Question - How did the name Kavir i.e. Kabir come in Vedas? Vedas were obtained in the beginning of creation. KavirDev (Supreme God Kabir) has originated in 1398 A.D.?

Answer - The actual name of the Supreme God is KavirDev, and the similar names are SatPurush, Param Akshar Brahm, Purna Brahm etc. Like, the name of the body of the prime minister of a country is something else and pradhan mantri, prime minister are the names of the post. This very Supreme God KavirDev by changing names has come in all the four yugas, and was also present in a human-like visible body in Anami (Anamay) lok by the name KavirDev prior to the creation of the nature and the Vedas. The same KavirDev, after creating Satlok, then became seated in Satlok. Thereafter, He created all the loks of ParBrahm and Brahm and the Vedas; therefore, there is description of KavirDev in the Vedas.