When Sati Ji (Parvati Ji) died as a result of burning after jumping in the fire-pit of her father King Daksh, God Shiv Ji out of affection considering her skeleton as Sati Ji (Parvati Ji), keeping it on his shouder, kept wandering like a mad man for ten thousand years. God Vishnu Ji broke the skeleton of Sati Ji into pieces with his Sudarshan chakra. Where the trunk of that skeleton fell, it was buried there in the ground. To maintain the memory of this religious incident, a temple-like monument was built over it so that in the coming times no one should say that incorrect information is given in the Purans. They kept a picture of a woman in that temple and started calling her Vaishno Devi. A noble man was appointed to look after it and to narrate the story of that place to the devout visitors. Other religious persons used to give him some wages.

Later on the descendents of that person started taking gifts (donations) there and started making false stories. They started saying things like, that a man's business had collapsed; he vowed 100 rupees to the Goddess and offered a coconut and as a result he became very wealthy. There was childless couple. They vowed to offer 200 rupees, one sari, and one gold necklace to the Goddess and they got a son.

In this way, innocent souls by becoming based on these baseless stories forgot the teachings of Holy Bhagavad Gita and Holy Vedas, in which all these religious practices have been mentioned to be devoid of the injunctions of scriptures. Because of which neither is there any happiness, nor is any task accomplished, nor is supreme state i.e. salvation attained (Evidence: Holy Gita Adhyay 16 Shlok 23, 24). 

Likewise, where Devi's eyes dropped, there Naina Devi temple and where tongue fell, there temple of Shri Jwala Ji and where trunk fell, there Vaishno Devi temple was established.