Kaal's forced marriage with Durga, & birth of Brahma, Vishnu & Shiv

After being ousted from Satlok, Kaal (Brahm) said to Prakriti (Durga) that who can harm me now? I will do what I want. Prakriti again pleaded him to have some shame. Firstly, you are my elder brother because you (Brahm) were born from an egg by the word-power of the same God Kabir, and later I was also born from the same God's word. Secondly, I have come out of your stomach, so I am your daughter now and you are my father. It would be highly sinful to malign these pure relationships. I have word power granted by father. I will produce as many living beings as you will say with my word. Jyoti Niranjan ignored Durga's all appeals and said that I have already got the punishment I deserved; I have been expelled from Satlok. Now I will do what ever I wish. On saying this, Kaal Purush (Kshar Purush) forcefully married Durga who then gave birth to three sons (Brahma - equipped with Rajogun, Vishnu - equipped with Satogun and Shiv - equipped with Tamogun).

Kaal pledged not to appear before anyone

After marrying Durga, Kaal pledged that he would not appear before anyone from now on. Kaal said to Durga that no one would be able to get a sight of me by any means like recitation, meditation etc.. I will remain hidden and perform all the tasks secretly via you and our three sons (Brahma, Vishnu Shiv).

Kaal keeps Brahma, Vishnu & Shiv in Ignorance

Brahm keeps the three sons unconscious through Durga until they grow up. When they grow up, Kaal (Brahm) brings Brahma into consciousness on a lotus flower, Vishnu on a snake bed (Shesh Shaiya) and Shiv on a Kailash mountain, and then assembles them together. Thereafter, Kaal gets these three married off by Prakriti (Durga), and appoints them (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv) as ministers of one department each, in three loks {Heaven (Swarglok), Earth (Prithvilok) and Nether world (Patal lok)}.

In one brahmand Kaal makes Brahma the minister of Rajogun department, Vishnu of Satogun department and Shiv of Tamogun department, and himself secretly holds the post of a Chief Minister as MahaBrahma – MahaVishnu – MahaShiv and thus ultimately performs all the tasks via Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv.

Further description of One Brahmand

In one Brahmand, Brahm has created one Brahmlok. In that, he has built three secret places. One is Rajogun-dominated place where this Brahm (Kaal) himself lives in MahaBrahma (chief minister) form and keeps his wife Durga in MahaSavitiri form. The son born from them in this place automatically becomes Rajoguni. The second place has been built Satogun-dominated. There this Kshar Purush himself lives in MahaVishnu form and keeping his wife Durga in MahaLakshmi form gives birth to a son whom he names Vishnu. This child is endowed with Satogun. This Kaal only has built a third place there dominated with Tamogun. There he himself lives in SadaShiv form and keeps his wife Durga in MahaParvati form. They name the son born there from them as Shiv and endow him with Tamogun. (For reference see Holy book Shiv Mahapuran, Vidhveshwar Sanhita, Page 24 - 26 in which apart from Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra and Maheshwar, another Sadashiv has been mentioned, and Rudra Sahita, Adhyay 6, 7 and 9, Page no. 100 to 105 and 110, translator Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar, Published from Gita Press Gorakhpur; and Holy book Shrimad´ Devi Mahapuran, Third Skand, Page no. 114 to 123, Published from Gita Press Gorakhpur, translator: Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar, Chiman Lal Goswami).

Responsibilities of Brahma, Vishnu & Shiv

Then Brahm keeps these three in ignorance, and for his food, gets living beings produced by Brahma, preserved by Vishnu (by developing love and affection in everyone to keep them in Kaal lok) and destroyed by Shiv [because Kaal Purush has to take out the grime from the immaterial/astral bodies (Sukshm Shareer) of one-lakh human beings to eat it, because of the effect of the curse on him. For that there is a piece of rock (tapatshila) in the twenty-first brahmand, which automatically remains hot. On that he melts the grime and then eats it. Human beings do not die but the pain is unbearable. Then, on the basis of their actions (karmas), grants other bodies to the living beings].

For example, there are three rooms in a house. If in one room, there are indecent pictures on the wall, then on entering that room, similar vulgar thoughts crop up in mind. In the second room, if there are pictures of sages, saints and devotees, then good thoughts keep emerging in the mind and one also remains engrossed in the thoughts of God. In the third room, if there are pictures of patriots and martyrs then similar passionate and zealous thoughts arise in mind. Similarly, Brahm (Kaal) with his wisdom has created the above-mentioned three places dominating in the three qualities (gunas).