How was Shri Amarnaath Dhaam Established? True Story

True Story of Shri Amarnaath Dhaam's Establishment

Amarnath shrine located in South Kashmir is a famous religious pilgrimage for many Hindus as well as some other religion’s devotees. The God-loving souls wander for eternal peace to many places of pilgrimage. Similarly, seekers visit Amarnath shrine every year in millions to pay obeisance to their revered deity Lord Shiva in the summer month (July till mid-August) since Lord Shiva appears in the form of Ice-Lingam and tracking through the daunting mountains devotees singing the glory of Shankar Ji by chanting “Bam-Bam Bhole” enthusiastically visit the shrine. 

Lord Shiva equipped with Tamogun plays the role of destruction in 21 universes of his father Brahm-Kaal (God Sadashiv). It is said ‘Shiv Hee Shav Hai’ (शिव ही शव है). Devotees are well aware of this fact but due to ignorance are trapped in the web of villain-Kaal and perform arbitrary worship all through their life which is strictly prohibited in pious Srimad Bhagavad Gita chapter 16 verse 23-24 and remains in the vicious cycle of birth and rebirth. This write-up will explain facts about Amarnath Pilgrimage. Whether this way of remembering Shankar Ji by seekers is the correct way of worship?

Accepting this proven fact mentioned in our Holy books let us try to understand

How did ShivLing Worship Start?

Ref: Shiv Puran (Publisher- Khemraj Shri Krishnadas Prakashan, Mumbai; Translator - Pt. Jwala Prasad Ji Mishr) Part-1, Vidweshwar Samhita, Chapter- 5, Page Number-27-30 and Vidveshwar Samhita, Page no 18, Verse 40-43

To prove their supremacy; once Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma fought and to remove their ambiguity on supremacy their father God Sadashiv (Brahm-Kaal) rowed a highly illuminating pillar in the form of his phallus in between both and preached them to worship his ‘Lingam-form’; henceforth; which was against the injunctions of holy scriptures. Brahm-Kaal is a deceiver and misguides devotees from doing the right worship and makes them waste time in arbitrary practices. Since then the devotees are misguided and perform this shameless worship which does not provide them any spiritual gain rather keeps them in the trap of Kaal. 

For details read shiv-puran 

Why does Lord Shiva Wear ‘Skull-Garland’?

Goddess Parvati; the consort of Lord Shiva has had 107 human births and in every birth, she used to get married to Shiv Ji. Lord Shiva loved Goddess Parvati immensely as a result; after Parvati died in all her earlier human births, Shiv Ji used to make a garland of her skull (Mundamala- मुंडमाला) and wear it in her memory. 

The death of Uma / Sati / Parvati proves the fact that deities are in the cycle of birth and death similar to their devotees. Lord Shiva himself is in the cycle of birth and death (evidence in Shiv Mahapuran and Shrimad Devi Bhagwat). He could not save Sati/Uma from death because his powers were limited and helpless Shankar Ji simply mourned and kept the skulls of Parvati. There is no difference between the revered and devout accept in their positioning in 21 universes where all creatures are trapped and are suffering. Death is compulsory be it humans, gods, animals, birds, or any living creature.

Sage Narad Invoked Goddess Parvati for True Worship

It was the 108th birth of Goddess Parvati. One day Narad Ji visited her and told her that she is suffering from the illness of birth and death for ages. Lord Shiva has an amazing salvation mantra if he will grant that to you to chant; you will be liberated and your sufferings will end. Parvati Ji got surprised to hear that her husband who loves her so much has hidden such precious mantras from her; chanting which she will attain salvation. She said ‘It is unbelievable that God Shankar can be secretive with her and also that she is unaware of the fact that she has had several births’

Narad muni Ji also told Parvati Ji that the ‘Mundmala’ (skull-garland) made up of 107 skulls that Lord Shiva used to wear are all her skulls. If Shankar Ji will grant salvation mantras then her welfare is certain. Although it was difficult for Parvati Ji to believe that she had been kept ignorant by her respected husband, she was still confident that Narad Ji did not lie. 

Further, Sage Narad Ji told ‘since you treat Lord Shiva as your husband only and not as God; you remained deprived of knowing this secret. Unless you will surrender to Shiva Ji as a devotee and will treat him as God your welfare is impossible. To get that precious mantra you need to be humble’. 

अति आधीन धीन हो प्राणी, ताको कहो अकथ कहानी

Atee Aadheen dheen ho praani, tako kaho akath kahani

This is the rule of true worship. 

Narad Ji’s words inspired Parvati Ji a lot because she knew Narad Muni does not lie. Narad Ji is Paramount. Parvati Ji became sad and was guilty with the feeling that ‘there is a fault in me otherwise why would God (Husband-Shiv Ji) hide such a precious mantra from me?’

How was the Shri Amarnath Dham Established?

When Lord Shiva arrived Parvati Ji prostrated instead of showing tantrums as a wife and started crying. Upon enquiring- Parvati Ji narrated the whole account as was told by Narad Ji.

God Shankar said ‘I had often tried to tell you that welfare is only possible by the worship of God but you never took my words seriously, rather, inturn; you used to reply ‘I do not need to worship, I have attained God (Shankar Ji as husband)’

Parvati Ji asked ‘when you have precious salvation mantras; why did you not grant them to me? I would have got freedom from birth and death. Why did you suffer the pain of my separation?’ 

Shiv Ji replied, ‘till now you did not have the willingness from the heart to receive those mantras and worship God. I used to remain quiet since you will not listen to me’.

Note: There has to be a burning desire in seekers from within to attain God. 

Let us understand with the help of an example 

How is a Pearl Formed?

When there is excessive heat in the sea; at that time; the Oyster in the sea, the organism within, comes on the sea surface since the desire awakens in him to produce a pearl. When it rains, the mouth of Oyster automatically opens and the organism intakes some rainwater, afterward; the mouth automatically closes. This process happens only when the organism has a deep desire to produce precious pearls. If there is no desire in the organism then no matter how much it might rain, the pearl can not be formed. 

Similarly, unless the seeker does not have the burning desire for true worship God cannot be attained.

Shiv Ji told Parvati Ji ‘I cannot grant you precious mantras unless you have longingness since they won’t work. With the inspiration invoked by Narad Ji; today the mouth of the Oyster has opened. Now, the right time has arrived and I can provide mantras, now it will work. Earlier these priceless mantras cannot be provided.’

After this, God Shiv/Shankar gave updesh (Initiation/Naam Diksha) to Parvati Ji in a solitary place beneath the dried tree.  Later, devotees kept the memory of that place where God Shiv gave Parvati Ji Naam-updesh, kept it safe and constructed a temple. 

This is How the Amarnath shrine was formed and visitors started going there.

Description in the nectar speech of respected Sant Garib Das Ji Maharaj Ji

Satguru mile Mahadev Banka chaurasi ki mitee na shanka| Atthottar janam gaur gauri bharmayee Shiv ki Rundmalaa  gal laayee||
 Ardh shareeri Devi gaura jinka thir bhaya nahee bohraa|
 Naradmuni updesh bakhana Girijaa suno moksh pad gyani||
 Sun he Devi gaura maayee adsath teerath parbhi nahayee|
Pind Pradhan kiye gaye bhari khuli nahee yeh mukti dwari||
Rundmala Shiv gale girija ke| 
Sir sees bhakti dohraayee dev kun na parsaa jagdeesa|
Tumra Devi roop vishala Shiv to perform rahe Rundmala| Bahutak parle ho-ho jayeen|
Lambi umr Shiv Kalyug ke mahee||
Dirghaayu hai Shiv anuragi tum Devi gauri Dil tyagi| Moolmantar nahi naam sunaya Tate kalp hue Teri kaya||
Mahadev Devan patideva jaki kari na gauri sewa|| 
Kar bandhan kar sheesg nawao tan mun arpun sheesh nawao||
Shiv hai moksh mukti ke dataa tose bhed kaho gauri mataa|

Narad Ji’s statement
Charan gahun chintamani kera tate praan abhay ho tera|
Kamal roop Devi Dil keenya Narad Muni updesi cheena ||
Juj aaye Shiv mandir avdhoota devi charan liye shatroopa|| Charan pakad rovat hai Bala morey sheesh Kiye Rundmala||
Mosey bhakti duraayee Deva mein jaani nahi tumhaari sewa | 
Mosey bhakti durayee Swami humse bhed kaho nij dhaami| 
Mein ablaa hun Bala bhauri paar niwavo humri doree ||
Poorv janam ki kathaa sunai mool mantra hum Shiv gaurao|| Mool mantar mehboob ka ish sunao mohe || Jugan-Jugan paatak choote, Chootat hai dil dohi||
 Bol rahee Bhavsagar hum hee moksh mukti ke dataa tumhee ||
Sees pakad swa-devi mataa ko updesh Mila vidhata||
Ye to nahee Gyan tumhara hum so bhed kaho parwara|| Girija kahe suno Shiv swami Taaran taran aadh ghan naami||
Narad Muni updesi samodum gyan dhyan deena Gyan dhyan parmodum || 
Shiv Ji’s statement

Sheesh pakad suno Devi bala ko updesi Mila vidhata||
Yeh to naahee Gyan  tumharaa hum sun bhed kaho  parwara|| 
Girija kahe suno Shiv swami taaranTaran aadh ghan naamee|
Narad Muni updesh samodum aur Deena Gyan dhyaan parmodum|
Shiv Ji’s statement

Bunkhand chalo gauri diwani panchi sune na humri vaani||
Jahan ek sookha taruwar taakya Shiv ko aasan tahan wahan raakhya||
Jahan ek gandh und this mahee jise janat hai samrath saayeen ||
Bunkhand chalo gaura diwanee punchee sune na humri vaani|| 
Jab Shivkar sei laayee taari udd gayee pakshi Nar aur naari||
Aasan padam lagai gaura merudund sudhakar bhaura||
Chandr lagan mein Surat lagao sooraj sur ko bund thamao||

In this way, Lord Shiva familiarised Goddess Parvati with the true spiritual knowledge and granted her salvation mantra.

What is the Age of Goddess Parvati

Getting the priceless mantra Mother Parvati Ji became this much liberated that until God Shiv Ji (Tamogun) will not die, even Uma Ji (Parvati) will not die. 

After the death of seven Brahma Ji (Rajogun), God Vishnu (Satogun) will die. After the death of seven Vishnu Ji, Shiv Ji will die. Then mother Parvati Ji will also die; she did not attain complete salvation. Even then, whatever benefit Parvati Ji attained, that also she obtained after taking updesh-mantra from an authorized person.

Why did Shiv Ji Provide Mantras to Parvati Ji in a Solitary Place?

An enduring question could arise in the mind of devotees; what was the need for Shiv Ji to provide mantras to Parvati Ji in a solitary place? Initiation could have been provided at any place by Shiv Ji.

Brahm-Kaal does not want that souls should know about Param Akshar Brahm ie. Almighty KavirDev therefore, sends his agents on earth who do not let innocent creatures worship Supreme God. They misguide and fragment their name (mantras) with which the souls get to detach from God and remain in the web of villain-Kaal and suffer all through their life. If some agent of Kaal will know about these precious salvation mantras he will misuse them; because by chanting these true mantras, the seeker gains several accomplishments. By misusing those powers they may fight and may curse someone and incur sins which are counted in their bad deeds. This is the reason why these precious mantras are provided secretively only by an authorized person. Hence, Shiv Ji chose a solitary place to provide the priceless mantras to Parvati Ji.

How were the Monsters/Demons Formed?

Earlier, seekers used to be great devouts but by not getting Satguru their name used to fragment, and their worship gets destroyed. They could not be liberated; rather by chanting mantras they gained several accomplishments and became atom bombs. Arrogance raised in them to a great level. Their ignorant gurus used to abandon them which used to raise enmity between both since both had powers and they used to misuse their powers by cursing each other. Puranas mention several real-time stories regarding the fight between deities and demons (Dev-Asur Sangram). Those devouts due to annoyance and ignorance became monsters/demons who neither worshipped themselves nor allowed others to do true worship. This is how the monsters/devils/demons were formed.

To avoid such situations these priceless mantras are given secretively, hence Shiv Ji chose the solitary place to grant salvation mantras to Parvati Ji.

But the question remains: Is salvation possible by visiting Shri Amarnath Dham?

Is Salvation Possible by Visiting the Shri Amarnath Dham?

Like, this Das (Saint Rampal) goes to different-different places to do Satsang. Kheer and halwa (sweet dishes) are also prepared there. A devout soul, who attends the Satsang and obtains Initiation or Naam Diksha, gets his welfare done and also gets to eat the communal meal prepared. After the conclusion of the Satsang, we remove all the tents and go to another place for Satsang. Most of the time the make-shift clay oven and stove made from clay or bricks are left at the place where Satsang was held.

Now, if someone says to a man of that city that, come, I will show you the place where Saint Rampal Das Ji’s Satsang was held and sweets were made and take him there, it is of no use to that person. All he can see is those clay ovens where meals were cooked. He neither gets the sweets nor gets to hear the sacred speech of Satsang and nor can he obtain Naam-updesh by which welfare can be done. For getting all such things, he will have to search for the saint and the place where the Satsang (spiritual discourse) is being held, and then by visiting that Saint, all the tasks will be accomplished.

Similarly, going to places of pilgrimage like Amarnath shrine is like only seeing that memorial place-like oven. This however does not provide them any benefit and because such worship is not mentioned in Holy Bhagavad Gita, it is against the scriptures (Adhyay 16 Mantra 23, 24). The devotees misled by the saints, Mahants, and Acharyas, who are devoid of Tatavagyan, go to "Places of Pilgrimage" for the sake of self-well-being. 

Hence, Salvation is impossible by visiting the Amarnath shrine.

Mishappenings During Amarnath Yatra

On a few occasions in the past, the devotees who went to Shri Amarnath have succumbed three-four times by being buried under the snowstorm. Few health cases and stampedes have been observed. Every time the number of casualties has been in the thousands. It is a matter deserving great consideration that had the visit to and worship of Shri Amarnath Ji been beneficial, would God Shiv not have saved those devotees? This means God Shiva is also not happy with the way of worship which is against the scriptures. 

Then the question arises what is the correct way of worship of Lord Shiva? 

What is the Correct Sadhana of Lord Shiva?

The human body has channels that are connected to the respective deities. The correct mantra provided by the Real (Tatvadarshi) saint helps gain benefits from these Gods. Lord Shiva too has a specific mantra which when chanted with correct procedure provides benefits to seekers. This true mantra is granted only by the true spiritual leader.  

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the true spiritual leader to date; who is providing scriptures based worship. Take the correct mantra of Lord Shiva from him and gain benefits.

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Do Visit to Places of Pilgrimage Provide Any Benefit to Seekers?

मोको कहां ढूंढे रे बंदे, मैं तो तेरे पास में |
ना मैं देवल में, ना मैं मस्जिद में, ना काबे कैलाश में ||

Moku kahan dhoondhey re bandey, mein to tere paas mein
Na mein deval mei, na mein masjid mein, na kabey kailash mein

Almighty KavirDev tells in his nectar speech that there is no need to visit places of pilgrimage. God is not seated in any of those places like Amarnath shrine, Kailash, Qaba, in temples, Mosques, Churches, or Gurudwara. He resides within each of us. Such visits are useless, it is the sheer wastage of precious human birth. There is no benefit to go there. 

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Finally, to summarise - This is the advice to all seekers; understand the purpose of human birth. Take initiation from an enlightened saint. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the true spiritual leader. Instead of wasting time visiting Amarnath shrine; do true worship and reach back to your native eternal world ‘Satlok’ and get relieved from the web of Satan/Shaitan Brahm-Kaal.

FAQs about How was Shri Amarnaath Dhaam Established? True Story

Q.1 When was Amarnath temple founded?

The Amarnath temple is believed to have been founded after devotees built it as a memorial to commemorate the place where Lord Shiva is said to have imparted the true mantra of salvation to Parvati Ji. However, it is important to note that the formation of the Jyotirlinga and the worship associated with it in the temple go against our Holy scriptures.

Q.2 Who established Amarnath?

Amarnath's establishment can be attributed to the event where Lord Shiva imparted the salvation mantra to Parvati Ji under a dried tree. Later, Sage Bhrigu discovered this place, and it became known as Amarnath. However, the arbitrary worship carried out by millions of people at Amarnath Dham today, in the belief that it will bring them benefits, does not align with the true essence of the mantra.

Q. 3 What is the history of Amarnath?

According to the story, Narad Ji once told Parvati Ji about the true mantra that would grant salvation until the age of Lord Shiva. Inspired by this, Parvati Ji expressed her wholehearted willingness to receive the mantra from Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva agreed and took Parvati Ji to a solitary place under a dried tree, where he granted her the salvation mantra up to his level. This place came to be known as Amarnath Dham, meaning the place of the immortal God. However, it is important to note that merely visiting this place does not guarantee salvation. One must receive the true mantra from a true Guru to attain liberation.

Q.4 Why is Amarnath famous?

Amarnath is famous for the salvation mantra that Lord Shiva bestowed upon Parvati Ji, granting her liberation until his death. However, this form of salvation is not complete. To achieve complete salvation, one must seek the refuge of a complete Saint. Currently, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is considered the only complete Saint in the world who provides the true mantra for complete salvation.

Q.5 Who heard Amarnath Katha?

Parvati Ji is said to have heard the Amarnath Katha from Lord Shiva, which inspired her and increased her willingness to receive the salvation mantra. However, it is important to note that both Lord Shiva and Parvati Ji will eventually die, as the mantra they received was not one of complete salvation.

Q.6 Why is Amarnath named?

Amarnath derives its name from the event where Lord Shiva imparted the salvation mantra to Parvati Ji, granting her liberation up to his level. The name signifies the place of the immortal God. However, it is crucial to understand that Lord Shiva is not truly immortal, as stated in the Devi Puran, Skandh 3, where he accepts his mortality and the cycle of birth and death.

Q.7 Why did Shiva go to Amarnath?

Lord Shiva went to impart the spiritual knowledge and mysterious mantra of salvation to Parvati Ji in a place where no one, not even the smallest creature, could hear. Afterwards that solitary place became famous as Amarnath since it was the place where Parvati Ji attained immortality till Shiv Ji will remain alive. Although this type of immortality is temporary. Both Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati will die one day upon completion of their destined duration. The everlasting immortality is attained only by the true devotion of Almighty KavirDev as granted by the enlightened Saint. Today Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is Satguru who is providing scriptures-based true devotion and granting true salvation mantras. Performing this devotion seekers will attain eternal world Satlok. They will be liberated.

Q.8 What does Amarnath mean?

Amarnath is a combination of two words: "Amar" meaning immortal and "Nath" meaning God. Thus, it signifies the concept of the immortal God. However, it is important to note that Lord Shiva, who is associated with Amarnath, is not truly immortal, as he experiences death and rebirth.

Q.9 Where is Amarnath from?

Amarnath is located in South Kashmir, in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India.


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Vinay Kumar

Can a visit to Amarnath pilgrimage grant salvation?

Satlok Ashram

Salvation can only be attained by doing true devotion of Almighty KavirDev the creator of entire universes. Lord Shiva is in the cycle of birth and death and cannot grant salvation. Visit to pilgrimage is an arbitrary worship which is useless and has been prohibited in Pious Gita Ji

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Is Lord Shiva seated in Amarnath shrine?

Satlok Ashram

Where Amarnath shrine is located Lord Shiva granted salvation mantra to Parvati Ji with which she attained immortality till the age of Lord Shiva but both are mortal. This is the only religious significance of Amarnath shrine but the belief that Lord Shiva is seated there is a myth.

Himanshi Upadhyay

How many times one Should go for pilgrimage in life to attain immortality?

Satlok Ashram

Not even once in life. A visit to pilgrims is devotion against scriptures and is prohibited in Pious Gita Ji. There is no benefit of going to places of pilgrimage. Immortality can never be attained by useless practices like visiting places of pilgrimage. Salvation is attained only by doing true devotion of Almighty KavirDev as told by enlightened Saint. Today Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only true spiritual leader on earth.