Creation of the Universe (Nature) in Holy Rigveda

Creation of Nature in Holy Rigveda

Holy Vedas are the most ancient religious text available to humanity. These Vedic texts include information about almost everything, from the creation of the universe (Nature) to the history of human evolution and all about gods and spiritual practices. The four famous Vedas are Holy Rigveda, Holy Samaveda, Holy Yajurveda, and Holy Atharvaveda.  Among them, Holy Rigveda is the first and the oldest Vedic Sanskrit text. It contains 10 Mandalas and more than 1000 hymns. Some hymns are most important to understand the Vedic cosmology and the origin of the universe.

Holy Rigvedaic Theories of the Creation of the Universe

Holy Rigveda contains many hymns on the creation of the universes (Nature) and so does Holy Atharvaveda.  But due to the lack of spiritual knowledge, nobody was able to understand the real meaning of these hymns. As a result, ancient sages as well as modern researchers misinterpreted them and gave rise to many inaccurate Vedic cosmological theories like Nasadiya Sukta and the Hirnagarbhya Sukta. 

It's only after Jagatguru Tatvadarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj revealed to the world the complete spiritual knowledge of creation of nature (Universe) and did the correct translation of Vedic hymns that we were able to understand the truth about the various deities and the different universes in the Holy Rigveda.

Let us explore the hymns of creation of the  universe in the Rigveda.

Purusha Suktam - the Actual Hymn of Creation in Holy Rigveda (10.90)

Purusha Sukta is the 90th hymn of the 10th Mandala of Holy Rigveda and is the real hymn of creation. It is dedicated to Param Purusha – the Supreme God who is the creator of all the universes, gods and living beings. This hymn gives a detailed description of:

  1. Main Vedic Gods in Holy Rigveda 
  2. Param Purush - Supreme God in Holy Rigveda
  3. Creation of the Universes by Supreme God 
  4. Creation of other God by Supreme God 
  5. Liberation of souls by Supreme God

Main Vedic Gods in Holy Rigveda

There are three main gods mentioned in Holy Rigveda

  • Kshar Purush.
  • Akshar Purush.
  • Param Akshar Purush (Supreme God)

Kshar Purush: is the controller of 21 universes among which our universe is the one. He has a thousand hands and thousand eyes and thousand feet and his other names are Kaal, Brahm, Jyoti Niranjan, Satan, Demon.

Holy Rigveda Mandala 10 Sukta 90 Mantra 1

Sahasrsheersha PurushH sahasrakshH sahasrpaat 
Sa bhumiM vishwatoM vritwatyatishthatdashangulam |1|

Translation: (PurushH) Viraat-form Kaal God i.e. Kshar Purush (sahasrsheersha) who has thousand heads (sahasrakshH) who has thousand eyes (sahasrpaat) thousand feet (sa) that Kaal (bhumim) the twenty one Brahmands of the Earth (vishwatH) from all sides (dashangulam) with the ten fingers i.e. by fully controlling (vritwa) by encircling them (atyatishthat) is also situated above this i.e. lives separately in his Kaal lok in the twenty-first brahmand (universe)

Meaning: The Viraat(huge) Kaal God i.e. Kshar Purush (Satan, Demon), who has a thousand heads, thousand eyes, thousand feet, that Kaal is encircling the twenty-one universes of the Earth from all sides with his ten fingers i.e. he is fully controlling the 21 universes and all those who are under him. He is also situated above this i.e. lives separately in his separate lok/sphere in the twenty-first universe.

Holy Bhagavad Gita, Adhyay 11:46 also gives a similar description of this Kaal/Kshar Purush where Arjun says that, oh Sahasrbaahu i.e one with a thousand arms, I wish to see you in your (chaturbhuj) four-armed form.

Akshar Purush: is the controller of 7 shankh (700 quadrillions) universes. He lives longer than Kshar Purush but he is also in the cycle of birth and death, hence he too is not the Param Purush(supreme god). 

Holy Rigveda Mandala 10 Sukta 90 Mantra 2

Purush evedM sarvM yad bhootM yachch bhaavyam 
Utaamrtatvasyeshaano yadannenaatirohti || 2 ||

Translation: (Ev) similarly, he who is somewhat like (Purush) God, he is Akshar Purush i.e. ParBrahm (ch) and (idam ) he (yat ) who (bhootam ) has taken birth (yat ) who (bhaavyam ) will be born in the future (sarvam ) all (yat ) by effort i.e. hardwork (annen) through food (atirohti) develops. This Akshar Purush also (ut) doubtful (amrtatvasya) of salvation (ishaanH) is master; which means that, while Akshar Purush is somewhat like God, he is not the giver of complete salvation.

Meaning: - In this Mantra, there is a description of Akshar Purush who is equipped with some god-like qualities, but worshipping him cannot liberate us from the cycle of birth and death. Therefore, his ability to give salvation is said to be doubtful. He is said to have some qualities of God because, like Kaal, he does not eat the souls after roasting them on Tapatshila. But in his lok (universes) too, living beings have to work hard and are paid according to their actions (Karma), and the bodies of the living beings develop only with food. Although, the period of life and death in his universes is more than that of Kaal's (Kshar Purush's) universes, but reproduction, destruction and the suffering in the lives of 84 lakh species of life are inevitable. 

Param Purush (Supreme God) Creator of all the Universes – Holy Rigveda (10.90.3 )

According to Holy Rig Veda creation Hymns – the Param Akshar Purush(i.e the eternal God) – Kabir Sahib is the creator and owner of infinite universes. He is the creator of Kshar Purush(Kaal) and Akshar Purush too. Holy Vedas and other holy scriptures name him as Kavir Dev, Kabir Saheb, Allah Kabir or Hakka Kabir. 

Holy Rigveda Mandala 10 Sukta 90 Mantra 3

Etavansya mahimaato jyaayaanshch PurushH Paadoasya vishwa bhootani tripaadasyaamrtM divi || 3 ||

Translation: (Asya) this Akshar Purush i.e. ParBrahm has (etavan) only this much (mahima) supremacy (ch) and (PurushH) that Param Akshar Brahm i.e. Purna Brahm / Supreme God (atH) than him (jyaayaan) is greater (vishwa) all (bhootani) Kshar Purush, Akshar Purush and all the living beings in their loks and in Satyalok (asya) of this Supreme God / Param Akshar Purush (paadH) are one foot i.e. are just a small part of Him (asya) this Supreme God's (tri) three (divi) divine loks like, Satyalok - Alakh lok - Agam lok (amrtam ) eternal (paad ) are the other foot i.e. whosoever has originated in all the brahmands is a part or organ of SatyaPurush / Supreme God only.

Meaning: - Akshar Purush (ParBrahm) mentioned in the Mantra 2 above has limited grandeur, and that Supreme God, Kavir Dev is even greater than him i.e is All-Powerful/Almighty. All the Universes are positioned on a fraction of his body. All the living beings, including Kshar Purush and Akshar Purush, are his parts, i.e his children. The three divine lokas(realms) i.e. Satyalok, Alakh Lok, Agam Lok, are also his eternal part. There is another eternal realm called the Anami lok, which existed even before all other creations. A description of these three Gods (Kshar Purush, Akshar Purush and other than these two, Param Akshar Purush) is given in Holy Shrimad Bhagwat Gita Adhyay 15 Shlok 16 – 17 too. 

Further evidence that Supreme God Kabir Saheb is the creator of the infinite universes:

Some of the most respected and famous saints of their era have narrated the story of the creation of the universe which supports the information we find in Holy Rigveda:

In the sacred speech of Sant Garibdas Ji:

|| Garib, jaake ardh room par sakal pasaara, aisa Puram Brahm hamaara ||

|| Garib anant koti brahmand ka, ek rati nahin bhaar, Satguru Purush Kabir hain, kul ke sirjan haar ||

i.e All the divine realms, infinite universes and living beings are positioned on just on a fraction of a hair of the Supreme God Kabir. That Almighty God Kabir who created the infinite universes and sustains the living beings in them does not feel any weight of his creation.

In the sacred speech of Respected Dadu ji:

Jin moku nij naam diya, soi satguru hamaar | 
Dadu doosra koi nahin, Kabir sirjanhaar ||

The one who is my Guru, who gave me initiation is none other than the Almighty Kabir who is the creator of all the universes. 

In the sacred speech of Respected Nanak Ji:

Yak arj guftam pesh to dar koon Kartar || 
Hakka Kabir karim Tu beaeb Parvardigaar ||

(Shri Guru Granth Sahib; Page no. 721, Mehla 1, Raag Tilang)

The meaning of 'koon Kartar' is 'the Creator of all' i.e. Shabd Swaroopi God who created the world by the power of word/shabd. 'Hakka Kabir' means 'Sat (eternal) Kabir', 'Karim' means 'kind', 'Parvardigaar' means 'God'}.

This concludes that Kabir Saheb is the Supreme God and he is the creator of all the universes and living beings.

Creation of the Universes by Supreme God – Holy Rigveda (10.90.4)

Holy Rigveda Mandala 10 Sukta 90 Mantra 4

Tripaadoordhv udaitPurushH paadoasyehaabhavtpunH || 
Tato vishv na vykraamatsaashnaanashne abhi | 4|

Translation: (PurushH) this Param Akshar Brahm i.e. Eternal God (oordhvH) above (tri) three loks like, Satyalok - Alakh lok - Agam lok, - like (paad) one foot i.e. the upper part (udait ) appears i.e. is seated. (asya) this very Supreme God's / Purna Brahm's (paadH) one foot i.e. one part, in the form of the Universe, (punar ) then (ih) here (abhavat ) appears (tatH) therefore (saH) that Eternal Supreme God (ashanaanashne) even eater Kaal i.e. Kshar Purush and non-eater ParBrahm i.e. Akshar Purush (abhi) above (vishva ) everywhere (vyakraamat ) is pervasive; which means, His supremacy is over all the brahmands and all the gods. He is the Master of the lineage who has extended His power over everyone.

Meaning: - This God, the Creator of all the universes, Himself appears in three different forms in the three divine realms (Satyalok, Alakh Lok, Agam Lok) in the upper part of His creation. That is he is seated like a king in his eternal realms and his power is present in the lower spheres too above the 21 universes of soul eater Kaal/Kshar Purush (because Kaal is cursed to eats one-lakh human beings daily) and over 700 quadrillions universes of non-eater Akshar Purush. Akhshar Purush does not eat human beings of his lok, but the cycle of birth death and punishment according to the karmas remain the same in his universes too. 

Hence it is proved from the Holy Rigveda that Supreme God Kabir only is the Master of the lineage who has created all the universes and all the Gods. As the sun affects everyone with its light while positioned at one place. Similarly, the Supreme God extends the range of his power over all the universes to control them and to sustain all living beings who live in them.  

Creation of Kshar Purush and Akshar Purush by Supreme God – Holy Rigveda (10.90.5)

Holy Rigveda Mandala 10 Sukta 90 Mantra 5

Tasmaadviraatajaayat viraajo adhi PurushH | 
Sa jaato atyarichyat pashchaad abhoomimatho purH || 5||

Translation: (Tasmaat ) thereafter, from the word-power of that Supreme God SatyaPurush (viraat ) Viraat i.e. Kshar Purush/Kaal (ajaayat) originated (pashchaat ) after this (viraajH) than Viraat Purush i.e. Kaal God (adhi) greater (PurushH) Supreme God (bhoomim ) the loks of the Earth, loks of Kaal-Brahm and Akshar Purush (atyarichyat) properly created (athH) then (purH) other small small loks (sa) that Supreme God only (jaatH) created i.e. established 

Meaning: - After the creation of the three realms (Agam lok, Alakh lok, and Satlok) mentioned in the aforesaid Mantra 4, the Supreme God gave rise to Kshar Purush i.e. from that All-powerful God Param Purush, KavirDev (God Kabir) only, Viraat i.e. Kaal God was born. This same evidence is in Holy Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 3 Mantra 15 that Brahm/Kaal originated from the Eternal God. After this, the creation of the universes of Kaal God(Kshar Purush) and Akshar Purush was completed by Supreme God. 

Liberation of Souls by Supreme God – Holy Rigveda

These mantras mention that Param Purush Kabir Saheb (Supreme God) liberates the devout souls who are trapped in the lower universes of Kaal and Akshar Purush and takes them to his eternal abode: 

Holy Rigveda Mandala 10 Sukta 90 Mantra 15

SaptaasyaasanparidhayastriH sapt samidhH krtaH | 
Deva yadhyagyaM tanvaana abadhnanPurushM pashum || 15 ||

Translation: (Sapt) seven shankh brahmands of ParBrahm and (trisapt) the twenty-one brahmands (Universes) of Kaal/Brahm (samidhH) tortured by the fire of the sufferings of the punishment of sinful deeds (krtaH) which does (paridhayH) in the circular boundary (aasan) is present (yat ) who (Purusham) of the Supreme God (yagyam ) offers religious services according to the ordinances i.e. worships (pashum ) bound in the trap of Kaal to the bondage of actions like a sacrificial animal (deva) devout souls (tanvaanaH) from the web of the bondage of sinful actions created i.e. spread by Kaal (abadhnan ) liberates i.e. is the liberator of the bondage; is Bandichhor.

Meaning: - The Supreme God descends to the seven shankh universes of Akshar Purush and twenty-one universes of Kaal and tells the true way of worship to the living beings, who are trapped in the circular boundary of these universes like sacrificial animals and are burning in the fire of their sinful actions. And He makes them follow the correct way of worship, based on which, He liberates his devotee souls from the agony of tapatshila and the suffering of birth and death for being the food of Kaal. Thus Supreme God breaks the trap of the bondange of actions and liberates the souls. That’s why he is called the liberator i.e Bandichhor. (Tapatshila - A piece of rock in the shape of a griddle which automatically remains hot, on which Kaal roasts the immaterial bodies of one lakh human beings) 

Holy Rigveda Mandala 10 Sukta 90 Mantra 16

Yagyen yagyamayajant devaastaani dharmaani prthmaanyaasan | 
Te ha naakaM mahimaanH sachant yatr poorve saadhyaH santi devaH | 16||

Translation: Who (devaH) flawless god-like devout souls (ayagyam) in place of the incomplete wrong religious worship (yagyen) on the basis of the religious act of true bhakti59 (yajant) worship (taani) they (dharmaani) enriched with the religious power (prthmaani) are main i.e. superior (aasan) are (te ha) they only in reality (mahimaanH) equipped with the great power of bhakti (saadhyaH) successful devout souls (naakam ) the complete happiness-giving Supreme God (sachant) on the basis of bhakti i.e. the earnings of true bhakti (devotion), attain. They go there (yatr) where (poorve) of the earlier creation (devaH) sinless god-like devout souls (santi) live.

Meaning: - Those flawless (who have given up consumption of meat, alcohol, tobacco and are free from other vices) and divine, devout souls who abandon the way of worship against the injunctions of the scriptures and do scripture-based worship as told by the supreme god, they become rich with the earnings of bhakti and get free from the debt of Kaal. With the power of true bhakti, attain that supreme God i.e. they go to Satlok where other divine souls are already living. 

Explanation: All the souls are the children of Supreme God who used to live in the Satyalok. Some souls came to the 21 universes after being caught in Kaal's (Brahm's) trap; some others came with ParBrahm in seven shankh brahmands (Universe). But even then infinite souls, whose faith in the Supreme God remained unchanged and who did not fail in their loyalty towards their Master, remained there in Satyalok.

Therefore, in these mantras, Holy Rigveda has proved that Supreme God takes his devout souls back to his eternal abode. This evidence is also given in Gita Adhyay 8 Shlok 8 to 10 that a devotee who does True Worship (sadhna) of Supreme God according to the injunctions of the scriptures, he by the power of the earnings of bhakti attains that Supreme God i.e. goes to Him.

Conclusion: Thus Holy Rigveda creation hymns give the description of the Param Purush and other gods and their realms. But Holy Vedas do not provide the complete story of the creation or the spiritual knowledge for salvation.  It is evident in Holy Rigveda, Mandala 9 Sukta 96 Mantra 17, that the Supreme God KavirDev (Kabir God) appears on earth by acquiring the form of a child and delivers His pure knowledge i.e. Tatvagyan to His followers through (KavirgirbhiH) Kabir Vaani by telling aloud. That knowledge known as Kabir Vani or Kabir Sagar is the fifth Holy Veda (Sukshma Veda) which gives the complete information of the creation of the universe and the true way of worship to attain salvation.

FAQs about Creation of the Universe (Nature) in Holy Rigveda

Q.1 What does the Rigveda say about Creation?

The Rigveda contains verses that mention Param Purush Kabir Dev as the creator of the entire universe and living beings. According to Rigveda Mandal 10 Sukta 90 Mantra 3, Kabir Dev is revered as almighty even by all the gods. Kshar, Akshar, and all living beings are considered to be His creations, being small parts of Him. The three divine eternal realms are also seen as His creation.

Q.2 How many Gods are described in Rigveda?

In the holy Rigveda, Mandal 10 Sukta 90 Mantra 1-3, three types of Gods are described; Kshar Purush, Akshar Purush, and Param Akshar Purush. Similar evidence can also be found in Srimad Bhagavad Gita chapter 15 verses 16-17.

Q. 3 According to the Hymn of Rigveda, who created the Kshar and Akshar Purush?

Rigveda Mandal 10 Sukta 90 Mantra 5 describes the creation of Kshar and Akshar Purush by the Supreme God Kabir. After the creation of the three eternal realms, the Almighty God Kabir gave rise to Kshar and Akshar Purush who are mortal.

Q.4 What is the main theme of Rigveda?

The Rigveda is filled with abundant knowledge, but its main theme revolves around the spectacles performed by the Almighty God and the creation of nature, etc.

Q.5 Who is God according to Rigveda?

According to Rigveda Mandal 10 Sukta 90 Mantra 3, 4 & 5, Param Akshar Purush, i.e., Lord Kabir Ji, is the creator of the entire universe who created Kshar and Akshar Purush and their respective universes.

Q.6 As per the hymn of Rigveda, how is the soul liberated?

According to Rigveda Mandal 10 Sukta 90 Mantra 15, Almighty God, i.e., God Kabir, descends to the universes of Kshar and Akshar Purush to impart true spiritual knowledge and liberate the suffering souls from the vicious cycle of birth and death caused by their sinful deeds.

Q.7 What are the benefits of knowing the truth about the creation of the universe?

Understanding the truth about the creation of the universe can help us comprehend our origins, our true selves, our real companions, the reasons behind pain and suffering in this world, and the cycle of birth and death. This knowledge can further assist in discovering our purpose in life.


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Vivek Singh

The 10th phase of creation, which naturally occurs due to the interaction of three qualities is the creation of the demigods, demons, Gandharvas, Yaksas, ghosts etc. How far is it true?

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All theories about creation are mere anticipations and folktales. Creation of universes is the marvelous work of the supremely intelligent being means Almighty whose evidence is found in holy scriptures Vedas, Gita etc.

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It is believed there are nine phases of creation of universes like the creation of immovable entities, of lower species of life, sense perceptions and elements etc. So, How was the universe actually created and where is its evidence?

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Almighty KavirDev created entire universes in six days. Its evidence is found in Vedas and other holy scriptures of other religions as well. Details can be taken from our website.


Modern Science is unable to explain the process of creation as of now. Does Vedas tell anything about the creation of nature?

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Vedas are God given. They glorify Him and His creation. Holy Rigveda Mandala 10 Sukta 90 Mantra 1 - 3 provides evidence.