif . Allah is Kabir and he is in form. People could not understand and were misguided by Kaal Brahm. Allah Kabir says- 

Khojat khojat thakia, ant kaha bechoon.

This means they said God is formless when they could not find him. Allah is Kabir, who taken Hazrat Muhammad to Satlok but they came back as they were not willing to stay there because of the fame he was getting on earth.

Hum Muhammad ko wahan le gayo, Ichchha roopi wahan nahee raho |
Ult Muhammad mahal pathaya, Guj biraj ek Kalma laya |
Roza Bang Namaz dai re, Bismil ki nahi baat kahi re|

*Bismil- (slaughtering animals)

Visit Surat Al-Ikhlas - qualities of Allah

Hazrat Muhammad never killed animals neither he consumed the flesh of any animal. Instead of this, he was against the cruelty of animals. All Muslims are doing the same practice, what Hazrat Muhammad did. But they are consuming non-veg which is nor the order of god neither Prophet Muhammad consumed. Kabir saheb says in his sacred speech-

Nabi Muhammad namaskar hai, raam rasool kahaya |
Ek laakh assi kun sougandh, jin nahi karad chalaya |
Aras purus par allah takhat hai, khalik bin nahi khaali |
We paigambar pakh purush the, sahib ke abdali |

Why Prophet Muhammad is the greatest one?

Kabir saheb says that Prophet Muhammad was a pure and loving soul of Allah. He and his one lakh eighty followers never slaughtered animal neither consumed. Prophet Muhammad, prophet Moses, prophet Isa etc. were messengers of Kaal Brahm/ Kshar Purush/ Jyoti Niranjan.

Teachings of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad was a kind-hearted pious soul. He was the messenger of Kaal Brahm, the god of 21 universes. He always asked people to worship only the mighty Allah who is one.  He was in favor of equality. He warned people against cruelty to animals and enjoined kind treatment to them. He was anxious to safeguard Muslims against indulgence in unfairness in transactions. The Prophet always spread the message to be truthful; he, himself, was so rigid in his standards for truthfulness. He always taught to be merciful, patient, mutual cooperation, inquisitiveness, bravery and insisted to worship only one Rab/Allah/Khuda. This is why Prophet Muhammad is the greatest one. We find about this in the book Life of Muhammad, by Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad.

Published by- Islam International Publication (UK) sheephatch Lane,Tilford, surrey, GU10 2AQ, UK

Muslims think that prophet Muhammad slaughtered a cow but they do not know that Muhammad again gave life (actually given by Allah Kabir) to the same cow he killed by his words. He never slaughtered animals. God Kabir says that-

Maari gau shabad ke teeram, ese the muhammad piram |
Shabdai fir jiwai, hansa raakhya maans nahin bhaakhya, ese pir muhammad bhaai |

It is a message to the people who slaughter animals that if you can't give one, life then you do not have the right to take away the life of anyone. Allah never gets happy when any of his beloved soul gets killed. All of us, human to animals are his children. He is merciful and he wants us to be kind towards all creatures. There is an example of Rabia, who uprooted her hairs to quench the thirst of a dog and it's pups. And seeing her devotion and dedication the direction of Mecca turned towards her side. Whatever we do come to us in 84 lakh rebirths. You can see the Concept of Rebirth In Islam

Thus, here we see the life history of Prophet Muhammad. Muhammad was such a great personality and a great prophet and was indulged in doing practice told by Kaal Brahm. But from the very childhood he became an orphan, he lost his father, mother, grandfather one by one. Also, lost his three sons in front of his eyes. He faced a lot of obstacles in his life. And his end was so bitter even when he was such a great man.  No doubt Prophet Muhammad was so rigid in following the proper rules in life but he didn't get the true worship, he didn't get the Bakhabar about whom Ayat 25:59 says. The knowledge giver of the Quran is Kaal Brahm and he does not reveal the proper devotion and way to Allah Kabir. Today Saint Rampal Ji is telling the proper knowledge of each religion and deciphering the secrets of holy books. He is the Bakhabar and without taking much time one should take the refuge of such a great saint who tells the way to Allah Kabir. 


Prophet Muhammad


FAQs about Life History of Prophet Muhammad with His Teachings

Q.1 What are the life and teachings of Muhammad?

Prophet Muhammad ji always preached about one unique identity of Allah (Kabir). Secondly, he was totally against the slaughtering of animals for having food. He himself once killed one cow but restored it to life thereafter. But we aren't capable of the same. Hence we should not slaughter animals. He always promoted brotherhood and taught people to be kind.

Q.2 What is the full history of Prophet Muhammad?

Prophet Muhammad was a messenger of Satan (Kaal Brahm) and a God loving soul who always preached about one Allah. He had one lakh eighty thousand followers but none of them including him never ever consumed meat. He was against the cruelty on animals done by humans. He always promoted brotherhood and love between people. Because of his God loving nature Allah Kabir once came and met him and took his soul to Satlok but he refused to live there and wanted to enjoy the fame he was getting on earth, although it was temporary.

Q. 3 Where did Muhammad get his teachings?

Muhammad ji was a great god loving soul and was once in the refuge of Allah Kabir in some of his previous births and hence by the power of His (Allah Kabir) worship, he was kind and merciful in his approach.

Q.4 What are the 3 facts about Prophet Muhammad?

Prophet Muhammad ji never ate meat, He abolished idol worship and believed in worshiping one Allah, he also directed all his followers not to kill and eat animals.

Q.5 What is special about Prophet Muhammad?

Prophet Muhammad is very special to humanity as he was the witness of Allah Kabir, although he didn't accept His method of worship. He was the founder of muslim religion still he was against the useless slaughtering of animals for eating them as food. Moreover, he has always spread love into the society which makes him even more special.

Q.6 What is Muhammad most famous for?

Muhammad ji is most famous for the fact that in spite of being the founder of muslim religion and the entire muslim community is killing animals and eating them but Prophet Muhammad ji including his one lakh eighty thousand disciples never killed and consumed flesh.

Q.7 What Allah says about Prophet Muhammad?

For Allah Kabir, Prophet Muhammad was a God loving soul and that's why He came and met him and took his soul to Satlok. But unfortunately to Muhammad ji, he took his fame on earth rather than attaining salvation.

Q.8 Which Prophet mentioned most in Quran?

Holy Quran Sharif Surah Al Furqan 25 Ayat 59 directs us to get into the refuge of a Bakhabar Sant for the attainment of God. He is the most important Prophet mentioned in Holy Quran Sharif.

Q.9 Who is the No 1 prophet of Allah?

Allah always sends His Bakhabar/Illamwala/Tatvdarshi Sant Who is the topmost Prophet of Allah. Presently He has sent Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj in this form for us to take benefit from him.

Q.10 Who is the creator of Allah?

No one was the creator of Allah and no one can be the creator of Allah. Allah Kabir is self existent and the sole creator of the entire universe. Our existence is also due to Allah Kabir.


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Saira Khan

Was Prophet Muhammad endowed with supernatural powers

Satlok Ashram

Pious soul Prophet Muhammad was a great devout since childhood. When he was 40 years Angel Gabriel Appeared to Hazrat Mohammad. He was chosen as the prophet of his people. Hazrat Muhammad spread the knowledge he attained.

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What religious practices did Hazrat Muhammad preach?

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Hazrat Muhammad preached to recite five times a day Namaz. He always asked people to worship only the mighty Allah. He warned people against cruelty to animals and enjoined kind treatment to them.

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How did Hazrat Muhammad die?

Satlok Ashram

In the year 632 A.D. Hazrat Muhammad went for Hajj. After three months of Hajj, illness gripped him. The fever struck unexpectedly as never before. Facing unbearable health difficulty he had a miserable death.