How did the name Kavir (Kabir) Dev come in Vedas

Kabir; whom people, to date; simply consider a poet descended 600 years ago from the eternal world ‘Satlok’ in the year 1398 C.E. in Kashi-Varanasi and stayed on earth playing the divine spectacle of a weaver. He was in fact, Almighty God Kavir Dev the creator of the universe. He is Param Akshar Purush, Supreme God. His body is highly effulgent. He is enthroned like a King in ‘Satlok’. He does not take birth from a mother’s womb. God Kabir comes in every yuga (age) on earth intending to liberate innocent souls from the web of the butcher Brahm-Kaal by imparting true spiritual knowledge. Holy books – pious Vedas; provide evidence about his identity and the spectacles he does on earth. God Kabir departed the earth along with his body from Maghar in 1598.

However, there are certain enduring questions in the mind of people regarding the name Kabir which have been answered in FAQs below.

Question - How did the name Kavir i.e. Kabir come in Vedas? Vedas were obtained at the beginning of creation. Kavir Dev (Supreme God Kabir) originated in 1398 A.D.

Answer - The actual name of the Supreme God is KavirDev. His other names are SatPurush, Param Akshar Brahm, Purna Brahm, etc. Like, the name of the body of the prime minister of a country is something else and Pradhan Mantri, Prime Minister are the names of the post. This very Supreme God Kabir Dev by changing names has come in all the four yugas and was also present in a human-like visible body in Anami (Anamay) lok by the name Kabir Dev before the creation of nature and the Vedas. The same KavirDev, after creating Satlok, then became seated in Satlok. Thereafter, He created all the loks (regions) of ParBrahm and Brahm-Kaal (Jyoti Niranjan) and the Vedas; therefore, there is a description of KavirDev in the Vedas.

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Almighty Kabir tells in his nectar speech

चारों युग में मेरे संत पुकारे - Charon Yug mein mere sant pukarey
कुक कहा हम हेल रे - Kook kaha hum hail re
हीरे माणिक मोती बरसे - Heerey Madik Moti barsey
यह जग चुगता ढेल रे - Yeh jag chugta dhel re

सतयुग में सतसुकृत कह टेरा - Satyug mein Satsukrit kahey tera
त्रेता नाम मुनेंद्र मेरा - Treta naam Muninder mera
द्वापर में करुणामय कहाया - Dwapar mein Karunamay kahaya
कलयुग नाम कबीर धराया - Kalyug naam Kabir dharaya

Note: God Kabir Sahib Ji appears in all four ages as an infant and makes one disciple through which Kabir Panth (cult) is propagated.    

Question – What was the name of Almighty Kavir Dev in Satyug? Whom did he meet?

Answer – According to the constitution of God, KavirDev comes in all ages on earth to impart true spiritual knowledge to his dearest virtuous souls. The same Almighty KavirDev came in Satyug and became famous by the name ‘Satsukrit’. He appeared on the Lotus flower in a pond from where a childless Brahman couple aged 55-60 years named ‘Vidhyadhar’ and his wife named ‘Deepika’ took the child form God and nurtured Him. At that time, God Kabir gave true spiritual knowledge to Shri Garud Ji, Trimurti Gods ie. Shri Brahma Ji, Shri Vishnu Ji, and Shri Shiv Ji, also to Shri Manu Ji. None of them agreed with the spiritual knowledge given by Kabir Ji therefore, people started calling him ‘Vamdev’ ie. one who provides spiritual knowledge which is opposite to the belief in Brahm-Kaal’s region. God made one 'Sehtey Ji' his beloved soul his disciple and after explaining him the nectar knowledge made him a resident of Satlok.

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Question – What was the name of Almighty Kavir Dev in Treta Yuga? Whom did he meet?

Answer: – In Treta Yug God Kabir was present on earth in the form of sage Muninder. He met the same soul of ‘Vidhyadhar’ Brahman named ‘Sage Vedvij’ and his wife; the same soul ‘Deepika’ whose name was ‘Surya’. They were the childless couple who served God as an infant. Almighty KavirDev ie. sage Muninder Ji met Rama (son of King Dashrath), Nal-Neel, Hanuman, Mandodari (wife of the King of Lanka ie. Ravana) and ‘Vibhishan’ the younger brother of Ravana. Almighty KavirDev blessed Ramchandra Ji build the famous ‘Ramsetu bridge’ with the help of his army (Nal-Neel and others) which joins coastal region of South India with Srilanka after which the battle was fought between Rama and Ravana and Sita was brought back. At that time, God also made one ‘Bankey Ji' his beloved soul his disciple, provided him true mantras, and made him a resident of Satlok.

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and God Kabir took Vibhishan and Mandodri in refuge 

Question – Did Almighty Kavir Dev manifest in Dwapar Yuga? Whom did he meet?

Answer – In Dwapar Yuga, God Kabir was famous by the name ‘Karunamay’ whose upbringing was done by a childless couple in ‘Valmiki’ caste named Bhikhu and his wife Godavari. This childless couple took an infant form of God who appeared on a Lotus flower and did His upbringing, therefore, He was also called ‘Valmiki’. One Gangeshwar Brahman, his son Ganesha and one Supach Sudarshan from the same Valmiki caste became his disciple. God as sage Karunamay met the five sons of Pandavas ie. Yudhisthir, Bheem, Arjun, Nakul, and Sahdev, also He met Shri Krishan Ji and Draupadi and blessed them by being a part of the feast which was given by ‘Pandunandans’ on the advice of Shri Krishan to nullify their sins cropped on them after the fierce battle of Mahabharata. God Kabir took Queen Indramati in the refuge. Also, the famous Jagan Nath temple in Orissa was built by the grace of Almighty KavirDev. The Supreme God Kabir also chose a beloved soul named ‘Chaturbhuj’ for propagating the cult and by providing him the true spiritual knowledge (Tatvagyan) God transcended this beloved soul.

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Question – What was Almighty Kavir Dev’s manifestation in Kalyug? Whom did he meet?

Answer – 600 years ago in ‘Shukla Paksha’ on the full moon day (Purnima) of Jyeshta month Vikram Samvat 1455 (1398 AD) on Monday in Brahm Muhurta God Kabir acquired the child form and manifested as an infant on Lehartala pond on a Lotus flower in Kashi-Varanasi. Sage Ashtanand Ji was the eyewitness of this divine spectacle. Neeru-Nima, a childless couple (they were the parents of Supach Sudarshan the disciple of God in Dwapar Yuga) took God Kabir from the pond and served him like their son. In Kalyug Almighty Kabir was famous by his original name ie. Kabir who used to impart true spiritual knowledge through couplets, proverbs, verses, and people thought He is simply a poet. God met the founder of Sikhism ie. Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Swami Ramanand Ji, respected Dharamdas Saheb Ji, and a few more. He liberated the same soul ‘Deepika’ whom He took in refuge in ‘Satyug’ in her human birth in Kaliyuga as ‘Kamali’. 

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Question – Does Almighty Kavir Dev otherwise also manifest on earth anytime? What is the purpose of His manifestation?

Answer – Yes, God Kabir manifests to meet His virtuous souls anytime. He descends from His eternal abode ‘Satlok’ with speed, whole bodily. The purpose remains the same ie. to make familiar his ignorant souls about their native world ‘Satlok’ and relieve them from the trap of Brahm-Kaal the devil. That omnipotent Lord, that ‘Param Akshar Brahm’, Kavir Dev himself tells about his own creation of the universe. 

Almighty Kavir Dev tells in his nectar speech

गौता मारू स्वर्ग में जा बैठूं पाताल  |
गरीबदास, ढूंढता फिरूं मैं अपने हीरे मोती लाल  ||

Gota marun swarg mein jaa baithun patal, 
Garibdas, doondhta phirun mein apney Hirey Moti lal

He met his beloved souls; respected Dadu Saheb Ji, respected Malookdas Saheb Ji, respected Garibdas Saheb Ji, respected Gheesadas Saheb Ji, Sheikh Farid, Rishi Sarvananda, Seu-Samman, Sultan Ibrahim Adham, Sikander Lodhi, Veerdev Singh Baghel, Bijli Khan Pathan, Meerabai, Gorakhnath, Dhruv, Prahalad and a few more renowned personalities of their time. 

Likewise, He explains the true spiritual knowledge time and again and later he disappears. 

Question – Is there mention of manifestation of God Kabir in other religions?

Answer – Yes, In all the holy books-Quran Sharif, Quran Majid, etc of Islam religion Almighty KavirDev is greeted by the name ‘Kabira’, ‘Kabiran’, ‘Khabira’, ‘Khabiran’. God Kabir only is Allahu Akbar. God Kabir maintains faith in devotion by making many forms. He also performed  Al-Khidr's Divine Play. Muslims believe that Al-Khidr is immortal and is still alive on earth and guides those who are confused on the path of Allah. 

In this very context, Saint Garibdas Ji has said that: -

गरीब अनंत कोटि अवतार हैं, - Garib anant koti avtaar hain,
नौ चितवैं बुद्धि नाश - Nau chitvain buddhi naash;
खालिक खेलै खलक में - Khaalik khelai khalak mein,
छः ऋतु बारह मास - Cheh ritu barah maas;

Similarly, Holy Bible provides evidence that El-Kabir is the same Almighty KavirDev. In all Bible translations, the word Kabir is translated as ‘great’ or ‘mighty’, whereas Kabir is the name of the Supreme God mentioned in every scripture. 

Also, pious Shri Guru Granth Sahib mentions Kabir is God.

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Question – Does Almighty Kavir Dev play the divine act of a Tatvadarshi Saint? How to identify a Satguru?

Answer – Srimad Bhagavat Gita Adhyay 15 Shlok 1-4 and 16,17 provides evidence of the identity of a Tatvadarshi (Enlightened) saint. Yes, Almighty Kabir himself plays the role of a true spiritual leader. He only acts as Satguru who imparts true spiritual knowledge to his beloved souls, provides true salvation mantras chanting which the souls attain salvation.

At present Jagatguru Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji is a living Satguru on earth.

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Important - Aforesaid clarifies, all holy books mention Kabir is God. People should not have any doubts. The same weaver of Kaashi, the same poet was Almighty Kabir.

FAQs about How did the name Kavir (Kabir) Dev come in Vedas

Q.1 Who is Kabir in Vedas?

In the Vedas, Kabir is mentioned as KavirDev, the name of the supreme God who appears in all four eras and performs miraculous feats as described in the Holy Vedas. In the current era, known as Kalyuga, he appears by his original name Kabir.

Q.2 Who is most powerful in Vedas?

The most powerful entity in the Vedas is undoubtedly the God who created the entire universe. Referred to as KavirDev in numerous Vedic passages, this divine being resides in the eternal abode called Satlok and descends to Earth to impart true spiritual knowledge and guide devout souls. This supreme God is none other than Kabir, historically recognized as a saint or poet. Lord Kabir says in his profound speech:

Kabir, Ved mera bhed hai, Mai na milu vedan ke maahi |
Joun ved se mai milu, Vo ved jante nahi ||

Q. 3 Is Kabir Das a God?

Kabir Das, widely known as a saint, a social reformer, and a poet, is indeed considered to be God Himself. In reality, he is the supreme God who appears in all ages to provide a complete path to salvation for righteous individuals and fulfills all the miraculous events described in the Holy Vedas. In one of his profound speeches, Lord Kabir states,

Kabir, Satyug mein Satsukrit kahey tera, Treta naam Muninder mera |

Dwapar mein Karunamay kahaya, Kalyug naam Kabir dharaya ||

"Kabir, in Satyug I was known as Satsukrit, in Treta I was called Muninder, in Dwapar I was known as Karunamay, and in Kalyug, I am known as Kabir."

Q.4 Who is God as per Vedas?

As per the Vedas, the supreme God who manifests all the divine occurrences described in the Holy Vedas is considered the ultimate deity. Lord Kabir appears in every era and orchestrates these events. He neither takes birth from a mother's womb nor dies; he is an omnipotent and supernatural entity, praised in the Holy Vedas.

Q.5 What is the concept of God in Vedas?

The concept of God in the Vedas encompasses several aspects:

  1. God has a human-like form.
  2. He does not take birth from a mother's womb. As infant he is nurtured by a virgin cow
  3. He imparts true spiritual knowledge and becomes renowned as a beloved poet.
  4. His name is KavirDev, capable of absolving all the sins of his devotees.
  5. That Supreme God Kavir can grant the path to salvation, He can break all boundaries.

Q.6 Who is the strongest god in Vedas?

The strongest and only God in the Vedas and every scriptures is undeniably the Almighty God, who created the entire universe, including all beings and phenomena. As scripted, this powerful entity is Kabir Dev, who is immortal, all-powerful, and the supreme being.

Q.7 Which God is first?

The first and only God mentioned in the Vedas and other holy scriptures is the one who created the universe. In the Atharva Veda, in Kaand 4, Anuvaak 1, Mantra 7, it is explicitly stated that KavirDev is the father of the universe and the creator of all. This signifies that he is the first and supreme God. Additionally, Saint Garibdas ji Maharaj, after attaining complete spiritual knowledge, proclaims in his profound discourse:

Garib, Anant koti Brahmand ka, Ek rati nahi bhaar |

Satguru purush Kabir hai, Kul ke Srijanhaar ||

Q.8 Is God formless in Vedas?

The Vedas indicate that the supreme God is not formless. In the Yajurveda, in Adhyay 5, Mantra 1, it is clearly mentioned that the supreme God possesses a body that nurtures all creatures. Furthermore, in the Rigveda, in Mandal 9, Sukt 96, Mantra 18, it is written that after establishing the stable Earth of Mukti loka (the realm of liberation), the Almighty God sat on the throne in a radiant human-like form. There are ever more evidence in holy scriptures which prove God is in human form. He resides in the eternal world Satlok.


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Vinay Sharma

We have heard Kabir was a poet, but never that He is Almighty. How to believe this?

Satlok Ashram

All holy scriptures like Pious Vedas, Gita, pious Quran Sharif and holy Bible provides evidence Kabir is God. Out of ignorance people remained deprived of this truth.

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God is formless no one can see Him, then How do you say Kabir is God?

Satlok Ashram

This is a myth that God is formless. God is in human form whose evidence is in holy scriptures. Undoubtedly Kabir is God.

Ketan Singh

There is so much hue and cry on earth, is there a Saviour who can provide relief to suffering souls?

Satlok Ashram

God Kabir is the Saviour. He comes in this deceased world in every Era. He is available at present. He comes for the welfare of mankind. At present God Kabir Ji is playing divine spectacle in the cover of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj