Know about the Amazing Miracles of Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj


Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj Ji was born on Vikrami Samvat in 1774 in Chhudani village, Jhajjar district of Haryana province. His parents were Mrs. Rani Devi and Mr. Balram Ji Dhankhar. Saint Garibdas Ji's father used to live in his in-laws' house as a son-in-law. Garibdas Ji's maternal grandfather was a farmer of 1400 acres of land. His maternal grandfather used to keep cows. Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj ji used to go to the field for grazing cows along with other people. As per his daily routine, one day when Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj had gone to graze cows in the fields, then Kabir Parmeshwar Ji descended from Satlok and met Sant Garibdas ji. Kabir Ji gave the true spiritual knowledge to him. When Garibdas ji Maharaj ji got the knowledge, he insisted to God Kabir to show him Satlok. Then Almighty Kabir granted Naam Updesh (Name Initiation) to Garibdas ji and took him to Satlok.

Kabir Parmeshwar Ji opened the divine vision of Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj Ji. Due to this Garibdas ji got complete spiritual knowledge from the beginning till end of the creation of universe. This knowledge was recited by Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj Ji and was written in the form of Sadgranth Sahib by Dadupanthi Saint Gopal Das Ji. Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj Ji was a special pious soul and a True Saint, worthy of the grace of Supreme God Kabir. He has done many miracles which cannot be explained in a single article.

Let us know some of the main miracles performed by Garibdas Ji Maharaj. The following will be discussed

  1. Knowing the Sorrow of Maniram
  2. Giving Lesson to Harlal's Ox
  3. Protecting the Village of Chhudani from the drought
  4. Establishing Brotherhood between the Dalals and the Rathis
  5. Nine Yogeshwars tested Sant Garibdas Ji
  6. Expelling the Ignorance of a Devotee
  7. Composing Pious Sad Granth Sahib
  8. Teaching Lesson to Sage Mastnath Ji
  9. Teaching Ramrai (Jhumakra) a lesson
  10.  Manifesting the Ganga River in Village Chudani
  11. Prohibition of Tobacco in Malkhedi
  12. Death Mystery of Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj
  13. Saint Garibdas Ji Bodh Diwas Celebrations 2023

Knowing the Sorrow of Maniram 

Reference: Way of Living book written by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj on page 148

There was a well-known Narrator Pandit named Maniram. He organized a recitation of Ramayan in a village in Haryana. The story of Ramayan generally finishes within a maximum of eleven days. Greedy Maniram Pandit kept it for thirty days to gain more donations. He had thought that the more days the story of Ramayan will continue, the more donations he will get, as donations will be made every day. In thirty days of story-telling, Maniram Pandit only received thirty rupees. On the last day, some people called a dancer named Champakali who earned five hundred rupees within 2 hours. This made Maniraam unhappy. Within two hours, Champakali earned five hundred rupees whereas Maniram only got thirty rupees in thirty days. Pandit Ji's sorrow was boundless.

 Maniraam knew about saint Garibdasji Maharaj so after then he went to him. Sant Garibdas ji was sitting with his devotees. At that very moment, Pandit Maniram ji reached there and expressed his annoyance. Sant Garibdas ji was all knower and understood the reason of his disgust and said: -

Garib, footi aankh vivek ki, andha hai Jagdish ||
Champakali ko paanch sau, Maniram ko tees ||

 The person named Jagdish who had intentionally mischievously held Champakali's dance show on the day of the completion of Maniram's recitation of Ramayan had done a sinful act.

On the other hand, lured by extra donations, Maniram stretched the story that can be finished in eleven days to thirty days. Some mischievous people of the village were also familiar with this motive of Maniram ji. On hearing this truth from Sant Garibdas ji's mouth, Maniram ji was extremely astonished. Then Garibdas Ji told him to do true devotion and asked him not to be greedy in terms of money and asked him to get initiation.

Giving Lesson to Harlal's Ox

Reference: Way of Living book written by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj on page 55

There was a Jaat farmer named Harlal in village Beri (district-Jhajjar, State-Haryana). He was of religious temperament. His entire family was of a religious disposition. A man in saffron clothes came and did spiritual discourses for a few days. Harlal asked that man to stay with his family. So that Harlal and his family could get seva and that sage can do bhakti without any tension. Sage agreed.

The entire family used to serve him. After a few years, that saint died. After doing his final rites, they made his memorial in their field. Shri Harlal Jaat used to transport the goods of businessmen.

One ox of Shri Harlal ji was sluggish. While walking in the cart, he used to sit down after some time. He was beaten with sticks to make him stand up. After a small distance, he again used to sit down. This sequence of events continued. One summer morning, at around 4 o'clock, Shri Harlal ji was returning from Najafgarh market with a loaded bullock cart. Near village Chhudani, at a short distance from a well, that ox sat down. Harlal ji started hitting him with a stick. Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj was having a bath on that well, He asked him not to beat the animal. Sant Garibdas ji went near that ox and said something in his ear. Immediately that fair-skinned ox stood up. Sant Garibdas ji said, "Now this ox will walk alright."

Shri Harlal ji did not believe it. That ox started walking even faster than the other ox. He did not even sit from Village Chhudani to Beri. Shri Harlal ji was surprised and elated. He told everything to his family members at home. Even they could not believe it. After that, Harlal Jaat went to Village Chhudani in the next morning to know what Garibdas ji did to ox. Saint Garibdas ji told him that the sage who lived in Harlal’s home was not doing correct worship and was just resting under his hospitality. Garibas ji told him to do Satya Bhakti and not just eat and sleep. That fake sage got annoyed and didn’t listen to Him. Garibdas Ji Maharaj further told Harlal that ox was no one but the rebirth of that fake sage. Then Garibdas ji said in the ox’s ear that He didn’t agree to Garibdas ji in human life so now has to pay the farmer’s debt at any cost. Whether he chooses to return happily or by getting beaten by sticks, he cannot escape from this.

That fake Baba in the body of the ox understood it. He was a disciple of Supreme God Kabir earlier then became an arbitrary worshipper. Hearing this Harlal requested Garibdas Ji Maharaj to become his disciple. Harlal wanted to renounce home for the sake of Bhakti. Then Gribdas ji uttered -

Garib, gaadi baho ghar raho, kheti karo khushhaal |
Saayin sir par rakhiye, sahi bhagat Harlal ||

 One does not have to renounce home to attain God. Stay at home. Do true devotion. Such a person is a true devotee.

Protecting the Village of Chhudani from the drought

Reference: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh book written by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj on page 141

Once drought struck around the village Chhudani (District-Jhajjar). The people of the surrounding villages came to Saint Garibdas ji and prayed to save them from the terrible disaster that had happened without rain. Saint Garibdas ji pleaded with Indra ji and it rained. There are 96 crore Meghmalas that Lord Indra has,each of them contains 1 crore clouds. Then the people of Chhudani village got relief from the disaster.

Establishing Brotherhood between the Dalals and the Rathis 

Reference: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh book written by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj on page 141-142

In the village of Chhara, Haryana some Dalal Gotra of Jaat used to live, surrounded by the other villages of Rathi Gotra (Caste) Jaat. During that time one Gotra used to raid the other Gotra who were less in number, and used to take away their cattle and assets. This was called as 'Dhaday' which is done on a predetermined date. Dalals were in a pitiful situation. No kings and Nawab could help them with this. They went to Garibdas Ji Maharaj to seek the solution. 

Garibdas Ji Maharaj asked Dalals to stand with their sticks (laathi) and leave the rest on him. The day came and Dalals stood up as asked by Garibdas ji Maharaj. Suddenly, Rathis came and saw a big army with Dalals they flew at speed leaving their sticks which Dalals later brought with them. Dalals went to Garibdas ji to thank him then Garibdas ji blessed Rathis and Dalals with brotherhood which is still in between the two.

Nine Yogeshwars tested Sant Garibdas Ji 

Reference: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh book written by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj on page 143

Kisan Bhandari chadhe Kubera |
Ab Dilli mandal bahuryon phera ||

Once Nine Yogeshwars came through the sky and landed in the fields of Garibdas Ji Maharaj to examine Him. They came for a spiritual discussion. The message was sent on Vaisakh month Shukla paksh Chaturdashi evening to Garibdas ji Maharaj. After receiving message Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj went to Yogeshwars with his 4-5 disciples and greeted them. He asked the reason of their meeting and was told to get ready for spiritual discussion. Nine Yogeshwars decided to start the next day. Sant Garibdas Ji said that you are knowledgeable spiritual discussion with you would be like showing lamp to Sun, yet I agree. On request of the feast, Yogeshwars said that they take food once a day and that they cook on their own. Garibdas ji Maharaj kept all the necessary items to cook food like rice, flour, ghee, milk, and water, and made other necessary arrangements and returned to His village. The very next day Garibdas ji Maharaj went to the field. Yogeshwars cooked food and offered a plate to Garibdas ji. Garibdas ji asked Yogeshwars to have the feast first as they were guests. 

Yogeshwars sat in a row and blew conch shell (Shankh). All the 33 crore deities came via Sky route and sat in a row. This was a pre-planned idea. The reason was Sant Garibdas Ji glorifies Shri Brahma, Shri Vishnu, Shri Shiv Ji in real way but the supreme power is above them. He is Almighty Kabir.

All set, then Nine Yogeshwars said that first make them eat food we will have later else we will destroy you and your village Chhudani. Garibdas ji Maharaj ji said such harsh words of yours are not respectful and you will not be able to destroy Chudani. Then He remembered God and Satguru Kabir. He put the clean bedsheet on his plate and ordered His disciple Dharidas ji to start the bhandara. As Dharidas ji unleash the plate, it automatically flew and got in front of 33 crore deities. Even after feeding everyone the plate under the cloth was full of food. All the Yogeshwars and deities had food and bowed to Garibdas ji Maharaj's power and ability and flew back via Sky route.

Expelling the Ignorance of a Devotee

Garibdas Ji Maharaj used to tell his disciples about scripture-based devotion. He used to say that Shraddha Karma is a practice of arbitrary worship. A disciple of Garibdas Ji Maharaj performed Shradh of his parents for two days. Garibdas Ji Maharaj asked him to bring food for two people the next day. Garib Das Ji along with his disciple went with the food to the jungle. There he called out the names of his parents and a couple of jackals came out of the bushes and ate all the food. Seeing this the disciple's eyes were opened that there is no benefit in performing Shraddha Karma.

Composing Pious Sad Granth Sahib 


When Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj was sent back to earth by Kabir Sahib after witnessing Satlok, he started praising the glory of God through speeches and couplets. It was beyond the understanding of common people so they thought that He might go crazy. Once a Dadupanthi saint Gopal Das ji came to Chhudani village. People informed him about the incident with Garibdas ji and told Gopal Das about his madness.

Then Gopaldas ji talked to Garibdas ji. Garibdas ji uttered the same words in front of him, after hearing speeches Gopaldas ji understood that he is no ordinary person. He is familiar with God and not he but others are mad. Then he followed Sant Garibdas Ji. Gopaldas ji requested Garibdas ji to get these speeches transcribed. Then Garibdas ji Maharaj got all the Vanis written by Gopaldas ji and in this way, SadGranth Sahib was completed.

Teaching Lesson to Sage Mastnath ji 

Mastnath ji was a sage of the Nath sect. He had some supernatural powers (Sidhhi) which made him arrogant. He once came to Garibdas ji and started showing off his powers. Garibdas ji Maharaj asked him to sit and do spiritual discussions but he ignored. He burned some parts of the village Chhudani. Then Garibdas ji Maharaj extinguished that fire and that fire started in Mastnath ji's monastery. Garibdas ji asked Mastnath ji to take care of his 'math'. Mastnath ji got tired of doing all the efforts but could not extinguish the fire with his Siddhi Shakti. Then Garibdas ji Maharaj extinguished that fire and preached true devotion to Mastnath ji. After that Mastnath ji did many social welfare works.

Teaching Ramrai (Jhumakra) a lesson 

A person named Ram Rai lived in Ludhiana, Punjab. He came to Chudani village to meet Garibdas Ji Maharaj. At that time Garibdas Ji Maharaj was in the fields. The sevadars urged him to sit down but Ram Rai went to the fields with a strong eagerness to meet Saint ji. Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj used to wear simple attire. Ram Rai had the misconception that saints wear saffron clothes, wear garlands and keep their hair long. In the fields, he asked Garibdasji Maharaj about the address of Garibdasji Maharaj.

Garibdas Ji Maharaj asked him to come with him. He returned home along with them and when everyone bowed down to Garibdas Ji Maharaj, Ram Rai got upset. Because he had a different image of a saint in his mind. Here Garibdas ji went to bathe after giving work to all the servants. After some time, He called Ramrai and said that his finger is injured, so if Ramrai could tie the knot of his dhoti.

As soon as Ramrai tried to tie a knot in the dhoti, it crossed Garibdas ji's body. Ramrai tried again a couple of times. Then Garibdas ji took the name of his village and said that Jhumkara, I am an ordinary person, then why don't you tie this knot? Then Ramrai raised his head in surprise and saw Garibdas ji in the form of lord Vishnu. Because till then Jhumkara used to consider Vishnu as the complete God. Ramrai was not only surprised but he bowed down with reverence in front of Garibdasji Maharaj. And then Garibdas ji introduced him to Satya Bhakti

Sant Garib Das ji said that God has given this knowledge. He himself had come, He is God Kabir Dev ji who went to Kashi in the role of a cotton weaver. And the Guru of your Guru Nanak Dev Ji was also Supreme God Kabir Saheb.

Gareeb, Hum Sultani Nanak tare, Dadu koon updesh diya | 
Jaat julaaha bhed nahin paaya, kaashi maahe Kabir hua ||

Manifesting the Ganga River in Village Chudani

Once upon a time, all the people from Chhudani village were going to bathe in the Ganga river. Garibdas ji's mother expressed her desire to bathe in the Ganga. Garibdas Ji Maharaj said that he would get her bathed in the Ganga in the village Chhudani itself. Mother could not believe it. Garibdas ji asked him to go to bathe in the Ganga the next day. Some other people also joined. On reaching near a pond, Garibdas ji asked everyone to close their eyes and asked them to open them again. When everyone opened their eyes, the river Ganga was flowing at full speed.

A man found a dhoti and a pot flowing and put it on the bank. When everyone had taken bath, Garibdas Ji Maharaj asked to close their eyes again and the river Ganga disappeared from there. Everyone's clothes were wet and they all returned home. When the people who had gone to bathe in the Ganga from Chudani came back, Garibdas ji's mother told them about bathing in the Ganga at Chudani itself. People could not believe this. A person told them that his dhoti and lot (pot) had been washed away in the river Ganga. Then Garibdas Ji Maharaj gave him that dhoti and pot asking if that belonged to him. He recognized the belongings as soon as he saw them. And thus everyone believed in this miracle. That pond is still known as Ganga Johad in the village Chhudani.

Prohibition of Tobacco in Malkhedi

Reference: Way of Living book writer is Sant Rampal Das on page 64-65

Malkhedi is a village in the Jind district of Haryana. Once upon a time, Garibdas Ji Maharaj was passing from there on a horse then suddenly the horse got distracted and reached the fields. The wheat crop was planted in the fields. The keepers of the farm came with sticks to beat Garibdas ji. As soon as they reached Garibdas ji, everyone froze like a stone. After some time, when Garibdas ji made them normal they started crying and apologizing. Garibdas ji warned them about their behavior. Garibdas ji asked them what was sown earlier in the fields, to which he got the answer that sorghum and before that tobacco was grown. Garibdas ji told that even animals do not like tobacco, but humans have gone beyond animals who consume tobacco. Garibdas ji explained about the spiritual and physical harms caused by tobacco and left with instructions not to grow and use tobacco in future.

As soon as Garibdas Ji Maharaj left, the guards started making arrangements for smoking hookah, but all the hookahs and chillums broke on their own. This thing spread in the whole village and till date tobacco is not used in Malkhedi village.

Death Mystery of Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj

Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj used to recite the spiritual philosophy told by Kabir Saheb as per his orders. He used to do satsang on the Poornima (full moon day) every month. People used to come from far and wide to take advantage of his satsang. Bhumad Saini was one such devotee. He used to walk two hundred kilometers from Saharanpur, Meerut to reach the village Chudani. Garibdas ji told him that he can come after leaving a month. But Bhumad ji used to get sad hearing this. 

One day Garibdas ji told Bhumad ji not to come for satsang from next month. On being asked by Bhumad devotee, Garibdas ji told that now only he will come to Saharanpur. In the year 1778, on the second day of Shukla Paksha of Bhadon month, Garibdas ji left his body and went to Satlok. His dead body was cremated in the village Chhudani itself where a memorial has been built which exists even today. 

Here even after six months, Garibdas ji Maharaj did not reach Saharanpur, so Bhumad ji started crying and calling out to Garibdas ji. Garibdas ji suddenly appeared one day on the day of Basant Panchami and started living in Bhumad ji's garden by building a hut. Garibdas ji stayed there for about 35 years and did satsang. People of both Hindu and Muslim religions took initiation from him. One day when Garibdas ji Maharaj went to Satyalok, the news was given to his family members by going to Chhudani village.

In Chhudani, the family members declared that Garibdas ji's last rites had already been performed 35 years ago. Along with this, his family also sent two horsemen from Chhudani to confirm the incident. The horsemen confirmed the body of Garibdas Ji Maharaj. Later he was cremated in Meerut's Saharanpur. After this, a memorial 'Chhatri Sahib' was built in Saharanpur in the name of respected Garibdas ji.

Saint Garibdas Ji Bodh Diwas Celebrations 2023

A three-day Grand Event is being organised on March 2-3-4 2023, on the Bodh Divas of respected Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj ji, under the guidance of Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. On this auspicious occasion, grand programs like Three-day Akhand Path, Huge Free Bhandara, Blood Donation Camp, Dowry-free Marriage, Free Naam Initiation and Huge Satsang Ceremony will take place in 10 ashram of Satlok in which the whole world is cordially invited along with family.

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